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1700+ Truth Or Dare Questions- The Master List

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Truth or dare questions

Truth or dare party game is as old as the tales reveal. These 1700+ truth or dare questions will – unravel dark & fun secrets, uncanny and controversial gossip, jaw-dropping confessions, whirl the most tedious and dull party into fun escapades, dare you to do stupid and crazy activities and get you drunk on a dare.

Truth or dare questions surges people with adrenaline and is authentically a party charmer. There’s no better way to learn about your friends/romantic partner’s darkest and deepest secrets than a classic round of truth or dare.

Whether drunk on the night or simply bummed with party music— sometimes, it gets difficult to come up with intriguing questions to ask your wild party contestants.

Well, to get you out of the constant dilemma of not knowing ‘what to ask!?’— we have come up with a MASTER LIST of 1700+ truth or dare questions that will rile up your party and make it so much more fun!

So, what exactly does a ‘good question’ mean? In all its simplicity— a good truth or dare question SHOULD HAVE the SURPRISE ELEMENT! It should shock the party and increase the curiosity of all the players present.

That’s not all; a good question can revolve around sensuality, sexuality (if you are playing with your partner), scandals, gossip, philosophy, hypothetical situations, weirdness, etc.

We’ll be comprising all these elements and much more in this list of 1700+ truth or dare questions, which comprises of

  • Truth or dare questions for couples
  • Truth or dare questions for boyfriend
  • Truth or dare questions for girlfriend
  • Funny Truth or dare questions
  • Love truth or dare questions
  • Truth or dare questions over text and others

Truth or dare questions for couples

How to play truth or dare?

It’s simple— gather around a round table or create a big circle in the garden, depending on the number of people. If there is a large group of friends, things will get wild in your truth or dare gaming session. I suggest you play truth or dare near a swimming pool where dares can get exciting and wet.

However, if you are in a small circle of friends or couples, get ready for an intimate evening with heart-to-heart communication. You can always make it fun and spontaneous as well!

Funny truth or dare questions

There are two ways to initiate the game— you can either pick people manually or use an empty alcoholic bottle to choose the contestants.

How to play truth or dare with a bottle: Rotate the bottle in the center— the one who faces the bottle’s mouth will have to choose between truth or dare. The one facing the opposite will have the opportunity to dare/ask a question from that person.

This method allows you to connect or dare a random/unknown person. You never know where the bottle’s going to stop. So, the probability of reaching up to everyone is rare.

How to play truth or dare where you choose players randomly: This method will allow everyone a chance to play truth or dare. Plus, anybody can offer dare/truth throughout the game.

It can continue for multiple rounds or throughout the night with these 1700+ truth or dare questions. If someone chooses truth, you can ask the most tempest question ever heard to this date. If individuals decide to dare— make sure it’s fun and full of surging adrenaline.


 Truth Or Dare Questions

A good question, or in this case, good truth or dare questions, is all that you need for the party to hit success—

  • These truth or dare questions revolve around the most intriguing and controversial subjects: intimacy, morals, hypothetical situations, funny scenarios, etc.
  • They can turn out to be the most fun and relaxing conversation you have engaged in— a question can tail multiple other questions and discussions. It can take you back to old memories.
  • An interesting question is as good as a dare— you never know how much fun and enthralling these questions can get!

Without further ado, let’s get to know all these fantastic 400 truth or dare questions:

1.  If you had to quit one of the two, what would you choose— food or making love?

2.  Tell me a secret you have never told anyone before?

3. Who did you like (romantically) the most at this party?

4. Is your crush here at the party?

5. Have you ever cried for a girl/boy?

6. What are you most scared of?

7. Which actress/actor do you fantasize about the most, if any?

8. Tell us about your first mating experience.

9. What’s your favorite sex position?

10. If you had one hour to live, what would you do?

11. If the world was ending, who would you spend the remaining time with?

12. If you had to choose between your crush and your favorite celebrity— who would you rather date?

13. What was your childhood like?

14. At what age did you get intimate with anyone?

15. Did you cheat on any of your partners?

16. Have you ever had second thoughts about your current partner?

17. Amongst your ex/otherwise— who was the worst partner?

18. Do you skip bathing often?

19. Tell us the craziest thing you did when you were drunk?

20. If you had to kiss someone in this room, who would you choose?

21. What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done?

22. Tell us the most embarrassing event of your life.

23. Have you ever been to jail?

24. What crime would you commit to go to jail?

25. What uplifts your mood in seconds?

26. If your favorite actor proposed to you, would you cheat/leave your current partner?

27. Will you mate with someone else if your partner allows it?


28. What’s the biggest lie you have told your parents?

29. Do you believe in the concept of polygamy?

30. Are you a religious person?

31. How did you escape your last horrible date?

32. If you had resources, what would you like to be in the future?

33. What’s the most passionate thing in your life?

34. Do you belong in the category of romantics or practical individuals?

35. What do you enjoy the most—Love life or job?

36. What are you most passionate about?

37. Who do you love the most?

38. Have you ever been in love, like actual, selfless love?

39. What are your thoughts on romantic love?

40. If you had the chance to dance with BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondon), which member would you pick?

41. Would you rather be the president or an actor?

42. Does politics interest you?

43. Are you a firm believer or an atheist? (Atheist: someone who doesn’t believe in god because of the lack of evidence.)

44. Who can you not stand in this room?

45. Who have you hated dearly?

46. Would you rather be sweet and fake or bitter and honest?

47. What’s your darkest guilt pleasure?

48. Do you like being babied?

49. What public locations have you romanced someone in?

50. Would you let go of your morals if given a free pass?

51. What’s the one thing you don’t like about your partner at all?

52. What’s one thing you like but are not ready to accept?

53. If you could make someone disappear without a trace, who would it be?

54. Have you ever wanted to cheat your partner?

55. Have you checked other people out in the presence of your lover?

56. What are you most proud of about yourself?

57. What’s the happiest moment of your life?

58. What’s your struggle story?

59. Between the three of us, who would you flirt with, marry, kiss?

60. If you had the liberty, who would you rather be— a villain or a hero?

61. Do you side with heroes, or are you drawn towards the villain?

62. What is your dream house like?

63. What would be the best definition for your perfect life?

64. If you had the chance, what would you change in this world?

65. Who inspires you?

66. Who are you most thankful for?

67. What’s the biggest life lesson you have learned?

68. What love quote defines your life best?

69. What’s one thing you cannot live without?

70. Which one would you choose— phone or life in nature?

71. How long can you kiss?

72. What’s one weird thing about yourself that you are proud of?

73. How would you describe your personality?

74. What are your flaws?

75. What’s your general opinion about current society?

76.  What would you choose— science or religion? Be passionate while answering.

77. What are your thoughts on capitalism?

78. Are you a cat person, a dog person, or do you love all animals?

79. Who’s your bias and bias-wrecker in BTS?

80. What’s your favorite series?

81. What’s your favorite genre in movies?

82. Are you a book person or a movie person?

83. What would you choose— fantasy land or reality?

84. What holds more value in your life— money or happiness?

85. Do you think money can buy happiness?

86. Do you think life apart from earth exists?

87. Do you like the cosmos— the sun, the moon, the stars, the space, the dark matter?

88. If you didn’t have to earn, what life would you choose or how would you live that life?

89. Do you like a quiet life or a life full of risky adventures?

90. Did you actually like studying in school, or did you cheat your way out of it?

91. Who’s your childhood crush?

92. What are you most scared of losing?

93. Do you love someone/something more than yourself?

94. What’s your skincare routine? 

95. What’s your drive for a successful life?

96. What’s your opinion on a successful life?

97. Did you like your childhood more than your adulthood?

98. If you were given the choices, what past events would you undo?

99. If we invent the time machine, would you like to see the future or let it remain untouched?

100. If you had to start a revolution, what would you rebel for?

101. What’s the one political stigma that appalls you the most?

102. Do you regret something in your life? If so, what is it that you regret?

103. Have you ever stolen someone’s credit and promotion?

104. Who do you adore the most in Hollywood?

105. Why do you believe in god so much?

106. Have you ever witnessed an in-real miracle?

107. Tell me about your scariest deja vu?

108. Have you ever faced sleep paralysis? How was your experience the first time?

109. Do you believe in paranormal activities?

110. Have you ever encountered something spiritual— positive or negative energy around you?

111. Imagine if the genie actually granted wishes— what would be your three picks?

112. If you could live a character’s life, who would it be and why?

113. Who do you trust the most in your life?

114. Who’s your favorite rock band?

115. What does your dream boy/girl look like?

116. What habits of yours would you like to quit?

117. What do you like the most about yourself?

118. How do you flirt, and how do you impress your date?

119. Do you have any special sensual moves for sex?

120. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself?

121. How good are you in bed on a scale of 1 to 10?

122. What do you love the most about your personality?

123. What’s that one trait your spouse must have?

124. How long can you hold your fart?

125. What’s your worst farting experience?

126. How many times have you gone back to your ex?

127. Imagine this, you are on a date, and the food gave you the worst case of gas— how would you hide the continuous farting?

128. What’s the worst thing one can say during lovemaking as per your experience?

129. How often have you poorly performed during lovemaking— be honest, okay?

130. Would you use ‘truth or dare’ to propose to your crush?

131. Imagine this, what if our party gets hijacked by terrorists and they start shooting people? What would you do in such a situation? Would you run, fight them, or try to save others around you?

132. What would you do first if you were stuck in a mall at night? Will stealing be one of your options?

133. Suppose you are in a ‘win or die’ game against your best friend. If you lose, they eliminate you, and your best friend lives. However, if you win, they will eliminate your best friend. Who would you choose— yourself or your best friend?

134. When did you first have your kiss— was it French?

135. What would you do if you suddenly became the wealthiest person in the world?

136. If you were given a chance, which era would you relive?

137. Would you go against yourself for your family’s belief?

138. How can you make the earth a better place?

139. If you find a stash of cash (lump-sum money) lying on the road— would you submit it to the government or keep it for yourself?

140. Do you prefer life with civilization, or would you choose the pre-civilization era?

141. What are your thoughts on our current government?

142. Do you like philosophy? Quote your favorite author of all time.

143. Are you an absurdist or a nihilist?

144. If you became the president of our country for a day, what changes would you bring?

145. This one’s everyone’s favorite— if you could become invisible for a day, how would you spend your evening

146. Would you trade everything to communicate with your dog?

147. What comes first for you— humanity, parents, animals, your lover, or books?

148. If it was the last day on earth— would you spend that day reading a good book or going crazy on the roads?

149. It is a popular question from the rom-com series FRIENDS— “who would be your top five celebrity picks to sleep with if given a chance?”

150. How did you overcome your traumatic breakup?

151. If you had the power to unravel a single mystery— what truth would you want to uncover?

152. Do you like to cuddle when you sleep?

153. What’s the weirdest thing you have ever tested?

154. Where would you go if we had a time machine— in the past or in the future?

155. If you could undo events from the past, what would you remove? Will it be world wars or your list of embarrassing moments?

156. According to you, who’s the worst and the best-dressed person at this party?

157. What matters to you the most in a relationship— your partner’s looks, fashion, personality, heart, or brain?

158. Tell us the most scandalous or illegal event of your life.

159. If you were given a choice to become a superhero— would you take it or let it be?

160.  If you get lost somewhere on an island, what would be the five necessities you’d need apart from food and water?

161. Would you like to survive on a planet with no life but every other commodity?

162. If you were given a chance, would you change your gender and why?

163. What is your one wishful desire?

164. If you could travel the cosmos at the cost of leaving your family behind— would you take it?

165. How many times do you masturbate every day?

166. What if you had access to unlimited mating— how many times would you do it per day?

167. Would you like to be reborn on earth or never again?

168. Choose a planet you’d like to visit— the moon with your lover or Mars with Elon Musk?

169. Do you care about what others think about you?

170. If there ever was a movie about you— who would be the villain, and what would be the most epic scene in the film?

171. In your biopic, which actor would you choose to play your character?

172. If you had to drop one continental food, which one would it be?

173. Which song best describes your love life?

174. If you could be intimate with one fictional character (it could be from a movie or a book), who would you choose to sleep with?

175. If reincarnation was real and you were asked to choose an animal you’d like to be born as— which animal would you be reborn as?

176. During a zombie attack— what would be your favorite weapon of choice?

177. What would your fantasy world look like— will it be a warzone like the one in pubg, a land made of chocolate, or something entirely else? If there is something else, please be explicit.

178. You are on a boat, lost in the ocean— what would be your favorite pastime?

179. When stranded, what are you more likely to be— scared or excited?

180. What physical attributes do you like in a man/woman?

181. If you had to let go of one of your social media accounts, which one would it be?

182. Can you live without a mobile phone? How long do you think you can survive without a smartphone?

183. Do you have a near-death experience? Tell us all about it!

184. Describe your crush without telling us their name.

185. What’s your favorite pickup line, and please don’t let it be cheesy?

186. What do you think is illegal but should be legal?

187. What would you choose from your playlist if you had to sing a song at gunpoint? The killer says— they might let you live if you sing well.

189. Tell us you are romantic without telling us you are romantic?

190. How do you impress a girl/boy without direct flirting?

191. What’s an instant turn-on for you?

192. Were you ever turned on in a family event because of someone or for no apparent reason? How did you manage?

193. So, you are put in a zoo and are asked to describe yourself creatively. What name would you choose for yourself, and what would be the description?

194. Are you dominant or submissive in bed? How do you make your partner submit, or what makes you submit?

195. If you could enter one of the rom-com telecoms, would it be FRIENDS, the office, HIMYM, or the 70s shows?

196. If you were given a chance to enter one of the cartoon shows— which one would it be, and which character would you like to play?

197. Who would you like to see ultimately naked, and who would you not want to see naked?

198. What do you think is the most useless thing on earth and why?

199. What would you do if you became a billionaire within a single night?

200.  If you could name yourself, what new name would you prefer?

201. If you were given a choice between money but no travel and traveling but no money— which one would you choose?

202. If you could be a non-living thing— what would you choose?

203. Have you been mean to someone?

204. Are you jealous of someone in this room?

205. Do you believe in life beyond earth?

206. Do you believe in heaven and hell?

207. Are you scared of living your sins because of God? If the fear of God didn’t exist, would you continue to sin?

208. If you had the chance to slap your boss without any consequences— would you take the chance?

209. Who would you choose if you could slap anybody at this party without consequences?

210. If you had to choose between day and night— which one would it be? Forever darkness with moon’s illumination or forever sun?

211. What would you choose between wit and scientific knowledge?

212. Have you ever faked your identity?

213. Between eyes and ears— what would you choose? Would you rather be blind or deaf?

214. If you could relocate without spending money— which country would you move to?

215. If society wasn’t as demeaning as it has become— would you wear revealing clothes?

216. How would you spend your day if there weren’t any rules or regulations to abide by?

217. Would you like to live with law or without law?

218. Do you use excuses to skip college/work?

219. Have you ever eaten food that your pet licked

220. Have you tasted dog/cat food?

221. Would you befriend a ghost if you had the chance?

222. Would you willingly enter a haunted house/cemetery at night?

223. Would you rather die or live your life without your favorite food?

224. If given a choice, would you choose your partner and no traveling or traveling with no love life?

225. Who’s your favorite philosopher? Quote their best work.

226. What would you do if your girlfriend flirted (friendly) with another boy?

227. If you get to decide how you die— what would be your most preferred way to die?

228. Would you rather be born as a bird that flies high, a fish who swims darkest ocean depth, or a human— what would you rather be?

229. If you could be intimate with one of the people present at this party, who would be your most desired choice?

230. Do you enjoy intimacy with your partner?

231. How many times have you faked an orgasm to get it over with?

232. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your partner when it comes to mating?

233. Would you cheat your partner if you fell in love with their brother?

234. Would you cheat your partner if you fell in love with their best friend?

235. If you could enter a magical world— would it be the movie Harry Potter, OZ the great and powerful, or Narnia?

236. What would you be— a cookie, an ice cream (if so, which flavor), or a chocolate cake?

237. What’s that one food that you enjoy but is weird?

238. If you become invisible for a day, whose house would you visit first and why?

239. If you could control your partner’s mind, what would be your first thought/action/revelation?

240. If you were given a choice, what would you choose— the infinity of outer space or the depth of our ocean?

241. Are you proud of your religion?

242. What’s one thing you take pride in?

243. Would you rather live your life in Trump’s body/mind or choose to die?

244. If you had to choose between the two, which one would you choose— entering a rom-com movie without your friends or joining a horror film with your friends?

245. What would you instead choose— entering a room full of boys/girls or a room full of gays?

246. If you could choose to meet one of your favorite dead people, who would it be?

247. Would you ever tell your parents about your romance experience?

248. If you had the chance to bring back one character in the movie Harry Potter, who would it be— Severus Snape, Sirius, Dobby, Fred, Dumbledore, or others, and why?

249. Would you visit a haunted cemetery for 10 million dollars even if you were a scaredy-cat?

250.  If given a chance, would you instead choose to steal or pay?

251.  How many toys do you have stored for your pleasure times?

252. What is your favorite toy, and why?

253. What toys would you use with your partner?

254. What are your thoughts on BDSM?

255. Do height and looks matter to you in a relationship?

256. Have you ever had wet dreams for someone you definitely shouldn’t have? Who is he/she, and why is it wrong to dream about them?

257. What personality trait can you never stand?

258. Would you continue to live in a toxic relationship or break up for your peace?

259. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have done?

260. What/who makes you blush the most?

261. Would you stay silent and non-violent even if someone used violence on you?

262.  Would you eliminate others to survive?

263. If given a chance, who would you go with on your honeymoon apart from your partner?

264. If your partner allowed you, would you prefer polygamy? (Polygamy is an affair where you can date/marry more than one partner.)

265. If you terminated someone and weren’t caught— would you surrender yourself or run away to continue living your life?

266. Who do you drunk-text the most?

267. What is your most hilarious drunk message?

268. Do you have multiple different personalities for different people/social groups?

269. WIll you leave social media behind for money?

270. Have you ever created fake accounts to stalk ex/crush/nudity?

271. Do you think your friends genuinely know you?

272. Do you keep secrets from your friends?

273. Who do you love more— your dog or your spouse? Be honest.

274. If you had to choose between saving one of the two, who would you save— an animal or a human?

275. What if you sense someone behind the curtain and feel it with a touch, but there’s no one when you uncover the curtains?

276. If you hear a break-in in your house, what would be the first thing you’d try to save?

277. What if you were given a future trip but at the risk of losing memory— will you take it?

278. If somebody was erasing your memories and had given you a single memory to keep with yourself— what would that memory be?

279. Have your parents ever caught you in an inappropriate situation before?

280. Who do you love more— your mama or your dad?

281. Would you choose life without electricity or life with Donald Trump?

282. What was the reason for your last breakup?

283. What’s your one-sided love story? Did you go through unrequited love? How did you feel?

284. Do you enjoy picking your nose?

285. What’s more pleasurable: making love or taking a dump after hours of constipation?

286. If given a wishful choice, would you give up bathing, or do you actually enjoy bathing like ordinary people?

287. Tell us about the most awkward person you have ever dated.

288. Describe the most romantic encounter of your life that wasn’t an actual part of your love life, like a random kiss with a stranger.

289. Do you have a secret that you won’t reveal even if you were held at gunpoint?

290. Has your partner ever embarrassed you badly?

291. What’s the weirdest gift you have received in your lifetime?

292. Would you date an alien if given a chance?

293. If you could bring one of your dreams to reality— what would it be? It needs to be an actual dream you dreamt of while sleeping, not future goals.

294. Earth rotates around the sun; who would you rotate around for benefits?

295. Have you ever been in a triangle romance?

296. Who was in that triangle romance along with you?

297. How dirty did your triangle romance get? 

298. Have you ever re-gifted a present?

299. What’s your favorite memory from your old relationship?

300. Do you have any enemies? If you do, who are they?

301. Do you ever want to get married?

302. If you want to get married, do you think you’ve met the right person yet?

303. What’s your favorite film franchise?

304. What is your favorite pet?

305. What’s your favorite band?

306. What’s the last thing you typed on your phone?

307. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

308. Do you prefer superheroes or supervillains?

309. What’s the biggest prank you’ve ever played, and how did the victim of the prank react?

310. Have you ever had a wee in a swimming pool?

311. Have you ever danced in the shower?

312. Do you have a celebrity crush?

313. Who do you stalk on social media most often, and why?

314. Have you ever fancied a school teacher? If you have, which teacher and why did you like them?

315. Do you have a bad habit? If you do, what is it?

316. What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you?

317. What is the worst thing someone has said to you on a dating app?

318. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever posted on social media?

319. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in your life?

320. Do you sometimes talk to yourself while you’re on the toilet?

321. Have you ever walked in on anyone in the bathroom?

322. Have you ever had to go to the toilet outdoors?

323. What is the worst wardrobe malfunction you’ve ever experienced?

324. What do you fear the most about romantic relationships?

325. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said?

326. How long have you gone without washing your bedsheets?

327. Has anyone ever walked in on you naked? If they have, who was it and how did they react?

328. What’s the most embarrassing thing about yourself you always try to hide?

329. Are you ashamed of any of your exes? If you are, who?

330. If you had to choose between having extreme strength or superhuman intelligence, which would you go for?

331. If you could create your world, how would it look?

332. Do you prefer Marvel or Netflix films?

333. Would you rather go on an international cruise or a skiing holiday?

334. What’s your favorite board game?

335. If you could spend eternity with someone who would you pick? 

336. Do you sing in the shower? If you do, what’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

337. What entertains you the most, music or movies?

338. Who is your favorite actor and what exactly do you like about them?

339. If you could switch lives with someone for just one day, who would you choose and why?

340. If a genie appeared and gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

341. What is the highest amount you have spent on a night out?

342. What animal do you love the most, and why?

343. Have you ever shared your naked picture with someone?

344. What’s your favorite karaoke song?

345. If you had to choose to be overdressed or underdressed, which would you choose?

346. Who did you fancy getting married to when you were younger?

347. Have you ever paid for the services of a fortune-teller? If you have, what did they tell you?

348. Do you believe in ghosts?

349. Who is your favorite person from history?

350. What was the last update you shared on your social media account?

351. Do you have a secret talent that people don’t know about? If you do, what is it?

352. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

353. What’s your favorite song?

354. Do you secretly hate a celebrity that everyone else seems to love?

355. Have you ever let someone else take the blame for something you did wrong?

356. Have you ever made someone else cry? If so, did you apologize?

357. Do you have a guilty pleasure song that you listen to regularly?

358. Have you ever been fired?

359. Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

360. Do you believe in magic?

361. How would you spend $1 million?

362. What’s your favorite film genre?

363. Do you snore?

364. What annoys you the most about a person?

365. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, which meal would you choose?

366. If you had to star in a reality TV show, which show would you choose and why?

367. Who is your favorite film or TV character, and why do you like them?

368. What’s your favorite nickname?

369. What’s your dream holiday destination?

370. Have you lost your virginity yet? If you have, who was it with, and do you regret that it happened?

371. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

372. Would you ever go naked on a nude beach?

373. What’s your wildest bedroom fantasy?

374. What turns you on the most?

375. If there was an apocalypse and you had to repopulate the earth with someone, who would you choose?

376. Have you ever broken the law? If you have, which law did you break, and do you regret it?

377. Who do you think has the nicest bum in the room?

378. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever imagined?

379. Would you get naked in front of anyone in the room?

380. Have you ever had a Brazilian wax?

381. What turns you off the most and why?

382. Have you ever cheated on your partner? If you have, who did you cheat on them with?

383. If you did cheat on your partner, did you tell them that you cheated?

384. Have you ever had a threesome?

385. Have you ever done the deed in public?

386. Do you sleep naked?

387. Have you ever skinny dipped in a swimming pool?

388. Have you ever sexted while driving?

389. If you could do something with absolutely no consequences, what would you do?

390. If you had access to a time machine, which historical period would you travel to?

391. Who is your least favorite family member, and why?

392. If you could say only one thing to your significant other with zero consequences, what would you say to them?

393. If you had to marry a historical figure, who would you marry and why?

394. If you could switch lives with anyone in the room, who would you choose and why?

395. Would you rather go blind or deaf for a day?

396. If you could bring only one person back to life, who would you choose and why?

397. If you had to pick one experience from your bucket list, which would you choose?

398. If you had one day to live, what would you do?

399. If you had to cut a friend out of your life forever, who would you choose and why?

400. What message do you want to be engraved on your tombstone?


Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples

Love truth or dare questions

These 600 Truth or dare questions for couples will help them:

  • Get to know each other better
  • Learn each other’s fantasies in lovemaking and otherwise
  • Increase intimacy
  • Respark their relationship with fun, daring, and cute conversation.

Also, these truth or dare questions for couples will enhance communication between couples and will better the overall relationship. Why? Because truth or dare is deemed to be fun and proactive! 

1. Why do you like me?

2. Were there any times in your life that you didn’t like me?

3. What is it about me that aggravates you?

4. Have you ever told a secret when you promised not to share it with anyone?

5. Have you ever lied to get out of social plans?

6. What do you love the most about me?

7. What’s one thing you don’t like about me?

8. Imagine this, I need to go to a new country for my new job— Would you come with me and relocate or would you stay behind with your old job?

9. What would you choose— me or your games?

10. Tell me about your funniest childhood memory?

11. What was your childhood like?

12. Who did you love the most between your parents?

13. Who was your best friend growing up?

14. What’s the best memory of your childhood?

15. What’s the worst memory from your childhood?

16. What was your city and environment like while growing up?

17. Were you naughty as a child or innocent?

18. Were you always causing mischief in the house or playing with the toys as a child?

19. Did you like being indoors or outdoors as a child?

20. What did you most cry for as a child?

21. What made you the happiest as a child?

22. Were toys your favorite things to play with, or getting dirty in the mud is your pleasurable pastime as a child?

23. Tell me about your mother.

24. Tell me about your father.

25. What was it like growing up with your parents?

26. Were your parents strict or easy-going?

27. What was your favorite food as a child?

28. What were your interests as a child?

29. Did you like studying when you were a kid?

30. What were your favorite subjects in school?

31. Household work/job which would you pick?

32. Did you bunk school a lot or prefer staying in the class to study?

33. Were your teachers always behind your back?

34. Did they actually like your mischievous nature?

35. Did you top in all subjects in school?

36. Did you often fight with your colleagues?

37. Were you an introvert/extrovert as a child?

38. Tell me the biggest lie you told to get early leave from school?

39. Were you friends with opposite genders?

40. Did you tease girls a lot as a young boy?

41. Did you tease boys as a young girl?

42. Was your friendship the constant topic of teachers?

43. What activities did you and your friends do as children?

44. Did you ever get into an accident as a child?

45. Tell me about your childhood scars?

46. Do you have any childhood traumas?

47. Tell me about your childhood traumas?

48. Did you recover from your childhood traumas?

49. How did you recover from your childhood traumas?

50. Will you allow me to heal your scars (both physical and emotional that you received as a child?)

51. What was your favorite movie/cartoon as a child?

52. Did you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

53. Tell me everything about your childhood partner; I want to know everything about your cute romance.

54. Did you like stationery as a child?

55. Were you a show-off in your childhood?

56. Were you shy or super interactive as a child?

57. What was curfew timing?

58. Did you misbehave often?

59. Did you make your siblings sign your complaint letters instead of your parents?

60. Did your parents receive many complaints/compliments about you?

61. When you bunked school, where did you go to?

62. What was your favorite hanging-out spot as a child?

63. What dream were you most scared of in your childhood?

64. Did you like to dress up as girls/boys when you were young?

65. How were you in sports as a kid?

66. What was your favorite dessert as a child?

67. What was your favorite color as a kid?

68. Who was your favorite hero growing up?

69. Did you like heroes or villains as a baby?

70. Who was your favorite villain when you were young?

71. Why did you like villains while growing up?

72. Did you think villains are more intelligent and cunning than heroes?

73. Were you bullied in school?

74. Who was your mentor while growing up apart from your parents?

75. Did you bully someone in school?

76. Did you speak out loud against people who hurt you physically or mentally as a child?

77. Did you gaze at the stars at night as a baby?

78. Were you curious about the universe growing up?

79. Did you enjoy reading as a child?

80. What was your favorite book?

81. Did you like Anime and Manga while growing up?

82. Have you watched the Dragon Ball series as a kid?

83. Who was your favorite— Goku or Vegeta?

84. Who do you think was the most dangerous villain in the Dragon Ball series?

85. Did you like Lord Bearus’s character in the series?

86. What book/movie genre were your favorite as a child?

87. Did you like cute romance books?

88. Tell me your favorite romantic love story while growing up?

89. What did you think of love while growing up?

90. If you had the chance to choose a superpower, what would be your best pick?

91. What did your fantasy land look like as a child?

92. Did your fantasy land have warriors, princesses, princes, dragons, unicorns, or chocolates?

93. What candy were you most passionate about as a baby?

94. Were you a picky eater?

95. What vegetables did you hate while growing up?

96. Did you like music as a young human?

97. What music did you listen to while growing up?

98. What’s your favorite anime?

99. Were you scared easily as a kid?

100. What scared you the most as a baby child— your cupboard or the basement?

101. What were your teenage years like?

102. Were you a horny teenager?

103. Did you lose your virginity in your teenage years?

104. How many girlfriends/boyfriends did you have as a teenager?

105. Did you ever get in a relationship for sex as a teen?

106. What was the driving force in your life as a teenager?

107. When those teenage hormones first hit you, how did you react?

108. Were you an aggressive teenager or a horny one?

109. Did you change a lot while entering your teenage years?

110. What changes did you go through during your initial teenage years?

111. When you were introduced to sexuality, what was your first reaction?

112. What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

113. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

114. What were your interests as a teenager?

115. Were you still interested in studies after hitting the age of thirteen?

116. What did you like studying the most as a teenager?

117. Did you adopt any cool persona as a child?

118. Did you go through an emo phase as a teenager?

119. Did you listen to rock bands or soft music as a teen babe?

120. Were you interested in pop as a teenager and listened to heavy love songs?

121. Did you go through a breakup in your teen years?

122. Did you date someone as a teen baby?

123. What was your first teen relationship like?

124. What was your first teen breakup like?

125. Did you write love songs for your unrequited love?

126. Were you ever caught in a one-sided love story?

127. Did you ever verbally abuse your teen partner?

128. If you had to describe your teen years in one word, what would it be?

129. If you had to describe your teen emotions in a single word— what would it be?

130. Did you fight with your parents a lot as a teen, given all the hormonal changes?

131. Have you ever had the urge to run away from your house?

132. Did you enjoy being a part of the rebellion?

133. As a teen, what were your thoughts on the government?

134. What did you detest the most as a teen?

135. If you had the chance, what revolutions would you bring?

136. Did you ever smoke in your teen years?

137. Were you an awakened teenager?

138. Did you revolt against things that didn’t sit right with you?

139. Who was your inspiration as a teen adult?

140. Have you ever smoked pot?

141. If you were stuck on a desert island with no means of escape, what three items would you bring with you?

142. What did your first-ever joint feel like?

143. Did your get-up drastically change as a teenager?

144. Did you decide on clothes according to your mood and aura?

145. Did you catch anxiety as a teenager?

146. How did you overcome anxiety at such a tender age?

147. Tell me about the most embarrassing event of your teenage life?

148. Do you like Bohemian Rhapsody by The Queen band group?

149. I know it’s hard to choose between the two, but try to make a 19/20 difference. The nirvana band or the Beatles— which one did you like better as a teenager?

150. Have you tried brake dancing?

151. If you had the liberty to dance naked in any public place, what would be your pick?

152. Have you ever ignored a message or a call from a friend? If you have, who was it, and why did you ignore them? 

153. Have you ever started a rumor about someone? If you have, what was the rumor? 

154. When did you first have alcohol?

155. Do you like alcoholic beverages?

156. What’s the last film that made you cry?

157. What’s the essence of life according to you?

158. What was your favorite alcoholic beverage as a teenager?

159. Describe vodka and its intoxication in one word.

160. Describe Gin and its intoxication in one word.

161. Describe Whiskey in one word

162. What does wine do to you?

163. What’s your alcoholic limit?

164. How many days in a month do you drink?

165. What’s your funniest drunk experience as a teenager?

166. If you had to choose between being rich and lonely or being poor and in love, which would you choose? 

167. Do you like people who indulge in intoxication?

168. Would you be friends with people who drink and smoke joints every day?

169. What’s one thing you see in a person before considering them a friend?

170. Would you forgive your ex for cheating on you?

171. Would you forgive your friends even when they weren’t loyal to you?

172. Did you have a big group of friends as a teenager?

Truth or dare questions for friends

173. Were you a loner as a teenager?

174. Did you like going out to parties as a young teen?

175. What’s the best memory of your teen years?

176. What’s the worst memory of your teen years?

177. What’s the most badass accomplishment of your teen years?

178. Did you wear specs as a teenager?

179. Were you innocent and studious as a teen?

180. If you could start a revolution right now with enough mass people— what would you revolt for/against?

181. Were you scared of approaching your crush as a teenager?

182. Did you ever date someone you had a crush on?

183. What lies did you tell everybody to get along in the youthful community?

184. Did you brag a lot about your commodity?

185. What was the lowest point of your teen life, and how did you overcome it?

186. Were you a big flirt as a teenager?

187. What was your reputation in school?

188. Were you a bad boy/bad girl in high school or a nerd?

189. Did you enjoy the attention as a teenager, or did you hate it?

190. According to you, who can be considered a loyal friend?

191. What sums up a healthy romantic relationship, according to you?

192. How was your relationship with your parents as a teenager?

193. Did your parents appreciate your boundaries and accept you as individuals, or were they restricting and suffocating?

194. Would you forgive your parents if they mistreated you and burdened you with responsibilities?

195. What summed up the happy moments of your teenage years?

196. Do you regret something?

197. If you were given a chance to return to the past, would you change your life or continue the same cycle?

198. Who was your best friend in high school?

199. Are you still friends with your high school friends?

200. Is your high school friendship still the same, or things have changed?

201. Do you like changes?

202. Did you like the transition of being an adult after being a teenager for so many years?

203. If you had to pick one, what would you choose— life as a child or life as a teenager?

204. Similarly, if given a choice to relive the same age— would it be your adult years or teenage life?

205. Do you regret fighting with your parents a lot as a teenager?

206. Did romance play a massive role in your teenage years?

207. How would you differentiate high school romance from adult romantic relationships?

208. Choose one: high school romance or adult romance. Which one do you prefer?

209. What do you think are the benefits of an adult relationship?

210. What were the benefits of teenage romance?

211. Do you believe in the saying ‘everything happens for a reason?

212. Were you a massive part of the teen drama?

213. Did drama revolve around when you were a teenager?

214. In high school, what was your daily schedule?

215. Did you like sports as a teenager?

216. Are you still friends with your childhood friends?

217. What’s one thing you’d like to carry with you throughout your life?

218. Change happens for good, but is there something you’d like to keep untouched?

219. What childhood memories do you carry with you all the time?

220. Similarly, what teenage memories would you like to carry with you forever?

221. What, according to you, is the essence of life?

222. Do you think relationships are essential for humans to exist?

223. Do you think a human can exist without relationships?

224. According to you, what’s the difference between selfless love and mainstream love?

225. Do you think true love exists?

226. What’s your definition of true love?

227. Do you think you have found your true love?

228. Do you believe in soulmates?

229. Do you believe in non-romantic twin flames?

230. Is selfless love attainable?

231. Do you think it’s possible for humans to love selflessly?

232. Have you ever loved someone selflessly despite never receiving anything in return?

233. What was adulthood like for you?

234. Choose the ‘most likely’ amongst the two: adulthood feels like a bucket of ice on the face on repeat, or adulthood feels like constipation under 50°C without electricity and ungodly bills.

235. What was your first impression of adulthood?

236. What did it feel like to transition from a teenager to an adult?

237. What do you think is better— your teenage years or adulthood?

238. How did you cope with adulthood as a new young adult?

239. What did you think adulthood was going to be like?

240. Was adulthood anywhere close to what you had imagined?

241. Did you ever accept the fact that you are finally an adult, or are you just pretending to be an adult?

242. If adulthood was surprisingly a glittering experience for you, please tell me how you managed it all?

243. Tell me good things about your adult life?

244. What do you not like about your 20s-30s?

245. Do you like your job?


246. Do you like the concept behind a 9-5 job?

247. As an adult, what would you like to change about reality?

248. What improvements should we make in our relationship?

249. Would you like to change something about me?

250. What are the five things you love about me?

251. What do you not like about me?

252. Do you believe in the saying ‘young at heart, young forever?

253. Do you think we can preserve our inner child being an adult?

254. What do you not like about this reality as an adult?

255. How far do you think our relationship will go?

256. Do you look at me while I sleep?

257. Do you get wet dreams about me?

258. Would you still desire me when I get old and wrinkled?

259. Would you stand by me when I cannot stand with myself?

260. Do you still think I’m dreamy?

261. Tell me about a dream you had of us?

262. Do you see me in your future?

263. How many kids would you want?

264. Would you like a baby girl or a baby boy as our first child?

265. Would you love me when I’m not able to love myself?

266. So far, which date of ours do you consider the best?

267. According to you, what does a ‘perfect date’ look like?

268. Why do you find me special?

269. I want to know why you love me?

270. Describe our relationship in one word.

271. Describe me in one word.

272. Describe yourself in one word.

273. Where would you want us to relocate when we are old and gray?

274. What should our house look like when we grow old?

275. Describe what our old future should look like?

276. Choose one: a house amidst fields of flowers with sunny days or a cozy cottage by the ocean with pets, loads of them.

277. Would you let me keep cats, dogs, cows, calves, and sheep when we live together?

278. What, according to you, is the true definition of rich?

279. Do you think we can be happy together even if we go broke?

280. How would you like to raise our children?

281. What one life lesson would you like to convey to our kids?

282. Do you think we can improve our intimacy?

283. Would you want to live forever? If not, why not?

284. Have you ever had a near-death experience? If you have, what happened?

285. Do you like your life at present?

286. Would you like to change something in your present?

287. What do you dream about daily as a young adult?

288. Are you happy?

289. Are you sad?

290. What makes you sad? You can tell me, trust me, and confide in me.

291. What are you scared of as an adult?

292. Tell me about your fears, what scares you, what makes you quiver, and we’ll overcome it together. If not, I’ll stand beside you when you face your fears.

293. Do you still carry your childhood scars?

294. Do you sometimes fake happiness to not make me worry?

295. Would you let me take care of you?

296. Do you trust me?

297. Are you happy with me?

298. What’s one thing you don’t like me doing?

299. Will you still love me if we ever break up?

300. I know you love me a lot, but do you consider me your friend?

301. Do you think I’m your good friend?

302. What can I do to become a better friend of yours?

303. How can I be a better wife/husband for you in the future?

304. What do you look for in a wife/husband?

305. What qualities would you want in your spouse?

306. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, which song would you pick?

307. If you were stuck on a desert island with no means of escape, what three items would you bring with you?

308. Would you rather have the power of flight or telekinesis?

309. Have you ever lied on your CV when applying for a job?

310. What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

311. Have you ever met someone famous? If you have, who was it, and what were they like?

312. Would you date someone who is significantly shorter than you?

313. Have you ever won a significant amount of money playing the lottery?

314. Do you have names for your future children? If you do, what are they?

315. How is your favorite position for lovemaking?

316. If you were to get married again, will you still choose me?

317. What does your married life look like?

318. Do you love me enough to love yourself enough?

319. What personal boundaries would you like to add to our relationship?

320. Do you think taking personal breaks from a relationship is healthy?

321. How can we maintain personal space within a committed relationship?

322. Do you still watch porn?

323. What’s your favorite porn genre?

324. Do you imagine me while watching porn?

325. Would you mind if I watched porn in general?

326. Do you think size matters during lovemaking?

327. What is it about me that turns you on the most?

328. What physical attributes about me do you like the most?

329. What do you love the most about my personality?

330. Is there something you’d like to tell me? You can!

331. Do you hide your emotions from me?

332. Have I ever hurt you unintentionally?

333. Have I ever made you feel bad, knowingly or unknowingly?

334. Do you like my bosom more or my behind, darling?

335. Would you like to indulge in a threesome?

336. How often do you feel the need to get high/drunk within a week?

337. What do you want to see in our future— a life full of risky adventures or a quiet life?

338. As an adult, what makes you happy?

339. How would you describe your fun night as an adult?

340. Tell me about the weirdest dream you had as an adult.

341. What’s the most absurdist thing you have acknowledged about your adult life?

342. Do you think we live in a simulation?

343. Do you think we are meant to be?

344. If you had the power to change everything upside down, would you use that power or continue life as it is?

345. Do you accept the world for what it is without regret, or are you constantly regretting the current version of life?

346. Do you believe in the quote, ‘whatever happens, happens for the good?’

347. Do you believe in ‘forgive and forget?’ Would you forgive someone who hurt you severely and gave you mental trauma?

348. What is the concept of fun for you?

Fun truth or dare questions

349. What are the top five fun activities of your life as an adult?

350. Tell me about the five gifts you badly need but aren’t ready to reveal?

351. How would you like me to propose to you?

352. Do boys like roses and sunflowers just as much as girls do?

353. (For men) Do you want to try make-up as well but are scared of judgments?

354. If society wasn’t as judgmental as it has become, would you, as a man, try make-up?

355. What is it about make-up that you like the most as a man— mascara, eyeliner, blusher, contouring, or lashes?

356. Tell me about five societal stigmas that you detest.

357. (For men) Would you let me do your make-up and dress you up nicely?

358. (For men) Do you sometimes like wearing women’s outfits?

359. What would you like to wear from a lady’s wardrobe as a man? What would be your top pick?

360. Do you think we can break societal stigmas by being ourselves and doing what we like?

361. Should you truly stop yourself from doing what you love just because the blind society doesn’t find it fit?

362. As an adult, what constantly conjures your mind?

363. As a woman, what’s that one thing you despise about men?

364. If you had the choice to be an adult man, would you take the chance?

365. Would you rather stay with animals while living your 30s or with humans?

366. What about adult life tempts you the most?

367. What do you think about the indifference between men and women in the job fields and titles?

368. Do you think it would have been better if you were a man?

369. If men stopped existing on earth, what would be the first thing for you to do?

370. Similarly, if women suddenly vanished, what would you do to continue your life?

371. Would you be happy, sad, devastated, or excited for life ahead if men suddenly disappeared from the earth?

372. If women suddenly disappeared from the earth, would you dance out of happiness or become sad about their disappearance?

373. Similarly, if men stop existing, will you become a lesbian and explore your new sexual fantasies?

374. Would you date men/or become gay if women disappeared?

375. Have you ever sexually fantasized about someone of your same gender?

376. Have you ever kissed someone of similar gender?

377. Have you ever tried getting intimate with someone of the same gender?

378. Have you ever had a threesome with the same/opposite genders?

379. What about intimacy despises you the most?

380. Do you fake orgasm when making love with me?

381. Do you think we can continue our relationship without making out?

382. Have you ever had second thoughts about our relationship?

383. Do you like me with short hair or long hair?

384. Have you ever lied to me?

385. What’s the most casual lie you tell me occasionally?

386. Do I look fat?

387. Do you find my weirdness awkward?

388. Have you ever been embarrassed by my activities?

389. Have you ever been jealous of any of my friends?

390. Do you actually like my friends, or do you pretend to like them because of me?

391. Do you appreciate my boy’s night out?

392. Would you like to be a part of my boy’s night out?

393. Similarly, would you like to be a part of my girl’s night out?

394. Do you hate my family? Be honest, okay?

395. Who do you dislike the most in my family?

396. Why do you dislike my family/family members so much?

397. What matters to you the most in your adulthood— family, partner, pets, job, money, or peace?

398. Arrange this in order— me your family, your best friend, money, and peace.

399. Would you like to try lovemaking with chocolate?

400. What would be your top five food choices when we make love?

401. Will you escape your house at midnight to hang out with me?

402. Would you try smoking pot with me?

403. What are you most proud of about yourself?

404. What are you most proud of about our relationship?

405. Would you ditch your family event to spend time with me?

406. When we get married, and you come back from home, how would you want to see me?

407. Would you steal from your family if I said so?

408. When do you think I look the most beautiful?

409. Which outfit of mine do you prefer the most?

410. What, according to you, does respect actually mean?

411. What if I ditch you on a date late at night? How would you react?

412. Have you ever stood up on a date?

413. Apart from me, who has been your best date so far?

414. Who did you most enjoy with— your ex-partner or me?

415. What would you do if a stranger told you I cheated on you?

416. What if your best friend told you that I cheated on you— would you believe them?

417. What’s your definition of a respectful relationship?

418. What was your job about?

419. Did you like your first job?

420. How long have you worked for a company you didn’t like?

421. How many jobs have you changed so far?

422. What has been your favorite job so far?

423. Would you quit your job and stop working entirely if you had full access to free money?

424. Does the idea of ‘earning for a living’ make sense to you?

425. What about life doesn’t make sense at all in your adulthood?

426. Do you believe that humans are actually and truly free from all boundaries?

427. What’s the proper definition of freedom according to you?

428. What do you think— Should humans actually have access to complete freedom where they are free to do literally anything?

429. Do you think humans are evil by nature and tamed by society?

430. What are your thoughts about our current society?

431. Would you choose to stay silent against crime if it’s not directly inflicted on you?

432. Do you think prostitution should be legal?

433. What do you most detest about our current law?

434. Do you think the world is reaching a dead end?

435. What are you most likely— someone who’d stay positive by comparing bad times with worse times or someone who’d fight against those bad times?

436. What would your bachelorette party look like?

437. What do you think a marriage proposal should look like?

438. Do you think ring size matters while proposing to a girl?

439. What are your thoughts about splitting bills on a date?

440. Do you think chivalry kills feminism?

441. Would you be chivalrous to a highly-feminist girl?

442. Do you think the current concept of feminism is highly plagued with dumbness?

443. What, according to you, is the correct definition of feminism?

444. Would you rather prefer life without technology and modernization or with them?

445. If you had the choice to choose your birth year, which year/century would you like to be born again?

446. If you had to dedicate a song to me, which one would you choose?

447. Would you spend money enthusiastically or use it very scantily as a married couple?

448. Do you believe in saving money?

449. What’s your technique for saving money?

450. Do you believe in the quote ‘money can’t buy happiness?’

451. What would you do if we ever got into a nasty fight?

452. Do you believe in accepting mistakes, or is it a difficult concept for you?

453. What if we ever come to a conclusion about breaking apart? Would you try to save the relationship or let it go?

454. Would you want me to stop you if we ever thought of breaking up?

455. What have been the worst low points of our relationship?

456. Would you stand against your boss if something doesn’t sound ethical, or would you continue to listen to them to save your job?

457. Do you voice your opinion or stay quiet in matters that don’t relate to your life?

458. As a man, how would you make a woman feel safe in your company?

459. Suppose you find a woman alone at night in a stranded location. You are scared for her safety but don’t want to scare her either by approaching her late at night. What would you do in such a situation?

460. Do you openly generalize men because of past experience?

461. As a woman, what do you think can make you feel safe in a strange man’s company?

462. What about me do you find hard to tolerate?

463. What flirting tactics do you think are awful, but men continue to do it?

464. Similarly, what do you think women overdo for unfathomable reasons?

465. What are the top five things women do that men don’t find attractive?

466. Similarly, point out five activities that men do but are highly repulsive?

467. What’s so attractive about women? List five things.

468. List five great attributes of men.

469. What do you think the future would look like— will we have more technology, or will we die of an adverse climate?

470. What are your thoughts about climate change?

471. Choose between the two— a house with every modern amenity or a cozy cottage of woods and tenderness?

472. Do you actually like your family?

473. What would you like to change about your family?

474. Would you still like me if I smoked cigarettes?

475. What’s the most prominent conspiracy you believe in?

476. What is your ideology you have about life?

477. What crime, according to you, is unforgivable?

478. Do you think ‘hanged to death’ is the correct way to control crime?

479. What is a better option— death punishment or therapy for criminals?

480. Do you think therapy can undo a criminal’s mind?

481. Would you get matching tattoos with your partner?

482. Would you get a tattoo of your partner’s name?

483. Would you be willing to watch all the harry potter movies with me instead of making love?

484. Do you avoid my calls occasionally?

485. How many times have you intentionally ignored my call or text?

486. What do you think is more important in life— money or love?

487. If we removed money from our system— do you think earth would be better or worse?

488. How would you comfort a man who cannot express verbally?

489. Do you think the communication in our relationship needs improvement?

490. Have you ever hidden something from me to avoid hurting my feelings?

491. Do you think our relationship is worth fighting for?

492. What lengths would you go to in order to save our relationship?

493. What do you dream of when you think of me?

494. Would you still date me even if I said that I don’t want kids after marriage?

495. Have you watched all the episodes of the series called FRIENDS?

496. If you have watched FRIENDS, tell me, do you think it was right for Ross to sleep with someone else when he took a break with Rachel?

497. Who is your favorite character from the series ‘FRIENDS.’

498. Do you think FRIENDS is overrated with bad characters?

499. If we ever break up, what do you think would be the reason behind it?

500. What do you think should be unacceptable in a relationship?

501. If you had the chance to rename me, what would you name me?

502. According to my personality, what nickname would you give me?

503. As a man, would you take my surname?

504. What’s the one thing that you cannot live without?

505. If everyone disappeared from earth except for me, how would you react?

506. Do you still like stationary as an adult?

507. What’s your favorite stationery so far?

508. Do you collect gemstones?

509. Why do you collect gemstones?

510. Are you into voodoo magic, or do you simply like collecting sea pebbles?

511. Do you believe in astrology— how the planets align to decide our fate?

512. If Dinosaurs existed in our current world, would we adopt them as pets?

513. Which dinosaur would you like to pet— the massive herbivores or the carnivores?

514. Would you like to train carnivorous dinosaurs as pets?

515. Have you watched all the Jurassic Park movies?

516. Which dinosaur movie is your favorite?

517. Would you like to visit the set of Jurassic Park for our date? Would that be considered a perfect date for a dinosaur lover?

518. As a dinosaur lover, would you visit a museum about dinosaurs or the set of Jurassic park?

519. As a dinosaur lover’s girlfriend/boyfriend, what do you think I should be aware of?

520. Do you believe in everything tarot cards have to read about you?

521. On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you score as the absurdity of astrology?

522. What do you think is the most absurdist concept on earth— Flat earth theory or astrology?

523. Would you call someone dumb for their love for astrology on the face?

524. Would you rather ignore someone for their dumbness or call it out on their face?

525. Who’s your favorite singer and why?

526. Would you like me to sing a song by your favorite singer while proposing to you?

527. Do you like country music or prefer international singers?

528. Have you listened to the song’ Phantom of the opera?’

529.  If you had to listen to sad or happy music for life, which one would you choose?

530. Would you rather die or live without music?

531. What if you were a famous singer?

532. What genre of music would you write about?

533. Would you dedicate songs to your lover/fans, or would they be solely based on your experience?

534. Would you apply lipstick to a concert as a straight guy?

535. What is the one thing you’d like to fight for?

536. Would you stand with your morals even if the whole world stood against you?

537. What qualifies as good music for you?

538. If aliens invade, would you try to impress them with your taste in music?

539. Which singer/group of singers would you love to meet if you had the chance?

540. Would you visit a concert at night or day?

541. What should a perfect concert look like?

542. Which situation would you choose as a BTS fan— would you become their make-up artist and never talk to them or talk to them once (passionately)?

543. Would you die peacefully after a whole day of listening to jazz music?

544. Who’s your favorite jazz musician?

545. Tell me about your favorite jazz song and why do you like it?

546. What would you choose if you were dying the next day— a day filled with jazz concerts or rock music?

547. If you could only listen to a single song for the rest of your life— which song would you choose?

548. If you had to decide between Teen spirits or bohemian rhapsody— which one would you like to listen to for the rest of your life?

549. Who would you summon if you could bring back one of your favorite late singers?

550. Would you visit a ghostly concert with dead singers if they used to be your favorite back in the past?

551. What’s your definition of adventures?

552. Would you visit a haunted house late at night for our date?

553. Are you scared of ghosts?

554. What type of ghostly events are you most scared of? Is it the flickering of lights, the movement of furniture, or ungodly voices at the back?

555. Would you like to summon a ghost/evil soul with me if you are not scared?

556. If we summon an evil soul by mistake— what would you do— question them or try to escape?

557. Do you believe in the quote ‘nobody is born evil.’ If so, how would you deal with the evil souls?

558. Do you think Ouija boards actually work?

559. If we get a dog, how should we train it?

560. What techniques would you use to teach our dog?

561. Would you consider having an owl as our pet?

562. Would you date a ghost?

563. Would you give therapy to ghosts?

564. If you had a ghost friend, would you go out to scare people?

565. If your ghost friend could eat, what would you cook for it?

566. How would you react if you caught a ghost stealing from your fridge?

567. Would you hang out with a group of ghosts if they asked politely?

568. What do you think about ghosts in general?

569. If you had to go out on a date with a ghost— what location would you choose?

570. What’s the most haunted experience you have had in your life?

571. Have you witnessed a ghost or come across one?

572. Would you protect me if a ghost conjured us, or would you run away?

573. Would you still love me if I returned back as a ghost?

574. What’s your favorite ghost/horror movie so far?

575. What do you think is the vilest thing to do as a human?

576. Will you try to understand me if I murdered somebody, or would you turn me up to the government?

577. Do you think magic exists in the hidden folds of this world?

578. Would you leave the world behind if you were ever invited into the magical realm?

579. Would you go if you received a letter from Hogwarts?

580. Who’s your favorite character in the movie Harry Potter?

581. As a marvel fan, would you still date me if I said I didn’t like any of the Marvel movies?

582. Do you think Thanos was right and other marvel superheroes were all hypocrites?

583. If you were in Thanos’s shoes, what would you have done?

584. Which adventure trip would you choose to die in— Freeze to death, skimp to the sun, fall off a valley, or drown away?

585. How would you make death a little more pleasing?

586. Do you think holding hands will make our death less painful?

587. What should we do if we go broke as a married couple?

588. How would you discipline your child for their bad behavior?

589. Have you thought about how to parent our child?

590. Would you adopt a baby rather than bring one to life if given a choice?

591. What would be your parenting quote as a new father/mother?

592. What would you do if our kids misbehaved?

593. How would you turn off the TV past curfew if your kids disagreed with you?

594. How would you respond if your kids talked back to you?

595. What punishment would you choose to teach your kids discipline?

596. Do you think discipline actually teaches our kids anything good, or is it only to train them how the government wants us to train them?

597. Do you think kids are their own individuals and would like their freedom early on?

598. Would you give our child all the freedom and free will?

599. What age do you think is correct for kids to have full access to freedom?

600. How should I pamper you when you are down?


Truth Or Dare Questions For Boyfriend

Truth or dare questions for boyfriend

These truth or dare questions for boyfriend are the best collection of spicy hot questions you can ask when having fun time with your boyfriend.

1. How is your relationship with your parents?

2. What was the most challenging thing you faced as a boy?

3. What do you expect from me as your girlfriend?

4. What qualities do you want in me as your girlfriend?

5. Why do you like me?

6. Why is it so easy for me to fall in love with you?

7. Why are you such a heartthrob?

8. Tell me 10 high qualities of yours that you admire the most?

9. Apart from your looks and intelligence, what are you most proud of?

10. Is it difficult being my boyfriend?

11. How do you think can I be a better girlfriend for you?

12. Tell me about five things that I can improve to become a better individual?

13. How long do you think this relationship is going to go?

14. Are you looking forward to this relationship— how long ahead would you like us to go?

15. How would you compare your past relationships with this one?

16. How many girlfriends did you have in the past?

17. Are you still friends with your ex-girlfriend?

18. Do you trust me enough?

19. How can I win over your trust?

20. What are you most passionate about?

21. What drives you to be the best version of yourself?

22. Would you allow me to love you at your worst and best?

23. What boundaries would you not want me to cross?

24. What’s your favorite gadget to use when bored?

25. What do you love to do in your free time?

26. What’s one thing you love but are scared to share with others?

27. What’s your favorite time pass?

28. What if we had to continue a long-term relationship— how do you think we’ll manage?

29. What’s your favorite skincare product?

30. Is there something you told your friends but aren’t comfortable telling me?

31. Do you consider me your friend along with your girlfriend?

32. What would you want me to cook for you on your birthday?

33. What sounds like the perfect date for you?

34. What adventures would you like to go on with me as a couple?

35. Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

36. Do you design your own clothes?

37. What’s the current fashion trend you are loving?

38. What’s something you’d like to wear but are scared of not looking good?

39. How many cats would you like to have when we move in together?

40. What do you most care about in this relationship?

41. How do you control your mood swings alone?

42. What’s your best way to resolve a conflict?

43. How would you react if we were in a big argument?

44. What one word/adjective would you use to describe our relationship?

45. Do you think regular sex is essential for our relationship?

46. What things do you not like about girls?

47. Is there something that bothers you in our relationship?

48. If you had to list the most important people in your life, where would I stand?

49. Would you quit smoking if I asked you to?

50. What counts as controlling behavior according to you?

51. Would you summon me if I died?

52. What do you like about me?

53. Why did you choose me as your girlfriend and not your friend?

54. Would you still date me if I had one hand/leg?

55. When were you most embarrassed by me?

56. Do you mind me embarrassing you all the time?

57. What would be your first reaction if you see me in jail?

58. What do you think will get me in jail?

59. What do you think would get you in jail?

60. What’s your favorite kissing spot?

61. When do you most get anxious?

62. Where do you see yourself as an individual in the coming years?

63. What’s the definition of success according to you?

64. Would you like to get famous?

65. Is fame something that drives you?

66. What would you like to be famous for?

67. How do you think one can overcome their fear of water?

68. How do you encourage others?

69. How do you encourage yourself for things you are scared of?

70. Are you scared of losing me?

71. Describe the best date venue according to you.

72. Would you choose Netflix and chill with your girlfriend or a game night with boys?

73. Would you like me to learn your favorite game?

74. What if I surpassed you in your own game— would you be jealous of me?

75. Would you introduce me to your family in the coming months?

76. Do you think your parents will like me?

77. What would you do if your parents disapproved of me— would you leave me?

78. What is the one thing you can’t resist during romance?

79. Do you mind me hanging out with your homies?

80. What if your friends disapproved of me as your girlfriend?

81. Why do you think we are perfect for each other?

82. How would you describe our current relationship?

83. If you were to fight with me, what might be the reason?

84. What’s one thing you are scared of telling me?

85. How often have you sneaked out of your house to meet your friends?

86. Do you enjoy being a bad boy?

87. What brings you happiness?

88. What’s your favorite food?

89. What outfits do you love wearing?

90. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you score my current outfit?

91. Which outfit of mine do you detest the most?

92. In my wardrobe, which outfit would you rate zero on a scale of 1 to 10?

93. What do you think of my fashion sense?

94. Which celebrity do you like the most?

95. Who’s fashion did you like the most at this party apart from me?

96. Do you think a sense of fashion matters in a healthy relationship?

97. Would you still date me if you didn’t like my fashion style?

98. Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

99. If you had to design clothes for me, what would you create?

100. Describe the first outfit you would like to design for me?

101. Do you enjoy shopping?

102. Would you mind if I wasted thousands of dollars on fashion and clothes?

103. What would you enjoy more— buying groceries or shopping for clothes with me?

104. What’s your go-to outfit on dates?

105. Do you like to dress extra special on dates or go casual?

106. Would you invest in my fashion business even if it didn’t hold much scope?

107. What do you think about my current business?

108. Do you think women should quit their job once they have a baby?

109. What is your opinion about life after death?

110. Would you skip your game night if I asked you to?

111. Have you ever been to jail, and for what crime?

112. Describe how would you like to spend your Sunday mornings.

113. What did you think of becoming as a child?

114. Are you following the same career passion you had as a child?

115. Which celebrity did you love while growing up? Do you still like the same person?

116. Who are your role models, and what have they inspired you to do?

117. Would you go to the summer camp you went to as a kid?

118. What’s your favorite hobby?

119. What country would you like to visit for a cultural vacation?

120. Where would you like to go for summer vacation?

121. What sets your mood right when you are sad about something?

122. Do you also have mood swings like girls do?

123. What do men want to tell women but don’t?

124. What do boyfriends suffer the most in a relationship?

125. If we were stranded in a lost, wreaked city, what would you do— try to escape or continue to build a life in that city?

126. What would be your first move if you were playing the main character in an escape movie?

127. Would you include me in your escape plan or leave me behind in the island jail?

128. How would you escape jail in the middle of the ocean?

129. Do you pretend to give speeches in the shower?

130. Tell me about the best shower speech you have come up with?

131. Which award are you winning in your imaginary shower award— Nobel prize, Oscar, or Grammys?

132. Which language would you want to learn?

133. Which country would you take me to on our honeymoon?

134. If you find $430 million lying around, would you split the money with me?

135. Would you rob a bank with me?

136. Do you have a plan on how to perfectly rob a bank?

137. Who would it be if you were given a chance to visit a band backstage?

138. If given a chance, would you play the hero or the villain in the movie?

139. Do you sympathize with real-life villains?

140. Do you believe in the saying ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ or do you not believe in the judges?

141. What’s your alter personality that nobody knows about?

142. Do you talk to yourself a lot?

143. What’s the highest IQ thought you have ever had?

144. How would you rate your intelligence on a scale of 1 to 10?

145. Do you consider yourself cunning, intelligent, or dumb?

146. What’s the best fictional story you have come up with?

147. Do you make imaginary scenarios in your mind all the time?

148. Have you dated a celebrity in your imagination?

149. What does the love story between you and your celebrity crush look like?

150. If you get a chance to write a movie— what would it revolve around?

151. Choose one fictional/non-fictional genre— rom-com, dark humor, magical realm, action, or real-life stories?

152. What do you think are the essential elements of a movie?

153. Who would you choose between Angelina Jollie and Scarlett Johnson?

154. Which male superstar would you date if given a chance?

155. As a man, choose between Harry Styles and Ryan Gosling?

156. Have you ever waved back to a person who wasn’t waving at you in the first place?

157. Have you ever farted on a date with me?

158. Do you fart publicly and hope it goes unnoticed, or do you actually excuse yourself to do the deed?

159. Tell me about the scariest fart you had in public that embarrassed you to death?

160. What do you prefer— Dusk or dawn?

161. What animal would you like to be reborn as between ducks and birds?

162. Why would you want to be born as a bird?

163. Why would you want to be born as a duck?

164. Would you become a carnivorous animal or herbivorous?

165. Do you think you can live without consuming meat?

166. Can you explain how teachers can make studies more fun as a teacher yourself?

167. How do you think our education system can get better?

168. Do you think our current education system is the reason for ruined intelligence?

169. Why do you smoke?

170. How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

171. What do you think can help you quit smoking?

172. How many years do you wish to live until you die?

173. Would you judge someone for not being woke once you have reached enlightenment?

174. Do you believe in the saying ‘live and let live?’

175. Have you ever met a person who’s not a hypocrite?

176. Do you consider yourself a hypocrite, or do you think you don’t belong in the category?

177. When have you been the most hypocritical?

178. Have you ever insulted women for how they dress up or do their makeup?

179. What’s the most hypocritical situation you have ever been in?

180. Do you think applying makeup is catfishing?

181. Would you judge people who judge others?

182. What have you got to say about women’s rights?

183. What would you do if your friends made an offensive unfeminist comment at me?

184. Would you stay friends with someone who’s a misogynist and doesn’t value women?

185. Why do women appeal to you more than men?

186. What separates straight men from gay men?

187. Do you think sexuality is changeable, that any straight man can turn gay and vice versa?

188. Have you ever met a man so beautiful that you wanted to be gay?

189. How good are you at reading people’s minds?

190. Do you look at me when I’m not looking at you?

191. What do you concentrate on when you are looking at me?

192. How intelligent do you think you are on a scale of 1 to 10?

193. Do you think you have enough knowledge, or do you barely know anything?

194. Who’s your favorite villain?

195. What’s your favorite rom-com movie?

196. What’s your favorite action movie?

197. What’s your favorite real-life based movie?

198. Who’s real-life story has inspired you the most? It cannot be a celebrity?

199. On a second note, name one celebrity whose real-life story has inspired you a lot?

200. Who do you listen to for motivation?

201. Who’s your favorite motivational speaker?

202. What do you think about Elon Musk buying Twitter?

203. Do you like Elon Musk and his innovative inventions?

204. Some people say, ‘Why go to Mars and plan out a life there when we can use that money to repair the earth?’ Now, this money is not the government’s; it’s actually Elon Musk’s private venture where he wants to explore space as an Astro lover. Who do you side with me?

205. Removing money from the equation, what would you choose— going to Mars and starting a life there or staying here and bettering life on earth?

206. Would you like to date your fav actress/actor if given a chance?

207. Why would you choose me over your celebrity crush?

208. Have you ever hated someone badly?

209. Have you ever loved someone profoundly?

210. Do you like women who wear a lot of makeup or women who don’t wear makeup?

211. Would you stop liking me if I wore a lot of makeup?

212. Whose personality do you like more in general— girls or boys or transgender people?

213. In what ways do you think we can make the world a little more comfortable for transgender people and the LGBTQ community?

214. Who do you like spending time with in general— girls, boys, or the LGBTQ community?

215. Who’s nature/personality do you like more gender-wise?

216. What stereotypes about girls do you agree with?

217. What stereotypes about girls do you not agree with?

218. What do you think about girls who sleep with a lot of men?

219. Do you get turned on if we fight verbally?

220. Would you date a celebrity solely based on their onscreen persona without knowing their real personality?

221. How would you rank all your homies? Who comes first? I won’t tell them!

222. Do boys like gossip just as much as girls do?

223. Would you like a god fairy who could give you intel on what girls do when away from boys?

224. Do you judge people often merely on their appearance without ever knowing them personally?

225. Why do you like men’s personalities more than women’s personalities?

226. Comparatively, what do you think girls are better at than boys?

227. Similarly, what do you think boys are better at than girls?

228. Do you think women are weak?

229. Why do you think women are strong?

230. Do you think men are slightly superior to women?

231. If you and I were in a jungle, who do you think would have more chances of survival?

232. Do you protect me because you think I’m weak?

233. What’s your definition of strength?

234. Is physical strength the only measurement of strength?

235. Do you like me being a feminist?

236. What are you usually most excited about?

237. What sets your mood right?

238. Which activity of mine makes you happy?

239. Which activity of mine makes you sad?

240. How would you make me happy if I were sad?

241. How should I make you happy if you are sad?

242. How to know if you need space or a shoulder to cry on?

243.Who would you like to be in the magical realm— a vampire, a werewolf, a hybrid, or a witch/wizard?

244. Have you watched the series ‘The Vampire diaries?’

245. Do you low-key like teen dramas?

246. In the series TVD, are you team Stefan or Team Damon?

247. Do you think people don’t understand you on a deeper level?

248.  What’s more to you than meets the eyes?

249. Do you like vile girls or innocent ones?

250. What’s your definition of vile girls?

251. What do you think of yourself?

252. Do you think you are vile or innocent?

253. Do you change your personality according to the people around you?

254. Are you scared of judgment?

255.  Are you scared of being yourself?

256. Do you like to pretend to be wrong?

257. Are you a people pleaser?

258. What’s your opinion about me?

259. What’s your opinion about yourself?

260. Would you deactivate your Instagram account?

261. What would be the reason behind your Instagram deactivation?

262. Do you like this new social media generation?

263. What do you think about the internet?

264. Do you think the internet will take us towards progress or degeneration?

265. What’s the probable progression percentage you think the internet can bring?

266. What’s your favorite series and why?

267. Do you have any inner demons?

268. How do you fight your inner demons?

269. Are you an attention seeker?

270. Do you dress for yourself or to impress others?

271. Do you like debates and intelligent arguments?

272. What’s your favorite topic of discussion?

273. What about humans do you like the most?

274. Do you accept your mistakes easily or deny them until your last breath?

275. Do you stand solid on your morals, or do you bend according to the given situation?

276. How long does it usually take for you to accept your mistakes?

277. What are your morals in life?

278. Do you have a stubborn personality?

279. Do you think a stubborn personality wins in life?

280. What do you think are the demerits of being stubborn?

281. What are the merits of being stubborn?

282. Are you passionate about starting your own business?

283. If you were to start a business, what would you like to invest time in?

284. What would be your business strategies?

285. What advice would you suggest to someone who’s starting a new business?

286. Would you let go of your dreams if people didn’t see potential in them?

287. Would you stake your happiness because society demeans it?

288. Do you think there’s a positive side to our society?

289. Are you willing to change your perspective if given a good reason?

290. How do you think you can overcome your negative prejudice?

291. Do you evaluate everything as either black or white, good or bad, evil or pure?

292. Are you interested in knowing a villain’s story who’s done evil deeds, or would you terminate them immediately?

293. Do you like intense workouts or regular training in the gym?

294. Would you also like your ass to grow while gyming?

295. How many times would you work out in a week?

296. Would you work out with a female partner or a male partner?

297. How many days in a week would you like to work out with girls?

298. What’s your favorite muscle to train?

299. Why do you like chest workouts?

300. What do you think girls like in men’s physique?


Truth Or Dare Questions For Girlfriend

Truth or dare questions for girlfriend

Women are complex beings, aren’t they? It’s hard to understand them, right? However, with these 100 truth or dare questions for your girlfriend:

  • You will not only have the right questions to ask,
  • but these questions will actually make your girlfriend reply to you!

A wrong question can shut the conversation entirely. However, the right question will help you understand your girl correctly! These truth or dare questions have been sourced from women’s and men’s perspectives. So let’s dig in!

1. How can I make your day better as a boyfriend/best friend?

2. Who’s your ideal celebrity crush, and why?

3. Do you think there are men who are actually good enough for women?

4. What do women like the most in men that men have no idea about?

5. What do you want from me?

6. What color do you think looks great on men?

7. Where would you travel with me?

8. Has there been a situation where you were uncomfortable with me?

9. What foods do girls prefer when dealing with extreme mood swings?

10. How many boyfriends did you have in the past?

11. Were all your relationships traumatic, or do you actually have good ex-boyfriends?

12. Are you friends with your ex?

13. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?

14. Would you like to have kids with me?

15. Would you like to go to the gym with me?

16. Would you like to play video games with me?

17. Would you want to dance with me in the rain at night?

18. If men disappeared from the world, would you feel safer?

19. What would you do first if men disappeared from the world?

20. Would you start an animal shelter with me?

21. Do women enjoy being cunningly subtle?

22. Do you like teasing men with puzzles, mixed signals, and indirect words?

23. Have you ever met a man who’s come close to understanding the enigma that you are.

24. Do you agree with the statement ‘women want to be loved, not to be understood?’

25. Are women actually as complex as men think they are?

26. I saw a weird illustration of the women’s bathroom—’see-sawing each other to not touch the toilet seat while peeing.’ Please, tell me it’s not true because every girl in the comment section was serious.

27. Do women like teasing men?

28. Why do you guys go to the toilet together?

29. When men say ‘They don’t know what to say!,’ what should they actually say instead?

30. What do you like— extreme sexual angst and tension or direct intimacy?

31. When to give you space and when to hold you tight?

32. What do you think about racist people?

33. How do you think racist people should be treated?

34. What do you think about patriotism?

35. How long does it usually take for you to change your prejudice/perspective?

36. Do you think parents need therapy just as much as anyone?

37. How hard is it for you to change your perception?

38. Do you think ‘society created the devil?’

39. What’s the progression/degression percentage of our future?

40. What generation do you think is the most intelligent?

41. Do you think Genz-s hold power in changing the world?

42. What do you think the future would look like in the coming 50 years?

43. What, according to you, is the true definition of progress?

44. Do you think everything is already written?

45. Do you strongly believe in spirituality?

46. Do you think science and religion can grow together?

47. Do you like to go to the gym in the morning/evening/late at night?

48. Why do you not tell me what you are dealing with?

49. How do you talk to a sad girl?

50. How to start a conversation with you when it’s late at night?

51. How do you manage your monthly income?

52. Would you rather spend every penny of yours on shopping, or do you like saving money?

53. What body part of yours do you like the most?

54. Would you run away with me against your family?

55. Do you prefer bathing or not bathing while meeting your boyfriend?

56. Do you not mind smelling bad while meeting your boyfriend?

57. When girls get comfortable with their men— how do they behave, dress, and carry themselves?

58. Do you think men would like your comfortable self more?

59. Do girls talk about everything with their best friends?

60. If your boyfriend cooks for you and you don’t like it— would you tell me? Would you tell me it’s terrible or eat it anyway?

61. How can I make you feel better when dealing with periods?

62. Did you know guys like cuddling a lot? Do you like cuddling just as much as I do?

63. How long do you think the foreplay should continue for?

64. I heard girls like to be kissed slowly and in transitions, like a combination of soft and rough kisses. They say you start slow and then move on slowly towards the roughness. Is this correct?

65. Do you love the life you live now?

66. What do you most like when making love?

67. How often have you faked an orgasm while making love with me?

68. Do you think it’s okay to date someone who cannot make you orgasm?

69. Do you like lovemaking rough or tender?

70. What is your worst fear in life?

71. Do you like BDSM?

72. What should be the rules of BDSM according to girls?

73. Do girls like farting?

74. Have you ever farted when bonking?

75. What gives you instant sexual appetite?

76. What’s one thing women never tell men?

77. What’s the dark side of your personality?

78. Do you try to hide your demons from others?

79. What do you think should be the topic of conversation between the two of us?

80. Do you think intelligence is what women crave in a man they are dating?

81. Do women love porn just as much?

82. What’s your favorite porn category?

83. What qualities of mine do you like?

84. Do girls like/hate it when boys use their humor on them?

85. What’s your definition of a dumb guy?

86. Do you think all men are dumb?

87. What makes me so special to have you choose me?

88. Do girls like to be like boys?

89. How can we, as the male population, make you feel safe and flexible?

90. What scares you the most and why?

91. Do you think girls are more prone to becoming lesbians than boys becoming gay?

92. Who do you like more in general— boy, girls, or transgender?

93. Where do you see women in the coming 50 years?

94. Do you think women still face societal injustice?

95. What societal injustice do women still go through that men are completely unaware of?

96. How do you think one can balance chivalry and feminism together?

97. Do women like guys who put effort into their attire or men in casual clothes?

98. What do women find appealing in men that men are completely unaware of?

99. Would you like to see me with piercings and tattoos?

100. Would you start a business with me?


Funny Truth Or Dare Questions

Here is the best list of funny truth or dare questions for friends, couples and family to relax.

1. Why do you like back and shoulder workouts?

2. What do boys like in a girl’s physique?

3. What’s the weirdest thing about girls that boys adore?

4. What kind of workout do girls like?

5. What kind of girls do you like?

6. Do you like feminine girls or masculine girls?

7. Do boys like gossip just as much as girls do?

8. Do you like girls to get along with your homies just fine?

9. Would you choose to keep your relationship and friendship apart?

10. Have you ever gotten mad at a friend for posting an unflattering photo of you?

11. What’s one thing you would never eat on a first date?

12. If you could be reincarnated into anyone’s body, who would you want to become?

13. How many people have you kissed?

14. What does “wife / husband material” mean to you?

15. If you could only use one swear word for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

16. Describe everyone here in just one word. But, only things, you hate about them.

17. What is your current crush’s personality like?

18. What’s the most useless piece of knowledge you know?

19. If you could prank anyone without getting caught, who would it be and what would you do?

20. Have you ever pretended to like a gift? How did you pretend?

21. Who do you resent and why?

22. What’s your biggest turn-on?

23. If you could only text one person for the rest of your life, but you could never talk to that person’s face to face, who would that be?

24. What’s the worst weather to be stuck outside in if all you could wear was a bathing suit?

25. If you had five lives, what would you do that you wouldn’t do with only one?

26. Have you ever skipped a bath? How many times?

27. The person you want to be stuck in a lift with. Give us a reason, why?

28. Do you have bad foot odor?

29. If you had to make out with any Disney character, who would it be?

30. Do you still have something you have cherished from childhood?

31. Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have?

32. How often do you wash your undergarments?

33. Do you still take bubble baths?

34. Do you have a hidden talent?

35. Have you ever had a run in with the law?

36. If someone heard you snoring, would they say it’s obnoxiously loud?

37. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

38. Have you ever farted and then blamed someone else?

39. How many pancakes have you eaten in a single sitting?

40. Do you lick your plate?

41. If you had to choose would you rather have a broken arm or a broken leg and why?

42. Do you think that you and your current girlfriend or boyfriend will ever be married?

43. Have you ever got caught doing something you shouldn’t?

44. Have you ever pooped your pants?

45. Have you ever had a major wardrobe malfunction while in public?

46. Are you scared of the dark?

47. Do you prefer staying up late or going to bed early?

48. If you could go back in time in erase one thing you said or did, what would it be?

49. If someone offered you $1 million dollars to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, would you do it?

50. If you were reborn, what decade would you want to be born in?


Love Truth Or Dare Questions

Ask this love truth or dare questions for an amazing and memorable time with your lover.

1. What’s one thing I do that really makes you feel loved?

2. Do you have any family or cultural traditions that you’d want me to follow too?

3. What’s your opinion about yourself? Anything you’d like to change?

4. What’s your best quality?

5. Why’d you choose me over others?

6. Have your previous partners ever been unfaithful?

7. Which one of us is a more trusting person?

8. Do you think I try seeing the good in people or not?

9. Do you like it when I give you back rubs?

10. Are you satisfied with our intimate life?

11. Do you want us to try something new in bed?

12. Do you think you’re a jealous person?

13. What does romance mean to you?

14. Do you see us having kids? If yes, how many?

15. Do you actively seek to be respected or admired by others?

16. Do you think I care about how I look?

17. Are the opinions of other people important to me?

18. When do you think I’m at my sexiest?

19. What’s more important: being smart or being a kind person?

20. Do you think I make wise decisions?

21. Am I ever unattractive to you? Why?

22. Do you think I deal with anger in a healthy way? What’s your way of dealing with anger?

23. Which personality trait is an instant turn-off for you?

24. Is taking risks worth it?

25. Are you a gambling person or do you prefer keeping it nice and steady?

26. Singing or dancing? What sounds more fun?

27. Do you believe in luck? Did we get together out of chance?

28. What’s one thing that makes our relationship unique from others?

29. What do you enjoy doing most when we’re together?

30. What does the perfect date night look like for you?

31. Which of my qualities do you love most?

32. What’s one meal you’d like to have for a romantic night?

33. Do you think there’s a secret to staying happy in a relationship?

34. Is there a romantic movie you want us to watch together?

35. What date night atmosphere would you be most happy with?

36. Do you think physical touch is a big part of romance? Moreover, what gestures in particular do you find romantic?

37. Do you think any of our friends have a great couple life? Should we follow their example?

38. What’s the first thing you thought about me when we met?

39. Where would you choose to go for a night out? A fancy restaurant? A stroll in the park? A concert? Or, maybe you’d prefer if we stayed home and cooked something nice together?

40. What’s one thing you really like about me, physically speaking?

41. What do you think is my favorite thing about you?

42. If we had all the money in the world, what’s the first thing you’d want us to do together?

43. Ever think of me when a song comes up on your playlist?

44. Do you think you know all there is to know about me? Would you like to ask me literally anything?

45. Do you think we had a great first kiss or was it mediocre?

46. How would you describe being in love? Is there something in particular you feel?

47. Do you think I look good in my favorite outfits?

48. Do you think our relationship is lacking in something specific?

49. What made you think of me as more than a friend?

50. Do you think we have a lot of fun together?


Good Dares For Truth Or Dare

1. Smell every other players’ armpits.

2. Kiss the person to your left.

3. Do freestyle rap for 1 minute about the other participants.

4. Call your crush.

5. Dance with no music for 1 minute.

6. Swap clothes with someone for 2 rounds.

7. Shower with your clothes on.

8. Dance like your life depends on it.

Funny truth or dare questions

9. Dump a bucket of cold water on your head.

10. Do 5 minutes of stand-up comedy.



Truth or dare is just the kind of game that can reveal many secrets and unsaid conversations. It can make you laugh, cry, argue, and seek comfort within each other. Whatever may be the seasoning of your night, we have covered it all.

This article covers over 1700 truth or dare questions that will help you understand your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend better and make the evening much more lively and fun.

Please remember— don’t try to be discreet while giving answers, or don’t try to shoo the question away with a simple NO or YES. It’s a fun game, and it should be played profoundly!

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