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10 Hard Questions To Answer About Life

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Hard questions to answer about life

Hard questions to answer are those thoughts that invoke one’s integral being. Probing one’s life journey so far. They are awakening questions, jacking one to the reality of the present, envisioning the possibilities of tomorrow, with avenues to right past failures. There are hard questions to answer about life.

The hard questions to answer are not always about tough questions on life issues, they are sometimes hard questions to answer about yourself or even hard questions to ask about the uncertainties of life. Either way, in the course of our existence as humans, we are faced with many questions about life, and how we answer them will determine to a great extent our survival.
The different categories of hard questions to answer will now be discussed in detail.

Hard questions to ask


Hard Questions To Answer About Life

“An unexamined life is not worth living”- Socrates
We are confronted with important life questions for several reasons: could be for self-evaluation, to improve ourselves, achieve success, or simply survive the many trials life brings our way daily. One thing is for sure, we have to answer these questions at one time or the other and must prepare our minds for them.

You might have asked yourself in the heat of your trials why life is not simple and easy? Why good things don’t always happen to those who deserve them, why even the very best of our kind still have to die? Well! Life is far from being perfect, it is ladened with several ups and downs and l like to think the best way of responding to the imperfections of life is to be prepared.

Ask yourself questions if need be, seek answers, do whatever it takes to survive… Just don’t be an onlooker. Choose to stand face to face with the problems of life and boldly say- I deserve an answer.


Hard Questions To Ask

There is an African proverb that says- ” The one who asks questions doesn’t lose his way”.

I consider myself an inquisitive person, and by nature, I always ask questions to satisfy my curiosity. If you are like me (inquisitive) I am sure you know that not all the questions we ask are considered OK. Some times, people could say to you- why do you ask such stupid questions or you shouldn’t ask hard questions that have no answer. But are there questions that have no answer? To me, questions can be likened to keys, which when rightly used open doors.

We all have the right to ask questions and be rewarded with answers if not, there would be no need for our brains which among other things is needed for thinking and evaluation of situations. Here are some questions that I have had cause to ask, though they are considered hard.

Why Am I never satisfied with my life?

Why is one born rich and another born poor?

Why are innocent people victims of hideous evil?

Why are some born handicapped and some not?

Why do strings of bad things happen to some people?

Why can’t my spouse see the enormous effort I am making to make this marriage work?

What happens when my breath ceases?

Why can’t I be loved equally back?

What is the truth?

Why are my so sickly while my mates are energetic?

For some of these questions, I have answers, for others, I have none. But that doesn’t deter me, I keep asking, hoping one day, all of my questions will be answered.


Tough Questions On Life

Pondering on questions not only gives us the answers we desire but also sharpens our minds and opens it up so we have a better understanding of ourselves and life in totality. The following are some tough questions I have had to ask about life.

Why is there no equality for humans?

Why can’t we have a perfect world?

Why are there plagues and diseases?

Ask your questions and enjoy the peace that comes with having an open and active mind.


Hard Questions To Answer About Yourself

There are several hard questions I have had to answer about myself because I am still in the process of self-discovery and can’t say I know all about myself. These really hard questions with answers have helped me to have a better understanding of who I am. They are:


1.  Why Am I Sometimes Unlucky?

This question pops into my mind when things don’t go the way I envisaged them to. But then I always have to remind myself that there are good and bad days and simply look forward to the good ones.


2.  Why Was I Not Born Into A Rich Home?

If you are not rich, I am sure you can relate to this question. I sometimes wish I had the comfort and luxury of a rich home because my background is not so rosy. Anyways, I work to create that home for my kids, so whenever this question comes up, I remind myself that I am working on creating the life of my dreams.


3.  Why Are My Parents Not Understanding?

I used to ask this question a lot when I was in my teens. My parents just didn’t understand me most times and that used to make me ask this question. But as I grew older, I started to understand that most of the fallouts we had were borne out of their love and desire to protect me. Hence my mindset about them changed and our close relationship was restored.


4.  Why Does My Struggle Seem Endless?

Each day of life has its struggles, I sometimes get tired of it though, and ask when it will end. But have to remind me that the problems of life are supposed to make me a better person and not break me.


For you

Thanks for reading this article to the end. I hope that if you are not one who used to ask questions before, you will now be encouraged to start doing so and as you do this, have an open mind to the answers these questions will bring.


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  1. Good! Life questions are ever before us. They help us evaluate our lifes. We really have to be open minded towards them. Accepting their right answers will tune us towards a better life. Thanks 👍

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