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10 Things To Do At The Weekend For A More Productive Week

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How to be more productive on weekends

Weekends come as a big relief to most people. This is no surprise as it provides the opportunity to break from the work and stress of weekdays. It also allows people much time to bond with their loved ones. In spite of the fact that weekends can be very interesting, they are known to end very quickly, so it is wise to plan one’s weekend in such a way that it will both be enjoyed and the next week will be well planned for as well.

The following are things to do at the weekend if you want a more productive week.

How to plan your work week


1.  Start Your Weekend By Doing Something You Love

The time frame for weekends are short compared to weekdays. It is, therefore, best to use this time to relax and get re-energized for the coming week. During this period, you can do whatever makes you happy like going to see a movie at the cinema; visit special places with your loved ones; go shopping or even spend a considerable amount of time sleeping in. Whatever works for you is key.


2.  Make A List Of The Things You Want To Achieve For The Week

It is best to plan for the forthcoming week during weekends if you want your week to be productive. In one of my blog posts titled Habits of Highly Successful People, I made mention of the fact that successful people are known for being futuristic. They don’t just live for now but also plan for the future. So, if you want a productive week, you have to plan for it beforehand, and a good way of doing this is to use a to-do-list or any other form of planner that allows you best prepare for the week ahead.


3.  Do Your Laundry

Weekends are a good time to wash up the clothes you used in the past week and iron them in preparation for a new week.


4.  Organize Your Outfits For The Week

Imagine starting the mornings of your weekdays by wondering what you should wear and trying to sort out the right clothes and footwear, while you have limited time to get to work! All this trouble can be obviated if you sort out your outfits for the week ahead of time. It not only makes you a more organized person but helps you to be more productive.


5.  Clean And Arrange Your Home

Cleaning and organizing your home during weekends allows you the comfort of enjoying a neat and comfortable environment during weekdays when you are most busy and have little or no time to do cleanups. This is also healthful.


6.  Plan Your Budget For The Week

Weekends are a good time to plan your weekly budgets because the weekdays has not yet begun. If you, however, fail to do this, you will most times find yourself buying things you don’t need or that are way beyond your means and by so doing incur debt for yourself.
It is advisable that when planning your weekly budget, you decide, the amount you want to spend each day of the week and what you want to spend this money on.


7.  Delete Your Unneeded Mails

My weekends afford me the opportunity to perform tasks like checking my mail and deleting my unneeded mails because of the free time I have during this period, unlike weekdays that are always packed full of activities. You also can decide to adopt the same attitude of checking through your emails during weekends and deleting the unneeded ones.


8.  Check Your Calendar For The Week

Use your weekends to check your calendar for any activity you may have planned for the week, so as not to forget them.


9.  Go Shopping for Your Meals for the week

Utilize the free time your weekend avails you to shop for the consumables you would need in the course of the week.


10.  Set Aside Time To Relax

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Weekdays are known to be very busy, so weekends give you and me the break we need from the usual hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and allow us the time to relax. You should, therefore, ensure you make out enough time for rest.


Having shared the above tips on how to have a more productive week, it is important you remember that even as you try to practice them, you should never give up on yourself at any point in time because successful people are not those who don’t fail, but those who have the will to try more when they fail.


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