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10 Things To Do Daily To Build An Unbreakable Bond With Your Child

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Mother daughter songs

Bonding is the close personal relationship that forms between people. The complexity of human nature makes the parent-child relationship a progressional activity.

There is no exact model or way to bring about bonding. Bonding with your child can only be achieved if you know how to connect with your child and you are willing to solve every parent-child relationship problem that might exist between you and your child.

There are several activities to bond with your child, these family bonding activities like mother-daughter songs, telling stories, and generally spending quality time together helps parents and their kids connect well.

how to connect with your child

How To Connect With Your Child

A connection is very essential to humans. Connection brings people together. It helps us to know and understand each other well. The following are ways you can bond with your child.

1. Physical Connection Like Hugs And Cuddles

Hugs, cuddles, and kisses are physical ways we can express our love for our kids and connect with them. I will suggest that you give your child a 2mins hug day and night before he or she goes to bed and try to maintain eye contact when talking with them.

Also, seize every opportunity you can to reassure them of your love and understanding by picking up their hands and massaging your fingers against theirs, don’t forget to look into their eyes and relate with them while you do this. This makes the child more relaxed and open to you.

2. Fun And Play

Family bonding activities

Make it a daily habit to play with your children. This helps them deal with anxiety and other problems they might be facing. This kind of play takes away adult and child barriers, introducing a momentary equality atmosphere for kids to feel relaxed and open up freely to you.

3. Shut Down Distraction

When you want to make time for your children, please endeavor to turn off your technological gadgets like TV, phones, computers, and radio. This helps to ward off distractions.

4. Create Time For Them

One of the keys to whatever success you will have with your child is keeping them close. Make out time for interaction with your child every day.

Also, alternate your activities with your child. Structure definite activities must be reduced. Instead, try any physical activities or games that get him or her laughing.

5. Emotional Moments

Your child’s happy and sad moments must be shared with you. Acknowledge these feelings and show understanding. This will make your child feel relaxed, and it will help draw him or her closer to you.

6. Listen

Showing empathy and listening are other key ingredients needed to aid the connection with your child. Giving rapt attention to what your child is saying without distractions sends a very vital signal that you are interested in what your child is saying.

Most parents communicate with their children by talking to them, but not necessarily by listening to them. The older our children get, the more we focus on two-way communication with them. Frequently, what we don’t hear from our children is a lot more important than what we do here.

As your child moves through teen years, they may tend to try and lock you out of their world, and the only way to try and enter their world is by talking with them and listening to them. If you dismiss their concerns or don’t allow them to voice their opinions, someone else surely will.

So please at all levels of your child’s development you must make a conscious effort to give quality time to listening to their ups and downs. Remember a problem shared is half solved.

7. Encourage Them

Encouragement is a part of nurturing. You must be there for your children. Slow down, savor the moment. The investment you make in your children’s life should not be toxic to them. But they must enjoy every bit of it. This will help them to reference it each time and these will not only create the connection you desire immediately but will help preserve the bond you create for life.

8. Bedtime Stories

Telling of bedtime stories is an avenue to educate and assure your child that he or she is protected and loved. These memories keep them happy and going even when you are not there. Each time your child remembers those wonderful stories they yearn for more.

10. No Excuses

Your promises must be kept. You as a parent might take it lightly when you don’t keep a promise, but your child won’t. Please always encourage your child by keeping promises.

Parent /Child Relationship Problem

The parent-child relationship is not an easy one. Through study and research, some templates have been agreed upon to help improve this relationship that is as old as creation itself.

To create a brighter future for your child and yourself, it is important you recognize the importance of becoming the best parent you can be and to act upon this goal as early as possible.

If you don’t start early, you may have to face some of the greatest and most disheartening challenges imaginable.

The family was designed to be the primary institution- the cornerstone of society. It is the foundation upon which society is built. It should therefore be protected at all costs to avoid breakdown of law and order in the society.

Activities To Bond With Your Child

Your child’s growth and development is tied actively to the bond you two create. Bonding strengthens your relationship and also increases your Child’s confidence. The relationship you have with your child accounts for whether or not your child meets his or her emotional needs. The following are ways you can bond with your child.

1. Sing Songs

Singing is a good way for parents to connect with their kids. Growing up as a young girl, my mom used to sing many mother-daughter songs to me that I remember even now that I am an adult and have my kids.

2. Outdoors

let your child feel the vibe of nature: take your child out for a walk, and you could also engage in other outdoor activities that improve the emotional health and physical wellness of you and your child.

3. Physical Touch

Through the lens of some expert studies, it’s easy to see how touch plays a major role in forming connections between parent and child. Touch calms frays or fears. When you touch a child that is afraid of scolding because of a mistake, you discover that you have created an atmosphere of reassurance, that there is nothing to be afraid of.

4. Cooking Time


Involve your kids in food preparation, it helps them to learn how to cook delicious meals, and most importantly it builds their self-confidence. For more details of this read my blog post titled Life Skills Kids Need To Learn Before Leaving Home.

5. Enjoy Games

Games create a relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves.

Family Bonding Activities

These bonding activities help build closeness among family members. They are :

1. Going On A Picnic

This is a good way to unwind and have a good time with your loved ones.

2. Family Meeting

This is an avenue to address issues affecting the family.

3. Volunteer

When you volunteer together, you do not only strengthen the family bond but demonstrate the importance of giving back to society.

4. Cook Together

This is an awesome way for family members to connect

5. Walk Together

This is an opportunity for family members to exercise and breathe fresh air.

6. Eat Out Together

This is another fun way family can spend time together.

For you

It is possible to build a lasting relationship with your kids, to do this you must be ready to start building healthy foundations by investing your time, love, and resources into your family.

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