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17 Gestures To Make A Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

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How to make a man feel like a king

Deeply rooted in the heart of every man is the desire to be accepted and appreciated by his special one. Men may not be able to verbalize their needs all the time, but there are ways they love to be treated by the people in their lives, most especially their women. The need to understand the uniqueness of your man, to flow freely without frustration is very important.

The Following gestures when expressed by women, make their men feel loved and highly valued:


1.  Feed Him Well

Want to make your man feel loved? Feed him well!

You must have heard the saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”. People generally respond better after they have been well fed, men are no exception to this.

The way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Cook your man’s favorite meals for him, and let him feed to his satisfaction. By doing this, you register your name eternally in his heart and he will never leave you for any other person nor settle for less.


2.  Value Yourself

Let’s face it, it’s no use expecting someone else to love us except we first love ourselves. If we can’t appreciate ourselves, how then do we expect others to appreciate us? Lack of love for ourselves makes us gloomy and generally unapproachable and I am sure ‘unapproachable’ isn’t what you want to be because it is one of the fastest ways of making your man feel unloved and detached from you.

When you put yourself down, what is most likely to happen is you will find others who will be only too glad to help you go down. Develop the right attitude towards yourself today because a man will naturally feel good about himself when his woman values herself.


3.  Learn To Save

Men don’t like wasteful women, they mostly love it when they can trust their women with their finances and have peace. No man wants to go bankrupt for getting involved with a woman. So ladies, if you want your man to feel safe and loved, spend wisely when you are with him, let him see you as one who thinks about the future and plans for the rainy day. This way, he will feel loved cause, he will feel you understand him and naturally trust you.


4.  Be Affectionate

How to make a man feel loved and wanted

Show your man that you care strongly about him, by kissing him often, hugging him, telling him how much you value him and singing praises of him. You get to praise your man by highlighting to him his strengths, for instance, if your man is tall, broad, muscular and handsome, you should never get tired of telling him how attractive his body is.


5.  Don’t Bad Mouth Him In Public

Every man has a sense of worth and they want it magnified not downplayed. No man will want to be with a woman that constantly reduces him to nothing. Every man wants to feel loved, respected and accepted.

So ladies, never say bad things about your man in public. If you do, you will ruin his ego, he’ll feel hurt and he will leave you.


6.  Get Used To His Lifestyle

Men love it when the women in their lives enjoy participating in their hobbies; that way, they get to spend more time with them.

If your man has a great love for basketball, soccer or any other sport- start showing interest in it. You may not like his hobby now, but with time if you show interest in it, you will be amazed at how well you two connect.

Don’t try to force your man to love only the activities you enjoy and to detach himself from his normal activities, hobbies or routine. This just won’t work. Trying to change your partner will be a fruitless venture.


7.  Let Him Have Some Man Time

Ladies, the fact that your man is in a relationship with you does not mean that you should choke out his social life. Allow him some space sometimes.

When he says he wants to hang out with friends, let him. If he wants to go with you, he will let you know, however, if he doesn’t want you to come, don’t force him to let you. Men don’t like to feel trapped, they always want to know they still have their lives.

When you come on board and start changing everything they are used to -it’s a red flag for them. So if you want your man to feel loved and appreciated, allow him to have some time to himself.


8.  Commend Him When He Does Good Things

Physical affection is not the only way to make a man feel loved. There are several other ways, one of which is the use of words of affirmation.

Men love it when women sing their praise.

If your man, buys you gifts, appreciate him and let him see how happy you are. He will be glad to know that you appreciate his efforts towards you and that you can see that he can take care of you.


9.  Be Easy To Be With

How to make a man feel loved and respected

Maybe you had hoped your man would take you to your favorite restaurant for a five-course dinner but instead, he opted for a burger and a coke. Don’t get all moody and act like you just lost your favorite doll. Enjoy the coke today, tomorrow or some other day you will have your five-course dinner.

The reason is that men love it when the women in their lives, are understanding and can stay with them even when things are rough for them.


10.  Write Him A Letter

If your man travels or is not where you are, you can let him know he is on your mind and important to you, by writing him a letter. Yes! Write him a letter and tell him all the sweet things you think about him.


11.  Surprise Him, By Planning A Day That He Would Love

Men love to be pampered, so it is a good idea to surprise him by planning a day both of you can spend time alone together and don’t forget to spice up this day with fun activities like – watching a movie, going to the zoo or even the park. Just switch things up a bit.


12.  Honor Your Roles

Understand that a man has his roles and a woman has hers too. One thing you can do to make your man feel loved is to perform your roles as his woman. Be supportive. Help him the best way you can, motivate him to be the best he can be and believe in him more than everyone else. Be your man’s greatest fan.


13.  Tell Him How Awesome He Is

Make a man feel loved

Your man will love to know that you don’t see him as just every other man but that you value him and consider him different and unique.

So you should always tell your man how awesome he is and try to maintain eye contact while you do. Also, don’t compare him to other men.


14.  Compliment Him Often In Front Of Others

Never get tired of telling your man how wonderful he is. Men love it when their women shower compliments on them, especially in public. It gives them a form of gratification. They feel important and special. So ladies, always celebrate your man, wherever you are.


15.  Be Quick To Say You Are Sorry

If you quarrel with your man or there is a form of misunderstanding between you and him, be quick to apologize. Don’t always wait for him to apologize first.

There are however some instances that might warrant you demanding that he apologizes first. Nevertheless, you should be quick to make amends with him if there is a fall out between you and him.


16.  Surprise Him With Gifts

Men love it when the women in their lives buy them gifts and pamper them. They don’t want to be the only ones buying gifts. So from time to time, switch things up- give your man that treat he has been demanding for a long time now. If there is anything he fancies but has not been able to buy for himself, get it for him and let him know how much he means to you.


17.  Ask For His Advice And Follow It Through

Don’t just ask your man for his opinion on how to solve a problem and not follow through with it. Men by nature like to fix things. When you complain about something to them, they start thinking of a solution. If however, they find out that you discarded their suggestion, they will likely withdraw from you as no man likes to be seen as not smart enough to profer solutions.

Now that you know these gestures, always show them to your man and he will forever love you.


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