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20 Awesome First Date Ideas

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Low key first date ideas

There are many first date ideas you can cash in on to have a good time with your loved one. They could be cheap first date ideas, low key first date ideas, first date ideas at night, first date ideas for teen, and first date ideas winter requires. You can’t exhaust all these first date ideas at one meeting, hence you and your partner need to have an ideal first date description that will guide you in deciding the best first date idea to go with.

Also, while you consider the best date ideas to embark on, you should get familiar with first date tips, which will serve as a guide to you as you enjoy your first date. Now that you have some heads up about first date ideas, I am going to discuss the different types of first date ideas that exist in detail.

First Date Ideas Winter

Cheap First Date Ideas

Cheap date ideas are easily affordable ones. So, if you and your partner don’t plan on spending much on a date, the following ideas are just right for you.


1.  Go Fishing

Fishing with someone on a first date is a good way to ease off tension and talk, while also enjoying the fun in trying to catch fishes. You should however have safety gadgets on the boat, in case the need for them comes up.


2.  Visit A Zoo

Seeing animals can be much fun too. It allows you and your date partner time to get to know each other while you both enjoy watching the unique lifestyle of animals.


3.  Watch A Movie At The Cinema

Watching a good movie at the cinema allows you and your date partner to get entertained while you also observe each other subtly. But before going to the cinema, you both should get to discuss a bit before the fun time because when the movie starts, you will both be engrossed in it and might not focus on each other, which of cause, is the primary purpose of the date.


4.  Have A Drink Together

You and your date can visit a local bar for drinks while enjoying each other’s company.


5.  Visit A Restaurant

People sometimes ask this question- are there places to go on a date near me? Well, look no further. I am sure there is a nice and affordable local restaurant where you can take your date to for a delicious meal and quality time together.


6.  Go To The Beach

The beach is a good place to spend time with someone. Not just because it is airy but also because it is a good sight to behold, and you and your date can also enjoy a good swim.


7.  Cook Together

Cooking with your date helps to give you an idea of your date’s personality. It also allows you to enjoy eating the food you both cooked together.


Low key First Date Ideas

These kinds of date ideas are unlike the conventional first date ideas that everyone is familiar with yet, they present the same opportunity for date partners to enjoy each other’s company. Here are some low key first date ideas:


1.  Volunteer Your Services

Doing something selfless like volunteering to help people in need is a good way for you and your date to contribute positively to your community. It has the advantages of helping you to know if you and your date share the same values while you observe to see how your date interacts with other people.


2.  Attend A Cooking Class

This is a safe avenue for date partners to get to know each other and see how well they can interact with themselves and others while working together to create delicious meals.


3.  Take A Walk Together

This simple date idea offers date partners the opportunity to know themselves under a relaxed atmosphere without them experiencing the pressure that goes with visiting a place of a luxury.


4.  Enjoy Riding Bikes Together

This is a good way for you and your date to enjoy fresh air, while at the same time exercising and getting to know each other.


5.  Attend A Sporting Event

This is a good idea to consider if you love sports and your date does too. You can visit any sports event of your choice and enjoy the fun of having to cheer your favorite team, while also getting to know each other.


First Date Ideas At Night

There are wonderful ideas for night time that you can enjoy with your date. The following are some of them:


1.  Go for A Ferry Ride

If you don’t like the idea of visiting a fancy restaurant or bar, this is probably a good idea for you. A ferry ride is a perfect opportunity for you and your date to get to know each other while you enjoy the sights the water body and its environs have to offer.


2.  Go Swimming

Swimming at night is a fun way to relax. But before considering this idea, make sure that you are both good swimmers and also make out time to get to know each other before embarking on this activity.


3.  Go For A Comedy Show

Shows of this sort will help you and your date to ease off the pressure you probably both felt, and help you two to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


4.  Visit An Aquarium

While you and your date stroll through the dark rooms of a soft-lit aquarium and point at your favorite creatures behind the glass, you can both enjoy the peace this environment has to offer while also getting to know each other.


First Date Ideas For Teen

The following are wonderful first date ideas teenagers can consider before going on a date.


1. Have An Outdoor Picnic

You and your date can have a picnic at a beautiful location that is open and allows two of you to feel relaxed and enjoy each other’s company.


2.  Visit An Amusement Park

This is a wonderful place to have fun while getting to know each other


3.  Have Ice Cream

While eating ice cream, you and your date can discuss and have a good time in each other’s company.


4.  Play Puzzle Game

This game is both educative and entertaining. It is a good way to engage yourselves while you get to know each other.


5.  Read To Each Other

Before embarking on this date option, you and your date should decide on your favorite book and take turns reading to each other in a serene environment.


6.  Go Window Shopping

You and your date can check out the lovely window designs of local stores without having to spend a dime and get to know each other while doing this.


First Date Ideas Winter

Winter is a very cold season, hence the dating options that exist for this season are different from the conventional ones. The following are some wonderful winter date ideas.


1.  Go Ice Skating

This activity is one that requires you to focus on balancing yourself from falling. You and your date can enjoy it, while also looking out for each other, knowing yourselves, and building trust.


2.  Have A Picnic Indoors

You and your date can enjoy a nice picnic indoors while watching a very interesting movie. I discussed this in detail in my recent blog post titled The Best 20 Bonding Activities For Married Couples.


3.  Enjoy Coffee Together

First Date Ideas For Teen

You can both grab a cup of coffee and some delicious pastries and enjoy them while you get to know yourselves.


It is not enough to know the dating options that exist for you and your date. You should also know the necessary tips needed for a successful date. That is why I will be sharing with you some dating tips.


First Date Tips

1.  Ensure that you are in a safe environment

Your safety is very important. If at any point in time you start to feel uneasy at the choice of date idea you are about to embark on, you should opt-out.


2.  Be Yourself

You can only truly get to know someone when you are yourself and not pretending. So you must remember not to try to put up art, but let your date appreciate you for who you are.


3.  Be Observant

You must be observant because the primary purpose of your date is that you want to get to know each other.


4.  Enjoy The Moment

Let your mind be where you are.


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Thanks for reading this article to the end. Now that you have a wide range of first date ideas to pick from, I hope you choose the best one that will suit you and your prospective date and that you both have an awesome time together.


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