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Best Ways To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

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Side jobs for stay at home moms

Stay at home moms always ask this question- how can I make money while stuck at home with kids? or what kind of job can I do during my kid’s school hours?

Well, there are loads of real ways to make money from home which are convenient for stay at home moms who because of the responsibility of tending to children may not be able to go out to work.

These are the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience or they could be referred to as side jobs for stay at home moms with experience.

Real Ways To Make Money From Home

1. Rent Your Space

You can rent out your space, beginning from the driveway to the garage and even your spare rooms. You can also rent out the guest house in your home. But before doing this, you first have to check if you live in an area that is in high demand. If you are, you can make money from rent without stress.

2. Rent Out Your Garden Space

If you have a large garden space it will be needed by those who farm. You can lease it out to those into gardening and get cash in return.

3. Be A Make-Up Artist

Learn to make up people and use a free room in your house as your make-up studio, then use social media platforms to advertise how skillful you are, also tell your friends.

Before long you will be well known and will start making good cash in exchange for the service of making people up at home.

4. Bake Cakes And Cookies

Best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience

Baking is a good business you can try your hands on as a stay at home mom. You can bake cakes and cookies for customers who know you are into the business from the comfort of your home and employ someone who will do the delivery work, or customers could come themselves to pick up their food.

5. Hairstyling

As a stay at home mom with knowledge of how to style hair, you can make money by styling people’s hair in a free room in your home. You can also make wigs that you sell by showing people your works on various social media platforms.

6. Baby Sitting

Though stressful And energy-sapping, this is one of the ways stay at home moms can make money. The skills required here are the ability to clean up a child, dress and feed a child, ability to know when a child is hungry and wants to sleep, so he or she can be rocked to sleep, And lastly knowing how to play with the child, when the child wants to play.

Side Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

1. Proof Reading

This is the process of reviewing the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure consistency and proper use of grammar, correct spelling, punctuation, and format.

To get this job, all you need to do is to apply for it online and demonstrate superlative proofreading and editing skills when you do, so you can get accepted.

2. Blogging

Real ways to make money from home

This first requires you to have your website and viable sources of traffic after which you have to consistently make blog posts that are related to the niche your website is designed for.

When traffic starts pulling in, you can make money by working with advertising companies, through affiliate marketing, or by even using your blog as a medium to sell your products.

3. Free Lancing

Freelancing is a good way stay at home moms can make money. It is a contractual job stay at home moms who have good writing skills and are creative can do.

The first step is to indicate interest by writing to the company you want to work for and showing them proof of your creative ability. After being selected to work for them, you can now start sending creative articles written by you to them.

Newspaper companies, media houses, and the entertainment world, in general, are in great need of freelancers.

4. Online Tutor/ Teacher

As a learned parent with some experience in teaching. You can offer online tutorials to kids on any subject of your choice or even have after-school lessons with them and get paid in return.

5. Fashion Designing

You can sew clothes and showcase them on various social media platforms for publicity and sales.

6. Web Designing

You can help to create websites for people, organizations, and companies and get paid in return.

7. Graphic Designing

If you have good knowledge of graphic designing, you can create advertisements, logos, and information materials and get paid for it.

8. Fitness Coach

Another way you can make money as a stay at home mom is by helping people stay fit. You can achieve this by making fitness videos in which you show people your various workout routines.

For you,

Experience or no experience, as a stay at home mom, you can make a fortune from the comfort of your home by rendering services to people who need them. Don’t be restricted or feel relegated. All you need to do is open your mind to try new things.

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