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Empowering Affirmations Every Child Needs To Hear

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Our world might be far from perfect, but we can shape it to be exactly how we want it to be by our spoken words. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to subdue and overcome negative thoughts. When you say them often and believe in them, you will start to notice positive changes in your life.

Our kids need to be empowered to be all they want to be. We should teach them that they can achieve all that they desire, but first, their thought pattern has to change. They have to believe in themselves and see that the great things they want to achieve can truly happen. One of the best ways to make our kids believe in themselves is through the use of affirmations.

Affirmations can be used to help kids feel good about school and academics, they can be used for kids to feel loved and valued, they can be used to make kids feel safe and they can be used to build self-love in kids.


How To Effectively Use Affirmations

1. Write them down on cards using bright colors and fun pictures.

2. Encourage your child to pick a random affirmation card that is going to be repeated for 3weeks, until another card is picked.

3. Make sure your kid is in a good mood and reads the affirmation card in a positive way.

4. The right time to let your child read the affirmations is either early in the morning or just before going to sleep because during this time, your child’s subconsciousness is open.


Affirmations To Feel Good About School And Academics

1. I can do my best.

2. I am smart.

3. I will do great things today.

4. I am gifted.

5. I am talented.

6. I have good answers.

7. I respect other students.

8. I love school.

9. I love my friends.

10. My time here matters.

11. My talents are special.

12. I can pass this test.

13. I will not fail.

14. I can make it.

15. I am artistic.

16. I am intelligent.

17. I learn from my mistakes.

18. I act responsibly.

19. I have trust in myself.

20. Whatever I do, I give my best.

21. I trust in my abilities.

22. I solve problems.

23. I accomplish great results.

24. I find creative solutions to my problems.

25. I enjoy learning.

26. My success is just around the corner.

27. I am smart.

28. I’m prepared to succeed.

29. My possibilities are endless.

30. I can stand up to bullies.

31. I am better than any bully.

32. I respect my friends.

33. I respect other students.

34. I listen to my teachers.

35. I listen to my family.

36. I listen to my classmates.

37. I refuse to hate anyone.

38. I love everyone.

39. I love school.

40. I love life.

41. I love my friends.

42. I refuse to quit.

43. I refuse to give up.

44. I always share.

45. I share with my friends.

46. I can stand up to hate.

47. I am very creative.

48. I believe in my abilities.

49. I am persistent.

50. I like being challenged.

51. I am a bright student.

52. I play an important role in the world.


Affirmations To Feel Loved And Valued

1. I am surrounded by love.

2. I am surrounded by care.

3. I am loved.

4. I am among friends.

5. I am a loved child.

6. I am a gift to those around me.

7. I am unique.

8. I am creative.

9. I am important.

10. This is my happy place.

11. I have lots of friends who love me.

12. My family and friends love me for who I am.


Affirmations To Feel Safe

1. I am safe.

2. I am in a safe place.

3. I am with good people.

4. I am unafraid.

5. My nightmares aren’t real.

6. My monsters don’t exist.

7. I am protected.

8. No one will hurt me.

9. My heroes protect me.

10. No one can harm me.


Affirmations To Build Self-Love

1. I am friendly.

2. I am kind.

3. I accept and love myself.

4. I make great decisions.

5. I’m confident.

6. I’m caring.

7. I’m thankful.

8. I’m gentle with myself and others.

9. I’m optimistic.

10. I have courage.

11. I am a good friend.

12. I have the courage to be myself.

13. I discover the beauty in everything.

14. I am trustworthy.

15. I am open to new and exciting possibilities.

16. I am perfect just the way I am.

17. I care about others.

18. I approve of myself.

19. I take pleasure in my life.

20. I am full of energy.

21. I believe in myself.

22. I believe in my dreams.

23. I am enough.

24. I get better every single day.

25. I am an amazing person.

26. All of my problems have solutions.

27. Today I am a leader.

28. I forgive myself for my mistakes.

29. My challenges help me grow.

30. I am perfect just the way I am.

31. My mistakes help me learn and grow.

32. Today is going to be a great day.

33. I have courage and confidence.

34. With every breath, I feel stronger.

35. I am an original.

36. I deserve all the good things.

37. I am peaceful.

38. I approve of myself.

39. My heart guides me.

40. I trust my intuition.

41. I am thankful for being who I am.

42. I see the good in myself.

43. I enjoy being happy.

44. I take pleasure in my life.

45. I support others with love and kindness.

46. I enjoy absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

47. I am a winner.

48. I am worthwhile of all the love and happiness in the world.

49. I am proud of myself.

50. I am a friend.

51. I am a loved child.

52. I am a good child.

53. I have great ideas.

54. I am gifted.

55. I don’t let things hold me back.

57. I can beat anything.

58. I am great.

59. I can stand anything.


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