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50 Finger Food Ideas To Rock Your Christmas Party

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 Christmas parties are incomplete without an array of delicious food. It is one of the main reasons to attend a christmas gathering! However, not every occasion calls for a sit-down-and-eat kind of food. Sometimes, cute little bite-size pieces are the clear winners. 

Finger foods or appetizers are the notoriously famous party snack options when it comes to fun parties. You can have them while bopping to music. And you can eliminate the pesky knives, forks, and plates.

Are you looking for some of the best finger food for THE party of the season? Well, you’re in the right place. We have an amazing collection of the greatest, tastiest one-bite wonders you’ll ever find.

Let’s dig into the list of 50 delicious party finger food ideas that will feed a hoard of hungry people you lovingly call guests!

1.  Pigs In A Blanket

A classic finger food idea that no one can ever mess up is the pigs in a blanket. With the flaky pastry and itty bitty sausages, you have a guaranteed hit on your hands. You can even use hot dogs in a pinch!

2.  Popcorn Chicken

Finger food ideas

Let’s start with a cult favorite, fried chicken. Here, instead of strips, you have tiny bits of deliciousness that are crispy, tender, and oh-so-juicy. The trick to making the skin extra savory is mixing species in the flour before dredging the chicken.

3.  Crab Stuffed Mushroom

Finger food recipe

This mushroom appetizer has a gourmet taste that can make any occasion seem special. These small nibbles offer a crunch in every bite, filling you up with delicious crab meat. Make sure you cook each piece evenly on the sheet.

4.  Onion Rings

Finger food appetizer

Air-frying onion rings are a healthier alternative to the restaurant hit. The crispy outer layer pairs well with the melty inside, overall making each bite flavorful. The process is also far easier than deep frying, just pair them up with a creamy sauce.

5.  Deviled Eggs— Easy Finger Foods For The Party


There’s a reason why deviled eggs are a staple in almost every party. They are a healthy snack that acts as the perfect appetizer. And each person can add their twist to the recipe, making it more savory or spicy.

6.  Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Technically, a pizza can be a finger food, because we do eat it with our hands. But if you want something that tastes like pizza but isn’t, pepperoni pizza rolls are the solution. Your party guests are sure to finish the entire tray in seconds.

7.  Fondue Bites

Usually, when we think of fondue, we imagine a dip. This creamy blend of cheese however can be made into a wonderful bite-sized dish. The hot cheese should not become greasy, so you have to remove the sauce before folding it.

8.  Pinwheel Sandwiches— Finger Food Sandwiches

Party snack

Finger sandwiches are among the most popular appetizers that can be served at any time. A pinwheel sandwich however saves you the trouble of soggy bread. The combination of cold cuts, cheese, and tangy sauce on the tortilla is to die for.

9.  Ranch Croquettes

You can always trust potatoes to make a meal all the more delicious and filling. If you have extra mashed potatoes lying around the fridge, attempt this irresistible finger food. The outside crisp of the tiny bites pairs perfectly with the ranch seasoning.

10.  Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

A trusty bowl of mac and cheese can solve all our problems. To fit into the appetizers category, the recipe needs a little zing. These little balls of cheesy goodness, combined with bread crumbs are a comfort your party cannot do without.

11.  French Onion Soup Bites

The French onion soup is perfection in the form of a soup. Since it is not really a hand-held type of dish, bite-sized versions are necessary. Don’t worry, the recipe contains all the delicious broth, molten cheese, and soft onions in a compact space.

12.  Baked Feta Bites

The baked feta pasta recipe took the food lovers of TikTok up in an upstorm. To put your own spin on this formula, try this finger food party platters, a concoction that combines the best of both worlds.

While we are at French cuisine, it would be a miss to leave behind this delicious French-Japanese fusion, Samyang Buldak Carbonara Ramen!

13.  Jalapeño Poppers

A simple recipe for your game day plan is the classic jalapeño poppers. The perfect spicy kick to the cheesy filling is in the jalapenos. All you need is fresh panko crumbs and maybe some bacon bits to give it a crunchy texture.

14.  Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Looking for a little healthy finger foods that people will still love? Try out the buffalo cauliflower bites along with simple ranch that is ideal for low-carb snackers. They are spicy, and delicious, and can be made with just a couple of ingredients.

15.  Baked Coconut Shrimp

Finger food for the party

Shrimp is delicious in one way or another. You can bake it, grill it, or even dredge and deep fry it. One of the healthier alternatives is baking them on a sheet while spritzing oil on top. The interesting texture guarantees a hit.

16.  Antipasto Bites

Meat and cheese are enough to make a good finger food. Once you add a flaky crisp skin, all bets are off. The antipasto bites are a game-day favorite that can be kept in the oven before they are about to be served.

17.  Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Buffalo chicken wings are so last year. If you want the same comfort food in a chic form, try out the buffalo chicken meatballs. The bold flavor of the buffalo sauce will have your guests licking their fingers in no time.

18.  Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

Crunchy chicken is one of the best things about life. And you can have the crunchiest chicken ever by using pretzels as the coating. The golden-brown exterior with juicy meat goes perfectly with a creamy, sweet, and tangy sauce.

19.  Gougères

Finger food party snacks

Looking for something a little more elegant for your soirees? Gougères are the right finger food for you. The savory pastry, which has gruyère and pepper in the dough becomes ethereal puffs of delight. These can even be kept in the freezer as a part of the prep.

20.  Arancini

Take your friends on a tour of Italy with this amazing street food. One bite of the arancini and you can feel the layers of flavors burst. The risotto and cheese interior just uses a third layer of crumbs to get that golden crunch.

21.  Chicken Taquitos

Healthy finger food

Got a hankering for tacos but can’t exactly serve it to your friends? Serve homemade chicken taquitos instead. The little rolls are filled with cheesy goodness and Mexican rice, creating the best mexican finger foods in a frying pan.

22.  Spinach Artichoke Cups

This is your time to show your friends some creativity as you transform their favorite dip into a dish. Homemade spinach artichoke cups can be made with wonton cups filled with the cheese mixture. You can even use some crescent dough for extra flakiness.

23.  Mozzarella Sticks— Easy Finger Foods For The Parties

Deep-fried mozzarella sticks feel like heaven on a plate. But you can get equally crunchy and gooey, and more importantly non-soggy sticks, when you make them at home. Your party will feel catered to by the best restaurants in town because of these.

24.  Hushpuppies

Red horse bread or hushpuppies are a southern delicacy that is a treat to have. The appeal of this easy-to-make fried finger food lies in its simplicity. You can even customize it to taste by adding jalapenos or corn to the mixture.

25.  Applesauce Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pull-apart sandwiches made from Hawaiian rolls have their own fanbase when it comes to appetizers. Add some slow-cooked pork infused with applesauce and cider to give the dish an unforgettable flavor punch. Serve with some slaw and pickles atop the buns for the whole crew to enjoy.

26.  Injera

Shake up your usual array of sliders and sandwiches with the perfect sourdough. Injera is an Ethiopian flatbread that goes perfectly with different meat and stew dishes. And it will help your circle of friends expand their palette!

27.  Garlic Knots

Finger food party platters

Butter and garlic is the ultimate recipe for goodness. And when it’s paired with extra soft and fluffy dough, the tastebuds join the party. Keep a bowl of marinara sauce ready for your guests to dig into when you bring out these garlic knots.

28.  Shrimp Cocktail

A good batch of shrimp cocktails can help you save any event in a time crunch. The flavors are an all-time classic, but with the right sauce, it will taste delectable. The homemade recipe can also be frozen and brought out the next day with no flavor loss.

29.  Apple Cheddar Bundles

At first glance, the combination of apples, cheese, and puff pastry seems odd. But these bundles are a delight to the tongue. Make sure you use a sharp cheddar to pair with the sweet apples for the right burst of flavor.

30.  Caprese Bites

This is a light and healthy option to have in store for certain events. Caprese bites are simple finger foods that guests don’t know they want till they have the first bite. The secret to its success is the tangy balsamic reduction.

31.  Sticky Honey Garlic Meatballs

Inspired by Mongolian beef, sticky honey garlic meatballs are not just a crowd-pleaser. The sweet and spicy sauce steals the show, and the tender meat just soaks up the flavors. Add some pan-fried broccoli to the plate to balance the taste.

32.  Beef Potstickers

Finger food recipes

Simple and delicious dumplings are a staple when you arrange for some finger food. These Chinese dim sum snacks are ideal for events that need prior preparation. Just pop them in the freezer and fry them till golden before adding water.

33.  Soft Pretzel Bites

Among the list of finger food party snacks, a simple bread recipe is indispensable. Soft pretzel bites require almost no rising time or precision. You can bake at ease, and make it savory or sweet according to the occasion.

34.  Sheet Pan Nachos

The trend of using a single sheet pan to cook the whole meal is not as overrated as it sounds. You can assemble all your nachos on the tray for a hands-free appetizer. Just load it up with whatever toppings you love, and the cheese does the rest.

35.  Toasted Ravioli

Another recipe that can be made in under 30 minutes is the Italian wonder, toasted ravioli. Golden outside, gooey inside, there’s nothing that can be hated about this finger food. You can even reheat it in the oven before serving!

36.  Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Finger food

Sweet, savory, and broiled to perfection, there’s nothing people don’t love about bacon-wrapped scallops. For a super bowl finger foods that sounds and looks so elegant, the recipe is shockingly easy. To be fair, the main ingredients are yummy by themselves as well.

37.  Zucchini Fritters

For something green on the menu, try out the lip-smacking yet not-that-unhealthy zucchini fritters. A little ricotta and parmesan make the insides perfectly gooey, while the outside remains crisper. They will also not get soggy for hours.

38.  Beef Empanadas

Empanadas are the best finger food party snacks to be made in under 30 minutes. You will need some prep materials, like refrigerated pie crust, but the rest is easy! From picnics to potlucks, they will be a hit everywhere.

39.  Cheesy Garlic Bread

The garlicky dish has much more potential besides being pizza’s side dish. It is also one of the best bread recipes out there that can be made even by amateurs. For the base, you can use basic French bread, or pull out all stops and use focaccia.

40.  Cranberry Brie Bites

You can never have too much crescent dough when you have a party to throw. Just sort out your leftover materials, and see if you have some cranberry sauce. Then you can create this perfectly rich and creamy finger food appetizer.

41.  Crab Cake Egg Rolls

Egg rolls lie on the bigger side of one-bite appetizers for parties. The innovative take of adding crab cakes to regular egg rolls means you get the perfect texture. Don’t forget to freeze the rolls before frying them, so you don’t lose the cheese.

42.  Bruschetta

A classic vegetarian finger food, bruschetta is the ideal summer refresher dish. The warm Italian ciabatta bread serves as the perfect base for the ripe and juicy tomatoes. The dish retains its freshness only when you use the best basil and balsamic vinegar.

43.  Loaded Potato Skins

A budget-friendly snack you can make in an instant, loaded potato skins are a delicious wonder. The process skips the deep frier and steps into the oven. You can even use the inside of the potatoes to make ranch croquettes and make use of the whole vegetable.

44.  Fried Calamari

When we think of calamari, we imagine a beachside shack with an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Transfer the feeling to your party with a hefty serving of crispy fried calamari. Keep a pitcher of Spanish Agua de València beside it to complete the vibe.

45.  Reuben Pickle Bites

A Ruben sandwich packed with Swiss cheese and corned beef is all about a good meal. However, if you swap out the bead with two pickle chips, you get a salty-sour punch of taste. Among the no-cook finger foods for parties, this is a guaranteed hit.

46.  Crab Rangoon

If your go-to appetizer in a Chinese restaurant is crab rangoons, the homemade version is sure to delight you. The filling is made of simple ingredients like crab, and cream cheese, along with some seasonings. All you need is the wonton wrappers to start frying.

47.  Salmon Rillette

While preparing for a big party, it is wise to have some cold finger food in the freezer. A good salmon rillette is the perfect spread that can be made to accompany crackers. The white wine and shallots add a delectable zing to the dish.

48.  Egg Salad Blini Bites

To make the perfect blini bites all you need is 20 minutes of free time. The mini pancakes steal the show, but you can add fresh dill to the salad to make it more zesty.

49.  Garlic Butter Steak Bites

You can always include steak in your planned meals without making it a formal dinner. Try out garlic butter steak bites, a one-skillet finger food that you can make in 15 minutes. The tender and juicy bites are best eaten with a toothpick at parties.

50.  Falafel

A vegan finger food, well-made falafels will take you on a spiritual journey. The crispy golden brown skin begs to be bitten into, and inside you find the rich goodness of chickpeas. Keep a side of tahini sauce and serve the hearty patties.

Bottom Line

Looking forward to hosting the Christmas party but have no idea what to feed the guests? Serving these finger food ideas for the entire party is sure to make your place the new hangout hotspot.

There are plenty of different types of food to try out while serving appetizers. From regular garlic breads to bruschetta and pretzel bites, the flavors are diverse. You can even check out some more interesting palettes found in caprese bites, arancini, and falafel.

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