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100 Unique And Pretty Flower Names For Girls With Meanings

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Flower names for girls

Are you in search of a unique and sweet name for your baby girl? Look no further than the beauty of nature with our curated list of flower names for girls.

From the timeless ‘Rose’ to the unique ‘Zinnia’, each name blossoms with meaning and origin, poised to reflect her budding identity. Explore our guide and discover the perfect floral namesake for your new arrival.

In this article, you will find the following:

  • Unique flower names for girls
  • Pretty flower names for girls
  • Spanish flower names for girls
  • White flower names for girls
  • Blue, purple and violet flower names for girls
  • Red and pink flower names for girls
  • Girls’ names that start with rose
  • One syllable flower names for girls

Unique Flower Names For Girls

Unique flower names carry the essence of being one-of-a-kind, just like the little one who will bear them. These names, often rare and distinctive, are like the flowers that catch your eye with their unusual beauty and intriguing charm. The following are unique flower names for girls that you can give your baby.

1.  Azami:  “thistle flower” in Japanese, symbolizing a resilient spirit.

2.  Linnea:  named after the twinflower, signifies humility and grace.

3.  Ianthe:  means “purple flower” in Greek, associated with royalty and elegance.

4.  Calendula:  a type of marigold, represents joy and warmth.

5.  Zinnia:  symbolizes thoughts of absent friends.

6.  Acacia:  signifies secret love and beauty in retirement.

7.  Begonia:  a warning to beware something.

8.  Chrysanthemum:  represents fidelity, optimism, joy, and long life.

9.  Dianthus:  from the Greek for “heavenly flower.”

10.  Gardenia:  signifies secret love and joy.

11.  Hellebore:  associated with serenity and tranquility.

12.  Freesia:  Signifies friendship and trust, fressia is a delicate and aromatic flower name.

13.  Violet:  With its deep purple hue, violet symbolizes faithfulness and modesty.

14.  Tulip:  Representing perfect love and elegance, Tulip is a graceful floral name.

15.  Rosemary:  Represents remembrance and fidelity, Rosemary has a timeless appeal.

16.  Lavender:  Signifying calmness and tranquility, lavender is a soothing floral name.

17.  Jasmine:  Associated with grace and elegance, Jasmine exudes beauty and refinement.

18.  Daisy:  Evoking innocence and purity, Daisy is a timeless and charming choice.

19.  Poppy:  Symbolizing remembrance and consolation, Poppy is a classic floral name.

20.  Calla:  Meaning “beautiful” in Greek, Calla represents purity and simplicity.

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Pretty Flower Names For Girls

Pretty flower names for girls

Whether you fancy the classic appeal of a Rose or the exotic allure of an Orchid, flower names for baby girls are a testament to beauty and growth. Here are some pretty flower names to name your baby girl.

21. Lily:  symbolizes purity and rebirth.

22. Rose:  a classic emblem of love and beauty.

23. Dahlia:  stands for dignity and elegance.

24. Blossom:  Symbolizing new beginnings and growth. Blossom represents the beauty of nature unfolding.

25. Flora:  Derived from the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, Flora signifies fertility and blooming.

26. Briar:  Briar is associated with wild roses and their thorny beauty.

27. Lotus:  Symbolizing purity and enlightenment, Lotus is a serene and elegant flower name.

28. Fleur:  Meaning “flower” in French, Fleur is a chic and stylish floral name.

29. Ivy:  Symbolizing fidelity and eternal love, Ivy is a classic and enduring choice.

30. Rosie:  A diminutive of Rose, Rosie signifies love and tenderness.

31. Saffron:  Derived from the name of the precious spice, Saffron symbolizes luxury and beauty.

32. Aurora:  Meaning “dawn” in latin, Aurora represents new beginnings and hope.

33. Azalea:  Denoting fragility and femininity, Azalea is a delicate and beautiful flower name.

Girls’ Names That Start With Rose

The variations of girls’ names that start with “Rose” offer an array of options that celebrate this classic flower’s enduring allure. These names are like different petals of the same beloved bloom, each with its own unique shade and charm. Some examples include:

34. Roseanne:  A combination of “Rose” and “Anne,” signifying grace and favor.

35. Rosalina:  A blend of “Rose” and “Lina,” meaning “little rise” or “beautiful rose”.

36. Rosalita:  A diminutive of “Rosa,” meaning “rose” in spanish, Symbolizing beauty and love.

37. Rosella:  Derived from the latin word for “rose,” Rosella represents beauty and femininity.

38. Rosine:  Derived from the Latin word “rose,” Rosella represents beauty and femininity.

39. Roseanna:  A combination of “Rose” and “Anna,” signifying grace and beauty.

40. Roselynn:  A variant of “Rosalind,” meaning “pretty rose” or “gentle rose”.

41. Rosamaria:  A fusion of “Rose” and “Beth,” signifying beauty and house.

42. Roselene:  A variant of “Rosalind”, meaning “soft rose” or “tender rose”.

43. Rosemonde:  Derived from Germanic roots, meaning “protector of roses” or “guardian of roses”.

44. Rosalva:  A combination of “Rose” and “Alva,” meaning “white rose” or “bright rose”.

45: Rosarita:  A variant of “Rosalita,” with the same meaning of “little rose” or “beautiful rose”.

46. Rosalba:  Derived from the latin words for “rose” and “white”, symbolizing purity and innocence.

47. Roselinda:  A fusion of “Rose” and “Linda”, meaning “beautiful rose” or “lovely rose”.

48. Rosaleen:  A variant of “Rosalind”, signifying gentle beauty and grace.

49. Roswita:  From old German roots, meaning “famous rose” or “renowed rose”.

50. Roseleen:  A blend of “Rose” and “Eileen”, symbolizing beauty and purity.

51. Rosamira:  Combining “Rose” and “Mira”, meaning “wonderful rose” or “admirable rose”.

52. Rosalva:  A variant of “Rosalva”, with the same meaning of “white rose” or “bright rose”.

Spanish Flower Names For Girls

Spanish flower names

Entering the vibrant world of Spanish flower names for girls, we discover a garden rich in cultural heritage and linguistic beauty. These names, with their melodious sounds and deep meanings, bring a touch of the Mediterranean sun and the allure of Spanish-speaking countries to your baby girl’s identity. They are names that dance off the tongue, as colorful and lively as the cultures they represent.

Let these Spanish flower names for girls, with their Latin meaning, be a celebration of cultural richness and the beauty of diversity that your baby girl will carry with pride.

53. Flor:  Simply meaning “flower”, it symbolizes beauty, femininity, and nature.

54. Lirio:  Translating to “lily”, it represents purity, innocence, and renewal.

55. Rosa:  Spanish for “rose”, it symbolizes love, passion, and beauty.

56. Azucena:  Meaning “madonna lily,” it signifies purity, spirituality, and elegance.

57. Margarita:  Translating to “daisy”, it represents innocence, purity, and simplicity.

58. Lavanda:  Spanish for “lavender”, it symbolizes tranquility, calmness and healing.

59. Dalia:  Spanish for “dahlia”, it symbolizes elegance, dignity, and inner strength.

60. Verbena:  It symbolizes healing, protection, and divine energy.

61. Violeta:  Translating to “violet” it represents modesty, faithfulness, and tranquility.

62. Narciso:  Translating to “daffodil” or “narcissus” it represents self-love, rebirth, and new beginnings.

63. Clavel:  Spanish for “carnation”, it symbolizes fascination, admiration, and love.

64. Orquidea:  Meaning “orchid”, it symbolizes luxury, refinement, and exotic beauty.

65. Jazmin:  Spanish for Jasmine.

66. Amaranto:  Meaning “amaranth”. It symbolizes immortality.

67. Girasol:  Translating to “sunflower”. It Symbolizes warmth, happiness and loyalty.

68. Tulipan:  Spanish for “tulip”, it represents perfect love, elegance, and grace.

69. Violeta:  Translating to “violet”, Itrepresents modesty, faithfulness, and tranquility.

White Flower Names For Girls

White flower names for girls

In the world of flower names, white blooms hold a special place, symbolizing innocence, purity, and new beginnings. Some beautiful white flower names for girls include:

70. Hyacinth:  Signifying sincerity, constancy and virtue.

71. Orchid:  Orchid symbolizes luxury.

72. Snowdrop:  Signifies hope, purity, and rebirth

73. Peony:  Representing prosperity, honor, and romance.

74. Magnolia:  Signifies strength and grace.

Blue, Purple And Violet Flower Names For Girls

In the tapestry of flower names, the shades of blue, purple, and violet hold a special place, symbolizing Unique flower names for girls.

75. Jacaranda:   signifies fragrant.

76. Kalmia:  symbolizes caution and prudence.

77. Lobelia:   conveys malevolence and ill-will.

78. Mignonette:   symbolizes your qualities surpass your charms.

79. Nolana:   represents bonds of love.

80. Oenothera:   signifies the value of time.

81. Linnea:   named after the twinflower, signifies humility and grace.

82. Calendula:  a type of marigold, represents joy and warmth.

83. Petunia:  conveys anger and resentment.

84. Ixia:  Symbolizes happiness and I send you kisses.

85. Jacaranda:  signifies fragrant.

Red And Pink Flower Names For Girls

Pink flower names

Red and pink flower names are like a splash of color on a painter’s canvas, each name a stroke of vibrancy and life, perfect for a baby girl who will bring her own burst of joy to the world.

The following are amazing red flower names and pink flower names you will love.

86. Hydrangea:  Symbolizes gratitude, sincerity, and understanding.

87. Rhododendron:  Signifies beauty, grace and refinement.

88. Anemone:  Denotes anticipation, protection and love.

89. Cosmos:  Represents order, harmony, and peace.

90. Geranium:  Denotes comfort, friendship, and happiness.

One Syllable Flower Names For Girls

Sometimes, beauty lies in simplicity, and this holds true for one-syllable flower names for girls. They are the perfect choice for parents who seek a name that is short, sweet, and effortlessly charming for their baby girl. Here are some that you can pick from.

91. Fern:  Represents sincerity, fascination, and shelter.

92. Jade:  Symbolizes purity, grace, and harmony.

93. Breeze:  Evokes a sense of freshness, freedom, and movement.

94. Plum:  Represents abundance, fertility, and renewal.

95. Lark:  Symbolizes joy, freedom, and optimism.

96. Skye:  Evokes a sense of vastness, serenity, and tranquility.

97. Dawn:  Signifies new beginnings, hope, and illumination.

98. Wren:  Symbolizes freedom, agility, and song.

99. Sage:  Represents wisdom, clarity, and healing.

100. Rae:  Evokes radiance, warmth, and brightness.

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