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How To Help Your Kids Discover Their Life Purpose

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Growing up as a child, I had a great love for vocalizing my opinions, reading aloud to people, writing ideas down and even trying to impress my parents by using ‘big’ vocabulary that I learned from watching television. That would have been a pointer to my love for impacting people by speaking or writing, but my parents like many others didn’t take on this clue.

They had their plans for me; they wanted me to be a Medical Doctor. So what happened? I kept trying to fit into what I was not designed for. Until I found myself in my early twenties and started retracing my steps. Many people don’t ever get to discover themselves, they get so lost in other people’s plans or ambition for them and end up living meaningless lives.

Living life on purpose is the only way to live. Everything else is passing time. It is quite unfortunate that a large mass of people in the world today, wander through life without discovering their life purpose. Taking up a lifestyle that is on purpose allows us to touch others positively. It helps us to answer questions like “what am I on Earth for? What legacy will I leave behind at the end of my life?” And it gives us an in-depth understanding of ourselves.

Our kids do not have to make the same mistakes we have made in life. Their lives should be better than ours. So we have to strive to give them the best. One of the ways we can do this is to help them discover their purpose early in life, so they can channel their energy and resources in that direction and grow up to be fulfilled and successful individuals, who are happy about their lives and what they can do with their time on earth. The following are tips to help parents in discovering the life purpose of their kids:

1.  Help Your Child To know Himself Or Herself

We are all unique in our own ways. Everyone on earth is gifted with natural abilities. Discovering what those abilities are and what appeals to us, is the first step to discovering our life purpose. It is important for parents to teach kids to be confident and know that they are unique, special and different from every other person; So these kids don’t start comparing themselves with their peers or trying to be who they are not.


2.  Stay Connected To Your Child’s World

Observe your children to know what their interests are. Children will naturally love to talk about things they find interesting, so as a parent, all you need to do is pay attention to your kids and take note of things they seem to value. Even if you don’t love their interests, pretend you do, so they can be open to you and express themselves freely.


3.  Expose Your Child To Different Activities

Try not to limit your children to what you like alone. For instance, if you are an indoor type of person and your kids love to socialize and see places, you should let them, this way understanding their personality and discovering themselves comes naturally to them. So let your child get involved in interesting activities, with your supervision of cause. let them experience their world and truly live.


4.  Encourage Your Child’s Passions

Do not limit or cage your children rather observe them, to know the things that appeal to them and encourage them to achieve great feats in this path. Let your children know they can achieve whatever they set their hearts out to achieve. Be their greatest fan, cheer them on when they are doing well, and encourage them in times when they seem to have lost hope about their dreams coming to pass.


5.  Follow Your Child’s Lead

Your duty as a parent is to be a good guide or coach to your kids. You are supposed to teach them to optimize the use of their talents, gifts, and passions so they can be the best of themselves. Unless your children discover their purpose, they will continue to live life passively without never really knowing who they are and what their purpose in life is.


6.  Have An Open Heart

Encourage Your children to try their hands out on different activities, so they can recognize what their special talents and skills are.


7.  Teach Your Child To Be Determined

Train your child to remain focused and determined despite snow or rain, good or bad times. Many people lose their path in life because they get distracted or influenced by other people. You have to teach your kids to be single-minded and resolve to do whatever hard work it takes to fulfill their purpose. Teach them not to lose hope in spite of the challenges and hurdles life will bring to them.


8.  Help Your Children Know The People That Need Their Special Gifts And Talent

Once you have helped your kids discover their talents, the next thing will be to help them know who their abilities will cater to. As a parent, you can do this by helping your kids understand that they have to be strategic in their approach to life. Teach them to understand the people that their gifts and talents cater to, and let them research on how to best serve them.


9.  Help Your Children To Know How They Can Change The World With Their Gifts And Talent

We must help our kids know the impact their talents will have, not just in their immediate society but in the world at large. Encourage them to dream big, take big steps and not be afraid to fall. Because it is in failing or falling that they learn to do things better.


10.  Teach Your Children To Be Humble

Train your children not to allow an unhealthy ego to surpass their good intentions. Remind them always that humble people make a great and positive impact in their world. Help your children be more concerned with service than fortune and fame.


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