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How To Study Effectively

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Want to know how to study effectively? First, this is what you should know- success is good, but like every venture, there is a price to pay for it. We all celebrate achievements from time to time, many however fail to ask what the achievers did to attain great feats in their areas of endeavor.

For many years as a student, I used to struggle to get by with my grades, until I met my friend Paula in college, who taught me how to study effectively, which in turn resulted in a dramatic improvement of my grades from average to excellent. I have since then imbibed the habit of always asking achievers who are doing well in any area I am lacking, how they achieve their results.

The following are the study secrets my friend made known to me, make sure you follow them, and you will see the same results I did.

How to study effectively at home


1.  Ensure Your Notes Are Complete And Well Written

To study, one of the tools you need is your note. If your note is incomplete or not well written, you will either not study all you need to know or not understand what you are studying. To avoid this problem ensure you attend your classes, so you can take down your notes well.

And if you do not know how to take notes in class, no worries simply listen well to your tutor but make sure there is a good note-taker in your class, whose note you can always borrow to have a concise note.


2.  Always Do Your Assignments

When you do your assignments, you get to test your knowledge of what you were taught in class and also familiarize yourself with what your tutor wants you to know. So you need to always do your assignments at the right time ( which is long before the submission date).


3.  Ensure You Have A Good Idea Of All That You Are Taught Each Week

You can achieve this by making sure you study all that you are taught in each of your courses every week so that you have a good idea of them and do not have to cram when preparing for your exam.


4.  Have A Study Group

How to study effectively for exams

This group should comprise of your course mates. The essence of the group is for sharing of understanding gained from studying class notes, tackling difficult assignments together, revising past exam questions and possible exam questions.


5.  Choose A Suitable Time To Study

To maintain good study habits, you have to first select your study time based on when you feel you are most ready for studying beyond school hours.

Most people prefer to study during the very early hours of the day, while some prefer to do so in the evening. There is no set rule for this. The important thing is that you study when you feel you are ready to do so.


6.  Take Breaks In-between Study Sessions

You should take about 15 minutes to break after studying for an hour in order not to be overwhelmed by the process, as studying is a demanding process.


7.  Have A Time Table For Studying

This helps to make the process of studying organized and this way it is easier to know the subjects that have covered for the week.

You can also try to incorporate a time for practice tests in your time table.


8.  Rest Well

It is important to rest well before studying, otherwise, your body will be too tired to undertake the process.


9.  Eat Well And Exercise

To study effectively, it is important to, first of all, nourish your body so it can undertake the task of studying, if this is not done, your body could break down.


10.  Treat Yourself Well

Though studying is important, it is also essential that from time to time you give yourself a treat, to compensate yourself for being disciplined enough to study. It could serve as a form of encouragement to you.

The above study tips might not come easily to you, but if you remain disciplined and consistent in doing them, you will definitely achieve the result you desire.


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