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How To Survive Tough Times

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Tough times are real. In life, we face heartbreak, barriers, rejection, and other forms of bad experiences that sum up to form what tough times are about. So going through tough times is something everyone can relate to.

The good news however is that tough times never last, tough people do. So to survive hard times, you have to be resilient meaning, you should never let the rough times you are experiencing define who you are. You must know how to be resilient to weather the storms of life.

Tips To Survive Tough Times

1. Engage Your Mind Positively

Find things to do that will improve you and help to get your mind off the problem you are experiencin|?. For more information on this read my blog post titled How To Worry Less

2. Count Your Blessings

Tough times never last

Remember the good times you have had and focus on them as you go through hard times.

3. Get Support

Going through tough times

You need all the support and love you can get in times like these.Do not bottle up your feelings. Let them out and let those who care about you help you, the best way they can.

4. Learn Something

See the hard times in your life as an opportunity for you to improve yourself rather than an all negative experience.

Ten Things To Remember When You Are Going Through Tough Times

  1. Everything changes. No condition is permanent. Your mind, your personality, and who you dream to become must be protected to avoid strain.
  2. Remember you have overcome challenges and obstacles before and this time will not be different.
  3. Life is all about profit and loss. Some you gain, some you lose. So for what you have lost, you gain something and vice versa.
  4. In difficult times, you grow the most through change.
  5. Disappointment they say sometimes is a blessing. So not getting what you want can prove to be a blessing. Just cheer up, time they say will tell.
  6. Be at peace with yourself, enjoy the moment. It’s known as the ups and downs of life. You need this tough time to dig deep
  7. At this point, the love you have for yourself will help you walk the rope
  8. Beware of negative energy. Your problems must be your problems. Don’t allow other people’s problems become yours. Their energy should not affect you. What they say should not control you. Be yourself and focus on what you want.
  9. In all things, give thanks. There is always something to be grateful for. Ingratitude is the bane of insatiability. Look around you and you will see what you have that’s worth being happy for. So give thanks.

For you

When you go through a disappointment, don’t stop on that page. Sometimes, we focus too long on trying to figure out why something didn’t work out the way we wanted or why we weren’t given a position we worked hard for.

You may not understand everything you have been through. But if you will just keep up pressing forward, not letting the bitterness take root, you will come to a chapter in your future that will pull it all together, a chapter that will cause it to make sense.

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