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What True Love Is And How It Feels

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Signs of true love from a woman

Love is a strong positive feeling of regard and affection towards someone. This word seems to have however lost its meaning because of its overuse. Hence the need for people to coin another word- “true love”.

To many, what is true love means a selfless feeling of affection, acceptance, and regard for someone. They are not wrong to think this, because true love is a stronger form of love.

The characteristics of true love are shown whenever a person is deeply in love. These characteristics find expression in the signs of true love from a man and signs of true love from a woman.

The state of being happy in life is largely dependent on whether or not one has found love. That is why knowing how to identify true love of a guy, woman or friend is very important.

Let’s look at some special indicators that can help us determine what we have found is true love and not a farce.

1. Unconditional Care

Showing great commitment is a good indication that you care about a person.

2. Full Acceptance

Irrespective of your partner’s physical and mental limitations, you devote time and money to be of great support.

Also, you don’t make effort to change your partner through your action or inaction, rather you fully accept, appreciate and honor your partner, Shortcomings and all, allowing room for adaptation. This will make your partner not just feel in love but also feel loved.

3. Open Discussion

This means that you have created an atmosphere where you can talk about anything and everything. True love means that you are truthful to your partner. Not holding back anything whether in the past or the present.

Your willingness to be open and vulnerable around each other creates a very strong ability to connect.

4. Mutual Respect

Where there is true love a high level of respect is introduced into the relationship. This makes the act of reciprocation possible and ultimately attracts kindness and compassion between you and your partner.

5. Like Minds

This means sharing similar values and being compatible with your partner.

6. There Is Cooperation

It means that you are fully committed, dedicated, and devoted to each other. Working together as a bonded unit brings the best out of everything in life.

Signs Of True Love From A Man

The following are signs that show a man truly loves you.

1. He Respects You

If he loves you, he will not force things on you especially when he knows you do not want them. Your decisions are purely yours and you are not compelled to do his bidding. Also, your principles are honored and he will shield you from compromise.

2. He Is Patient

A man that loves you will be patient with you irrespective of your shortcomings or fault. When a man truly loves you he will understand your mood and will avoid being rude to you. He keeps his cool and remains gentlemanly even when you are not on your best behavior.

3. He Is Humble

In addition to being patient, a man who loves you will do away with his ego. Selflessness is a virtue that grows humility, as a result of this, he humbles himself to protect and preserve his relationship even when you are out of your mind with pride and selfishness. He is first to say sorry to patch things up even when he is not at fault.

4. He Is Not Self Seeking

Your needs become his priority, your happiness matters to him. He is willing to let go of anything, just to make you comfortable and happy.

5. He Protects You

He keeps you away from predators; he makes sure that you don’t send the wrong message to other guys by guiding you with what you wear, he keeps you away from things that are harmful or injurious to your person, and will not want people to abuse or use derogatory words on you.

6. No Competition

A man who loves or cares about you will never compete with you. He is never envious or insecure because you earn more, or have achieved more instead he is always there to celebrate you, he wants to inspire you and encourage you to achieve more.

He doesn’t see you as a threat at all, rather he sees you as a partner in progress. He also sees you as an inspiration to deliver his life dreams.

7. He Values Your Opinion

He seeks your opinion when making major decisions in order not to hurt you. He drops fast anything that you don’t like.

8. Abusive Words Are Removed From His Lexicon

Love does not destroy its own, so he will not in any way abuse you. No matter how pissed off he may be, he will not want to destroy what he cherishes. He does his best to put his situation under control.

9. He Says No To Flirting

Flirting creates room for an inordinate lifestyle. You know men go for what they see. But with you, he does everything not to fall into temptation. He is always eliminating every and any threat to his peaceful lifestyle with you. He just does not want you to get hurt.

10. He Is Proud Of You

If he is proud of you and introduces you to his friends and family. It’s one indicator that this man is in love with you, he has very pure intentions, and aside from being proud of you, he wants you to be part of his life.

Signs Of True Love From A Woman

When a woman is in love, you will notice the following signs:

1. She Is Willing To Make Sacrifices For You

When a woman is in love with a man, she becomes very fond of him, regards him as special, and starts to put him first.

2. She Is Kind And Patient With You

She believes in you deeply and this belief spurs her to be kind and patient with you. Even in times when you don’t act your best. She is always there.

3. She Drives You To Your Best

She is after your becoming a better you and looks for ways she can improve or add value to you.

4. She Is Your Best Encourager

Your success and fulfillment is her goal. She sees her future through you. She works hard to encourage you. She supports you in so many ways to achieve your goals.

5. She Does Not Take You For Granted

She is always appreciative of whatever you do for her. She shows her gratitude no matter how small. She will never embarrass you anywhere. She is willing to cover you even in your foolishness.

Characteristics Of True Love

1. Acceptability

People most times want things to happen differently in their lives, they want the people they love to be interesting, friendly, smart, more intelligent, or even super ambitious. Yes, these are very much ok, but they are just expectations. When you expect a different turn out of the event, does it become the norm for loving someone? The answer is no, love is what it is.

2. It Does Not Victimize

Responsibility is the pillar of love. It doesn’t blame, Love works to put all things together for our good.

3. Love Is Not Jealous

Don’t fall for the notion that you have to be jealous to love someone. True love believes in the quality of a relationship. It knows that happiness is vital, so it creates warmth so that your partner will be fulfilled and contented coming back to you and just you.

4. Love Blinds Fear

When you find love, there are things you commonly do or enjoy without stress, which are appreciation, happiness, peace, and satisfaction. Whenever fear exists, hatred, insecurity, abuse, jealousy, and greed will fill the relationship.

5. Love Is Shown Through Actions

Signs of true love from a man

Love is not mere talk. The demonstration of love towards someone speaks louder than a full epistle of cheap talk. This means that you have to practically show love. “action they say speaks louder than words”

6. Love Is Unconditional

Love has no strings attached, no expectations, or special desires. This is the test of true unconditional love.

How Does Love Feel Like For A Woman

When a woman is in love, the following are the ways she feels:

1. She Is Happy

Being happy

The thought of her man brings happiness to her. And you will notice she has a new glow and something to be excited about.

2. Practically Marrying Her Phone When He Is Absent

She is most times eagerly looking forward to her partner’s call or text and every beep makes her jumpy, or she puts everything at a standstill while she hopes and prays for her special one to call or even show up.

3. Intense Connection

She has deep feelings for her man that cause her to be romantic, protective of him, and highly supportive.

How To Identify True Love

True love is often rare, but when found should be treated with respect. The following are ways you can identify true love.

1. Forgiveness Is Key

Where there is true love forgiveness comes easily because each partner belief deeply in each other and wish each other the best.

2. There is Understanding

Both partners have a good understanding of each other and are willing to work together for the good of their relationship.

3. Acceptance

Both partners fully accept each other and don’t act like their love is conditional or based on certain expectations.

4. Correction

Each partner in the relationship is open to correction and doesn’t feel he or she knows it all.

5. Support

The partners involved in this relationship encourage and support each other in the pursuit of their life goals, dreams, and aspirations.

6. The Parties Involved Protect Each Other

Your partner means a lot to you, so whatever you do to make yourself safe and happy is what you should do to your partner. This means you cannot purposely hurt your partner, you don’t speak rashly to your partner, you guide, and protect your partner.

For you,

The sweetest part of life is when you find yourself in the ever-flowing water of true love. What a fantastic feeling it is! But you should understand that true love is not cheap, it involves lots of dedication, sacrifices, time, and even resources. It is better not to be in a relationship than to find yourself in a relationship where true love does not exist. What a frustrating world it will be.

What is true love means

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