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10 Steps To Raising A Happy Child

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How to raise a child

It is important for every parent to know how to raise a child to be happy and responsible. Learning how to raise a successful and happy child is better than just learning how to raise a child with good manners.

This is because happier children are more likely to grow up to be accomplished adults. To successfully raise a happy child, you must employ the right child upbringing methods also you must know what makes a child happy. The following are steps to raising a happy child.

What makes a child happy

Steps To Raising A Happy Child

1. Be Happy Yourself

Anxiety and worry put your kids into fright mode. Your happiness in most ways, especially when expressed physically cause your kids to be happy. So be a happy parent by taking steps to cultivate happiness daily.

For details of how to be a happy parent read my blog post titled 10 Ways To Find Happiness In Every Situation.

2. Teach Your Kids To Relate With Others

Building a relationship is very vital to your child’s development. Teach your child how to communicate effectively with others and build healthy relationships. This helps to boost their self-confidence and makes them happy as they learn to relate with people.

3. Give Room For Mistakes

Children are not born experts, neither are they born with all the knowledge
they need to be successful in life. Praise their effort whether they finish well on record time or behind schedule.

When you praise kids for the effort and hard work they put into their tasks, they focus on the task of learning and getting better and become more self-confident and happier.

4. Teach Optimism

Teach your child to always look on the bright side. Optimism raises your child’s level of happiness; they go hand in hand. Those who look forward to a better tomorrow are:

  • usually happier
  • Are not depressed or anxious
  • Record more success rates because they always take their second chance more seriously.

5. Increase Playtime

Playtime for children should be encouraged because it aids the learning process of kids and it is also a good way for them to unwind and be happy.

6. Spend Time Together

Spending time together with your kids helps in molding better and happier kids. The time you spend with your kids helps you to better understand them and bond with them.

Set Up A Happy And Friendly Environment

According to Harold B. Lee- The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes”. Your child needs this well structured and arched space for a better life. Spend time to make it a better place for them.

How To Raise A Child

The following are ways to raise a child.

1. Care For Your Children

Caring does not only mean providing for the basic needs of your kids. It also means teaching them how to achieve all-round success in life. Let them know the difference between right and wrong and ensure that their concerns are taken care of and their question about life are answered.

2. Teach Them To Help Others

Teach your kids to love, respect, and help others. Encouraging positive behavior will help them create a very warm, friendly, and safe atmosphere around them

3. Encourage Good Behavior

Encourage your kids to help without expecting any kind of reward. Teach them to be selfless in their service to others. An occasional reward of giving them a treat is however welcome.

4. Teach Them Good Manners

“Thank you”, “please”, and others of their kind are magic words. You need to teach your children to use these words. Also, teach them good table manners. These are the prelude to a great and happy future as they will help your kids to be likable individuals and by implication boost their self-esteem.

5. Teach Them Kindness And Respect

You are your child’s mirror, If you want your child to turn out good, you have to consider your way of doing things and start speaking, acting, and thinking right.

The most effective way to get the attention of your kids and get them to speak to you and others respectfully is by doing the same yourself because respect is reciprocal.

Shouting and the use of harsh words when you are not happy about something is not the right thing to do. For more details on how you can treat your kids with love and respect read my blog post titled 10 Parenting Tips To Get Your Kids To Behave Without Yelling.

6. Discipline

To effectively teach your kids to cultivate good behavior, you have to first teach them discipline. Be firm when correcting bad behavior. Also, encourage them when they perform well. Create clear rules with consequences, you will discover your child will likely make the right choice.

7. Gratitude Is A Virtue

Gratitude is a key component in raising a good child. Teach your kids to say thank you after eating their meals, receiving a gift, or when something is done for them. You can also introduce a thank you card.

8. Make Them Responsible

When children carry out chores, they feel elated, they feel they are contributing. Only make sure the chores are age-appropriate. It will make them feel proud and happier.

What Makes A Child Happy

Happy parents nurture happy children. Basic needs like shelter, food, and knowing you belong to a secure home makes us happy. There is no guaranteed way or pattern for happiness. But we must keep trying and introducing methods of different kinds until we succeed in raising a happy child. The following are what makes a child happy.

1. Age Long Keys

Nothing is more exciting and important to children and family alike than establishing family traditions and observing them. Observing birthdays and holidays, reading bedtime stories, Hugging, eating, and spending quality time together makes kids happy.

2. Music

Music brings alive the soul. It has been proven that good music has a therapeutic effect. As a mood-altering tool, music has the power to bring a lost mind to its finest moment by creating smiles all over one’s face.

3. Encourage Their Desires

This has to do with what your kids love. You should encourage their passion. It is important to expose your children to a wide range of experiences to see what appeals to them and makes them happy.

4. An Organized Home

Keeping things neat and in their right place at home gives your kids the feeling of peace and contentment.

For you

Happiness is important in the life of a child. You can raise your child to be happy by encouraging him or her to see to always see and hope for the best in spite of situations or circumstances.

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