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50+ Exciting And Fun Couple Challenges- To Bring You Closer

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Couple arm wrestling challenge

Love changes its course and meaning as the relationship grows. Partners embrace each other for their constantly changing selves and find happiness and peace in being bored together. The longer you’re in a relationship, the more routine it starts to become.

But this doesn’t have to be the case with your relationship. Just because you are in a relationship, doesn’t mean it’s okay to slip into sloppy habits and start taking each other for granted. There are several ways you and your partner can spice things up and one of them is trying out several couples challenges. 


Love requires time and attention, to keep it going. Once you commit to a relationship, you need to put extra effort and care into embracing each other. However, it can get difficult to have the same energy and fun over the years.

That’s why it is important for partners to devise means to keep their relationship alive. This is where couples challenges come in.

Couples challenges are fun and spontaneous activities couples can engage in to have a good time with each other. Challenging each other with amusing games and tasks can elevate the intimacy and spark up fueled romance with your partner. Here are 50 exciting couple challenges you and your partner should try! 

Exciting challenges every couple should try


50 Couple’s Challenges

Intimacy is not just about lovemaking. It is about truth, comfort, and effort. So win or lose, always remember to keep your eyes on the actual prize that is your fantastic partner and their love. Below are a couple of challenges that are meant for lovers to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company.


Couple’s Challenge Questions 

Asking questions is a good way for couples to relax around each other and loosen up. It is also one of the best ways for couples to get to know each other. There are tons of questions couples can ask when they are together. Below are some of them.

1.  Quirky Questions 

Asking each other quirky questions can tell a lot about your partner’s current state of mind. Also, it allows you to revisit some memorable moments and burst into nostalgic waves of laughter. 


2.  Fun Questions 

Get creative with your what-ifs and make up random situations. Try funky and weird questions. Don’t pull back from the crazy in you. 


3.  Romantic Questions 

Take a quiz and see who remembers your loveliest date nights, the first kiss, and past dances. See who remembers the most and reward each other with kisses!  


4.  36 Questions 

A psychological experiment called “Aron’s technique” involves asking 36 personal questions that reveal your deep vulnerabilities and help partners connect on a deeper level. Look up the questions online and set the mood with some candles and coffee. Get to know each other from a different perspective all over again. 

For other unique couple questions read- 50 Questions For Couples.


Couples’ Challenge Games


5.  Rapid Fire 

Nothing more challenging than a ticking timer and questions. Take a quiz on “how much do you know me?” and answer in less than 10 seconds. You’ll be surprised at the things that come forward. 


6.  Drinking games

A couple drinking wine together 

Occasionally set up drinking challenges like Beer Pong, Never have I ever, two truths and a lie, Would you rather, Drinking Roulette, etc. These are going to be more fun to play with your partner than to win. 


7.  Jenga / UNO / Board games 

Game night with a romantic twist can be a great motivator for these challenges. Come up with your own rules and relish a simple night of board games. 


8.  Truth and Dare 

Spin the bottle and ask that embarrassing question you have always wanted to ask. You can also give a wild dare that your partner has to complete. 


9.  FIFA Night 

Bet your partner at FIFA night and get into the battleground. You can try other video games as well. A playful banter can lighten up the mood. 


10.  Weekend Treasure Hunts 

Hide tiny chips and clues around the corners of the house. This scavenger hunt can engage couples on weekends to have fun and build memories. 


11.  Hula Hoop Challenge 

Take a Hula Hoop and get into it together with your partner. Sync your waist movements and try to do it without it falling. Hula Hoop with a twist of closeness. 


12.  Pick a word and Sing 

Sing a song and your partner has to pick a random word from the lyrics and start singing another melody. This game is so much fun!


Couple Challenges to enjoy!


13.  Towel Challenge 

Take one towel each and interlock them with each other while the two of you hold on to the ends. Now try to maneuver yourselves free without leaving the ends of the towel. Record the process to see yourselves do weird moves


14.  Complete my sentence challenge 

Predict what your partner is going to say and complete their generic replies to everything. This cutely annoying challenge is a reminder of how well you all know each other. 


15.  Smell and Tell

Guess a food item based on its smell. For every wrong answer, the loser has to either strip a piece of clothing or eat/drink something nasty and spicy.


16.  Karaoke Challenge

married couple doing karaoke together 

Unleash your bathroom singing talents with karaoke by putting on some music for a Karaoke Challenge. Host a private concert with your partner. 


17.  Heads Up Challenge 

Heads up is an application for word charades. Guess the word your partner is describing and pick from the variety of decks they provide. 


18.  Write Down 5 Things Challenge 

Write down five things you adore, hate, and find annoying about each other. Then read your lists out aloud.


19.  Whisper Challenge 

One of the partners has to wear noise-canceling headphones and guess what the other person is saying by reading their lips and understanding their actions. 


20.  Paper dance Challenge

married couple dancing together 

The couple dances on a piece of rectangular paper, and every time they step out of the paper, it gets folded, and so on. 


21.  Balance the Balloon Challenge 

This couple’s challenge involves coordination. Blow a balloon and balance it between your chest or head without using your hands. If the balloon drops, you lose. 


Couple Fun Activities


22.  Give your hand to your partner 

Randomly put your palm in front of your partner and see what their reaction is. You never know what’s coming—a cuddle, a candy, or maybe a ring. 


23.  Play harmless Pranks

Play silly pranks on each other that are harmless and non-offensive, like scaring them while they enter the room or throwing a water balloon to mess with them. 


24.  Body Painting 

Many couples paint each other naked as a form of pure connectedness. Sometimes, play with colors and draw shapes, except your partner’s body is your canvas. 


25.  Choose My Date Outfit

Blindfold each other and give options for them to choose your date-night outfit. Otherwise, you can pick one even without the blindfold. 


26.  Hook Step

See who remembers all the hook steps from your favorite dance number. 


27.  Guess the Reference Challenge 

Use dialogue references and guess the movie it is from or vice versa.


28.  Find A Picture 

Open your photo galleries and challenge each other to find pictures of unique memories and things. Then sit and talk about your version of the event that took place in that picture. 


29.  Cycling Race

boyfriend and girlfriend cycling

Healthy competition in its true self. Get competitive and use it to your advantage for a cycling race till the finish line. 


30.  Cook-Off 

Choose the dishes both of you adore, collect ingredients and see who can cook yummy food in just an hour. A mini master chef episode at home.


31.  Flip the switch Challenge 

Couples exchange clothes and act as their partner after flipping a switch in front of the mirror. 


32.  Trust Falls 

Ensure safety measures and try them in a controlled environment. Practice easy trust falls and see if your partner catches you or fails. 


33.  This or That Challenge 

Two options are presented on the left and right, asking which one you and your partner would choose over the other. 


34.  Fake laughter Challenge 

Fake laugh until you start laughing for real. This challenge is also laughter therapy in disguise. Make a video of it, and you’ll hear the happiness in your laughter and theirs.


35.  The Budget Challenge 

The couple will be given a budget of 1000 bucks each, more or less based on their choice. In the given budget, get as many gifts of your partner’s liking as you can.


36.  Social Media Reel Challenges 

Social Media is a wide platform for many trending reels for couples. Pick up any of your choices and make a reel of your own. Even better, create a reel of your own with a special set of custom questions. 


37.  Mini Vlog Day

married couple vlog 

Record a mini vlog of your day out with your significant other. Vlog even your exotic dates and happy-sad days.


38.  Photoshoot Day 

Get dressed up and make a photo booth. Click pictures of your partner and make them feel like a special celebrity walking on the red carpet. 


Sensual & Intimate Couple Challenges 


39.  Twister Game

Twist your bodies and place your hands and legs in the same color. The closing-in proximity of this game can increase your desire to get intimate. 


40.  Role-play 

It is normal for couples to practice certain roleplays, act seductively in different scenarios or try out their partner’s wild imaginations.


41.  Fitness Challenges 

Take up couples’ workout challenges and motivate each other to work harder towards fitness and exercise. 


42.  Do my Makeup Challenge 

Take out makeup brushes and do the ideal makeup you want to see on your partner, and let them do the same to you. 


43.  Blindfold Kissing 

Feel each other’s skin and breath while kissing using a blindfold, and divulge into the beauty of it. Blindfold kissing can be an interesting way to build up to a couple’s foreplay. 


44.  Be My Arm 

When having a lazy day at home, your partner can be your arm like two souls one body. Your arms have to be wrapped around your partner from behind while they do all your work with their hands acting as yours. 


45.  Freeze

girlfriend and boyfriend 

Freeze times when you want to pause your partner’s beautiful moments and weird expressions and play around by teasing them a little. There’s only one rule, either you or your partner freeze on hearing the word “Statue!”. Whoever laughs or moves loses the challenge. 


46.  Pick up lines 101

Cheesy pickup lines are always a go-getter. Impress and appreciate your partner, even if it sounds raunchy. 


47.  First Word to cross your mind 

An easy mind game where one of the partners says a word and the other has to say the first thing related to it that comes to their mind. 


48.  Poetry Night 

Write each other passionate words of affection molded into the sweet rhyme of poetry.


49.  Drama Night 

Enact your favorite characters and scenes from films and books. Bring to life your fantasy fiction characters. Cosplay is said to be a great mechanism to spice up your love lives and explore your partner’s fetishes.


50.  Look Into My Eyes 

The traditional staring game never gets old. Get lost in the eyes of your lover or get playful and distract each other without breaking eye contact.


51.  Catch me if you can 

Catch and run is not just for kids but also for couples who like a little hide and seek. Go to a playground and play catch and run together.


52.  Crazy Dancing 

Go prom dancing to a club. Create your own dance steps and practice the routine. Then, enjoy the routine with your partner in a dim-light club. Crazy dancing loosens up the body and helps in relaxation too.


53.  Dice 

Make a dice and stick notes on all sides of it regarding romantic activities of your choice. Whatever number it’s rolled at, you perform the task that shows up.


54.  Sensual Scrabble 

Scrabble for couples is making words that are only sensual or erotic. Choose a theme of your choice and tweak the game according to your mood.


55.  Know Your Lyrics 

In this game, music is played and couples take turns to sing along. This game requires couples to know the lyrics of the  songs they decide to use.


56.  How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Celebrity 

Couples take turns to mention who their favorite celebrities are and also have to give 10 facts about them. Anyone who turns out not to know so much has to do whatever the other partner wants.


57.  Dancing Competition

This couple Challenge requires that couples dance together to a song and the person with the best dance moves wins.


Bottom Line 

Exciting Couples Challenges don’t always have to be adventurous. It can be a simple date where you get up at 6 am when it’s still dark out, and everyone’s still sleeping, drive to nowhere and buy the most flavored coffee you can find. Drink it in the car and try to guess the flavors by kissing each others’ lips. Take pictures of the red, pink, even a purple sunrise, and live the moment. 

When the world wakes up, go back home to sleep. Do things backward, do things forward, left, or upward. Break the routine or create a new one. Capture all the moments in your eyes and enjoy these wholesome couples’ challenges. None of it has to be perfect, just weird enough to forget all the troubles and annoy each other a little and love each other a lot.

These couple challenges should not be forced, as you can kill boredom with activity, not pressure. May your team always win! It’s a win-win in all challenges as you’ll be on the same team.


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50 exciting and fun couples challenges to bring you closer

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