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Best Ways To Combat Mommy Fatigue

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Being a mom is the best gift, life can offer a woman and her family. It is however not as easy as most people think. Whether you are a work at home mom or one that goes out to work, the motherly role can be very challenging and this manifests in various parental burnout symptoms like feeling depressed, losing interest in things that you were once excited about, withdrawal from others, being resentful towards your partner, baby or other people around you and a host of other symptoms.

To better understand these symptoms and know how to combat them, it is first of all important to know why being a mom can be so exhausting.

Why Being A Mom Is Exhausting

Mommy fatigue is a form of exhaustion that occurs as a result of feeling physically and emotionally out whelmed by parenting. This exhaustion creates fear that is related to losing a sense of self, showing a lack of control over the situation, and signs of not being good enough not only at parenting but everything else.

They are reasons being a mom is exhausting and they are related to the state in which mothers find themselves. Have you ever being away from home and all you think about is your children? Have you ever being out with friends in the early hours of the evening lacking concentration because all you think about is your children? If your answer is yes. You are not alone. This is what women have to deal with because of the motherly instinct that comes with being a female.

As a mom you will at one point or the other get exhausted for the following reasons:

1. Worrying Over Kids

Too much thinking can cause fatigue. Because as mothers we care so much about the well-being of our kids and put them first, we sometimes overdo this to our detriment.

2. Sleeplessness

Not getting enough sleep can also cause fatigue and this mostly results from spending so much time caring for your kids and family and not creating time to do likewise for yourself.

For example, if you have a newborn baby, you have to wake up to feed your child at night when the child shows signs of hunger, you also have to calm your child when he or she can’t sleep or play and is crying, and you have to protect your baby from harm.

When you devote this much attention to caring for your child, especially if you have no one around helping you, you will normally have little time to rest.

3. Withdrawal From Your Social Circle

Because of the seemingly unending responsibilities that follow motherhood, most moms have no other choice than to shut out their social life and focus solely on family, and even in times when they can spare some time, they probably still don’t enjoy themselves as much as they would have because their minds are focused on their family.

This will eventually result in fatigue. Because all that is being done is work, work, work, and time for rest and fun is given little or no consideration

4. Postpartum Fatigue

This occurs as a result of the stress of labor and delivery, combined with sleeping for short hours owing to the need to care for your baby.

5. The Fatigue Of Multi-Tasking

Most mothers have so much to do daily and most times choose to multi-task so they can accomplish most of their daily tasks. While this is good, the downside of it is that it makes them feel exhausted as they invest much of their time and energy into these tasks.

How To Combat Mommy Fatigue

Now that the causes of exhaustion have been explained, you have to know how to combat the feeling of fatigue. The following are tips mothers should use to overcome mommy fatigue.

1. Act According To Your Capacity

Do not expect too much from yourself, this will help you save a lot of energy. Simply do the most important things you can afford to do and leave the remaining tasks for a time when you feel you will be better ready to take on them.

2. Be Nice To Yourself

After giving so much of yourself to making things right in your home, you should make out time to refresh by engaging in self-care. There are several interesting self-care tips you can try out. Read my blog posts titled Self Care For Moms Who Have No Time to see them.

3. Eat Right

This starts with planning your meal. Eat healthy meals always. Cut down on snacks. Healthy meals improve your general wellbeing.

4. Go Easy On Caffeine

Avoid taking caffeine-containing drinks because of their adverse effects on the body, one of which is sleeplessness or alertness.

5. Exercise

Work at home mom

Get used to waking up early to exercise your body. This is one piece of advice that is as old as life itself. Exercise helps you keep in shape, help you stay healthy, increases your level of energy and it calms your nerves and keeps you ready for your day.

6. Make Sleep A Priority

Parental burnout symptoms

Create time for yourself each day to rest, so you can be better ready to take on your tasks for the day.

7. Get Help

We all need to ask for help when we feel stressed and unwell. Fatigue is not just a physical issue It is also a mental thing. Mental tiredness is even more dangerous. It does not only cause stress but the feeling of helplessness, that is why it is important to get help from close relatives or even get a nanny when you have no one around to help you.

How Moms Can Get Energy

It is almost impossible not to feel stressed as a mom. But here are some things you can do to replenish your energy and be better prepared for each day.

1. Learn To Say No

You have the right to say no to any extra programs you may not want to indulge in. Let go of the appointments you’re less than happy to keep and always consider your well-being.

2. See Your Doctor Regularly

When you are not feeling well don’t hesitate to visit your doctor for a medical examination also you can try taking vitamins for energy based on your doctor’s prescription.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a natural healer. It helps you regenerate your tired body.

4. Take A Break

Take a 5-10mins break between a task that needs extreme focus. If you have focused on a task or a project for some hours say 1and half- 2hours, you need a mental break.

5. Take A Walk

A change of environment can help you to relax and temporarily get your mind off your tasks. For me, taking a walk when the morning sun is out, does me a lot of good like warming me up while also supplying my body with vitamin D.

For you,

Despite the many tasking responsibilities that come with being a mother, it is a wonderful experience. I ask that you chose to focus on the beautiful moments that it brings like when your child smiles, laughs, holds your hand, says momma, or a host of other memorable experiences you have had or will have and while you do this, don’t forget to care for yourself and live life one day at a time.

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