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Self Care For Moms Who Have No Time

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Parenting self care

Being a mom is honorable, and it is one of the greatest blessings one could ever ask for. But to be effective in your duties, you must engage in self-care for moms otherwise you will feel overwhelmed and stressed out by the daily requirements that come with being a mother. Self-care for moms is the practice wherein mothers engage in active roles to protect their well-being and happiness. This practice has numerous advantages which include enhancing energy, restoring health, and reducing stress.

Believe it or not, the journey of motherhood never really gets easier. From your children’s days as infants to full-grown adults, you are actively involved in their lives. That is why you need to strike a balance between caring for yourself and your children if you desire to be the best mom you can to them. Different parenting self-care tips help you to put yourself first as a mom and survive the challenges busy parents have to go through. They are :

self care techniques for busy parents


1.  Enjoy Some Time Alone

Spending some time alone allows you not only to catch your breath from the activities of the day but it also allows you to reflect on your life and make necessary adjustments needed for your improvement as a person. During this time, you can set goals or make plans for yourself.


2.  Exercise Regularly

how to put yourself first as a mom,

Exercise is good for one’s general well-being because of its ability to keep one healthy and fit. Engaging in it is good self-care for moms. You don’t have to hit the gym anytime you feel like exercising, a 20 minutes walk could do, or even simply jogging or dancing to your favorite songs.


3.  Limit Your Use Of Social Media

Rather than spend your little free time scrolling through social media feeds endlessly. You could invest this time in meaningful activities that will add value to your life. Learning new skills such as cooking, sewing, writing are some of the activities you should consider.


4.  Go To Bed Early

When you go to bed early, you will wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to take on the activities of a new day.


5.  Eat Healthy Meals

Healthy meals when eaten in the right proportion are appropriate not only because of their nutritional value but also their ability to make us feel good.


6.  Treat Yourself Well

Pamper yourself sometimes. Do something special that will make you feel good and relaxed. Activities, like taking a bath, buying yourself flowers, visiting a park to enjoy nature, reading an interesting book or magazine, getting a manicure or pedicure, getting a massage, and watching a movie, are among the many options you can consider for a good time alone.


7.  Be Realistic When You Set Expectations For Yourself

Always put your well-being above trying to please others all the time. This is because no one is indispensable, if you overstress yourself and breakdown, life will continue without you.


8.  Put On Good Music And Dance Around

As a rule, when my alarm goes off in the morning, I love to start my day with playing good jams, the purpose of this like I said in one of my recent blog posts titled Why You Want To Rise Before Your Kids And How To Do It is to set myself in a good mood for the day.


9.  Say No Sometimes

You can’t always please everyone to your detriment. You must learn to say no sometimes and have your peace of mind than try to please everyone and lose it.


10.  Go For Your Annual Physicals

If you want to be a good mom to your kids, staying healthy should be your watchword. You should, therefore, make a habit of going for your annual physicals to ensure you stay healthy and if your health is already compromised to best manage it.


For You:

Thank you so much for reading my article! The importance of self-care to you as a mom, is enormous, do well to engage in the tips you have read or others that you consider appropriate for you.


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