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How To Be The Perfect Wife Every Man Desires

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There is a popular saying that a good woman is hard to find, this saying is very true because the qualities of a good wife material are not possessed by every woman. These qualities of a good wife material encompass several aspects like what a husband expects from wife, how to be a good wife and mother, what husband expects from wife in bed, and what makes a man adore a woman.

While it is true that most women concern themselves with the question – what do men want in a relationship? Few men bother about how to be a good husband to a woman that possesses the qualities of a good wife material. I feel the subject of how to be a good husband is something every man should try to concern themselves with because what wives need from their husbands is just as relevant as what men look out for in women.

Having said that, you should know that the qualities of a good wife material are not something only singles should want to imbibe, but something suitable for singles and married women because it can help you know how to be a good wife and improve your marriage if you are already married.

Before discussing these qualities of a good wife material, I will first shed some light on the things men look out for in women.How to be a good wife and mother


What Husband Expect From Wife In Bed

The bedroom is one of the men’s favorite spots, and they want their wives to feel the same way about the place. The following things a husband expects from his wife in bed will help you to know what your man desires and how you can be best prepared to meet his needs.


1.  Enthusiasm

How to be a good wife and improve your marriage

Men love it when their wives are excited about lovemaking. No man wants a woman who is dead cold in bed and does not like the idea of making out.


2.  Participation

Lovemaking is more interesting when both parties are actively participating. Men hate the idea of their wives lying down on the bed like logs of wood while they do all the job. They want to know that you are just as interested in the process as they are. They want you to be lively, they want to see all those moves that you have got. So hold nothing back!


3.  Submissiveness

It is normal for a man to feel rejected when his woman is not giving in to his desires and if this continues for long he might look for someone else who can meet his needs.


4.  Variety

Variety is the spice of life. Men like it when their women are open to different lovemaking styles and not just the conventional missionary style (man on top). They want to lovemaking to be interesting and spontaneous. Not predictable and boring.


What A Husband Expects From Wife

There are several things that husbands desire from their wives. They are:


1.  Submissiveness

Every husband wants his wife to be submissive to him, that way, it is easier to lead her. No man wants an arrogant wife or one who is questioning his manliness.


2.  Respect

Husbands love it when their wives respect them, it makes them feel important and valued.


3.  Romance

Romance is another thing men desire in their wives. Men love it when their wives are romantic, it makes marriage interesting. For details of this read my blog post titled Secrets Of Happy Couples


4.  Words Of Affirmation

Men love it when their wives shower them with praises, it makes them feel valued and special. You should be your husband’s biggest fan, praise him when he does well, and learn to downplay his faults.


5.  Loyalty

Loyalty means a lot to men. A man wants to know that he has the support of his wife in good and bad times. This will help him to feel safe.


How To Be A Good Wife And Improve Your Marriage

To be a good wife to your husband and have a successful marriage. You must learn to do the following:


1.  Put Family First

Your family should always come first when you are making your decisions, this is one of the qualities of a good wife material.


2.  Be Supportive

Your husband will need your support from time to time, be willing and ready to give it so that he remains endeared to you and your home keeps on running smoothly.


3.  Spend Quality Time With Your Family

What a husband expects from wife

Your husband needs your undivided attention. Be willing to make out quality time each day for both of you to stay connected physically and emotionally.


4.  Resolve Conflicts Amicably

Conflicts are Inevitable in every marriage. But the way they are resolved can either strengthen or destroy a relationship. So you should make conscious efforts to understand how your spouse reacts when angry and device a means to best respond to him so things don’t get messy between you two.


5.  Love Unconditionally

You should love and support your husband in good and bad times. This way he will know that you have his back and will trust you totally and feel more endeared to you.


How To Be A Good Wife And Mother

To be the kind of wife that makes her husband glad and her kids proud, you should learn to do the following.


1.  Be hardworking

Men don’t like it when their wives depend on them for everything. You should have a life of your own. Get busy, do something you love and he will value and respect you more and not just him, your kids will too.


2.  Be Compassionate

You should be able to relate to the feelings of your family, friends, and everyone around you if not they will feel detached from you.


3.  Be Able To Manage Resources

To be a good wife and mother, you must be able to manage resources effectively, so your family does not run out of them.


4.  Be Able To Manage The Home

Your spouse will not always be with the kids, he wants to know that he can trust you to manage the affairs of the home well with or without his presence.


Qualities Of A Good Wife Material (How To Be A Good Wife)

The following are the qualities a woman must possess to qualify as good wife material.


1.  Be Formally Educated And Stay Educated

Being formally educated sets you apart and accords respect to your person. It aids and fine-tunes your reasoning. It polishes your character. It opens up the world to you with fascinating opportunities to explore.
Move with the world, be current with happenings in your immediate and extended environment. Get more degrees, certifications, while you pursue a career.


2.  Independent Minded

Being independently minded is your ability to process information without being influenced. You can filter every information and process individually every situation you find yourself in without allowing infiltrations from your spouse, peers, parents, and the society at large.

It is only when you have done this, that you can give yourself the room to shift ground based on your assessment of your spouse’s reasons on a matter, perceiving it as reasonable. This is where compromise comes in marriage. Being a woman does not make you weak neither does being a wife make you lose your individuality and life.

Being independently minded begets confidence; it assures your husband that you cannot be manipulated. A large percentage of women are subjected to a life of squalor because they have been brainwashed that they have no life apart from the life of their husbands.

They are lifeless. They cannot think for themselves. They cannot speak out or air an opinion, they cannot take steps. Love is beautiful, but when it subjugates your ability to think, then you are in perpetual slavery.


3.  You Must Be Domesticated

What Husband expect from wife in bed

Being domesticated means having knowledge of how a house runs, running it, and maintaining the process. The circle of dawn, noon, and night concerning the running of a house is very important.

You eat, your bath, you pass out waste, you fall sick, your party, you accommodate visitors, you clean, you cook, you care for the home, you arrange and rearrange, you care for your children and husband, the list goes on and on. This requires your knowledge of how a home runs.


4.  You Must Be Economically Independent

This is simply put; you must have your source of income apart from your husbands. Two reasons for this are: every individual is physiologically driven by needs, which can only be perfectly satisfied by self. Secondly, there has to be a backup account in case one’s husband loses his job, or is deceased. That account is your economic independence. It also gives you a sense of importance and satisfaction.

5.  You Must Be Managerial And A Budgeter

This is your ability to coordinate the present situation with the immediate need and projecting the futuristic needs vis a vis present situation concerning available resources. That is appropriating present resources for the present and future needs.

Budgeting is the ability to apposite available cash to needs for a given time. It goes hand in hand with being managerial. A budgeter curbs frivolous spending. Most men cannot manage their money. They spend as money comes in. You come in at this point by helping him manage it.


6.  You Must Be Physically Fit

Your body must not be a burden to you at any time except in the time of illness. Agility must be ingrained in your persona. Exercise, eat healthy foods, associate with friends, those moments of laughter to a friend’s joke is medicinal. Rest, take naps when necessary.


7.  You Must Be Sexually Inclined

One of the core driving forces of every marriage is sex. You should look forward to it. Initiate it. Make your husband look forward to it. Stay clean at all times, dress appropriately, and seductively in the house, though caution is to be taken if there are children and visitors in the house. But if they are not in the house, throw caution to the air. Create a romantic atmosphere that is alluring to your husband. It is not all about sex though, it also creates intimacy, a time for lovers chit-chat.


8.  You Must Have Foresight Into The Kind Of Home You Want

It is often said that a woman owns the home. You must have a mental picture of the home you want and work towards it. Contend with anything, anyone contending with you on your ideal home. If you do not have a picture of your dream home, life becomes a mundane activity for you, and you will have nothing to look forward to in your home.


9.  Must Be Preemptive And Highly Observant

Being preemptive is being able to know what someone will do or say before they do it or say it. This can only be possible by being observant. We are beings of pattern per time. Being observant will expose an individual pattern to you and you will know when the pattern changes. You should be able to predict your husband’s mood most times. Likewise your children’s. We are also beings of mood. Mood swings are products of our responses to our environment. Hence, patterns are subject to environmental changes. So, when there is a change in the environment, I do not mean just physical environment, financial, emotional, etc, you should be able to preempt a pattern change.


10.  Be Hardworking, But Delegate

This is one of the most important qualities of a good wife material. Laziness corrupts even the simplest of things. Be up and doing but do not burden yourself with work. Do what needs to be done at the right time. You can’t do it all, you may come down with an illness. Assign duties to your children, what your husband needs to handle, tell it to him, and remind him if it is not done. If you have help in the house, fine!


 For you

Thanks for reading this article to the end, you should know that there is no limit to the lessons that you can learn to be that wife your husband needs, so keep your mind open always to innovative ways you can stay connected to your spouse.


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  1. Loved this post! The “in the bed” part isn’t the case for me; my husband battled depression and rarely is intimate in the bedroom. It’s just not his thing, and he has plenty of friends that agree they are the same way. While a lot of men are active in this area, I’d say just as much are not due to health or mental health reasons.
    Are their resources for wives of men like this?
    I’d love to know!

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