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How To Make Your New Year Resolution Count This Time

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Smart goals

Every new year brings fresh opportunities and hope, that is why it is important to know how to prepare for a new year by setting smart goals that will reflect in your new year resolution ideas.

When setting new year goals for yourself consider writing them out in the form of unique new year resolutions.

What is your new year resolution

New Year Resolution Meaning

A New Year resolution is traditionally a promise made by an individual to do or disengage from something as a matter of conviction. These resolutions may include changing an undesirable, unfruitful, detestable trait, behavior, or doing things differently to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve and transform your lifestyle.

Now that you know what a new year resolution is, what is your new year resolution? You must have one or more. Before the start of a new year, I always try to make out my top 10 new year’s resolutions that I try to abide by. I think you should consider doing the same.

How To Prepare For A New Year

There are several ways to prepare for a new year. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Make An Achievement List

If you do not recognize or appreciate what you have done, you will find it challenging to recognize what you will do. Sit down and draw up a list or write-up all of your accomplishments from the last year, no matter how small or big they are to you. You can check this list weekly or monthly to get the facts you need.

2. Write Out The Lessons You Learned

In life, it’s not an option but a duty to learn in everyday life experience. So do not forget to create a dossier of notable lessons you have learned from the year that just ended. The essence of these lessons is for you to know the areas you are to improve in so you can be a better person.

3. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the mother of all failure. Be passionate and bold about the change you want. According to Edward Young, “procrastination is the thief of time” similarly Road Witty Sparks said, “procrastination is the enemy of success”.

In life, the best times to do things are when they creep into your mind, “remember there is never a good time” prop yourself whether convenient or not to follow through your plan.

4. Declutter

Learn how to clean out your home. Give your home a good quality clean up, and then return things back to their normal place.

Tips On How To Set Smart Goals For The Year

1. Be Specific

You have a better chance of completing a specific goal than a general goal. For instance, “run more” will be too general, I think to run for 30mins will be more specific.

2. Set Measurable Goals

Establish a way to measure the progress you make towards accomplishing your goals.

3. Be Action Bound

Your goals need to be objectively actionable. So you don’t become complacent. Each objective takes you closer to achieving your goals.

4. Set Realistic And Achievable Goals

There is no need for exaggerated and unrealistic goals. Personal factors may influence the ability to accomplish a goal, but make sure it is realistic. When your goals are realistic, it brings out the best in you, having triggered an excitement to achieve.

5. Be Time-Bound

Your goals should specify when your plans will be achieved for example reading every day for at least one hour in preparation for your last exams in college.

New Year Resolution Ideas

New Year resolution ideas are simply a positive reinforcement motivation. And the reasons why a person should change. To motivate yourself positively you must believe that change is possible.

Let’s go through some of the things people will likely want to change in their lives.

1. Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Getting in shape or losing weight is a resolution not just in western culture, but every culture in the world. Many people are exercising to stay fit and healthy.

2. Eat Healthy And Avoid Gluttony

This is the follow up of the first resolution. Don’t look at all the junks; just make up your mind. Make the switch to a healthy diet.

3. Stop Procrastinating

Make things happen for yourself without being cajoled. Procrastination is a barrier that keeps people from attaining their full potentials in life. For more information on how you can overcome procrastination read my blog post titled: 5 Effective Ways To Beat Procrastination.

4. Work On Your Concentration

Gaining focus and improving on one’s cognitive capacities are ideal habits to cultivate to increase productivity.

5. Build Your Confidence

Confidence enables you to mingle with people and get the best out of your environment. Build your self-confidence to live a much happier life.

6. Become More Polite

Your manners either attract or drive people away from you. Make efforts to improve your character.

7. Learn How To Be Happier With Your Life

Believe that you can only change the things that can be changed, and accept the things that cannot be changed, then work on yourself to improve the things that can be improved upon. If you fight everything that is not okay, you become furious with yourself so just be cool and contented with your life.

8. Get More Quality Sleep

Rest helps your body to function at full capacity. It gets your system to reset itself for more activities.

Unique New Year Resolutions

Don’t get stuck with conventional resolutions, try new ideas. Below are unique new year resolutions you can consider.

1. Sort Out Your Financial Headaches

This is critical to help you become stable and focus. Financial stability promotes focus and when you are focused, you accomplish a great deal.

2. Share What You Have

Go beyond yourself and think of what you will start doing for others and even your country. Be a blessing to someone or as many people as you can reach each day.

3. Spice Your Routine

You know it is easy to get into a rot when you keep doing the same thing day in day out. Variety is the spice of life, turn the usual to the unusual by vowing to do one thing differently each day or week.

For you,

Setting new year resolutions is not all about having a long list of resolutions but setting resolutions that are realistic and achievable. If you do not accomplish any of your resolutions before the middle of the year, don’t get discouraged, all you have to do is to focus.

Don’t back down. With consistency, you will see all your resolutions come to pass without you even knowing. The ball is your court and you are the captain of your ship. You determine the happening in this coming New Year.

New year resolution ideas

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