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How To Raise A Good Child In A Decaying Culture

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We live in a world where the pressure to be loose and not live by the rules is high. The news is replete with stories of violent crimes, corrupt practices, rape, and other vices. These issues usually freak me out because, as a mother, the instinct for every parent is to protect their children from evil and make sure they turn out to be good and responsible adults.

While there is no fixed formula to achieve raising a good child in the decaying culture of today, there are ways we can guide our kids in the right path, so they can always choose to do what is right, even when there is no one there to see them do it and there is probably no reward for their decision. The following are ways parents can raise good children in today’s decaying culture.

how to raise a good child


1.  Teach Them To Imbibe Good Manners

Good manner is an indication of a proper upbringing. Teaching your child to imbibe good manners early on will make him or her a polite, well-behaved, and comely person. It is best to start teaching them at a very young age, basic manners like how to greet, observe table manners and say words like “thank you” and “please”. As they grow older other things could be taught them which will make them become well-mannered people.


2.  Be A Good Role Model

Children model good behavior from their parents, you must be a good example for your child. All the discipline you want to see in them, first of all, show to them. With kids you can’t just be a talker, you have to practice what you preach, otherwise, your well-meaning words will fall on deaf ears.


3.  Teach Them To Be Responsible

Teach your kids the rules you want them to follow, assign age-appropriate chores to them, and demand feedback. Let them learn to be accountable for all their actions – there must be consequences for bad conduct and refusal to perform their duties, as well as a reward for good behavior. This will instill in them a sense of responsibility as they grow up.


4.  Help Develop Empathy In Your Child


Teach your children to care, not only for themselves but to understand and share the feelings of others. To help them develop empathy, encourage them to express their feelings, and ensure they understand that you care about them. Doing this will not only reduce selfish tendencies but will make them start practicing good leadership – which is selfless service and care for others.


5.  Treat Them With Unconditional Love And Respect

Always express love to your child unconditionally. Like I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts titled 10 Ways To Be A Perfect Mom, showing unconditional love to your child makes them welcome you into their world, embrace your teachings and corrections, and encourages them to strive to be better individuals.

As a parent, you should go the extra mile to show you care and understand whatever it is your children may be going through per time. But while you do this, give them boundaries and firmly correct their bad behavior. Also, try not to take them for granted. Respect them and let them have their space when the situation warrants it. This will help boost their self-esteem and increase their self-value.


6.  Teach Them To Look Out For Others

Encourage your kids not to be self-centered but to look out for others who need their help and lift them. This is because it is in lifting others, that they will become better people.


7.  Spend Time With Them

how to raise a well mannered child

Never underestimate the impact time spent with your kids has on their lives. Make out time to enjoy their company; be their friend; ask about their day; inquire from them what they were taught in school, and find out what they love and things they don’t like. Engage their minds positively by doing meaningful things like sharing ideas on a book, watching an educational program together, playing sports, or doing other fun but memorable things.


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Thanks for reading this article to the end, I hope sharing these ideas on how to raise a good child will encourage you to be proactive in the upbringing of your child and remind you that you don’t have to leave your child to the mercy or dictates of society.


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how to raise a child in a decaying culture


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