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100 Engagement Proposal Ideas Guaranteed To Get a ‘Yes’

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Proposal ideas

Planning the perfect wedding proposal is all about little details—like getting the ideal engagement ring, picking the best places in the world to propose, or finding the right proposal props to make the moment unforgettable. If you are trying to decide the most romantic ways to propose marriage, here are 100 engagement proposal ideas you can explore. These proposal ideas range from unique proposal ideas like beach proposals to romantic proposal ideas that will wow your partner.

Also, if you’re looking for cozy proposal ideas at home or an epic adventure, we’ve got you covered. Let’s make your proposal as unique and beautiful as your love story!

In this article, you will find the following:

  • Romantic proposal ideas
  • Simple proposal ideas
  • Beach proposal ideas
  • Private proposal ideas
  • Unique proposal ideas
  • Winter proposal ideas
  • Christmas proposal ideas

Engagement Proposal Ideas

When it comes to marriage proposals, creativity is an important factor that can determine whether or not your romantic partner will say ‘I do’ to you. From grand public displays to intimate, private moments, there are endless ways to pop the question. Whether you envision a creative and elaborate scheme or a simple and heartfelt approach, finding the right proposal idea requires careful thought and consideration.

The following list of best marriage proposal ideas offers inspiration and practical tips to help you craft an unforgettable proposal that will be met with a resounding “yes.”

Romantic Proposal Ideas

Romantic proposal ideas

Creating a romantic proposal is all about setting the scene for a memorable and heartfelt moment that reflects the depth of your feelings. Here are several ideas to inspire a romantic proposal:

1.  Private Beach Proposal: Arrange a secluded spot on the beach with candles, flowers, and a romantic setup, then wait for the perfect time to pop the question.

2.  Sunset Picnic: Propose during a picnic at sunset with a breathtaking view and your partner’s favorite foods.

3.  Hot Air Balloon Ride: Propose while floating high above the landscape in a hot air balloon at sunrise or sunset. This is one of the fun proposal ideas you can try.

4.  Under the Stars: Plan a stargazing night with blankets and a telescope, proposing under a sky full of stars.

5.  Candlelit Dinner: Set up an intimate candlelit dinner at home or in a private location with soft music and a gourmet meal. Then propose at the time you consider most suitable.

6.  Fairy Light Garden: Decorate a garden or backyard with fairy lights and flowers, creating a magical atmosphere for the proposal.

7.  Boat Ride at Sunset: Rent a small boat or gondola and propose during a serene sunset ride on the water.

8.  Scenic Hike: Take a hike to a beautiful overlook or waterfall and propose amidst nature’s beauty.

9.  Rooftop Proposal: Propose on a rooftop with a stunning city view, surrounded by candles and soft music.

10.  Flower Petal Path: Create a path of flower petals leading to a romantic setup where you’ll pop the question.

11.  Concert Proposal: Arrange for your favorite song to be played live at a concert and propose during the performance.

12.  Holiday Light Display: Propose during a visit to a holiday light display, taking advantage of the festive ambiance.

13.  Love Lock Bridge: Propose on a famous love lock bridge, adding your own lock to symbolize your commitment.

14.  Helicopter Ride: Take a private helicopter ride over a scenic area and propose with an aerial view as your backdrop.

15.  Fireworks Display: Propose during a fireworks show for a dramatic and unforgettable moment.

16.  Library or Bookstore: If you both love books, propose in a cozy corner of a library or bookstore with a meaningful book in hand.

17.  Historic Landmark: Propose at a historic landmark or a location with special meaning to your relationship.

18.  Breakfast in Bed: Start the day with breakfast in bed and surprise your partner with a proposal alongside their morning coffee or tea.

Simple Proposal Ideas

Simple proposal ideas

Sometimes, the simplest gestures can be the most heartfelt and memorable. Here are some simple yet beautiful proposal ideas:

19.  Home Dinner: Cook your partner’s favorite meal and propose during a cozy dinner at home.

20.  Morning Coffee: Slip the ring into their coffee cup or write “Will you marry me?” on the mug.

21.  Favorite Spot: Propose at your partner’s favorite park or spot where you often go together.

22.  Walk in the Park: Take a peaceful walk and propose at a scenic spot along the way.

23.  Movie Night: Propose during a quiet moment while watching a favorite movie at home.

24.  Picnic: Prepare a simple picnic in a local park or your backyard and propose over a meal.

25.  Game Night: Incorporate the proposal into a board game or card game you both enjoy.

26.  Photo Album: Create a photo album of your favorite memories together, with the last page asking the big question.

27.  Love Letter: Write a heartfelt letter or a marriage proposal speech and read it to your partner before proposing.

28.  Favorite Restaurant: Propose at your partner’s favorite restaurant, maybe over dessert.

29.  Flower Garden: Propose in a local flower garden or botanical garden for a simple yet beautiful setting.

30.  Morning Walk: Take an early morning walk and propose as the day begins.

31.  Cooking Together: Propose while cooking a meal together, perhaps while making dessert.

32.  Book Proposal: Hide the ring in a book you know your partner is reading.

33.  Candlelit Room: Fill a room with candles and propose in the warm, romantic glow.

34.  First Date Spot: Revisit the location of your first date and propose there.

35.  Scavenger Hunt at Home: Create a small scavenger hunt around the house, ending with the proposal.

36.  Music Playlist: Create a playlist of songs that are meaningful to your relationship and propose while listening together.

37.  Family Gathering: If you like proposal ideas with family present, this is one you should consider. Propose during a casual family gathering or dinner, with your loved ones present to share in the joy.

Beach Proposal Ideas

Beach proposal ideas

A beach proposal combines natural beauty with a sense of serenity and romance, creating an idyllic backdrop for one of life’s most memorable moments. Here are some enchanting beach proposal ideas:

38.  Sunset Proposal: Propose during a breathtaking sunset, with the golden hues reflecting off the water.

39.  Sandcastle Surprise: Build a sandcastle together, hiding the ring inside for a magical reveal.

40.  Written in the Sand: Write “Will you marry me?” in the sand and take your partner for a walk to discover it.

41.  Bonfire Proposal: Create a cozy beach bonfire, complete with s’mores, and pop the question under the stars.

42.  Secluded Cove: Find a quiet, secluded cove for a private and intimate proposal.

43.  Shell Hunt: Organize a shell hunt with the final shell hiding the engagement ring.

44.  Snorkeling Proposal: Propose underwater while snorkeling, using waterproof signs or a ring in a waterproof case.

45.  Boat Proposal: Rent a small boat and propose just off the shore, with the beach as a picturesque backdrop.

46.  Beachfront Dinner: Arrange a private, candlelit dinner on the beach, complete with a table, chairs, and a view of the ocean. Then propose while having dinner.

47.  Kite Proposal: Fly a kite with a banner that reads “Will you marry me?” for a whimsical and fun proposal.

48.  Surfboard Message: Write your proposal message on a surfboard and reveal it while surfing or on the beach.

49.  Seashell Path: Create a path of seashells leading to a heart made of shells where you’ll propose.

50.  Tide Pool Treasure: Hide the ring in a tide pool for your partner to find while exploring.

51.  Starfish Surprise: Use a decorative starfish to present the ring during a quiet moment on the beach.

52.  Private Beach Hut: Rent a private beach hut or cabana for a secluded and romantic proposal spot.

53.  Floating Lanterns: Light and release floating lanterns into the sky before or after proposing on the beach.

54.  Beach Volleyball: Organize a beach volleyball game with friends, with the final point revealing the proposal message written in the sand or on a banner.

Private Proposal Ideas

Private proposal ideas

A private proposal allows for an intimate and personal moment, where you can express your love without any distractions. Here are some ideas for a private proposal.

55.  Forest Hideaway: Plan a private hike to a secluded spot in the woods and propose surrounded by nature.

56.  Sunset Balcony: Propose on your balcony or patio at sunset, with a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate.

57.  Spa Night: Set up a spa night at home with massages and relaxation, culminating in a proposal.

58.  Private Garden: Propose in a private garden or greenhouse, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

59.  Artistic Proposal: Paint or draw a picture together, revealing the ring or proposal message as the finishing touch.

Unique Proposal Ideas

Here are some distinctive proposal ideas that go beyond the traditional.

60.  Flash Mob: Organize a flash mob in a public place, with friends and family participating in a dance routine leading up to your proposal.

61.  Art Gallery: Propose in an art gallery, with a custom piece of art that asks the big question.

62.  Travel Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook of your travels and adventures together, with the last page featuring the proposal.

63.  Skywriting: Hire a skywriter to spell out “Will you marry me?” in the sky.

64.  Drone Delivery: Use a drone to deliver the ring to your partner in a picturesque location.

65.  Virtual Reality: Create a virtual reality experience where your partner explores a virtual world that ends with the proposal.

66.  Cave Proposal: Propose in a beautifully lit cave or cavern, surrounded by natural wonders.

67.  Rock Climbing: Propose at the top of a rock climbing route, celebrating your shared adventure.

68.  Zookeeper for a Day: Arrange a special behind-the-scenes tour at a zoo, ending with a proposal.

69.  Horseback Riding: Propose during a romantic horseback ride through a scenic trail.

70.  Space Center: Propose at a space center or observatory, with a theme centered around your love being out of this world.

71.  Themed Escape Room: Create a custom escape room at home with a theme meaningful to your relationship, leading to the proposal.

72.  Interactive Museum Exhibit: Arrange for a special exhibit at a museum to be set up just for your proposal, incorporating elements of your relationship story.

Winter Proposal Ideas

Winter offers a magical backdrop for a proposal, with its snowy landscapes, cozy settings, and festive atmosphere. Here are some enchanting winter proposal ideas:

73.  Snowy Mountain Proposal: Propose at the top of a scenic mountain after a day of skiing or snowboarding.

74.  Ice Skating Rink: Pop the question in the middle of a charming ice skating rink, under twinkling lights.

75.  Cozy Cabin: Rent a cozy cabin in the woods and propose by the fireplace.

76.  Snowman Surprise: Build a snowman together and reveal the ring as the finishing touch.

77.  Winter Wonderland Walk: Take a romantic stroll through a snow-covered park or forest and propose surrounded by nature.

78.  Hot Chocolate Proposal: Create a special moment by slipping the ring into a cup of hot chocolate (make sure it’s safe to find!).

79.  Holiday Light Display: Propose amidst the magic of a beautifully lit holiday display or Christmas market.

80.  Frozen Lake Proposal: Propose on a picturesque frozen lake with a backdrop of snow-covered trees.

81.  Christmas Tree Farm: Propose while picking out a Christmas tree together, creating a moment filled with festive spirit.

82.  New Year’s Eve: Celebrate the New Year with a proposal at the stroke of midnight.

83.  Sleigh Ride: Arrange a horse-drawn sleigh ride through a snowy landscape and pop the question during the ride.

84.  Winter Picnic: Set up a cozy winter picnic with warm blankets and thermos of hot cider in a scenic snowy spot.

85.  Snow Globe: Present a custom snow globe with a miniature scene of your proposal spot inside.

86.  Igloo or Ice Hotel: Book a stay at an igloo or ice hotel and propose in this unique, icy setting.

87.  Northern Lights: If possible, propose under the mesmerizing Northern Lights for a truly unforgettable moment.

88.  Christmas Morning: Place the ring in a special ornament or gift box to be opened on Christmas morning.

89.  Holiday Baking: Bake a batch of holiday cookies together and hide the ring in a decorated cookie.

Christmas Proposal Ideas

Christmas is a time filled with joy, warmth, and togetherness, making it an ideal season for a romantic proposal. Here are some delightful Christmas proposal ideas to create a magical and unforgettable moment:

90.  Christmas Tree Decoration: Hide the ring in a special ornament and propose while decorating the Christmas tree together.

91.  Custom Ornament: Present a custom ornament that says “Will you marry me?” and hang it on the tree.

92.  Santa Claus Proposal: Arrange for Santa Claus to hand over the ring or deliver a message asking for your partner’s hand in marriage.

93.  Christmas Carolers: Hire carolers to sing your partner’s favorite holiday song before you pop the question.

94.  Gingerbread House: Hide the ring in a gingerbread house that you build together, revealing it during the decorating process.

95.  Christmas Eve Dinner: Propose during a special Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends.

96.  Holiday Photo Session: Arrange a holiday-themed photo session and surprise your partner by proposing during the shoot.

97.  Christmas Light Tour: Take a tour of beautifully decorated houses and propose at the most impressive display.

98.  Advent Calendar: Create a custom advent calendar with small gifts or notes for each day leading up to Christmas. On the final day, include the engagement ring with a heartfelt message asking your partner to marry you. This builds excitement and anticipation throughout the season.

99.  Christmas Concert: Propose at a Christmas concert or holiday performance that you both love.

100.  Christmas Eve Church Service: Propose after attending a midnight mass or Christmas Eve service, capturing the spirit of the season.


How do I choose the perfect proposal idea?

Consider your partner’s personality, interests, and preferences. Think about what makes your relationship unique and choose an idea that reflects your shared experiences and special moments. Personalizing the proposal makes it more meaningful.

What if something goes wrong during the proposal?

Stay calm and be flexible. Sometimes, unplanned moments can make the proposal even more memorable and authentic. Focus on the significance of the moment rather than perfection.

Do I need to ask for permission before proposing?

This depends on cultural traditions and personal preferences. Some people value the tradition of asking their partner’s parents for permission or blessing, while others may choose to forgo this step. Consider what feels right for you and your partner.

How do I choose the right ring?

Pay attention to your partner’s style and jewelry preferences. Let this be your guide when trying to decide how to buy an engagement ring. If you’re still unsure, consider asking a close friend or family member for advice. You can also propose with a placeholder ring and choose the actual engagement ring together later.

Should I hire a photographer or videographer?

Capturing the proposal on camera can be a wonderful way to preserve the memory. If you think your partner would appreciate having photos or a video, consider hiring a professional or asking a friend to discreetly document the moment.

What should I say during the proposal?

Speak from the heart. Reflect on your relationship, express your love and commitment, and share why you want to spend your life together. It doesn’t have to be a long wedding proposal speech—sincerity is key.

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