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25 Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Will Propose Soon

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Signs he bought an engagement ring

If you are in a romantic relationship that you want to lead to marriage, put your mind to rest by knowing the signs he bought an engagement ring and will propose soon. So you no longer have to wonder:

“Is he going to propose?
“Is he preparing to propose?
“When will he propose?
“Will my boyfriend ever propose?

And friends and family don’t pressurize you by asking- “but when will he propose to you?” 

These 25 marriage proposal signs will help you live above unnecessary tension and truly enjoy your single life while it lasts.

25 Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring: Signs He Will Propose Soon/Signs He Will Propose In The Future

When you are indeed in love, there are always signs you will notice that tell you just how serious your partner is about you. However, do those signs indicate that he plans to propose to you? Well, in this article, we’ll help you determine 25 good signs that he bought an engagement ring for you.

1. He shows curiosity about jewelry

A man having an out-of-the-blue interest in jewelry is as rare as finding an alien dancing on the street butt-naked. If you notice your partner paying extra attention to jewelry, especially rings, consider him working hard to find the perfect engagement ring for you.

Is your man suddenly interested in knowing your style regarding accessories or your preferred choice of metal?

  •  Are you missing some of your rings from the jewelry box? Chances are that your boyfriend stole it to have your finger measured.
  •  Is your boyfriend studying your fingers more keenly than before? Does he play with your ‘ring finger’ more often?
  • Is your boyfriend suddenly an expert on rings? Well, he’s definitely reading about it a lot. You might find surprising details of the engagement ring on his google history, but I suggest you rather not dwell on it.

If he has tried one of these methods to get your ring finger’s measurement, he has already read articles on ‘how to get someone’s ring size without asking?” and marriage is definitely the only thing on his mind.

If you have encountered one such instance, chances are that your boyfriend is probably rehearsing the question “Will you marry me?” in his head repeatedly.

Don’t be surprised if you find your boyfriend awake at night measuring your finger. He wants to make the proposal a beautiful event of surprises, don’t ruin it for him. Pretend to be asleep, homie!

It is a clear sign he is about to pop the question on you soon enough.

2. He is getting closer to your best friend

  • Is your best friend randomly talking about her dream wedding and a dreamy proposal? It might be their way to source information from you and sell it to your boyfriend.
  • Are they acting weird or suspicious, like they want to tell you something but cannot ruin the surprise wedding proposal?

It’s not uncommon for boyfriends to be close to your best friend or siblings. Still, if their interactions are sudden and extreme on an unreal level, they are definitely discussing rings, the wedding venue, the whole proposal surprises, and whatnot.

It’s not just your best friend; your boyfriend is extra communicative, social, and secretive with your siblings, cousins, and other family members, especially members you are very close to.

If you find your boyfriend having private dates with your family/best friend— dates that don’t include you for some incomprehensible reasons, a proposal might be on its way!

Who knows you better than your best friend or a close cousin? Your boyfriend is smart if he has gone to them for advice and preference. They would be the best guide to choosing the ring you’d love and the dream proposal you have always wanted.

You may notice your best friend’s keen interest in showing you jewelry or taking you to a random window shopping out of the blue. They might even pretend to purchase the ring for themselves to know about your choices.

So, don’t only look for signs in your partner’s behavior but also in people you are close to.

Another great sign that he bought an engagement ring for you is your friend’s weird behavior these recent days.

3. Your boyfriend turns himself to Incognito Mode

If your boyfriend suddenly hesitates when you try to use his phone, he might be trying to hide his search history.

Your partner might get uncomfortable when you hold his phone, or he might turn off his laptop extra fast when you walk by; he’s undoubtedly spending a lot of time searching for that perfect ring for you.

Don’t worry; he is not chatting/flirting with anyone, cheating with you, or planning revenge against you with your cousins, he’s rather more attentive and careful about the surprise proposal, and he doesn’t want to spill the tea. He’s walking on eggshells, so you don’t see him browsing the rings.

Sometimes, boyfriends get a little creative and may allow you to misunderstand the whole situation to eradicate any thoughts of marriage/surprise proposals from your mind. It’s their way of making the proposal extra charismatic.

“When you expect it the least, that’s when it hits the hardest.” In your case, it would be the most pleasant hit of your life.

Remember Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? Well, he pretended not to be interested in marriage to put off Monica (the love of his life) and then surprised her with the most beautiful & surprising marriage proposal of her life.

If you notice him using the marriage-related niche too often in your conversations while hiding his cell phone— be ready because soon you will see him on his knees with a ring to listen to a “yes” from you.

Do guys get distant before they propose? Yes, it’s very common for guys to get distant unintentionally when planning a proposal. They might not even be aware of their own behavior. When planning a proposal, they invest all their energy to give you the best proposal and that preparation may keep them away from you.

4. Is he planning to go on a date or a trip with just the two of you?

It is not just the flowers and dinner that are signs of an upcoming proposal. Him planning a romantic outing with you might be one of the signs he is going to propose on vacation with you.

  • Is your date location very unexpected?
  • Is your boyfriend suddenly taking you to your dream country/city or La Ville Lumièr?
  • Is he extra secretive about this destination?

If he has been secretly arranging the date for a while, a romantic outing could indicate that he will ask you to marry him. *fingers crossed*

Is your boyfriend’s plan suddenly synchronizing with your dream wedding proposal? If so, be prepared— you want to look your best when he proposes, so go shopping!

Of course, it’s normal for couples to plan trips and outings out of the blue, but is your boyfriend careful about the dates you suggest?

Is he talking about your upcoming plans, or have you seen him cross-mark dates on the calendar? Well, it’s evident he doesn’t want to postpone the proposal or ruin it because of urgency. So, he’s extra careful about the date of your trip.

  • He’s marking your period, mood swings, favorite day of the week, etc. It’s a little paranoid but cute nonetheless.
  • Does he want you to free up your schedule on your birthday or anniversary, and he’s non-negotiating about it? Hmm mmh!

Your boyfriend is a romantic if he’s so devoted to the proposal. He wants it to be perfect! A.W.W.!

If your ‘sudden’ trip has already been decided, the chances are that he has already bought a ring, and he is going to propose to you on this romantic getaway trip.

5. Other people are showing interest in taking you to a jeweler

While this sign might sound a bit offbeat to you, it is one of those indications that are not easily hidden in the cunning tricks of your friends, mother, or sister.

It’s weird for your relatives or other people to take you out for jewelry shopping, so if anyone does, it’s a clear sign that the news of a soon-proposal has already spread within your circle.

It’s not just the jewelry shop; it’s their behavior around you—

  • Older relatives are suddenly more caring and mischievous around you.
  • Your grandmother’s out there giving you ‘illicit’ advice about the wedding night.
  • Their eyes sparkle in suspense whenever they look at you.
  • Their aura reeks of secrets and stolen glances.
  • You hear them randomly sharing their wedding stories with you.
  • They might even be direct and open about your wedding choices and preference.

“What’s your dream proposal sweety?”
“Don’t settle for anything less, but a platinum ring or gold is fine, too, if it’s wrapped around diamonds.”
“What do you mean you don’t need an expensive ring?” It’s imperative.”

Somehow, every conversation you have with your relatives turns out to be about rings, why platinum is better than gold, weddings, etc., etc.

Don’t be alarmed; they are just excited. I suggest acting normal and not letting them catch that you are aware of their steering nature. Hehe!

6. He becomes wise in spending every penny

Out of the blue, your shopaholic boyfriend suddenly turns into someone who spends every buck with proper calculations. Of course, he still spends money, but he no longer wants to waste it on unnecessary purchases. The guy is suddenly shopping for household essentials and family materials.

If your boyfriend is saving extra money, he’s saving it for the ring and the wedding ahead of them. It clearly signifies that he wants to buy the perfect ring for you.

That’s not all; you have noticed that he has cut his expenses to half— he’s not filling his shopping cart and is not spending much on alcohol, parties, or other frivolities. He has suddenly stopped going to clubs with his friends to save money.

It is a clear sign that he is saving that money to buy a ring for you instead of his new pair of Nike shoes.

7. He started complimenting and admiring you in bulk

Weird signs he is going to propose

Of course, he compliments you normally, too, but now those compliments and admiration have taken a different road.

He still compliments you every day, but now he’s dwelling on the details of your existence. He notices small changes and admires them day and night, like worshiping you. He has a stupid heart-eyes expression on his face every time he looks at you, and he looks at you more than ever.

  • He compliments your hand while holding it dearly.
  • He acknowledges and boosts your kindness.

His compliments aren’t limited to words; his actions speak differently, too.

  • He’s extra protective and slightly possessive about you and your safety.
  • He goes out of his way to make sure you are doing okay.
  • He behaves like a perfect husband material. He doesn’t interest himself anymore with the ‘cool boyfriend’ act; he wants to show you that he’s marriage material.

You may be wondering— “Seriously! Is this a sign?” Well, YES!

The chances are that he has already considered you as his wife and wants you to feel loved. It is really a big deal for a man to propose to the love of his life. With the pampering comments and admiring cheesy lines, he wants to show how much he adores you.

Signs of a proposal coming— it’s not far away.


Taking parents ‘ blessing is probably the last step before he proposes.

8. Your parents seem different and a little emotional

Has he met your parents out of the blue? Well, meeting parents is one of the most apparent signs he’s about to propose and that the day is not far away!

You know everything is going to get real and fast when your families are involved. If he has talked to your family and his family has blessed you weirdly— the proposal is going to happen sooner than you may think.

It’s natural for your relatives/friends to be mischievous around you. However, on the other hand, your parents are suddenly way too emotional— so emotional that they are inconsolable.

If you find your parents being extra coy and happy-sad, the chances are that your boyfriend has talked to them about the marriage and their permission.

He might have met your parents for approval. Your mother may show symptoms of excitement, happiness, emotions, and random sadness altogether. On the other hand, your father would be too emotional; he might be extra shy and tearful. When you notice all these girl, know it it one of the signs of a proposal coming soon.

  • Your parents suddenly want to spend more time with you.
  • They are talking about your childhood and getting sentimental more often than expected.
  • They are a mixture of emotions— giddy, secretive, enthusiastic, and happy and sad.

Your parents’ impulsive behavior and extra love towards you clearly show that he’s already bought an engagement ring for you. It’s even more apparent if your father has started showing emotions that are rare to see usually.

Darling, it’s time to jump over your skincare routine because the special day is not so far. Instead of investigating more, focus on your ‘bridal shower ideas, fairytale fall wedding ideas, wedding entrance ideas, wedding venues, wedding dress, wedding games, wedding cost, and other wedding-related plans etc. That’s the one part isn’t it?

9. The guy is nervous as hell

Is your boyfriend acting weird, nervous, shy or even distant? Trust me, this is one of the weird signs he is going to propose. You are not alone, your boyfriend is also losing mind over this proposal. It is as big of a decision for him as it is for you.

We all fear rejection; even if the relationship is blooming, we still fear rejection. Your boyfriend wants to hold you forever and ever, and he’s also scared that you might not say ‘yes.’

He’s risking the foundation of his relationship, and that sure as hell sweats him up. So, your boyfriend will be extra nervous, emotional, scared, and attention-seeking.

He would constantly show his love and secretly wants you to reciprocate his feelings just as strongly. He wants your approval that this relationship is for life and you also have a ‘wedding’ on your mind.

So, he will do everything in his power to constantly know how you feel about this relationship and how much you love him.

This nervousness may trigger him to behave like a needy lover— someone dying for your approval and attention. Please don’t be hard on him; the guy is losing his mind over the proposal. The shadow of you turning his proposal down will haunt him until you say yes. So, let the guy breathe and play along!

10. Spending time with your family is his new activity

Signs he is going to propose on vacation

Note this, please; every single guy who is serious about his love would never let go of a chance to get close to his lover’s friends and family.

If you have noticed that your boyfriend takes the time to meet your close family members and friends, he has made up his mind, sweetheart, and surely you will encounter those special words— “Will you marry me?” really soon!

This behavior is not expected from the casanova boys who don’t have marriage on their minds. So, if your man is taking care of your family, learning their rituals, and treasures spending time with them, he is undoubtedly making an effort to have a place in your family and impress them to no limits.

11. He has asked you to meet his family

If he or his family has invited you for lunch or dinner or if he has taken you to his place to meet his family and friends— he is a keeper, girl.

Generally, guys never introduce their friends or close ones to their family, but if they do, it clearly indicates that you are much more to them than simply an individual.

That’s not all; are his parents very secretive, coy, and mischievous around you, too? Well, chances are they approve of you as their future daughter-in-law.

He is truly serious about you if he goes out of his way to arrange for you to meet his family and friends. This is a sweet indication that he is about to pop the question, don’t doubt the guy’s sincerity; he’s head over heels for you!

12. Have you noticed? He has started focusing on grooming

When guys fall for someone, they want to show you their best side. They always want to make you realize that they are worth it.

Your boyfriend would try extra hard to look beautiful inside out. So, you don’t turn him down. If your man has suddenly started to show more interest in wearing good fashion and grooming, this is probably one of the signs that he is about to propose to you.

They want to impress you by being the best version of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, they would always try to look pretty, handsome, and well-dressed to enhance your approval of them.

13. Being nervous when you are around

I bet you may have felt this once in a while. You guys have been in love for a long time, and you don’t need words to talk; eyes and facial gestures do that for you. So romantic!

This is probably why he isn’t making eye contact or acting strange or nervous when you are around. He can’t keep that secret for long due to excitement and love for you, but he is trying hard so that he doesn’t get flustered or say dumb things.

14. He’s acting like the perfect husband material

It probably isn’t an act at all; maybe he’s trying to show you how good of a husband he would be!

  • He has started to pay more attention to your opinion on marriage, equality, and society’s pressure toward wives.
  • He’s cleaning after him like an adult man. He’s more sincere about keeping his place clean, he washes after eating, and he does laundry on time.
  • He cooks meals for you often and makes the bed for you at night.
  • He shares his share of household duties enthusiastically and loves to play the role of a responsible man.
  • He always puts the toilet seat down and cleans the bathroom now and then.

Trust me, girl; your boyfriend is reading articles on articles to be the perfect man for you. He’s also taking lessons from your girlfriends to be good at being a husband. That’s the kind of man you deserve, be prepared to give the most cheerful ‘yes’ to his proposal.

15. Your man is talking about future goals

So normally, your boyfriend may have told you about his life and his goals many times. However, those conversations about future plans somehow revolve around you, you and him, a future house together, babies, and whatnot.

Has he seriously discussed the commitments and future course of action he has in his mind? If yes! Then this is a sign he has bought an engagement ring for you and is about to pop ‘THE’ question.

  • He talks about marital roles and wants to change them for a cheerful household.
  • He talks about how a husband should behave as a responsible man.
  • He talks about sharing duties and responsibilities.
  • There’s a conversation about finances.
  • He has a ‘big plan’ for the future that supports him and his family (you) financially, emotionally, and physically.
  • He talks about that ‘big plan’ in great detail.
  • He wants to know your opinion on every decision he makes in the present and future.

If you find him talking and discussing more marriages, finances, and probably kids or future— darling, you should start searching for the bridal wear you want to wear on your special day as the wedding bells are about to ring.

16. Out of the blue, he wants to know about your past

Of course, you have already had many deep conversations as a couple, but your boyfriend is suddenly extra curious about your childhood.

  • He wants to look at your childhood and teen photos.
  • He wants to listen to your childhood stories from your parents.
  • He’s extra happy to hear about you and your past; his face lights up when someone mentions your childhood memories.
  • He wants to know every detail of your existence— your birthplace, favorite childhood memories, best friend, and everything. He suddenly wants to know everything about you.

This is a hint that he genuinely cares for you and really wants to know you in-depth before popping the question.

Moreover, maybe he’s asking you all these questions to plan the most memorable proposal of your life by recreating your childhood memories. He might even take you to your special childhood place to propose to you.

17. The “I” is being replaced with “We.”

a) Instead of saying, “I would like my house to look like this…”
He says, “Our house would look like…” or “what should our dream house look like?”

b) Instead of saying, “I need to save money for the Nike shoes….”
He says, “We should start financing for a lovely future together.”

c) Instead of making plans for himself, he’s dreaming of trips with you.

If your partner has been talking about you in his plans, that is a clear proposal sign. He’s not just saying it to make you feel good; he really is looking forward to a future with you.

The last piece of evidence is when he starts to call you his ‘wifey’ or ‘future wifey.’

18. Weddings don’t scare me or make him gag

There’s a time in life when we all fear going to weddings with our partner because there’s definitely tension in that air. It’s a huge commitment, and being scared of that is alright!

However, recently, you have noticed that your boyfriend isn’t scared of those wedding ceremonies anymore. He’s even enthusiastic about attending these events with you. This is a clear sign that your boyfriend isn’t afraid of that thought anymore, and he also looks forward to his marriage.

You may even find your boyfriend commenting on the wedding and its decoration to great lengths as if he’s suddenly a master of these things.

19. Recently, he has asked about the type of ring you like nonchalantly

This is a biggie! A crystal clear indication that your man is carrying a thought of proposing to you very soon. He wants to ensure that everything is per your demand, so he may randomly ask your choice. It is evident that he may not ask this question straightforwardly.

“Not to alarm you or anything, but I was wondering if extravagant rings were your type. That wedding we went to together left me with many questions.”

They may try to play it cool, so play along with them for the sake of their cuteness. Boys are extra cute when they do something they have little experience in.

Hey, make sure you don’t give him the idea that you know the reason behind these specific questions. He is really putting in a lot of effort, right? Don’t ruin it!

20. He has started to take your opinions for every significant decision

Well, you will be a big part of his life now! So, it’s normal for him to include you in his present/future decisions.

It also means that he values your thoughts, and this is a major green flag that he’s the HUSBAND material you deserve, babe. Don’t let him go!

21. He has clearly asked you about your ring size

What’s more transparent than this? I mean, only a person who’s lost his head to concussion might not understand this clear sign.

If you have caught a glimpse of him asking you questions like what ring size you have or if he is indirectly asking you questions like—

  • “Let’s try each other’s rings.”
  • “I need to buy a ring for one of my family members and I guess your finger size is compatible with them, let me borrow your ring for a little while?”

Agh! Such a cutie he is. And dear, this is the crystal clear weird sign that he is about to propose to you. Men tend to act weird when they have to be discreet about something. All the more reasons to fall for him!

22. Did he talk about living together?

Living together is a big decision, and it’s a little scary, but your boyfriend wants to live with you despite that fear. He doesn’t want to be away from you, which says much about his plans.

  • “I want to wake up next to you for the rest of my life.”
  • “Don’t go baby, sleepover.”
  • “Let’s sleep together. My nights feel too lonely without you.”

He is actually giving you a glimpse of the world you’d be sharing together.

23. He wants everyone to know how special you are

If he can’t stop celebrating you or telling everyone how special you are, don’t blame him, this is one of the weird signs he is going to propose.

24. He starts asking you really important questions about yourself

If he is into you, and wants to propose soon, you will notice that he will start asking you questions about yourself, so he can better understand you. 

25. You have seen the ring

Wait! What? If you have seen the ring, forget about it or you will ruin the surprise. Some things are better left for the time being. If you have seen the ring or know that a proposal is around the corner, stop being Sherlock Holmes and stop investigating so much! Stop snooping around anymore. Instead start looking for ‘how to react to a proposal you know is coming’ if you don’t want to dull down the event!

“He bought a ring but hasn’t proposed?”

Well, a ring is probably not enough, your boyfriend wants to make the day memorable and magical for the both of you. So, he is probably preparing for the big day!. Have patience!

Take away

The above signs he bought an engagement ring are very important but one thing I would like to add is that if your man is putting all these efforts just to make the moment of engagement worth a memory, you should also surprise him with a reverse proposal on your knees. They deserve a proposal just as much!

This will genuinely make them fall in love with you more and make them feel 1000x special.

In fact, it’s best if you don’t try to extract all the information about the proposal; let it surprise you! Your boyfriend deserves a happy, enthusiastic (might I add a tearful), and ‘wide-eyed’ YES!

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