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216 Wedding Shoe Game Questions For A Fun Wedding

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Wedding shoe gameWedding shoe game is a good way for couples to have great fun at their wedding. If you finding the best wedding shoe game questions to ask at your reception? Don’t worry; we have the perfect list of wedding shoe game questions you can use in your marriage, making it a blast for the beautiful couple and the guests!

The Wedding Shoe Game

“A good marriage is one where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal”.

Marriage is an exceptional occasion in everyone’s life; we all want it to be worth remembering and cherishing for a lifetime. But what makes a wedding fun and memorable—unique games & events.

Although playing games on special occasions like birthday parties and anniversaries is very popular, introducing the same concept in marriages is the best way to involve guests of all ages. Moreover, it helps reduce the wedding cost as you’re involving everyone in fun activities!

Today, we’ll be talking about the wedding shoe game—what it is, how you host a wedding shoe game, how to play it, and 216 wedding shoe game questions to use in your marriage to make it extraordinary! 

What is the wedding shoe game? 

The wedding shoe game is an exciting concept to make your marriage worth remembering. It is a popular marriage activity that tests the couple’s knowledge of each other.

It’s mainly played by the bride and groom—the couple must sit on conversely-placed chairs with their backs against each other. Next, both players should hold the bride’s shoe in one hand and the groom’s shoe in the other.

Then, the couple will be asked specific questions (related to them or their relationship), which they can answer by raising the right shoe in the sky.

For example, the question can be, “Who smells better?”; raising the groom’s shoe means the answer is the groom, and raising the bride’s shoe means the answer is the bride.

How to play wedding shoe game?

Playing the wedding shoe game is easy, but you must wait for the perfect moment by clearing the dance floor and gathering the crowd around.

Here are some master tips for you to execute this game appropriately:

1. Use interesting questions about the bride and groom’s life

To make the wedding shoe game impactful, you must have a better arrangement of chairs and an entirely enthusiastic questions list (refer to our list of great wedding shoe game questions below).

2. You must have the essentials for the perfect event

Arrange two chairs end-to-end in the center of the dance floor in a way that the couple could not see each other.
Make them pull off their shoes and exchange one with each other, such that both of them should have one of the bride’s and one of the groom’s shoes.

3. Select an engaging host

Choosing a great host is important on any occasion. So pick someone from the bridesmaids or a guest who is better at creating joy. This person must have a louder vocal and should be confident enough to pitch in an attractive voice to grab the attention.

4. Start the questions

After selecting the best host, you must prepare a list of fair and fussy questions to make the event enjoyable. The host should start announcing questions louder for the couple, publicize the correct answer, and make funny comments in between.

5. Raise the shoe

The couple is not allowed to shout the answer; they can only raise a shoe in their hand. In simple words, when the host asks a question, the couple will raise a shoe of the person who is the answer.


216 Wedding shoe game questions

The wedding shoe game

Here are some fun wedding shoe game questions that will surely give a blast to your marriage!

Romantic wedding shoe game questions

To start off the wedding shoe game, you should go with some romance-based questions first. This will remind the couple of their sweet bond, and reignite the intimacy within:

  1. Who said ” I love you” first?
  2. Who schedules better date nights?
  3. Who asked to date first?
  4. Who made the first move?
  5. Who fell in love first?
  6. Who will want kids first?
  7. Whose in laws are cuter?
  8. Who is more loyal?
  9. Who is more forgiving?
  10. Who is emotional?
  11. Who teases more?
  12. Who flirts more?
  13. Who is the drippy one?
  14. Who is the first to apologize?
  15. Who is in charge of the relationship?
  16. Who is more likely to turn on a debate?
  17. Who is a nicer kisser?
  18. Who looks more decent?
  19. Who is more likely to want to make love on the bedroom floor?
  20. Who makes fast decisions?
  21. Who is moodier?
  22. Who has a better styling sense?
  23. Who is more chaotic?
  24. Who has a more cluttered mind?
  25. Who is an overthinker?
  26. Who is more likely to have fake scenarios in mind?
  27. Who overreacts every time?
  28. Who is more possessive?
  29. Who is more likely to want privacy?
  30. Who is bossier?
  31. Who was cooler in high school?
  32. Who offers coffee in bed?
  33. Who has never dyed their hair?
  34. Who has a better driving record?
  35. Who is more likely to be the strict parent?
  36. Who is quicker to get irritated?
  37. Who is more likely to get driven out?
  38. Who is the most sympathetic?
  39. Who is more likely to fall asleep in church?
  40. Who is more devotional?
  41. Who is a shabbier eater?

Funny shoe game questions for a wedding

Wedding shoe game questions

The guests need to have a proper laugh too, of course. Use these funny wedding shoe game questions to energize the crowd and build hype on the dance floor!

42. Who is more likely to do a striptease for their partner?

43. Who is more interested in talking with strangers?

45. Who gossips more during a movie?

46. Who is more energetic when it comes to playing games?

47. Who is going to take care of the spiders in the house?

48. Who could eat a mega pint of ice cream in one sitting?

49. Who is more likely to get stranded on a deserted island?

50. Who leaves their dirty dishes in the sink overnight?

51. Who gets more overnight cravings?

52. Who’s more likely to break their phone?

53. Who is more of a devil when it comes to shielding their loved ones?

54. Who is more likely to feel jealous?

55. Who thinks they are the mastermind?

56. Who is luckier to have found the other one?

57. Who loves to make home decors?

58. Who always forgets to put the toilet seat down?

59. Who has more toilet paper?

60. Who does the laundry?

61. Who argues more with their partner?

62. Who is more likely to be arrested?

63. Who is more likely to burn water?

64. Who can hear everything around the house?

65. Who likes to enjoy neighborhood fights?

66. Who has a good presence of mind?

67. Who has the craziest family?

68. Who is more likely to get rolled over by police?

69. Who gets more significant gifts?

70. Who likes to play with rain?

71. Who is more habitual of smoking?

Personality-based wedding shoe game questions

It is time to check who knows who better. Use these personality-based wedding shoe game questions to test which partner is more mindful of the other!

72. Who is a picky eater?

73. Who is more likely to party?

74. Who is afraid of water?

75. Who is more workaholic?

76. Who is “the responsible one”?

77. Who is a night owl?

78. Who is more of a dog person?

79. Who is more likely to get sunburnt?

80. Who is a better driver?

81. Who would rather be outdoors?

82. Who is the boring one?

83. Who thinks their partners are not interesting?

84. Who’s more likely to fall asleep fast?

85. Who is a gym rat?

86. Who is the best dancer?

87. Who has the best taste in TV shows and series?

88. Who is the best secret keeper?

89. Who is more friendly?

90. Who has a good vocabulary?

91. Who is more likely to rash drive in a hurrying situation?

92. Who is the best cook?

93. Who is more likely to bring surprises?

94. Who is a phone freak?

95. Who makes all the rules?

96. Who is the most rebellious?

97. Who is the most courageous?

98. Who takes the longest to get ready?

99. Who takes the longest shower?

100. Who talks the roughest?

101. Who is more likely to take risks?

102. Who would be the first one to lose their temper?

103. Who is more likely to cry fast?

104. Who eats the most?

105. Who is more likely to bring chaos?

106. Who looks after household work?

107. Who thinks their partner isn’t doing 50-50?

108. Who is dominant?

109. Who is more likely to be a cleanliness freak?

110. Who cracks the best jokes?

111. Who has better taste in outing locations?

112. Who has the best fashion sense?

113. Who is more soft-hearted?

114. Who looks after the pets more?

115. Who is the nerdiest one?

116. Who has the heart for books?

117. Who likes to spend more time on Netflix?

118. Who has the best taste in home appliances?

119. Who always thinks they are right?

120. Who is the first to apologize?

121. Who has better hair?

122. Who takes up more space in bed?

123. Who is a better singer?

124. Who is a better cook?

125. Who loves keeping secrets?

126. Who is more likely to explore new things?

127. Who is a lazy one?

128. Who is more talkative?

129. Who is high maintenance?

130. Who is more organized?

131. Who is more likely to be late for work?

132. Who is more likely to start late at work?Who is more honest?

133. Who is more likely to sacrifice in difficult situations?

134. Who is more truthful?

135. Who is more arrogant?

136. Who farts more?

137. Who needs more pampering?

138. Who is a better bathroom singer?

139. Who is more likely to keep the room messy?

140. Who is always ready to spend money on food?

141. Who never forgets anniversary and birthday dates?

142. Who is better at managing finances?

143. Who never forgets to take their mobile to the washroom?

144. Who loves junk food?

145. Who is a better dresser?

146. Who is the crazier one?

147. Who has a cuter smile?

148. Whose results has better grades?

149. Who is more likely to love doing household chores?

150. Who loves keeping surprises?

151. Who falls sick often?

152. Who hates bathing?

153. Who avoids bathing for days in the Winter season?

154. Who is more self-obsessed?

155. Who is more likely to spend money on shopping for unuseful items?

156. Whose in laws are crazier?

157. Who has more siblings?

158. Who is more health conscious?

159. Who has a fun way of doing things?

160. Who cracks the lamest jokes?

161. Who finds it difficult to adjust?

162. Who is a master at saving money?

163. Who passes out first while drinking?

164. Who flirts the most?

165. Who was more studious?

166. Who throws the maximum tantrum?

167. Who is more involved in the relationship

Weird questions to ask for a wedding shoe game

Here are some out of the box questions for the couple to enjoy. They’ll surely chuckle, giggle, and laugh when these weird wedding shoe game questions are introduced!

168. Who has more pairs of shoes?

169. Who has a bigger butt?

170. Who has the best taste for things?

171. Who has better vision?

172. Who has the best style of dressing?

173. Who has the worst hearing?

174. Who travels the most?

175. Who is more dramatic?

176. Who takes pictures of almost everything?

177. Who is more into self-pampering?

178. Who uses more toilet paper?

179. Who is more awkward in public?

180. Who stinks up the bathroom more?

181. Who loves to stay out for long?

182. Who is homesick?

183. Who wears the tidiest clothes?

184. Who keeps the cupboard messy?

185. Who likes to have sex on exotic locations?

186. Who likes cocktails the most?

187. Who likes to prepare a to-do list in a relationship?

Work & Money, wedding shoe game questions 

Marriage is a devotion of one’s complete self into hustling for their partner and family to offer them their happiest life. Of course, this involves proper money management! Here are some work & money wedding shoe game questions to test the couple’s financial skills:

188. Who settles the bills?

189. Who saves more money?

190. Who is more likely to stay at work late?

191. Who is a bigger shopaholic?

192. Who is more likely to spend on self-wellness products?

193. Who manages to work more in less time?

194. Who is more likely to look after house management?

195. Who keeps finding substitutes to save money?

196. Who never spends any money?

197. Who likes to collect lavish possessions?

198. Who is the bigger spender?

199. Who tips the most?

200. Who makes more money?

201. Who pays the most tax?

“Would she/he rather” wedding shoe questions

Other than the casual wedding shoe game questions, there’s a newly enlisted group of questions for the bride and groom to check how better they know their partner. However, these questions need to be answered via correct options instead of the usual way.

There’s only one rule—the person who knows the answer must raise their shoe first and then speak the answer aloud.

202. Would she/he rather choose the beach or lake?

203. Would she/he rather choose dreamer or realist?

204. Would she/he rather eat chocolate or vanilla?

205. Would she/he rather choose Mexican or seafood?

206. Would she/he rather choose to drink wine or beer?

207. Would he/she be a countryside or city person?

208. Would he/she rather choose brand-new or vintage?

209. Is he/she an early bird or a night owl?

210. Does she like flats or heels?

211. Would he/she prefer movies or books?

212. Would she/he rather be a painter or a musician?

213. Would she/he like a science nerd or an athletic nerd?

214. Would she/he like to visit the grocery store or farmers market?

215. Would she/he rather choose to go on a cruise or camping?

216. Would she/he choose shopping or hiking?

Tips to make the Wedding Shoe Game more interesting!

Keep these tips in mind when organizing an exciting wedding shoe game:

  • Have a list of exciting questions ready.
  • Ask the host to shout questions and cheer the bride and groom while also engaging everyone’s involvement.
  • Ask the guests to add personal questions to the list.
  • Make a check on the answers to keep results ready.
  • Choose funny questions to add giggles and laughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have to organize the perfect wedding shoe game:

When should you do the shoe game at a wedding?

The wedding shoe game is a fun activity; you must play it after the dinner has been served and guests are offered a few drinks.

The groom and bride will be ready to participate in this game after they have performed all the rituals and vows. The shoe game takes around fifteen to twenty minutes and it creates more fun than the actual functions of a wedding. 

Make sure you try it in your wedding! 

How do you end the shoe game?

Your wedding shoe game host must invite the guests for a big round of applause for the beautiful couple to signal the end of the game. They can finish it off with a powerful question, or even something as plausible as “why did you fall in love”? for a glamorous ending.

How many questions should you have for the wedding shoe game?

The concept of a wedding shoe game is interesting, so you must have a list of at least twenty-five to thirty-five fascinating and humorous questions to capture the audience and create an aroma of happiness.

The game should not go super long, this will create boredom among the guests and will spoil the concept of entertainment and joy.

How do you win the wedding shoe game?

Winning the game is easy—whoever has the most correct answers by the end of the game, wins. As a gift for winning, the winner can ask any question from their partner and they have to answer it publicly!


The above bride and groom shoe game questions are shoe game questions for couples who want to have a good time at their wedding. Try them out at your wedding and let us know how it went.

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