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300 Heartfelt Wedding Vows

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Modern wedding vows

Wedding vows are pledges, they are promises that are not meant to be broken. You need colorful wedding vows to spice up your wedding ceremony, but you have to be sure that your wedding vows come from the heart also make sure that your wedding vows have a lasting impression on your spouse.

In this article, I will give examples of the following types of wedding vows: Best wedding vows ever heard so you can have a unique occasion, wedding vows for her to totally wow your partner, 100 wedding vows for him, funny wedding vows to help you and your partner relax while you take your first great step of commitment to each other for life, modern wedding vows for couples who want vows that are in vogue, real wedding vows for couples who want to keep things simple and real, spiritual wedding vows for spiritually-minded partners, deep meaningful wedding vows for those who want vows with a connotative meaning, traditional wedding vows, non-traditional wedding vows, marriage vows in the Bible for Christians, wedding vows non-religious people use, wedding vows for older couples and short wedding vows for her.

Even if you don’t know how to write wedding vows, this article has got you covered.

Wedding vows for her


Spiritual Wedding Vows

1.  You will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because we trust in you Adon, you will also ordain peace for us. For you also have perfected all our doings and works in us. Promise to remain open and just forever.

2.  You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you in marriage. I promise to honor and stand by you, to encourage your moment of joy, to discourage your moment of sorrow and struggle. I also promise to love you in bad and in good times. These things I give you all the days of my life.

3.  My heart, this is my promise to you: That I will love you fairly and freely. My heart shall be lighted up for you every day as the sky of the western hemisphere. When life seems easy and when it seems difficult, when it is simple and when it requires effort. I promise to cherish you with generous respect. I will love you forever.

4.  My love, I give to you, my love I present to you take it, I let it go, from the depth of my soul to love grandly, with the tender kind emotions, with my sparkling white teeth and mouth a gap. I pour out my love for you to love you purely, the perfume of my soul, and the smell of my aloe. I promise to worship and reverence you till death do us path, I will not relent either will I stop from this day forward forever.

5.  Love is blind, but I do want you to see me especially as I lay my love on the altar of my heart. I will love you purely with my honor.

6.  I love you. I pledge to grow in my love for you. I pledge to be steadfast and to reverence you in love. I pledge because you are the only one found worthy. forever, I will be yours

7.  Hallelujah, it’s raining on me, I am so happy. Love’s raining, care is raining, you are raining. I thought it was a dream, but I realized that the first time I embraced you, my heart leaped for joy. This feeling, this joy I covet all the days of my life.

I know you can only increase and make it permanent. I intend to cultivate it, grow it, store it, and never allow it to run dry. I love you, you are the one who promotes my joy. I cannot know union without you, for it is by knowing you that I explode like a flower pod.

Your love brings out the nectar in me. I have come to know where love comes from and I intend to keep it forever.

8.  I choose to truly love you, with kindness, faithfulness, and respect. I promise to allow the love we share,  become the prayer we live. You are the treasure of my heart.

9.  I promise to love you above others and to value our friendship as a precious gift. I look forward to doing everything together with you. I am very sure that our Father in heaven will guide us and take care of us. Yahwah shall be the portion of our inheritance and cup.

He will surely maintain our lot. His favors are guaranteed. I promise to stand by you in sickness or health, in times of prosper or decline, in peace and turmoil, as long as we both shall live.


Marriage Vows In The Bible

Spiritual wedding vows

1.  I lion, take you lioness to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part, according to Yahuwah Quodesh law, in the presence of Yahuwah I make this vow.

2.  I lion, in belief, honesty and love, take you lioness, to be my beloved wedded wife to share with our father’s plan for our lives together united in the savior and with Yahuwah’s strength to guide me, I will be a strong spiritual leader for us in our life. For better, for worse, in sickness and health, in joys and sorrows, until death do us part.

3.  I lion give to you my lioness, all that I am and all I have. In love, with love, I have chosen to be your strength and support. I pledge to thee in the name of our Adon Yemushua- Ha- Mashiah to shower you with love and care as the Quodesh book demands and with Yeshuwah’s help to take you my lioness to be my wedded wife, with a common faith, live together, united in Christ.

I seal my vow of love to you my lioness and pray to fulfill Yahuwah’s will in our home in the name of He that is complete in all things.

4.  James 1:17 says every good and perfect gift comes from above from the father of light in whom there is no variableness and shadow of turning. My Lioness you are truly a gift from yahwai and I promise to spend the rest of my life treating you as a gift. I pledge to be good for you. I promise the perfect things. I will always seek him that is above.

I pledge to shine as the light spoken of. I reject the double standard. I will not double deal with you. I will cherish you always and never take you for granted. I promise to distribute the favor that comes as a result of our union to honor the father. I will follow the teaching and obey his command. Please accept this ring as a symbol of our covenant and my unending love for you.

5.  In the presence of yahwai, our family, and friends I take you today as my husband. You have brought the sunshine out of me. Your coming into my life has answered my prayers. I promise to spend the rest of my life with you with respect, honor, and support.

As your helpmate, I will respect and obey you. As we worship yahwai together each day, I will worship you also as a crown over my head. I will be by you, will not let you down. Your weakness I will chain, your failure I will blind, in all this with the help of the almighty we will become better each day. Be sure I will always love you.


Best Wedding Vows Ever Heard

Best wedding vows ever heard

Sometimes, it’s challenging to come up with words for your love. We are primarily speechless, witnessing our partner’s beauty. To help you out with expressions, here are some best wedding vows ever heard for your special day. 

1.  “When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.” — Albert Einstein. 

2.  “If you grow weak, I’ll be there to fight battles for you. I’ll help you with your responsibilities and make your problems my own to balance the weight a bit more evenly. If you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, I’ll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you”.— Amy and Tom.

3.  “Today, I will take my place as your husband/wife. May our days be long, and may these be seasoned with faith, love, understanding, and respect, forever and ever. Today is the beginning of the rest of our lives, and I choose to spend today and all of my tomorrow with you.”

4.  “I will give you this ring. As this ring has no end, neither shall my love for you. I choose you to be my (husband/wife) this day and forevermore. Let us build a home together of love, laughter, and support. Let us create a warm and welcoming space for the good times and bad. Let us be a home for each other, forever and ever.”

5.  “I could promise to hold you and to cherish you in sickness and in health. I could say until death do us part, but I won’t. Those vows are for optimistic couples, the ones full of hope. I am not optimistic; I am not hopeful, I am sure. I am steady. 

6.  You are my partner, my lover, my very best friend. My heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands, I promise you Mr_______.” Preston Burke to Cristina Yang.

7.  “I see these vows not as promises but as privileges; I get to laugh with you, cry with you, care for you, and share with you. I get to run with you, walk with you, build with you, and live with you. I get to have you be the person I spend the rest of my life with. I get to be there for you and support you. I don’t have to honor and cherish you; I get to”. 

8.  I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it gets complicated, when our love is simple and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish you and respect you: these things I will give to you today and all the days of our life. I promise to support and protect your freedom because although our lives are intertwined, your choices are still yours alone.

9.  “I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise never to forget this once-in-a-lifetime love. And to always know the deepest part of my soul that no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find our way back to each other”— Leo from The Vow.

10.  Love has given us wings, and our journey begins today. Wherever the wind may carry me, I will stay by your side as your husband/wife. Take this ring as a sign of my love and commitment to you. 

11.  I wish I could promise you riches, but every vault has its end. What I promise you is a life of abundance. An abundance of love and support, strength and vulnerability, of sharing and drive, of passion and adventure. 

12.  You were my reason back then, my reason now, my reason every day. You strengthen my weaknesses and bring focus to my dreams. Here and now, I pledge my life to yours, that your dreams become my dreams. No matter where life leads me, I know that as long as you are there, that is where I am meant to be. 

13.  “From this moment, I will take you as my best friend for life. I pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our walk together. When our way becomes difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you so that we can accomplish more than we could alone through our union. I promise to work with our love and always make you a priority in my life. With every beat of my heart, I will love you”. 

14.  “I promise to love you, to be your best friend, to respect and support you, to be patient with you, to work together with you to achieve our goals, to accept you unconditionally, and to share my life with you forever.” 

15.  “I wish I could stand up here and promise you the world, but the world isn’t mine to give. However, I can promise my world, which entails love, support, passion, compassion, enthusiasm, and multiple valentine gifts. 

16.  “Now we will feel no rain, for we will be a shelter to each other. Now we will feel no cold, for each of us will be warm to the other. Now there is no more loneliness, for each of us will be a companion to the other. Now we are two bodies, but there is only one life between us. Soon we will go to your resting place to enter into the days of our togetherness. May our days be good and long upon the earth”.

17.  Today, I assume my protection as your husband/wife. May we see many days, and may they be seasoned with belief, love, understanding, and respect forever. In my journal, today is the beginning of our journey all the rest of our lives.

18.   You are my strength when I am weak, you bring focus to my dreams. I vow to love you forever.

19.  Today I become your partner in crime, that is if love is a crime. This crime I pledge to commit it every day with you. Everything we shared, intend to share resonate in my deep subconsciousness. I am glad you asked, it was wonderful when I said yes. My yes is yes and I don’t wish to say no any day at any time. Mistakes are made when you are not sure, you are my best friend let your mistake be my mistake and my success. I love, I surrender.

20.  In this matter today I am not hopeful the reason I made this vow is that I am sure and very certain. You have been my friend, mentor, confidant, playmate. You have stood beside me through thick and thin so what else? I am steady so I am sure, that as my partner, we will accomplish great things and make the world “bliss” and everyday reality. On this day the very day of our wedding, I do not only give, or love, being in the total and right frame of mind, “ I use the word surrender all on this wedding day”

21.  I love you. Loving you has brought joy to my heart. Each passing day I put side by side the stories and reality I marvel over the kind of jackpot this is. From the cape coast to Cairo, from Lima to Edmonton, from Leningrad to new wales you are a marvel. Today, my wedding day, everything I have and everything I am is yours forever, this promise I must keep.

22.  I will always love you.

23.  I am privileged to have you as my best friend. I will always care for you. I don’t intend to share my love with you rather, my love I give to you, my life I live for you, I will never live without you. It is a privilege and honor to called my wife/husband.

24.  Today I get to have a better person I can spend my life with. I pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our walk together with the slippery part of life. I promise to walk together, I will be open to you and let you come in at all times. I promise to work at our love and make you a priority in my life. With every thump of my heart, I will love you.

25.  I promise to respect, appreciate, and cherish you for who you are and what you shall become as the sparks start flying. I pledge to support you at every turn and respect your freedom and your thought. My love for you shall not take away who you are but in every thread of your being, I will give you support to get the best out of you, promise to be there for you when you need me. I promise to reveal every day how favored I am to have you in my life.


Wedding Vows For Her

1.  I promise to be your faithful loving husband.

2.  I pledge not to only kiss you but to repeat this every day and night.
I know your best is yet to be known, I marry today to showcase you and who you are.

3.  I vow to hold your hands in my hands and your head in my bosom. Forever we will be together.

4.  I love you and that’s is the beginning and the end of everything.
Because of you, I laugh, I smile, and I dare dream more than I never have.
You are, and always be the love of my life, my soulmate, my person. You have repositioned the piston of my heart. I am sure I love you.

5.  I promise to always be your friend, your lover and most importantly, your family from this day, your people shall be my people, your mighty one shall be my mighty one and in one place we shall make it work.

6.  Love means “Accommodation” accommodation means home. Let’s be home to each other. Let our home be a place of laughter, support, and bliss. A warm welcoming place for the good and the bad times. Let us be a home for each other forever.


Funny Wedding Vows

These funny wedding vows can be divided into funny wedding vows for her and funny wedding vows for him. The following are funny wedding vows examples.

1.  So you take me to be your unspeakable Soweto love?
You’re are my honey pot, your perfume makes me smell like aloe
I hope to be the only sugar in your tea.

2.  You tingle my heart, with your presence there is no vacancy. Your wish will always be my command. With you, I know nothing anymore.
You are now the captain of my ship. I believe in you, to steer the rudder perfectly.

3.  I want us to grow old and be beautiful together, to teach our children the part of old and new.

4.  I want us to grow old and strong to become the best marriage counselors.

5.  I want to make you smile when you are sad.

6.  I need your company so I don’t spend forever alone. I promise to share my everything with you, and sweetheart my everything includes my money.


Modern Wedding Vows

1.  My dear,
I………… take you to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife. Before they that witness, I vow to love you and care for you as long as we both shall live.

2.  Lioness/lion, I take you to be my husband/wife from this time onwards to join with you and to share what has to come.

3.  You are my best friend, I love you. Today, I give myself to you in marriage, I promise to encourage, inspire, and stand by you. I promise to love you at all times in good and in bad times. I promise.

4.  I promise to make you my everything, to be there when I am needed, to fill your days with bliss and laughter.

5.  I laugh, I dream, because of you.  Without you, my smile and laughter will be no more.

6.  I…..take you…….. To be my wedded husband and wife. With joy so deep I embrace you into my life that together we shall be one. I will devout my being to pledge my love. I will be a faithful and loving husband/wife.

7.  On this day,  I……… join myself to you before friends and family. A life seasoned with love and settled with wisdom and understanding is my vow to you.

8.  I am your soldier, I promise to fight your battle with you when you are weak. Your problem shall be mine too, no matter how heavy the load, I will share in it.

9.  I pledge to be your loving husband/wife, friend, and partner. I will not be angry when you fail but will always listen and give you my shoulder to cry on. I will make it ready always. As my friend, you have my permission to lean on me because I will help you carry on.


Real Wedding Vows

1.  I love you. You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you in marriage. I promise to do wonderful things to make you happy and inspired to do more for yourself and others.

2. I bride/groom affirm my love for you. As we both invite ourselves to share our lives. You are the most beautiful, generous, calm, and lovable person I have ever known. I promise to respect you, cherish you and spoil you with real-time affection, kindness, and selflessness.

3.  I………… take you to be my lawfully wedded husband and wife, to share mine forever with. I generously present to you my heart as a pledge. My heart and my ring go together in an unbroken circle.

4.  Bride/groom, I promise to love you and be your best friend, to respect and to support you, to be patient with you, with honor I pledge to work with you to achieve great goals throughout your lifetime.

5.  Bride / Groom, I pledge unending love to you, as I introduce my desire to share every passing day with you, I promise to be kind, unselfish, respectful, and trustworthy. I love you more, look forward always to more glorious times together.

6.  I promise to encourage your compassion, this is what makes you uniquely different. You are a wonderful specie, I promise to nurture your dreams. I love you.

7.  I promise to love and Care for you, I will do everything within me to be worthy of your love, honesty will be a logo, loyalty shall be my banner. I promise to make it work.

8.  Bride/Groom: I promise to be your dependable partner in progress. You are a rare gem, kings/queens will envy you. I pledge to make it wholesome because it is a rare privilege. You are the best.


Deep Meaningful Wedding Vows


1.  Growing up as kids and spending the teens together in the same high school, coming back home together, I thought beyond reasons, I made up my mind, you are just like a sister. But when the sparks started flying, I realized I was fond of you. I know you, you know me. Your laughter, your calm gaze, you know you are a natural fixer, let’s fix everything together even this.

2.  When I met you, I had no idea how fast things would go. You took away all my fears and ignited a trust that nurtured this love that people experience once in a lifetime. Like a fairy tale, you are heaven-sent to me, just everything I have hoped for. I love you.

3.  My question is how did you find me? Like a thunderbolt, you have replaced all of my pessimistic approach and attitude to life with hope and belief. Thank you so much for being part of my life.

4.  When you walked into my life, I eventually realized that what I thought was happiness couldn’t compare to the joy loving you have brought into my life. You are the air I breathe, with you I can move mountains. You are such a gift to humanity. I can say with absolute confidence and assurance that, what I thought would have to be the end of my life, changed into the beginning of a new era, because you showed up. I promise to make this union a priced possession.

5.  Because of you, I laugh, I smile and I dare to dream more than I ever have. Thank you for the miracle of you. I love you and will always be with you, whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you.

Although it doesn’t seem it, all the time, I consider us favored. I look into your eyes and pledge my life to you and say have it all.


Traditional Wedding Vows


The following are wedding vows traditional folks love to use.

1.  Yahuddin Wedding Vows

I am my beloved and my beloved is mine. You are blessed most high Adonai Melek ha Olam, gladden my beloved companion as you fixed your creatures in the garden of Eden. You are baruk Adonai, who make a couple happy.

You are baruk Adonai Elohim, Melek ha Olam, who created joy and gladness, loving couples, mirth, glad song, pleasure, delight, love, communities, peace, and companionship.

Beauty is what you put in between a maiden and her husband of youth. Baruk, you are who causes couples to rejoice one with the other.


2.  Hindi Wedding Vows

Let us take the first step to provide for our household a nourishing and pure diet, avoiding those foods injurious to healthy living. Let us take the second step to develop physical, mental, and spiritual powers. Let our third step be to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love and trust.

Let our fourth step be to increase our wealth by righteous means and proper use. Let us take our fifth step so that we are blessed with strong, virtuous, and heroic children. Let our sixth step be for self – restraint, and longevity. Finally, our seventh step shall be for true companions and remain life long partners by this union.


3.  Protestant Wedding Vows

Traditional protestant wedding vows may be the most familiar to you. A perfect example is the one below.

In the name of a Yahwah, I……………take you………. to be my ( husband/ wife) to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.


4.  Methodist Wedding Vows

These vows follow a call and response pattern. What the couple is allowed on their own is the word “ I do”.

Officiant: will you take this( woman/ man) to be your ( wife/ husband) to live together in holy matrimony? Will you love him/ her, comfort ( him/ her), honor and keep ( him/ her), in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to ( him/ her) as long as you both shall live?
Bride/ Groom: “ I do”.


5.  Lutheran Wedding Vows

Similar to other Christian religion vows, Lutheran vows can be read by your officiant and repeated by the to-be-weds.

I ………take you to be my( wife/ husband) and this I promise you: I will be faithful to you and honest with you, I will respect trust, help, and care for you. I will share my life with you; I will forgive you as we have been forgiven and I will try with you better to understand ourselves, the world, and Yahuwah through the best and worst to come, and as long as we live.


6.  Baptist Wedding Vows

There are two options for traditional Baptist vows. The first is a call and response from your officiant.  An example is the one below.

Will you have……… to be your( wife/ husband)? Will you love ( him/ her) and forsaking others, remain true to ( him/ her) as long as you both shall live.
Bride/ groom “I will”.

Your other option is a shorter version of the vow, said by both partners.

I…………., take thee, to be my ( wife/ husband) and before Yahuwah and these witnesses. I promise to be faithful and true.


7.  Catholic Wedding Vows

Catholic brides and grooms usually have to answer three questions from the priest

………………..and …………….., have you come freely without reservations to give yourselves to each other in Marriage.

“Will you honor each other as man and wife for the rest of your lives”.

Will you accept children lovingly from your heavenly father and bring them up according to the law of Mashiah and his assembly?

You then respond with “ I will “or “ yes” and then you continue unto the vows themselves.

I ………..take you……….to be my( husband/ wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.


8.  Apache Wedding Vows

Here, there may not be an exchange of vows. However, a wedding blessing is read to the couples. The following is a perfect example.

Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now, you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now, there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be a companion to the other.

Now, you are two persons, but there is one life before you. May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years. May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long upon the earth.

Treat yourselves and each other with respect and remind yourself often what brought you together. Give the highest priority to tenderness and kindness that your connection deserves.

When frustration, difficulties, and fear assail your relationship at one time or another, remember to focus on what is right between you, not on the part which seems wrong.


Non-Traditional Wedding Vows

Those who don’t believe in traditional wedding vows always stick to non-traditional vows like the following.

1.  My only true love,

1…………take you…………to be my (husband /wife), my partner in life, and one true love. I will cherish, protect, and keep our union also I will love you more each passing day.

Trusting you, respecting you will be my watchword. I will laugh and cry with you through good times and bad regardless of the obstacles and dangers we may face together. I render my heart from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

2.  I, …………, take you, ……………., to be my partner. Loving what I know of you and trusting and believing what I know not yet of you. I look forward to the opportunity of growing up with you and getting to know the person you will become. I give up my self each day in other absorb and Cherish you through whatever life may bring to us

3.  ……….., I love you. You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you in marriage. I promise to build and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to be your captain in times of storm and struggle. Loving you in times of good and bad times.

I promise to respect you and hold you in the highest regard, to defend you in the face of uncertainty. I promise to live with you effortlessly all the days of our life.

4.  ……………., With all my love I take you to be my husband/wife. I will love you through thick and thin. I will trust you with all my heart. I will do everything to understand you completely and together we will face all life issues and share one another’s dreams and aspirations.

I promise to love you equally and even more and be honest with you as long as we both shall live.

5.  ………….., From this day forward I promise you that, I will share in your dreams, laugh with you, dance with you, wait with you in time of joy and sorrow, and vow to support you as you strive to achieve your desires. I will remain faithful to all our promises and vows for better for worse till death do us part.

9.  ……………, Today I solemnly vow to uphold and cherish you in good times and in the bad times. I promise you that I will keep faith in working out our joy, peace, and love.

In strength, I do not boast but in believing in you I take succor because of who you are. I promise to be there when you call. Faithfully we shall build together love and strength for a better and a glorious life forever

10.  ……………….., I promise to take you as my wife/husband in good time and in bad, in cold and in hot seasons. I vow to join forces with you to take up life as a term, sub-mount challenges together, and make life as easy and simple as to be at peace with all people.

11.  ………….., I take you as my wife/husband to love and cherish you all the days of my life in the worst season and in good. I promise that our effort shall be pure and clean shall our love be. I promise to always be strong and supportive and love you more and more each passing day, all the days of our lives.


Non-Religious Wedding Vows

1.  Efficient (each person to repeat)

…………, do you take ……….., to be your wedded ( wife/husband) to live together in marriage.
Do you pledge to love him/her for better or worse, cherish for richer and for poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him/her as long as you both shall live?
Bride/ Groom: “I do”

2.  Do you …………., take ………., to be your husband/wife. To love in friendship and duty, to cherish today, tomorrow and for as long as two of you live, to honor and to trust him/her to love him/her respectfully, faithfully through thick and thin no matter what, to remember your love for each day and the reason you come together this day.
“I do”

3.  Each partner repeat:
Do you …………… take ………… to be your wedded husband/wife, to pride in the love and friendship, in strength and weakness, in goodwill and not so goodwill and pledge to love him/her faithfully today, tomorrow, and the rest of your lifetime.
“I do”

4.  Each partner repeat
………….., you are my best friend, the one I want to share my life with.
I will love you forever.
I will always be with you.
I will stand by your side in thick and thin.
I will support you in all things you do.

I will work every day to strengthen our union.
I will be your buddy, your love, and your partner.
All the days we shall live together.

5.  Each partner to repeats:
From this day forward I make to you these promises:

I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of anguish.
I will listen to your apathy with compassion.
I wait for you to understand and speak to you with encouragement.
I will always share in your dreams, support you in your aspirations.

I will come in when you need me and wait when you don’t.
I promise to remain faithful to you for better for worse, in health and sickness.
Oh! Dear, I love you and I will always be your friend.

6.  Each partner should repeat:
I take you to be my helpmate for life, my love, and my companion.
I will strive to create a bone of truth, respect, and trust, one that will withstand the troubles and tides that life shall throw at us.
I vow to respect and honor you in all that you are and you will become.

I promise to help you challenge your self to be the best you can become in life.
Our community and our environment will be a place of bliss and adventure.

Our home will be a sanctuary and a respite for us and for those whom we cherish.
I pledge is to you from my inner soul, for all the days of my life.

Looking at you from this distance tells me that it is meaningless to reason at such a time as these. What I say to you is not from my head but my heart.
I chose to love you more than anything else.
I vow to stay good and never falter.

I vow to trust and to value your opinions.
Travel beside you through all life’s adventures.
I pledge to wait for you each day until your tide comes back, no matter where it sails to.

I know we can overcome any uphill task we might face.
I choose you every day
“Today” and every other day I make these promises to you.

I promise to always hold your hands.
I promise to turn your anger into the moment of peace.
I promise to share my money with you.

I promise that all I have is yours.
I promise to make love to you the way you want it.
I promise the bed shall not be a place of settling disputes.

I promise to be a good listener.
I promise to clean you up when you are dirty.
When you laugh I promise to be there to laugh with you.

I promise to give you the best of myself.
I promise you all those because I know we will mountain together and build a life better than we could imagine alone.
I chose you and I will choose you again and again. I love you


Short Wedding Vows For Her


1.  Today I join my life with yours, where ever you go I will go, where ever you stand I will stand.

2.  You have made me feel more loved and complete than I ever thought possible. Today I give you all that I am and all that I have.

3.  I give you my heart just as I hold you today. I love you and I will always love you.

4.   I promise to love you when life seems easy and when it seems hard. When it simple and when it needs effort. I will always cherish every single moment and always hold you in high regard. My heart, my love, my life, I give these things freely to you.

5.  Your weakness I will fight, your responsibility I will shoulder, your problem I will bear.

6.  I promise to love you without reservations. Shield you in hard times. To be your buckler in time of challenges, encourage you when you are discouraged, and grow with you in all things, both body, soul, and spirit for as long as we live.

7.  I promise to be open and honest with you and cherish you as long as we both shall live.

8.  I will bear you on my shoulder when the ford has overgrown its boundaries. I will always choose to make you happy when sadness creeps in. I will laugh with you and cry with you. I will age gracefully with you. I will always love you.


Wedding Vows For Older Couples

1.  I was found by you in the twilight of my life and conjured my capacity to love. In your arms, my spirit has been nurtured and my heart restored. I promise to give back what you have given to me, I will always love you.

2.  I promise to nurture my mind today in other to bring life and sweetness to our relationship.

3.  I promise to spend my life caring for you, loving you without hiccups. Passionately will I tend to your needs and complain. I will never view you from a standpoint of judgment and will not take your love for granted. I will always be open to you not be judgmental.

4.  I promise bliss and purity forever, knowing that I owe my smile to you. I pledge to make our union an act of excitement and peace. I will learn from you how to keep mind and soul in perfect peace, stand by you in good times and in bad times


80 Wedding Vows For Him

These vows are romantic wedding vows to make him cry because of the deep meaning they carry. I also refer to them as wedding vows for him my best friend. They are the following:

1.  I present to you my shortcomings, and my blueprint, my ardor, my steadfastness, my peace, and my love.

2.  I promise to be patient and kind towards you, to walk by your side, and to achieve the things we value and dream of.

3.  I promise to make time for you, to be at my best, both in the morning and night season.

4.  I promise to listen to your stories and tell you funny stories to cheer you up.

5.  I pledge to stand by your side forever.

6.  I promise to effortlessly love you for who and what you are.

7.  I pledge to love you and be your soul mate in good times and in bad times.

8.  I promise to respect your wishes.

9.  I vow to obey and trust and honor you with utmost reverence.

10.  I promise to keep you close to my heart to hear what you say through unspoken words.

11.  I choose you to be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you.
No matter the outcome, I will trust and respect you. I will care for you, comfort you, encourage, and support you.

12.  For all eternity, I will stand by your side. For better for worse, I will love you, stand by you and make our union a special one.

13.  I will worship you with all of my life, my love I surrender to you, all that is mine is yours. With respect and honor, I pledge to stand by your side.

14.  I choose to make you happy, for better for worse, I will stand by you, I vow to love, honor, and cherish you forsaking all others.

15.  I vow to make you happy, make you laugh, and be there for you.
You are the first person I want to see in the morning and the last in the night, loving every little detail about you especially your piercing little eyes.

My helpmate, you make me laugh anytime I see you, you calm my nerves when I am nervous, my teacher, and one true love.
I am ready to do this with you, I am deeply honored.

16.  I promise to listen as long as it gives you the assurance that you have been heard.

17.  I promise to pamper and shower you with love, take care of your kind heart, and to always love you.

18.  You are loved beyond any words can express, you are loved and will remain loved.

19.  My heart searches your eyes each time you look at me because it assures me that I have found a friend. I promise to invest my time into this union to make it work. Protecting you is sure, I say it as I mean it, to stand with you against your challenge.

20.  When you speak, I will hear, when you whisper I will hear, when you sing I will hear because I promise to be there for you.

21.  You are my lover, I promise to love you forever and always from this day forward.

22.  In your eyes, I found my place, in your heart, I have found my love, in your soul, I have found my mate, in your speech I have found my strength, with you, I am complete and fulfilled, I smile when you laugh, you are my breath and my life.

23.  In your arms, I found my home, in your eyes, I have found compassion, in your heart, I found love, in your soul, I have found my everything.
Each time I see you I feel feverish, now I know its love, don’t take these feelings away, I love you.

24.  I promise to be faithful and wait patiently to serve you. I will respect and be attentive when you speak. I will celebrate your triumph and love you more in your shortcomings.

25.  With you, I kiss goodbye to the world. Your love for me quenches all forms of loneliness.

26.  This ring is not just a symbol of my love. It is of my unbroken promise to you, to protect and cherish you forever.

27.  I promise to be your friend and colleague in progress and stagnation. I will love you faithfully and unconditionally through all times.

28.  There is no mountain too great with you in my life and I promise to ascend them with you by my side.

29.  What we have chosen to do I know, I have chosen to love you, and love got to bind us for better for worse.

30.  I am so intrigued to be able to tell you. I do, I will and I will always today give my heart to you.

31.  As the earth is a correctional facility, this ring-shaped as the earth will mold us, correct all our flaws, and bring out the best in us. May this day bring joy, peace, and completeness to us forever.

32.  I promise to love you without reservation, protect you in times of trouble, encourage you in times of trials, and help you to achieve all your goals. In honesty, I will cherish every moment with you.

33.  Take this ring as a symbol of my unfolding love for you, it’s the symbol of my vow that I will always love you.

34.  With you as the captain, I promise to always navigate with you, as your sidekick, I will always be your best friend. In this ship, I promise to be everything that will make it set sail and sail in safety.

35.  In this game of life, I promise to be your game-changer, a friend in time of need.

36.  I promise to be the dolphin around you.

37.  Like the parrot, I promise to recite all your dreams, remind you of all your good qualities and help you tame what is not right.

38.  I hope to see us grow together, in hard times and good times, to encourage each other and bring out the best of us.

39.  Until you came my way, I haven’t felt this special. You are my best friend and my beloved. I will always be grateful. Having you beside me has taught me how to walk like a princess.

40.  Thank you for standing here with me today as we form a formidable team for life. With you, I will conquer the world.

41.  In you, I have found the strength of my ultimate warrior. Your smile is all I need to achieve my goals in life.

42.  I promise to love you and treat you as my friend, honor you, and cherish every moment of our life together.

43.  I will be open to you and love you forever. I will always be your guiding light in darkness, warmth, and comfort you in cold.

44.  I will be the fireplace and the chimney to succor you and protect you from uncomfortable situations and keep you warm.

45.  I promise to be your friend, to love and cherish you, lighting your darkness, and make you grow into a glorious man with love and honor.

46.  I promise to love you with simplicity, to bring order and strength to your life. I vow to take away all fears of uncertainty.

47.  I love you with my whole heart, with the passion that can’t be expressed in words or kisses, but promise to be practical and real forever.

48.  I promise to be honest, faithful, caring bad for the rest of my life.

49.  I pledge my life to honor you, love you, and protect you. I promise to always share in your dreams and help you fulfill them.

50.  My life, I live for you, I can never live without you, be rest assured, it’s a promise I vow to fulfill.

51.  Whatever has pulled us together, I assure you, we shall discover it, nurture it, and through thick and thin fashion a better us.

52.  When I look in your eyes, I wonder how lucky a woman I am, knowing too well that you are such a gem.

53.  Words can’t describe the quality and quantity of joy and peace you bring into my life. Making you laugh and happy is the greatest accomplishment of my life. I promise to be your faithful wife, I owe my life to you, you are my sunshine.

54.  Each time you smile, you remind me of the galaxy above in the sky, I promise to make your life worth living. I love you.

55.  When you feel pain, I promise to be your source of relief. In fear, I promise to be your balm. In anxiety, I promise to be your peace, I promise to be all things to you through comfort and provisions.

56.  Gorgeous, let me be the companion of your life, I love you more and more each day.

57.  Today, I join my life to yours, not only as your wife, but close confidant, friend, and companion. My love, I give it to you.

58.  I promise to devote my time, essence and create an enabling environment for us to grow old together.

59.  When you smile, I feel a total sense of accomplishment only love can bring. I promise to always enjoy your company and be contented with you.

60.  You’re my heart and true friend, I commit myself to make this union unique forever.

61.  I promise to love you unconditionally, for better, or worse, without reservation. To be open, considerate, and always encourage and cherish your ideas to achieve our goals as long as I live.

62.  I pledge to devote all of me to care and love you until the day I die, I vow to be your faithful and respectful friend.

63.  I pledge to share with you my hopes, and aspirations, as we grow and build our lives. I promise to be a worthy and trusted partner in good times and bad forever.

64.  I promise as your best friend, I will also be your co-captain, as you are the captain, and we shall anchor together, turn the rudder together and sail together forever I promise.

65.  I promise to stand by you in times of uncertainty, take my hand, with assurance, I promise to be your partner in progress until death do us part.

66.  I promise to love and cherish you. You are my best friend, sweetheart, my trusted, truest, and lovable husband.

67.  I promise to never stop expressing my love to you and pledge to be your friend for life.

68.  I will take any means possible with you through this journey, I will stand by you forever.

69.  I promise to be open to all life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance, can’t stop gazing into your eyes because I love you.

70.  When I look into your eyes, I see I have no hiding place, I promise to give my heart and all that I have got.

71.  That I exchange vows with you does not mean two different people are just talking. I intend to make it one beautiful, enduring peace of affirmation guided with truth and realized without fears.

72.  Knowing you have allowed me to learn laughter differently, it has taken away tension, created a passion to be with you.

73.  Your love and friendship is the motivation in my bones. I promise not to let you down. I will love and cherish every moment we share from today forward and forever.

74.  My love for you is pure and simple.

75.  I promise to help you fulfill your dreams and desires with love and utmost care.

76.  I promise that your secrets are no secrets with me, your fears are no fears with me. We shall fix all things together.

77.  I thought I was covered, you have uncovered me. I see you as an exceptional creature. I love and respect your contributions to my life.

78.  With tears in my eyes, I hold it against you for stealing and snatching the only thing, I can call my own. I love you, my heart is yours foreverI promise to be there with you at all times, enabling the wind to blow in the direction of your goals.

79.  Growing old is important, finding our bearing together is beautiful, standing with each other is good. But what is perfect for me is that I found you and forever I will love you.

80.  I love you exceptionally my dear.


For you

Let love flow from the dept of your heart and do not fail to fulfill your vows otherwise you make your self a liar. Do not think fulfilling your wedding vow is burdensome. Perfection is a result of your every second, minute, and hourly practice. Also to plan your wedding perfectly you need a proper guide, I recommend that you read my blog post titled Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist For Every Thing You Need To Know.


Sweet Wedding Vows

Sweet wedding vows

Want your vows to be as sweet as the love you share with your partners? Here is some great love suggestions to start your wedding life: 

1.  You know how much I love and prioritize my food, but today, I promise to share my food, help you make food, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner all together with you for the rest of my life.

2.  From the start, you were my strength, but from now onwards, you are my weakness too, and I promise to protect you at all cost. 

3.  I vow to hold your hand till my last breath. 

4.  We began as friends, and now we start a new beginning as crazy lovers, and today I promise this love to be forever and ever. 

5.  You always used to steal my hoodies but let’s just say from today onwards, you got all the right to steal my clothes, and I promise not to ask them back. 

6.  From today, I vow to be your last love forever.

7.  I still can’t believe we made it together to our wedding and can’t wait for the day when we will laugh together without our teeth. I promise never to let you go, and I love you. 

8.  You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life. Today, I promise to take care and give all my love to everything. 

9.  Since day one, you have been my first priority. If it’s even possible, today I promise to keep you my first priority over everything, whether it’s work, friends, or anything. It was you, and it will always be you, my love. 

10.  I can’t believe I’m standing in front of you right now and it’s our wedding today. I don’t know what to say, how to say it, but all I can say is my heart is beating faster than ever. Today, I promise to live for you, to love you, to make our life so perfect, just like you have always dreamed. 

11.  Nothing is brighter than your smile in my small world, and I promise to breathe for this smile, to make every moment worth it for your smile.  

12.  I couldn’t express my happiness when I first met you, and today, it’s our wedding, and I still can’t express my joy. I know I am pretty bad at expressing myself, and you know that, and thank you for choosing this bad expresser. But all I can say is I love you so much, and I promise to give you more happiness and love than you have ever imagined. 

13.  Nobody can imagine the pain that we have gone through each day in our lives, but today, the joy feels so different; this moment feels so different. I promise to be the reason for your happiness forever. 

14.  It feels like a privilege to be in front of you right now and live my best moment or my best day. It is a privilege to be called yours, and I promise to be yours no matter what life brings to us. 

15.  Today, I promise to respect you, love you, stand by you, bring every happiness for you, appreciate you, cherish you, and live for you.

16.  I can’t express my love for you because it cannot just fit into words, but you are my everything, and that’s a promise that it’s never going to end. 

17.  I promise to leave all my bad habits behind from today, and it’s a fresh start for our love that has no end. From today, I am giving you my hands forever. 

18.  Today, you complete me, you complete us, and I don’t think I have to ask for anything else in life because I have got all I wished for. You are the biggest blessing that I prayed for. Honey, I promise you a lifetime of love. 

19.  Today, we are surrounded by our loved ones, and I choose you to be my wife, partner, love, strength, and lucky charm. I vow to support you, protect you, and love you forever. 

20.  It’s your love and trust that I am standing here right in front of you, you made it all possible, and I can’t explain to you how grateful I am for you, your love, your understanding, and for this day. I promise to give you my life, all my love, and everything more than you imagined.  


Short Wedding Vows For Him

Short wedding vows for him

A simple ‘I love you’ holds more power than essays of confusing sentences. When it’s difficult to form sentences, use these short wedding vows to express with fewer words.

1.  People say love is blind, but mine is pure like water. Honey, I promise to love you and to stand by your side forever.

2.  Baby today, I promise you a lifetime of love, happiness, joy, support, and growth together. I promise to build it all together with you. 

3.  I promise to love you and your family just like mine, forever.

4.  You were always the person responsible for my success. Still, I promise to become the man behind your future success from today. 

5.  I have always wanted to have a future with you, and now that it’s happening, I promise to build a lot that brings love, support, and so much happiness. 

6.  My dream was to marry you, and now my goal is to grow old with you. And I promise to make it happen, honey.

7.  The magic started right when you walked into my life, and it’s still happening. I vow to bring magic into your life now; I love you so much.

8.  From today I promise to take all your sadness or bad days and fill it with my love and make everything alright.

9.  You are the best woman, and I promise to become a perfect man for you.

10.  I’m so happy to have you in my life, but now I’m the luckiest man to have a person like you to call my wife. I can’t express what I feel right now, but I promise to give you everything you want in life.

11.  You taught me the real meaning of love, respect, and togetherness, and I’m so happy to join this forever class journey with you. I promise to be your brightest student. 

12.  I promise to eat your lousy handmade food and will still call it yummy. 

13.  I vow honesty, true love, and faith lifelong with you.

14.  From today, you are not just going to be my wife; you are going to become my soulmate, my partner in crime, and my love for a lifetime.


Romantic Wedding Vows For Her

If there’s something more beautiful than a woman, it’s her unconditional love. Use these wedding vows to appreciate your woman and her existence.

1.  I promise to become the best husband in the world. 

2.  I promise to give you more happiness than you deserve. 

3.  I promise never to let go of your cute fingers from my hand ever in life. 

4.  I promise to handle all your mood swings with love and respect.

5.  Today, I vow to end sadness in your life and add limitless joy to our journey together. 

6.  This still feels like a dream to me, holding hands and doing everything together. I promise to love you more than you imagined and make sure your feet are always warm. 

7.  I already got a speech ready for today, but I have lost all my words right now after looking at you. All I know is that you are my beginning, and you will be the end of everything.

8.  Love never felt so right after meeting you, and now today, this day feels so right, this moment feels so special, and I can’t believe this is happening. My dreams are coming true, and I promise to love you and live this dream forever. 

9.  I want to pinch you right now to prove to myself that it’s not a dream anymore. Haha, my love, I promise to love you every day, to care for you every day, and to support you, every day. 

10.  You were always my better place, and now it’s time that we make our home be a place for all the happiness, love, laughter, support, and warmth.

11.  I promise to be the man of your dreams. 

12.  I promise to be your best friend and lover. 

13.  I know you will become the best mother for our kids, and I vow to become the best dad they deserve. I can’t wait to share that precious moment with you. 

14.  It’s a privilege to marry you and spend my life with you. I vow to cherish every moment with love for you. 

15.  I vow to live every small moment with you happily.

16.  Our love will grow even more vital each day. I love you and am so proud of you.   


Romantic Wedding Vows For Him

These romantic wedding vows are some of the most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard.

1.  I promise to become the best wife in the world. 

2.  I promise to stay with you in all the shades of life. 

3.  I promise to be your strength, love, and support forever. 

4.  I promise to become the best version of me, to become the best that’ll always be there for you. 

5.  You are the most handsome man in the world.

6.  You are my perfect definition of love, and you’ll be until the very end of my life.

7.  I promise to make you laugh forever, even at the age when you have no teeth left.

8.  I promise to play all the video games with you because there’s nothing more exciting than seeing you happy. 

9.  I promise to make you smile whenever you have a bad day because you are my smile, and I want my smile to be smiling. 

10.  My safest place was you, and now we will build a home together, and I promise to give all my love and happiness to our home. 

11.  You were always the reason for my happiness, and today, I promise to take care of my happiness with love and respect. 

12.  You are the reason that I have become such a strong woman, and my only weakness was you. But from today, you will be my strength, and I promise to love my strength forever. 

13.  I promise to work on our love every time we have arguments because I would lose everything in my life but not you. 

14.  I know you will become the best dad in the world for our kids, and I vow to become the best mother that you and they deserve. 

15.  You are the love of my life, and you’ll always be, and this is my promise to you.

16.  I can’t believe this is happening, my hands are shivering, and I am confused about putting all my love in these little words. Today, we start a life together, and I promise to be forever by your side. 


Wedding Vows Examples From Couples Who Wrote Their Own

Here are some real-life vow examples to inspire you into love creativity. 

1.  Amy and Russell: 

“You are my lover and teacher,

You are my model and my accomplice,

And you are my true counterpart.

I will love you, hold you and honor you,

I will respect you, encourage you, and cherish you,

In health and sickness, through sorrow and success,

For all the days of my life”. 

2.  Alex: 

“I promise to encourage your compassion because that is what makes you unique and wonderful. 

I promise to nurture your dreams because, through them, your soul shines. 

I promise to shoulder our challenges, for nothing we cannot face if we stand together. 

I promise to be your partner in all things, not possessing you but working with you as a part of the whole. 

Lastly, I promise you perfect love and trust; for one lifetime with you could never be enough. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things”. 

3.  Annabel to Rahel:

“I feel overwhelmingly lucky and proud to be standing beside you today; thank you for accepting me for all that I am. 

Thank you for knowing that I’ve fought everyone that tried to put me in a dress since I could walk and allowed me to express myself the way I see fit. 

Thank you for loving me in a suit. Thank you for always supporting and loving me unconditionally; I know I haven’t always made that easy. 

I love that you love my persnickety, killer chihuahua like she’s your own. I know on that fact alone, you’re going to make an amazing mother to our children someday. 

I vow to love you without reservation or conditions. I vow always to do my best to give more than I take and not keep score. I vow to work on myself unconditionally and to be the wife you want and deserve”. 

4.  Rachel to Annabel:

“I was drawn to you from the day we met. Your warm and inviting eyes and your magnetic smile softened my tough facade immediately. 

I remember wanting to have, and sometimes make, reasons to talk to you. To see you beam that amazing smile back to me, immediately putting me at ease and brightening my day. 

I love that we started out as friends. That is my favorite part. You truly saw me. You understand me, accept me, in a way no one else can. 

You are my best friend.. I’m so grateful for our special brand of weirdness. To me, it means more than just being silly. 

It signifies a special, profound, unfettered love for each other. It’s loving each other at our most intimate, vulnerable times. It colors our tapestry with yet unnamed, exotic colors, known only to the two of us”. 

5.  Anne:

“I take you to be my partner for life, 

I promise above all else to live in truth with you

And to communicate fully and fearlessly,

I give you my hand and my heart

As a sanctuary of warmth and peace 

And pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honor

As I join my life to yours. 

6.  Liz to Anna:

“I knew from the very moment I laid my eyes on you that you were mine forever. Someway, somehow, I was determined to make you mine. And from this day forward, my heart is entirely yours. 

As we continue to grow together, I promise to give in our lives together; 

I promise to give you all of my words when needed, 

and to share in the silence when they are not, 

to pick you up if you are down, 

to love you unconditionally, 

to lay my bare skin on you when needed most, 

to care for you and our families as long as we live, 

to adventure with you always, 

to say I love you before falling asleep each night, 

to be the best mom can be as we grow a family together, 

and to always know in the deepest part of my soul, that when challenges arise we will always find our way back to one another. 

Anna, you are my everything, and this is my promise to you”. 

7.  Anna to Liz:

“You are my best friend, my biggest supporter, and… the best backup singer a girl could ask for. Although today marks the start of the rest of our lives, I know it will not be enough time with you, and I will not take our time together for granted. 

And because words cannot do it, I promise to show you how much I love you for the rest of my life. 

I promise to encourage you to follow your dreams.

I promise to make you laugh when you are taking yourself too seriously. 

I promise to hold your hand through the good times and through the bad times.

I promise to be loyal and faithful and to put you before all else.

I promise never to stop making up songs for you. Although, I know you wish I would. 

And I promise that when we are old and gray, we will look back on our lives together, and we have no regrets. 

From this day forward, you will never walk alone”. 

8.  Chelsey to Eric:

“You and I both know how indecisive I can be at times. I simply don’t like to make decisions. But if there is one decision in my life that I know is the right one, it’s to spend the rest of my life with you. 

There are an infinite number of things I love about you. I love your thoughtfulness and your ability to keep me grounded. I love your loyalty to me and our relationship. I love the way you weirdly get excited about Chipotle water, and I love how when you laugh really hard, your one eye starts to crinkle up. 

I promise to be patient with you, even if it means that I have to listen to how you should have started that one player on your Fantasy Football bench every single Sunday during football season”. 

9.  Eric to Chelsey 

“When we first met, I never imagined this day would come, but now that we are here, I couldn’t have imagined choosing anyone else but you to go through life’s journey with. 

I love your laugh, your smile, your caring nature, and that face you make when something is so cute, you just have to squeeze it. I promise to support you, to honor you, and to love you unconditionally, even when we may disagree on something. 

I can’t imagine where I would be without you, and I cannot wait to continue this crazy journey with you by my side; I love you”. 

10.  To Michael Dailey:

The last thing we do as a team is standing in a circle. One by one, we look someone in the eyes and say, ‘I believe in you.’ And though we’ve never really defined what that means definitively, for me, I’ve always felt like I was looking at a good friend and telling them, ‘I love you. And no matter what happens out there, I’ve got your back.’

So, without further ado, let’s remember to listen, let’s try not to rush the moments, and let’s have a lot of fun. Michael Dailey, I believe in you. He knows how much my team members are like family to me, and we were finally becoming a family ourselves. 


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