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45 Clear Signs He Loves You Deeply

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Signs he loves you deeply

Do you feel unsure of your man’s feelings for you? If this is your situation, here is a comprehensive list of signs he loves you deeply that will help you know if he loves you or not.

Clear Signs He Loves You Deeply 

1. He’s Physically Affectionate

Guys show physical affection in the smallest of ways. It might be a slight brush on your arm or just a simple push towards the other side of traffic when you’re walking on the road. Physical intimacy is a love language for many people and is not exclusively for guys. A natural attraction may lead him to behave physically (with consent) towards you. 

This may also take many smaller forms, like the way his pupils dilate when he looks at you or gives you the eyebrow flash, or the way he smirks at something you say. 


2. He Makes An Effort

If you see him making an effort to see you or go out of his way to find ways to talk to you, take the hint. This is a sign he loves you deeply! 

When you’re busy and can’t meet him very often, he still does his best to see you every chance you’re free. For example, he might catch up with you for dinner after a long day at work.

If he is also actively using his free time to visit or see you or take you out, it is because he wants to hang out with you. He wouldn’t want to spend his free time any other way but with you. 


3. He Asks About Your Relationship Status 

If you’ve only just started talking to him and he wants to know if you’re single or seeing someone, he’s probably asking for himself. Let him know whatever’s on your mind. 

He will probably not want to risk the chances of getting hurt if you already are seeing someone. That is why he might question you about your current relationship status.

If he asks and you tell him that you’re not seeing anyone, he will think the spot is up for grabs, and he is planning on making a move soon enough. So don’t be surprised because this is one of the clear signs he loves you deeply.


4. He Listens

Listening is an essential skill to have when communicating with anyone, let alone someone you’re romantically interested in. When you talk about things, he closely listens to what you say and doesn’t look disinterested or bored. 

He pays careful attention to what you have to say to him, and it feels like he’s always so involved in every conversation you seem to have with him. This also means that he understands how critical listening is. 


5. He Values Your Opinion

Whether it’s him going to buy a new t-shirt or making a simple decision if he asks for your opinion and considers it, just know that it’s one of the top signs he loves you deeply.

This sign may not always apply because he is an individual and may want to make his own decisions. But he’ll always consider your thoughts and will even take it into account in the future, if not the present. 

He might just ask you things like, “Hey, what do you think about this?” It’s a clear sign of him making an effort to let you know that your opinion will always matter to him. 


6. He Talks About The Things He Loves 

If you hear him talk about the things he loves passionately, he’s showing you a side of himself that he hopes you’ll like. 

If he’s into physics, he might tell you all the exciting facts he knows about the subject. He might suggest some books that he thinks you’ll like if he’s into reading. And if you both want the same things, well then, let’s just say you’ve hit the jackpot!


7. He Remembers Your Food/Coffee Orders

If every time you hang out together, and he just knows what you’re going to order or how you like your coffee, it’s a sign that he might love you. 

If he knows your comfort food is Chinese and shows up at your house with Chinese food the day you’re feeling low, he wants to remind you that it’s not all bad and he’s here for you. 

He may also remember things like what you order every time you go to that one particular restaurant; that’s just how you should know, he cares. 


8. He Remembers Details About You

If you’re important to him, he’ll make sure you know that by all means. 

When you tell him about how you like sunflowers or prefer dark chocolate over milk, and he remembers it, it might be a sign to consider. There could be a chance that he’s a good listener, but we often forget unimportant things. 

So if he wants to know everything about you and he remembers every detail, this is a clear sign he is deeply in love with you. 


9. He Asks Questions 

If he’s interested in getting to know you better, he’ll ask you a lot of questions. These may include questions like ‘How was your day?’ or ‘Did you have dinner yet?’ 

It means he’s trying to make sure you know he cares about you. This sign can also be an addition to any other undeniable sign that he loves you.

This sign also goes hand in hand with how much he remembers about you. Suppose he’s curious about what makes you; you. In that case, he probably wants to get to know you better to feel more emotionally connected with you.


10. He Compliments You 

“You look beautiful today.”

“Your smile is beautiful.”

“Have I ever told you I like this about you a lot?”

He’ll always look for ways to compliment you or make you happy because it matters to him. If he makes sure that you know you’re beautiful every chance he gets, you must know he loves you. 


11. He Tells You 

If he says he loves you, believe him because this is one of the most obvious signs he loves you deeply. People often confess their feelings for someone when they think it’s the right time. 

Telling someone that you love them is the most obvious way to let them know that you do. If he’s being brave enough to let you know about the feelings he has for you, it probably means he’s super serious about the way you make him feel.

He doesn’t want to beat around the bush or give you mixed signals. He knows your time is essential, and so is his. 


12. He Shows That He Cares

Clear signs he loves you deeply

Is it very evident from the behavior that he cares about you? If yes, understand that he does. Now, it may even be because he cares like a friend, but you might also want to look for other signs if you’re going to be sure. 

Someone that cares about you will make sure you know they do. There may be small moments where he’ll make sure you know he cares, like if 

  • he’s somehow always there to help you out 
  • or come up with a gesture like bringing you a gift or some flowers on his way to you

These simple affectionate moves say a lot about his feelings towards you. 


13. His Behavior Has Changed

Has his behavior towards you changed suddenly? Has he become more concerned about where you are and how you’re doing? This translates to the fact that he might be falling for you gradually. 

It also relates to the previous one. If he cares about you, his behavior might go from being rude to being extremely sweet and from being a big tease to worrying about whether you’ve eaten your meals or taken your vitamins. 

A guy that loves you may sometimes make significant changes if he thinks you’re worth changing his ways for. 


14. He Wants You To Meet Influential People From His Life

You know the value of his friends and family because every time he talks about them, he tells you how important they are to him. 

His group of friends means a lot to him, and chances are, he talks to them about you. If he does, they’ll be excited to meet you. If he’s earnest about his feelings for you, he might even want you to meet his parents and other family members. 

This might be a move to let you know that you’re unique to him, and that’s why you deserve to meet all the essential and unique people in his life. 


15. The ‘You Up?’ Text 

When you’re online late at night, and he notices and texts you, “why are you up?” It means he’s worried about why you’re up so late and if you are feeling okay. 

If he hits you up late at night, it might be the start to a good conversation as well. People are often vulnerable at night and if he wants to talk to you when he’s feeling tired from the day, know that you matter a lot to him. All the signs are there if you’re willing to see them. 


16. He Initiates Certain Connecting Things

If he calls you himself and makes plans to see you every time he can, chances are he’s really into you. You might want to think about how many times you’ve hung out with him and how many times he initiated the outings. 

He may be coming up with ways to go out with you, 

  • like the blockbuster movie at the local theater that he knows you’ll like
  • Or to the new ice cream parlor that opened near the beach.  
  • or even just grabbing a coffee before work

The point is, no matter what he does, he makes sure you’re involved. His initiating plans and hangout sessions are signs that he loves spending time with you!


17. He Dresses Well Around You

This is another way of putting in the effort. Does he put enough effort to look good in front of you every single time you both hang out? Is he well-groomed on every date?

For instance, you may have just mentioned that you like guys who dress well in a passing conversation, and he heard it. So he does everything to look like a decently dressed guy, and he wants to make sure you like him because he clearly loves you. 


18. He Seems To Get A Little “Jealous” 

Jealousy is only human. If you like someone and they like someone else, it might get tough for you to be in that situation. He might try his best to hide it, but sometimes you can just tell he gets uncomfortable when you mention another guy’s name. 

When you talk about other guys or your exes, and he seems to get jealous or looks a little “off,” it might be because he loves you and wants to be with you. 

If he seems a little jealous, it’s because he wants you to talk about him the way you would talk about a guy you like. He wishes to be that guy for you. 


19. He Smiles A Lot When He’s Around You

If he seems happy around you every time you’re together, you might be the reason behind those giggly smiles. If he’s always trying to make you smile with corny jokes or pick-up lines, it means he’s really into you. 

Others might not necessarily find you funny, but if you feel hilarious when you’re around him— you know the reason! He’s always giggling and smiling because he wants to make you feel seen and heard (and also because you’re amusing, haha!)


20. He Likes To Buy You Things

A lot of guys like to buy things to convey their feelings. When we like someone and know something makes them happy, we’d want them to have those things. 

The thought behind buying you gifts is to make you happy. If he purchases things without you asking for them, he loves you. In fact this is one of the surest signs he loves you deeply that you should look out for.


21. He Shows Off His Physique 

Has he been going to the gym lately? Sending you a lot of gym selfies? Does he talk about how strong he is around you? That’s his way of telling you he’s strong enough to be there for you and that he loves you. 

People with a good physique are naturally attractive. He might think you would find him even more beautiful if he had a better shape. This might depend entirely on you, and not everyone likes a guy with too much muscle. 


22. He Doesn’t Make Fun Of How “Girly” You Are 

He knows that you fancy girly things and doesn’t make you feel bad about it. He doesn’t want you to act like a different person, but just be you. He wants you to embrace your originality and keep becoming a better person and It’s a sign he loves you for your unique individuality. 

If you can freely communicate with him about things that make you look supposedly “girly,” he probably won’t judge you for it. He might even find it attractive. 


23. He Likes To Show You Off

When his friends are around, and he proudly introduces you to them or if he shares your achievements with his homies, take the sign to be a good one for you. 

He might even post you with a cute song sometimes to let you know that he’s proud to have you, even if it’s just as a friend for now.


24. He Doesn’t Mind The Playful Teasing

Our friends are always the first to know when we have a crush or when we love someone.  

If you’re part of a big group of friends chances are that some of them already know he loves you. If you catch them teasing him by your name or even just mentioning how cute the both of you would look together, it might mean exactly what you think it does. 

He probably has thought about how cute you both would look together, and if he doesn’t stop his friends from teasing or doesn’t get mad at them for it, it’s a sign that he loves you deeply. 


25. He Watches Your Social Media And Constantly Likes Posts

Social media has made communication a lot easier than it was back in the day. Everyone’s continuously texting or uploading stories, letting the world know about themselves. 

If he’s following you on all social media platforms, it may be a sign. All the stories you upload on social media, he’s the first to watch them? He’s the first to like all your pictures and occasionally drops cute comments about how pretty you look? He might indeed have a thing for you. 

The way a person is on social media can say a lot about how they are in real life. So if it seems like he likes you online, it could probably mean he likes you offline too. 


26. He Always Wants To Be The “Hero”

Even if you only want someone to listen, a guy might try to “fix” your problems for you. If he wants to help you solve the issue you’re facing in your life currently— he’s the man! 

Guys want to make you feel protected and want you to know they have your back at all times, no matter the situation. 


27. You Always Catch His Eye, Even In A Crowd

  • He cracks a joke amongst your friends and looks at you first
  • he waits for you to tie your shoelaces while all your other friends keep walking
  • He looks for you and asks about you actively. 

Even in a room full of people, you might feel like he’s watching you or stealing glances. All of these could mean he loves you. Because if he can’t keep you off his mind, he probably doesn’t want you to be out of his sight either. 


28. He Puts A Profile Picture With You All Over His Social Media Profiles

There might be a thousand good solo pictures of him, but he chooses the one with you to put all over his social media accounts. It’s his way of showing other people that he’s unavailable to them because he loves you deeply. 

It might also be a way of showing people he’s proud of the fact that you’re his friend, he considers himself lucky to have you, and he wants to make sure the world knows about it. 


29. He Talks About His Future And Includes You In It

He talks about a future with you a lot. Saying things such as “when we both become what we want to be in life…” or reminding you of a far-future where you both are happy and together is one of the most significant signs that he loves you deeply. 

He wants you to be a part of his future, so he talks to you about it so often. He wants you to know that he wants to be with you for the long run. 


30. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Less For Not Knowing Things

Playful teasing is one thing but making fun of someone is completely another. 

When he tries to teach you new things politely instead of making you feel stupid about things you don’t know, it could mean that he has a soft spot for you. 


31. He Asks You Out On Dates

Nothing could be more evident than this sign; if he asks you out, it’s because he loves you. He wants to take you out on dates and have fun together. It means you mean something to him, something more than just a friend, of course. 

No matter what date he wants to take you on, the initiative and effort is what counts.


32. He Leans In 

Every time you talk to him, he subconsciously leans towards you. He may or may not realize it, but it’s very evident to you and the people around you. This sign is an easy one to tell. 

It is only natural for people to lean towards someone they are attracted to when conversing.


33. He Notices The Little Things 

He notices the little things like when you get a haircut or if you’ve changed your nail paint to another color or how you like wearing black clothes all the time. 

It’s always the little things that matter the most when it comes to the heart. He won’t always give you the most apparent compliment like “You’re gorgeous.” 

Still, he’ll always let you know about the little things he notices and say something like, 

  • “Your eyes are really beautiful” or
  • “I love your nosepin.”
  • You are killing that outfit! 
  • “I love the way you always wear minimal jewelry . It adds a lot to your outfits.”


34. Eye Contact 

If he looks at you and smiles or even tries to hold eye contact with you, it might be a sign that he loves you. Eye contact is one of the most significant signs of attraction. 

If he looks directly into your eyes and holds eye contact for a while, at least before turning away, trust that he knows what he’s doing. However, eye contact may not always be the most reliable sign because many people may just be shy. 


35. He Steals Glances/Looks Away

When you’re sitting across the room from him, and you notice him stealing glances at you, it’s a sign he loves you. 

He might even look at you while you’re looking away, and as soon as you catch him looking, he might choose to divert his gaze to something else quickly. This could mean that he is simply shy but loves you. He might even be nervous or scared to act on it, so he looks at you shyly while you talk to others. 


36. He Looks For Ways To Spend Time With You 

Even when both of you are busy, he might try to find ways to spend as much time with you as he can. He might want to see you often, hang out with you, go to the movies or just simply sit at the beach with you. 

It doesn’t matter what you do; he just wants to be with you and spend time with you. You could just say you want to go for a walk, and he’d ask you if he can come along; it’s his way of showing he never wants to miss a chance to hang out with you, even if it’s just for a few minutes. 


37. He Follows Up, Always 

Sometimes when he makes plans, and you don’t know if you’ll be free for sure, you might tell him something like, “I’ll let you know.”

Most people might take that as a no and move on to hang out with someone else. However, if he makes an effort to ask you again and tells you that he wants to hang out— it’s a sign that he loves you deeply. 

Even after bidding you goodbye for the day, he might text about how much he loved spending time with you. With this, he’s trying to say he loves you.


38. He’s Always Available For You

Does it seem like he’s always available whenever you need him? Like when you text him at 2 am, and somehow he still manages to text back quickly as ever? It might be a sign that he’s falling for you and wants you to know that he’s always there for you. 

He might even cancel his friends or clubbing plans with the boys on a Saturday night simply because you wanted to meet him. Although you wouldn’t want him to cancel out on his friends, he still does it because you are his priority. 


39. He Seems A Little Nervous 

Getting nervous around someone you love is only natural. He might be a pretty laid-back guy on the regular, but something about you just seems to make him anxious; it might be because he loves you. 

Signs that he’s nervous around you:

  • If he fidgets a lot when talking to you, 
  • he can’t maintain eye contact, but you’ve caught him looking at you indirectly. 
  • He laughs shyly
  • And agrees with you all the time

He might even seem brave and confident in texts, but if he’s attracted to you, the pressure of making a good impression on you may make him a little fluttery. 


40. You’re Always The Center Of Attention

When you’re around him, you’re the only one that matters. He cuts out any distractions around him, including his phone or the television. 

He gives you undivided, whole attention and might even go out of his way to remove barriers or distractions to do so. He’ll make gestures that will leave no room for confusion. It might also be a way of treating you like a romantic partner already!


41. He’s Communicative

He loves you

He openly talks about whatever is on his mind and keeps the lines of communication open. If he wants to go ahead and tell you that he loves you, he might even do that soon. Just keep an eye out!


42. He Drunk Dials You

When we’re drunk, we’re vulnerable and if he chooses to text you when he’s drunk, just know that you’re what he’s thinking about all the time.

No matter what state of mind he is in, you’re the first person on his mind, and since you’re not around, he might choose to express his feelings via a drunk text. 


43. His Friends Give You Space 

If his friends intentionally or ‘unintentionally’ leave you both alone, they know something that you don’t. 


44. He’s Defensive 

When someone insults you or makes fun of you, he stands up for you. He makes sure everyone knows he’s got your back and that they cannot get away quickly after messing with you. 

For instance, if you’re both out at a bar to get drinks together and another guy tries to act up, he might stand up for you to the point where it can get a little messy. 


45. He Takes Care Of You When You’re Not Feeling Too Well

Undeniable signs he loves you deeply

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, he shows up instantly. And if he can’t do that, he makes sure you’re being taken care of.

When you’re sick, he might take care of you by cooking or simply staying at home with you until you get better. 

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