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5 Working Mom Tips To Make Life Easier

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How to balance work and family tips

Life as a working mom can be quite challenging, the reason being that working moms have a lot of responsibilities from work and family that they have to meet. That is why many people are struggling with the idea of being a working mom.

I used to be a full time working mom overwhelmed by my responsibilities and seeking knowledge on how to balance work and family tips that could be helpful to me as I was working full time with a baby. My case was so bad that I developed symptoms of working mom burnout due to stress.

That is why I get it when some mothers wonder how they can survive to be a working mom. I was able to overcome this state (working mom burnout) with knowledge gained from friends, family, books, articles, and also the encouragement I got from reading working mother quotes. I will now proceed to share this knowledge with you.

Struggling with being a working mom


Struggling With Being A Working Mom

Most people think they have their lives under control and only need to plan for anything they feel will be problematic to them. While this is true, not all situations respond to this approach. One of the situations that I Know will most likely defile this approach is motherhood. We can never prepare enough for it.

From pregnancy, delivery, nursing a baby to raising a child, all mothers have their own unique personal experiences notwithstanding whatever they must have read or watched in preparation for their role as mothers. The role of a mother is not an easy one, it even gets more tedious when we are talking about working mothers.

Being a working mother can be stressful, because you have to cater to your needs, that of your kids and partner, and still try to meet the demands of your work. That’s why most working mothers struggle for a long time trying to keep up with work and family.

The sad truth however is, equal attention can’t be given to both sides. This problem can only be minimized if necessary measures are put in place, so a working mom can feel closer to attaining a balance between work and family.


Working Full Time With Baby

While most working moms complain of how tedious their daily routine can be, it is even more demanding for working mothers who have newborns to cater to and have to worry about issues like breastfeeding, pumping of breastmilk, trying to calm a baby, changing diapers and other myriads of problems life with a newborn pose for all mothers.

Working moms with babies can relieve themselves of some of their duties by being proactive and seeking help ahead of time, also making sure that they do not allow the work they have to do pile up can help.


Full-Time Mom Overwhelmed By Responsibilities

As a full time working mom laden with several responsibilities, there is a tendency to sometimes feel overwhelmed by work. The following tips can however help full-time moms better manage their situation.


1.  Seek Help

Working moms need someone who can help them, so they don’t get overwhelmed by their daily routine. Getting a nanny can be helpful but in the case where it is not an affordable option, a baby sitter can be hired to help out or the child can be taken to a nursery.


2.  Delegate Duties

The right thing for mothers to do beyond seeking help is to imbibe the habit of delegating duties to people who can help, bearing in mind that they cannot do everything.


3.  Do Not Allow Work To Pile Up

It is also advisable for working moms to learn to do their duties at the time it is required of them and not procrastinate because this will only lead to piling up work for themselves. To achieve more before setting out to work, mothers should learn to start their day early, I discussed this in details in one of my blog posts titled Why You Want To Rise Up Before Your Kids And How To Do It.


4.  Pamper Yourself

Working moms should learn to engage in self-care tips so they don’t get exhausted from their daily routine, there are wonderful self-care ideas you can use that I discussed in my blog post titled Self Care For Moms Who Have No Time.


5.  Accept That You Are Not Perfect

While it is normal for you to sometimes want to overstretch yourself to perform your duties optimally, you have to know you should do only your best per time, so you don’t breakdown. That is not to say you should be lazy in the performance of your duties, but to know your capability and work according to it.


Working Mom Burnout

The energy working mothers spend in carrying out their duties at work and catering to their families need to be replenished occasionally, if not they are likely to burn out from exhaustion. The signs that show a working mom is suffering from burnout are:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Lack of interest in any activity
  • Negative attitude
  • Low productivity
  • Irritability
  • Lack of motivation

This condition can, however, be overcome if the following tips are observed.


1.  Avoid Multitasking

Working moms have a lot on their plates but have to learn to do one thing at a time and not try to overburden their minds with so many tasks.


2.  Ask For Help When You Need It

It is OK for working moms to ask for help in times when they feel it is needed, so they don’t overstretch themselves.


3.  Make Plans To Cope With Health Issues If Any

Working mothers need to make good plans to stay healthy and in a situation, where they already have health issues, to devise means to best manage their health condition. This is because a healthy person will perform better.


How To Balance Work And Family Tips

The key to being a successful working mom is learning to balance work and family. Here are some tips to help you in achieving this balance.


1.  Discuss With Your Employer

To effectively balance work and family, you need the support of your employer, so in times when you can’t meet up with the demands from your workplace, you can have his or her support.


2.  Avoid Distractions

To able to create a balance between work and family, it is important that time wasters be cut off and that you only do necessary things.


3.  Create Time For Your Family

Full time working mom overwhelmed

Yes, work is important, but your family comes first hence you should create time to be with your family and kids. So you don’t get lost in your work and start becoming a stranger to your family.


4.  Have Time For Yourself

You need to create time to take good care of yourself and replenish your energy otherwise you will breakdown.


5.  Be Organized

Juggling between work and family is no small task, that is why you will need to-do lists or other forms of planners to help you stay organized and productive.


Working Mother Quotes

“It’s not wrong to be passionate about your career. When you love what you do, you bring that stimulation back to your family.” — Allison Pearson

“Get rid of the guilt…When you’re at one place, don’t feel bad that you’re not at work; when you’re at work, don’t feel bad that you’re not at home.” — Katie Couric

“Knowing I’ve got this beautiful baby to go home to makes me feel like I don’t have to play another match. I don’t need the money or the titles or the prestige. I want them, but I don’t need them. That’s a different feeling for me.” — Serena Williams


 For you

The life of a working mom is a challenging one but you can surmount these challenges with the use of essential life hacks and have the life you desire only if you are up to it. Are you?


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