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8 Month Old Sleep Schedule- A Guide For Restful Nights!

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8 month old sleep schedule

Now that your baby is 8 months old, they’ll settle for an excellent and consistent 8 month old sleep schedule!

Babies around this age usually outgrow their regular awake windows. As they grow and develop, their sleep needs change too!

By staying active for longer stretches, babies begin transitioning to 2 nap schedules for 8 month olds.

When we talk about infants, adequate sleep is essential at any age! It promotes their physical growth, ensuring they become healthier and happier babies. Then, of course, you can be well-rested parents too.

So, what is the right 8 month sleep schedule for your little angel? Let us discuss and prepare an excellent sleep routine for 8 month old.

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The Perfect 8-Month-Old Sleep Schedule!

As babies grow and explore the world around, one crucial discussion remains constant to parents—sleep schedule for 8 month old.

Does your little bundle of joy struggle with their sleep schedule? Do they still wake up crying in mid-sleep sessions, leaving you worried about what to do?

In any case, how do you know if your baby is following an unusual sleep schedule? Here are some signs that show your child’s sleep is affecting them:

  • Skipping meals
  • Irritated behavior
  • They act more clingy than usual
  • They cry more often
  • They’ll cry if you put them down
  • Insist on being held all the time

Yes, your child may get irritated and show tantrums when lacking good sleep. Of course, their sleep affects their day-to-day activities the most.

What is a good 8 month old sleep schedule?

At 8 months, most infants require a minimum of 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day, including nighttime sleep and daytime naps.

This amount of sleep is necessary as your tiny explorer needs to be well-rested to hit new milestones for their growth!

Nonetheless, never ignore the fact that every child is different, and their sleep needs may be diverse. There is a wide spectrum of what is considered healthy and normal, in terms of 8 month baby schedule.

Do not let the recommended hours make you force your baby to sleep when they are not ready. It’s just a general idea!

What is more important is you observe your child’s mood and energy levels to conclude a much more efficient 8 months old sleep schedule!

So if you’re a tired parent looking for a proper sleep schedule for an 8-month-old, don’t panic. We’ve got you!

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the following:

  • The Best 8-month-old sleep schedule!
  • Understanding your 8-month-old sleep needs.
  • How to create a sleep-enduring environment?
  • Frequently asked questions

So let’s get started and plan a peaceful sleep schedule for your little champ!

The Best 8-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

First and foremost, let’s talk about the timings for an 8-month-old sleep schedule!

If you’ve got a cute little baby around this age, you must be aware of their unpredictable sleep patterns that come all day long.

Don’t worry mama, 8 month old babies struggle following a consistent routine because they are juggling between 2-nap and 3-nap schedules.

However, we are here to highlight a peaceful and consistent 8 month sleep schedule. Follow this sleep chart to ensure your baby’s sleep patterns match the best time frames for adequate rest!

8 months old sleep schedule

1. Wake up (6:30 to 7:30 AM)

Okay, so the sun is up, and so is your cutie pie! Remember, children mostly wake up around 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM, so you must set your morning time accordingly. Also, note that this routine may change with time.

In any case, whatever the time your baby wakes up in the morning, you need to plan their sleep schedule according to it.

Once your baby is awake, start their morning with warm cuddles and cute giggles. Don’t forget to change their diaper and nappies!

Then, prepare your baby for a fresh start!

2. Breakfast and playtime (7:30 to 9 AM)

8 month old sleep and feeding schedule

First things first, feed your little one before they begin to eat you up!

While preparing your baby’s food, you can give them some fun toys to play with or play any cartoons on the TV, and let the baby do their own thing.

After their playtime and feeding are over, they’ll be tired enough to doze off for the morning nap. Note that your baby may stay awake for 2.5 to 3 hours before feeling sleepy again!

3. Morning nap (9:30 to 10:30 AM)

The first nap could be around 9:30 AM- 10:30 AM. We know it’s not going to be consistent all month. Some days, they will be the champions of napping; others, they’ll have their mood swings!

But it’s good to have a regular pattern, to make them learn new things, and that’s the beauty of embracing parenting!

Make sure you feed them well when preparing for their first morning nap.

4. Mid-morning playtime (11 AM to 12 PM)

Baby naps don’t go on for too long; they could last just an hour or a half. So, their mid-morning play time may start around 11 AM.

Give your baby some colorful crayons and a drawing book to have fun. You can play any movie on the TV or a dancing class video to teach your baby some classy moves.

What about “Peek-a-boo, I see you!?” Hide behind your hands, a blankie, or even a fluffy toy—it’s a top-giggle game for babies!

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5. Bath, massage, and feed (12 to 1 PM)

The bathing and massage time will begin when the baby is done playing, which is around 12:00 PM.

Bath and massages are an excellent way to make a baby feel relaxed and sleepy. Give your baby a good massage using some soothing lotion, and help them take a refreshing bath.

Afterwards, don’t forget to make their little tummy full; whether it is milk, chopped bananas, peas, or anything you give your baby.

6. Afternoon nap (1 to 3 PM)

Bellies full from a yummy lunch, the sun shining outside, and a soft, comfy bed waiting. That’s the recipe for an epic afternoon nap.

You might catch your baby rubbing their eyes, doing mini-yawns, or showing a little extra fussiness. This is when you know it’s naptime round two, which goes on for two hours (sometimes more).

You don’t have to put extra effort here as the baby is tired enough to doze off on their own. Just cuddle a little with your baby and sing a sweet lullaby to instantly put them to sleep!

Generally, afternoon naps are a little longer, lasting over 1.5 hours, so that you can take a little break too.

7. Evening activities

Routine for 8 month old

Let’s say your baby is up after 1 or 2 hours. Now, it’s time for their afternoon activities that may range from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM!

  Your baby’s recharged again, so you can take them out for a ride!

Maybe, go to any nearby park and let your baby meet their new friends in the neighborhood, play with cute pets around, and simply explore the world.

–  What about getting creative? Bring out the colorful paints, crayons, and washable markers. The inner artist in your baby may come out and you get new art memories to stash.

Get your baby what they have fun with the most, and the evening will drift in sweetly!

8. Early evening nap (5 to 5:30 PM)

At 8 months old, babies outgrow the awake windows for a 3-nap schedule. They begin staying awake for longer periods, which is why most babies may transition to a 2-nap sleep schedule around this time!

If your baby is still taking 3 naps per day, don’t worry, it’s normal. But remember that this final nap of the day should only last for 30 minutes (approx).

Don’t let your baby nap more than 30 minutes at evening!

9. Bedtime routine

How to get 8 month old to sleep

When the sun starts to set and the moon begins to rise, that’s the cue for some baby nighttime routine (7:00 PM – 7:30 PM).

–  It is time for a splish-splash bath. A warm soak helps your little cutie relax those tiny muscles.

–  Now that your baby is all clean and fresh, get them into those adorable PJs. Snuggle up and read a calming story. It’s a perfect bonding moment that your baby will love.

–  Lastly, dim the lights and play some soft music to create a cozy atmosphere. Your baby will know it’s bedtime o’clock.

10. Bedtime

Napping schedule for 8 month old

At last, tuck your little one into their crib with a soft blanket and their favorite toy. Keep the lights low and give them a gentle goodnight kiss!

The bedtime starts around 7:30 PM, and goes on until 6:30 AM. So, make sure your baby takes a good meal for an undisrupted sleep.

The next day, repeat all these steps to maintain a consistent routine for 8 month old.

Remember that these timings are just a guide for a better 8 month old schedule for your baby. You can adjust the timing according to your baby’s unique circadian rhythms. 

However, make sure you consider the baby’s minimum sleep requirement of 12 to 14 hours of sleep! Every child is unique; so if your baby gives off any cues, don’t ignore them.

Understanding Your 8-Month-Old Sleep Needs!

a grip on your baby’s sleep needs can help you offer them a peaceful slumber routine!

As for the basics, they must get a total sleep of 12 to 16 hours on average. That is 11 to 12 hours at nighttime and the remaining 2 to 3 hours during the day (divided in 2 to 3 naps).

Ensure your infant fulfills this minimum sleep criteria each day!

Consistency is also important to set up a healthy 8 months old sleep schedule. You can routinely practice some simple sleeping techniques  like a soothing bath, massage, poems, or a song to make the baby sleep. Eventually, they’ll adapt to the routine.

Not to forget that teething causes the most disturbance during baby sleep. The pain will pop up uninvited and will create a troublesome time for your baby.

You can give them edible toys, and follow some home remedies for their new teeth.

How to Create A Sleep-Inducing Environment?

In order to create a peaceful sleep routine for your baby, setting up a sleepy environment around them is essential. Here are some points to keep in mind while putting your baby to sleep:

a.  Optimal room temperature

Keep in mind that babies can’t regulate their body temperature like adults, so avoid extreme temperatures!

For babies, it’s essential to have a suitable room temperature. Aim for a cozy temperature between 68°F to 72°F (20°C to 22°C).

Not too hot, not too cold – just right! Finding that sweet spot can make a big difference in their sleep comfort.

b.  Dim the lights

how much sleep 8 month old

Before you put your baby to sleep, dim the lights in the nursery to create a sleepy environment!

Soft, gentle lighting helps send signals to your baby that it’s time to wind down and get ready for dreamland. Also, lowering the lights can make it easy for your baby to drift off fast.

c.  Keep baby’s stomach full

Not to forget that infants sleep well when their stomach is full. So make sure that you feed the baby nicely before putting them to sleep.

If they’re not feeling content, they may start crying or throwing tantrums. The result would be a failed sleep schedule at 8 months old.

d.  Bath and a good massage

Mommy massages and bathing are natural tricks to put your baby to sleep without putting any effort.

Choose any baby body oil for your little one and give them a refreshing massage for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can find several massage videos on youtube; watch them and create a healthy massage routine for your baby.

Next step is to make them bathe! Later, they’ll automatically feel tired, and fall asleep fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When creating a healthy 8 month old sleep and feeding schedule, your mind may get flooded with questions! Here are a few FAQs for more clarity:

Question 1: What if my baby doesn’t follow the exact sleep schedule?

Babies are unpredictable; you cannot force them to have a strict sleep schedule!

Remember that it’s normal if they do not follow the same routine and have differences. Keep your calm and try to adjust the 8 month baby schedule as needed.

Let them differ in sleep and nap timings, but ensure your baby meets their daily sleep requirement. You must acknowledge that your baby is growing and changing daily, so embrace all the unpredictability and cherish those cries and laughter together!

Question 2: Should I wake my baby up in the morning if they sleep longer than usual?

No, it’s not right to wake your baby up when they’re sleeping peacefully or over time!

Being interrupted in sleep may affect their behavior which can cause too much drama for you. Let them sleep as they’ll wake up when they’re done watching all the sweet dreams.

8 month old won't sleep

Babies are not easy, sometimes they match the sleeping schedule, and someday they do not. Have patience, keep track of their daily sleep habits, and soon you’ll see the difference.

Just ensure they reach the minimum hours of sleep quota as per the 8-year-old sleep schedule.

Question 3: How will I know if my baby is getting enough sleep?

Babies might not be able to speak, but they leave simple clues for us to understand whether they’re getting enough sleep or not. Here are some things to look out for:

a.  Their mood: Happy babies mean well-rested champs! So if your little one is happy, cheerful, playful all day, and not throwing tantrums, then it’s a clear sign your baby is getting enough sleep.

8 month feed schedule

b.  Their energy level: Next clue is their energy levels. If they’re bouncing and cheering, that means they’re good. You will see a bright energy in your child when they have adequately rested.

c.  Growth and Development: Proper sleep supports healthy growth and development. If your baby is meeting their developmental milestones, it’s a good indication that they are getting the rest they need.

d.  Naptime: Pay attention to your baby’s nap length and how often they nap during the day. Generally, babies in different age groups have different sleep needs.

For example, an 8-month-old may take two naps a day, each lasting around 1-2 hours.

e.  Consistency: A consistent sleep pattern is a positive sign. Babies often thrive on routine, so having regular nap times and a consistent bedtime helps ensure they are growing well.

f.  Nighttime sleep: The last and the most important one. If your baby dozes off at the right time at night, doesn’t wake up in between the night, or creates any drama, then it’s an indicator that their sleep schedule is perfect and they’re doing well.

Question 4. Why is my 8-month-old not sleeping?

Children and their sleep patterns are never going to be easy peasy. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this. There could be a bunch of reasons why your 8-month-old is not sleeping:

a.  Teething: Those little new teeth can take a toll on your baby’s mood and sleep. Teething is a painful and annoying experience that can come and go in your 8 month old daily schedule.

b.  Development: The constant growth of an 8-month-old can also mess up with their sleep schedule. All the attempts to crawl and walk on their own will alter their appetite, which can become a reason why your 8-month-old is not sleeping.

c.  Separation anxiety: At this age, babies feel very attached to you and may get anxious when you’re not around them!

Just to check your presence, your baby may wake up in the middle of the night and look for you. They’ll cry when they can’t find you; so comfort your baby but try not to create new sleep associations.

d.  Sleep regressions: One more reason why your 8 month baby is not sleeping can be their 8-month sleep regression.

Sleep regression is often a sign that your baby is passing through developmental goals. They’re growing, learning, and their little brain is working overtime. With all that exciting progress, sleep might take a back seat for a while.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, say goodbye to that old 3-nap routine and help your baby transition to the cool 2-nap schedule. As your baby’s curiosity catches wings, they will want to stay awake more to keep exploring the beauties of life.

Watch out for those sleepy signs, like adorable yawns and rubbing eyes. The nap schedule for 8 month olds is all about finding that perfect nap timing and sticking to a regular bedtime.

However, remember that being flexible is just as important as every baby is unique. Don’t stress if some days are power-naps, while others are siesta-fests. Remember, they’re growing and learning, and that can lead to a little sleep turbulence.

But here’s the secret sauce: love and cuddles! Comfort your baby during sleep regressions and celebrate major milestones. Be calm in the storm and keep the 8 month old sleep schedule rockin.

Cherish the moments of snuggles and sleepy smiles. You’re creating a beautiful bond while helping your little star rest and grow. Sweet dreams are on the horizon, my fellow sleepy superheroes! Happy snoozing!

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