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Older Woman Younger Man Dating Relationship- Pros And Cons

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Older woman younger man relationship

When it comes to relationships, there’s a wide spectrum, but not all relationships across this spectrum are viewed as conventional. An increasingly popular unconventional relationship is the older woman younger man relationship. 

We have enough examples of these kinds of relationships in Bollywood and Hollywood; Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Aishwariya Rai and Abhishek Bachan, Shakira and Gerard Piqué. But somehow these relationships are still not as widely accepted as a conventional relationship where the man is older than the woman.  

A recent study indicated that nearly 81% of women are open to the idea of dating a younger man. The same study concluded that it’s not only older women who are interested in a younger man, younger men as well find older women increasingly attractive. So while these relationships are becoming more and more popular, is getting into one the right decision for you?

The popular saying ‘age is just a number’ has been proven to be true on numerous occasions. We’ve seen people switch careers at fifty, take up a new hobby at sixty and get married at an age that is right for them. So does this arbitrary number really matter while choosing your life partner?

No relationship is perfect but some are definitely more difficult than others, but in any relationship it’s important that the pros outweigh the cons.  Let’s look at some of the pros, the cons and the dynamics of an older woman younger man relationship. 


Table of Contents: 

  • Interesting Aspects About Older Woman Younger Man Relationships
  • Drawbacks of Older Woman Younger Man Relationships
  • Society’s Overview On Older Woman Younger Man Relationship
  • 7 Benefits of Dating a Younger Man
  • Why You Should Consider a Relationship With An Older Woman
  • Is It Common For an Older Woman to Date a Younger Man
  • Does Age Matter in a relationship Where the Woman is Older
  • What is an Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Called
  • Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

Signs a younger man likes an older woman

6 Interesting Aspects About Older Woman Younger Man Relationships

Regardless of what society has to say, multiple studies and surveys suggest otherwise. According to a survey conducted by Zoosk (a dating app), 27% of male participants showed a willingness to date older women. Another survey by Quackquack (an Indian dating platform) showed that 81% of male participants were interested in dating older women for their maturity, stability, sexual experience, and poise. 

The same studies also revealed the willingness of older women to date younger men for their charm, youthfulness, liveliness, and impulsive nature. According to the survey conducted by Zoosk, 31% of older women were interested in dating younger men. In the same vein, Quackquack discovered that 50% of women were interested in dating younger men. 

Here are 10 facts I came across while closely studying an older woman/younger man relationship. These pros are worth acknowledging! 


1. Intimacy is quite mind blowing.

With an older woman’s experience, confidence, and self-assurance and a younger man’s energetic intimacy drive— you can only imagine the deadly combination and sensual compatibility. Often, younger men (interested in older women) find younger females to be very inexperienced and lost during intercourse. Similarly, older women cherish the new-found intimacy drive in a younger man—something that’s rare in older men or men of their age. 

Studies suggest that a woman reaches her prime libido in her 30s-40s. On the other hand, men reach their prime sexual unfoldings in their 20s. It’s quite natural for younger men to be attracted to older women and vice versa. 


2. Emotional Stability

Intimacy is not the only driving factor in an older woman/younger man relationship. These relationships are often backed by maturity, stability, and understanding—something you would never find in same-age couples.

The difference between their age fills multiple gaps in a relationship. For instance, a younger man who has just started his career will seek comfort, enthusiasm, and understanding from his partner. More often, younger women are lost in their own dilemmas to provide their partners anything at all, let alone stability! 

On the other hand, older women are quite established and stable in their own life. They are more than willing to help their partners grow as successful humans. 

Similarly, older women get inspired and feel more youthful with a younger man. They enjoy the sudden rush and enthusiasm their partners share. Younger men bring sweet chaos, wilderness, and instability into their life—something many individuals desire in their dull, mundane life. 


3.  No Drama

Given all the maturity and experience, older women will throw negligible-to-zero drama towards their partners.

  • Older women are more often up-front rather than shy or calculative. 
  • Their first instinct is not to jump to conclusions but instead sit and talk! 

At such a young age, it’s normal for younger women/men to go through insecurities, self-doubt, and misjudgment. Younger women are keen on drama, misunderstanding, and insecurities. Often, these things ruin a perfectly healthy relationship due to the lack of communication, personal insecurities, and unsaid promises. 

Younger men like older women because they are self-satisfied with no societal insecurities and because they are comfortable in their own skin! 

  • Older women are more likely to talk about solutions rather than fighting.
  • They are clear about their aspects of life and relationships. 


4. These relationships are also very much financially stable.


Most older women in their 30s and 40s have successful careers and very stable financial conditions. In today’s world, money gives individuals a sense of freedom and independence. With stabilized finances and expenses, older women are less stressed and more active in life and relationships. 

Younger men relish that experience and prefer more independent women. An independent woman is more likely to be persistent, powerful, and confident— something that every man desires. Plus, financial stability means more fun, more world tours, exploration, and gifts! Many men enjoy the idea of being a stay-at-home partner. 


5. Norm-Breaking Relationships offer Freedom, Passion, And Fun.

Once older women/young men let go of what the society has to say, they are free from judgment and unrealistic standards. This new-discovered freedom can open multiple gates of exploration. The rebellious act can make everything more fun, courageous, and enthralling. Some individuals enjoy being rebels. 


6. They Learn From Each Other. 

That’s the best part about the older woman/younger man relationship—both parties have so much to teach each other. Younger men introduce older women to new experiences, modernization, and new worldly concepts. On the other hand, older women teach younger men the concept of maturity, communication, stability, etc. Men find intellectual women to be very appealing and poise. 

Older women serve a very prosperous path for men to be better and do better. The wisdom and youth these couples share strengthens their unconventional relationship. 


Drawbacks Of An Older Woman Younger Men Relationship

Just like every other relationship, this unique dynamic also has its cons. While older women/younger men may feel immense love towards each other, society makes them believe otherwise. The community may as well try to sabotage their newfound feelings. Here are a couple of drawbacks I came across while studying an older woman/younger man relationship. 


1. Commitment Issues

Commitment is a huge issue amongst lovers of different ages. More than often, younger men’s families themselves might be against the idea of marriage. Starting a family is a big step in one’s life.

  • Men might not be ready to become a parent or commit to a relationship at such a young age.
  • On the same aspect, older women may want a laid-back life rather than marriage or kids.
  • Biologically, there’s a certain limit for older women to bear children. If your man’s not ready—starting a family might be a question. 

Even after marriage and child, the age imbalance may start to create barriers between the two of you! 


2. The relationship has A Sooner Expiry Date.

Studies suggest an older woman and younger man relationship can only last for 6-10 years. After certain years, both parties are more likely to feel zero attraction towards each other. 

  • The lack of sensual desire because of aging, responsibilities, and kids. 
  • In older woman and younger man relationships, bearing a child and parenting is a delicate topic. Why? Because both the parties are in a different phase and probably not ready, biologically and mentally. 
  • Intimate life will deplete with time. 


3. Criticism

There’s a certain threshold for avoiding judgments, criticisms from strangers and their own family. While some may endure together, others find it suffocating to continue. Eventually, they depart.

Social pressure implicated by your family and close friends is more harassing than the one given by strangers. Individuals can avoid strangers, but not their own family’s prejudice. Given all the pressure, some couples choose to end their relationship. 

If couples do decide to continue, they have to deal with constant disapproval, insensitive comments, hurtful jokes, and disrespectful behavior.


4. Lifestyle Changes

Given the age difference, both partners will have different lifestyles, aspects, and choices. These differences and life aspects may break your relationship. 


9 signs A Younger Man likes an Older Woman!

Here are some signs that show that a younger man may be attracted to an older woman. 

1.  He flirts with her all the time

 Flirting is a sign that anyone is into somebody; it’s not just something for younger men who are into older women. However, younger men may not be as forward and early with older women. 


2.  He compliments her all the time

Younger men will complement older women constantly if they like them.


3.  He can’t break eye contact with all of her

He is totally staring and everyone can see he’s not just looking at her eyes, he’s looking at her face, her neckline and her whole body. He is smitten and he can’t keep his eyes off of her.


4.  He acts more mature

He steps up his game. He puts aside some of his childish antics and acts like a real gentleman. He’ll clean up his act, and stop dating around to show her that he is mature enough to handle her. 


5.  He talks her up all the time

When a younger guy keeps talking about an older woman in his life, it’s probably a good sign that he’s interested in her. Why? Because we can’t stop talking about people that we have a crush on. 


6.  He gets close when she talks

A younger man will want to express intimacy with an older woman. An easy way to do this is to make physical connections by getting as close as possible.


7.  He’s super affectionate

Even if he’s been dating her for a long time, a young man will shower his older girlfriend/ fiancée wife with affection.


8.  He wants to know about her

He asks her questions constantly. He wants to know all of her favorite hobbies, where she grew up, about her job, and everything she has to say.


9.  He asks her on a date

This is another very obvious sign. If a younger man asks an older woman on a date for dinner, drinks, movies, mini golf, it’s undoubtedly because he’s into her. 


Society’s Overview On Older Woman And Younger Man Relationship

There’s no doubt that society has progressed immensely to accept ageless relationships. However, there are still countries, communities, and individuals who may frown upon such progressive dynamics. We may not judge a man dating someone half his age, but older women daily go through harsh judgment in our community. 

“What does she think? Dating someone younger will bring her libido back!?’, 

“She is old; she should behave and stay within her limits,”

“She seduced the poor, young lad.”

“How did she even seduce him, he can do so much better.” 

“That’s not love, that’s atrocious.”

“What a cougar!! A Puma!!”


Many women suppress their emotions and never allow themselves to date/love younger men with so much judgment. 

As bizarre as their relationship may seem upfront; If you look closely, they are merely two people in love— finding solace in each other, detangling life together, and simply making each other happy. To think about it, who are we, as a society, to hinder their moments of happiness? Who you fall for and for what reasons shouldn’t be anyone’s business but yours and your partner’s. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Are The Benefits of Dating a Younger Man?

  • With him, you don’t have to follow the traditional roles played by men and women in relationships. You can just be yourself.
  • Younger guys have more energy for sexual activities. 
  • Young men are fun to be with because they are more adventurous and ready to try out new things
  • Dating a younger man will make you feel younger than you are
  • Younger men value older women because of their financial and emotional independence,  experience and maturity. 
  • Young men are usually open-minded when they are in a relationship with older women 
  • For a woman, dating a younger partner is a good opportunity to explore new options.


Q2: Why Should I Consider A Relationship With An Older Woman? 

You should consider a relationship with an older woman for the following reasons:

  • They have more life experience and are because of this more stable emotionally and financially 
  • For matured minds the age gap factor is not important 
  • Older women are usually more ready for a serious relationship, because most of them have had previous marriages and relationships and are at a stage in their lives where they can decide for certain what they want.


Q3: Is it Common For An Older Woman to Date A Younger Man?

Older woman younger man relationships are definitely not as common as older man younger woman relationships. But the number of people going for these kind of relationship is increasing by the day. 

Some examples are French President- Emmanuel Macron, and from the Hollywood space; Ashton kutcher and Demi Moore, Susan Saradon and Tim Robbins and a host of others.


Q4: Does Age Matter in a Relationship Where The Woman is Older?

Age gap factor does not matter in relationships where both partners do not consider it an issue.


Q5: What is an Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Called?

In an older woman younger man relationship,  the woman is referred to as “cougar”.


Wrapping Up 

Love is fairly boundless, and like any other relationship, an older woman and younger man relationship does have its benefits and drawbacks. The real question is, are your feelings strong enough to bear the consequences of a relationship and deal with society strong-headed? Do all the pros of this relationship outweigh the cons? And most importantly, is this person worth fighting for? If so, you have your answer! Listen to your heart and allow it to blossom with the person you love.


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Older women younger men relationship


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