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7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

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7 Obvious signs he likes youSo you’ve been crushing on this one guy and wish to know if he likes you? While he may be showing some subtle signs he likes you, it’s better to confirm his feelings before making a move.

In today’s article, we’ll list down 7 obvious signs he likes you. These signs will make it crystal clear if a guy likes you or not, so you can step forward and ask him out on a date!

7 obvious signs he likes you—how can I tell if a boy likes me?

Men are usually not upfront about their feelings. They are taught to keep their feelings secret and hide them from the world; otherwise, they’ll seem weak. However, whether man or woman, love and feelings can never stay hidden no matter how hard a person tries!

In one way or another, they’ll get out in the air and show themselves up in secret ways. Sometimes, these feelings even get seemingly obvious and you can tell a guy likes you by simply noticing some signs he’s into you!

So when you are with a guy who gives off romantic vibes or someone who makes you think “does this guy like me?” observe his behavior towards you. Even when you’re in a group, notice how he behaves with you specifically.

If he has feelings for you, he will show some undeniable signs that he likes you. These signs convey a very simple message—the guy likes you a lot, and will do anything to win your heart.

For instance, he will care about ordering your favorite meal, while the other friends don’t even get a chance to mention their choices. He would undoubtedly get in a fight with anyone who talks rudely with you. Or maybe he’ll text or call you to verify if you reached back home safely.

When a guy likes you, he will convey a lot of different signs he is interested. So if you’re wondering “how can you tell if a guy is into you?” look for these 7 obvious signs he likes you!

1. He will call you regularly

7 Obvious signs he likes you but is hiding it


One of the true signs a guy is starting to like you is that he will always call you when you are not with him. He would want to know about your day in detail or just get the chance to hear your voice.

This happens to be one of the 7 obvious signs he likes you but is hiding it. When a guy truly has genuine feelings for you, he will care deeply about you and miss you always.

Not only that, he may also call you up when he’s stressed about something because he feels lighter after talking to you. He will openly converse about his future plans with you and gladly take in your suggestions.

He will simply talk to you about anything and everything, all day and night. It may soon come to a point when you would start missing him too on days he doesn’t call or text you.

So if he calls you regularly and your chit-chat doesn’t seem to end, it’s one of the subtle signs a guy likes you!

2. He will buy you gifts!

Several times, you might think to yourself—does he like me? Well this can be easily figured out if the guy keeps spoiling you with gifts and surprises!

Gift giving is an upfront sign of affection and is one of the cute gestures of love. It is one authentic way a person can express how they feel for you. 

A man who likes you will enjoy giving you special items that remind you of him. If you are that special one, he will buy you gifts to show how much he values you. He will buy you things on special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s day, or your birthday. 

He will simply use every opportunity to give you something and make you feel important. This is one of the subtle signs someone likes you! So if a guy keeps spoiling you, he’s trying to make you fall for him.

3. He is eager to spend all his time with you

When a guy likes you, it is easy to tell because he will always enjoy your company, and most likely, demand to see you again and again.

But when he doesn’t like you, the opposite will be the case. He will not want to spare even a few minutes with you and this is understandable because his heart is elsewhere. 

However, he keeps on lurking around you and grabs all the chances of hanging out with you. In an effort to do the same, he helps you around with your house chores, college work, personal agendas and much more. 

Moreover, he may ask you to go out with him on your free days. If he does this, there’s no denying the question—is he into me? He is into you, and the fact that he wants to spend all his time especially with you proves it all!

4. He trusts you

Subtle signs a guy likes you

How do I know if a boy likes me? A guy likes you if he trusts you blindly and has faith in you! To trust someone, you have to have some degree of admiration for them. Otherwise, trust will be impossible.

We can say this because people don’t go around trusting strangers or newbies they have recently met. Perhaps, the normal thing is for people to trust those they love or are attracted to.

If a guy trusts you with his private matters or maybe his past, it means that he trusts you with his present and future as well. It means that he’ll gladly hand over keys to all the doors in his heart and be vulnerable in front of you.

He would be willing to show you his scars and blemishes, so you know the real him and then decide to like him or not.

So if you ever find yourself asking this question—how can you tell a guy likes you? Then try to observe that guy and notice if he trusts you.

Ask him about his past relationship, or what kind of a romantic partner he desires. If he trusts you and talks to you about himself openly, it means he wants you to be a part of his world, and he surely likes you.

5. He introduces you to his friends and family.
How can you tell if a guy likes you? A guy that likes you will want to introduce you to his friends and family.

He does it because he wishes for his close ones to meet the girl he had been talking about nonstop and get to know her better! It’s a human instinct to celebrate or talk about someone we are proud of with our friends and family.

So if he’s taking the next step of making you meet his close circle of people, then it’s one of the real signs a guy likes you!

Maybe he talked a lot about you with his friends, he said some great things about you and now they are curious to know who this girl is. I bet they won’t leave him alone until they get to meet you.

Moreover, introducing you also shows that he wants to spend more time with you by adding you in his inner circle. Remember, a guy would never bring you as close as his friends if he doesn’t feel anything for you.

Guys like to be private and rarely share their special people with anyone. But if he has decided to have you meet his friends and family, it is one of the signs he likes you more than you think!

6. He will always want to please and impress you! 

What are some ways guys show they like you without saying it? If a guy likes you he will reach out of his boundaries in an attempt to impress you!

Men are born hunters. They know how to hunt and get what they want at any cost. It is easy to tell when a guy has feelings for you because he will be more than eager to do your bindings. He will do whatever it takes to win your heart and remain number one there!

So if a guy is going out of his way to impress you, it’s one of the clear signs he’s interested. He’s interested in winning your heart, making you his girlfriend, and starting a cute relationship with you.

Some ways guys show they like you without saying it:

  • He dresses up neatly to catch your eyes.
  • He does helpful gestures for you.
  • He smiles at you and maintains eye contact.
  • He asks your friends about what you like and don’t like.
  • He makes an effort to make you happy.
  • He compliments you. You should compliment him back.
  • He brings you flowers.

There are a lot many things a guy might do to impress you. So if there’s anyone who is making extra efforts on you, it’s one of the signs he is into you!

7. He wants to know your relationship status

What are some obvious signs a guy likes you? There’s nothing more obvious than a guy who’s trying to learn about your relationship status!

If you find out that a particular guy has been asking whether you’re single or not from your friends or colleagues, it’s one of the signs that a guy likes you. There’s no other reason for him to be lurking around in your private matters.

Maybe he’s asking for a friend, but that’s very less likely. If he is showing the above signs guy is interested while also eagerly trying to know if you’re available, then you don’t need any more signs to confirm his attraction.

A guy who’s not interested in you will never go around questioning your dating status. So if he is finding more about your dating life, it’s a sign that he is into you!

Let him know that you’re single, or he may assume you’re not and give up on his crush.

So these were the 7 obvious signs he likes you! These signs may show up quite profoundly in the case of a close guy friend. Look out for them if you can sense signs someone likes you.

But what if a guy rarely shows any attraction signs? Can a guy like you and not show it? Yes, in some cases, a guy may like you and not be able to show it clearly. But he may still give off some subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

Subtle Signs he likes you more than a friend!

Even while you are yet to know if he considers you more than a friend, there are subtle signs a guy may show that indicates he wants more than friendship from you. These are some signs he loves you without saying it:

  • He will always observe to buy you gifts on special occasions of your life like your birthday and any other special days.
  • He will respect you and value the time spent with you.
  • He will protect you.
  • He shares his future plans with you.
  • He remembers little details about you.
  • He compliments you all the time.
  • He asks you a lot of questions about yourself.

These signs portray that a guy likes you more than a friend. So if you wish to know whether a guy looks at you romantically or not, these are some signs he’s interested in you!

How to ensure if you’re more than friends or not?

My cousin Nina used to be best friends with one guy she met at college called Derrick. Because of how close they were, other guys who had feelings for her used to back off thinking there was something serious going on between the two of them.

She used to think the same too. She thought they were in a relationship. But Derrick saw her as just a friend.

So for a year, after graduation, guys who were interested in her came and tried to get her attention. But she turned them down thinking she was already in a relationship with Derrick.

Others didn’t dare to approach her as they feared that she already had a man, since they were always together.

I remember telling her one day to get Derrick to define the relationship , but she paid no yield to my advice. Then, it wasn’t long before he introduced someone to her as his girlfriend. Meanwhile, he referred to her as his best friend! Hmmmmm. You can only imagine how she felt.

So ladies, it is very important to know early enough if a guy likes you more than a friend, so a similar fate does not befall you.

I am not saying that you need to confirm his feelings immediately after you meet a guy who is interested in being a friend. What I mean is, if you notice he shows all the 7 obvious signs he likes you for a couple of months but he has still not told you he wants more than friendship from you, then you have to ask him to define the relationship, so you don’t get hurt.

Having said that, a guy who sees you as more than a friend will show signs he likes you. How do you know a boy likes you? Look for these signs:

  • He introduces you as his girlfriend or a special one to his friends and family.
  • He openly declares that he is in a relationship. He could do it through social media platforms or by any means possible. His feelings for you are no secret nor is your relationship.
  • He shows all the 7 obvious signs, I earlier mentioned.

Signs a friend likes you romantically

A guy who is romantically in love with you will buy you flowers, scented candles, perfumes, and other exotic gifts.

Also, he will take you out to special places and be openly romantic with you. But then you might wonder how to know if he loves you or lusts you. If he truly loves you, he will respect your choices and not try to impose his feelings on you.

Also, he will include you in his plans for the future and would love for the both of you to talk about it together.

Each guy has his unique way of showing interest in a lady he likes. Above are general undeniable signs he likes you and is interested in forming a relationship with you.

Bottom Line

How do you know that a boy likes you? By observing these 7 obvious signs he likes you, you can definitely know when a guy has a crush on you. Look for these romantic signals when talking with your guy crush.

These signs will help you learn about a guy crush when you have questions like, “does a guy like me?” “how to know if they like you?” and “how do u know if a boy likes u?”

You will find hints that a guy likes you in his behavior towards you. If he is positive, charming, helpful, and sincere towards you, it means he definitely likes you! Go get him, girl.

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