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7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

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 signs he likes you more than a friend

Love can not be hidden. When you are with a guy who is just your friend or who you just started dating, if he has feelings for you, there are undeniable signs that he likes you, that will be expressed. For a man that is in love, there are undeniable signs that he likes you that will show.

These undeniable signs that he likes you can be expressed in many ways which you should look out for if you want to save yourself from a lifetime of trying to win the heart of a man who is not in love with you. Many times you may be thinking a guy is showing undeniable signs that he likes you, but you just might be wrong.

That is why this article will properly expose you to the undeniable signs that he likes you. These signs are shown by men when they are in love. They could be signs he likes you, but he is hiding it, are we more than friends signs (signs he likes you more than a friend), subtle signs he likes you more than a friend or signs a friend likes you romantically.

These various signs will be discussed in details below:

signs a friend likes you romantically

1.  Signs He Likes You, But He Is Hiding It

Men hide their feelings for different reasons; it could be for fear of being rejected, or that he is still not sure of his feelings. Either way, even when a guy that likes you, doesn’t want you to know yet, there are signs that he will show, that will make his intentions known to you. These 7 obvious signs he likes you are:


a.  He Will Call You Regularly

One of the true signs he loves you is that he will always call you when you are not with him, to know how you are doing. This happens to be one of the psychological signs someone likes you because, when a guy truly has genuine feelings for you, he will care deeply about you and miss you always. So one of the early dating signs he likes you is that he will call your phone regularly.


b.  He Will Text You Regularly

 subtle signs he likes you more than a friend,

Just like calls text messages will keep flooding your phone, when a guy is in love with you, this is because he cares deeply about you and just can’t resist the feeling of wanting to know how you are, what is happening in your world and if there is a place for him in it.


c.  He Will Buy You Gifts

Many times you might think to yourself- does he actually like me? This is easy to know because a man who likes you will enjoy giving to you. If you are that special one, he will buy you gifts to show how much he values you.


d.  He Will Always Want To Be With You

are we more than friends signs

When a guy likes you, It is easy to tell because he will always enjoy your company and most likely demand to see you again and again. But when he does not like you, the opposite is the case. He will not even want to spend a few minutes with you and this is understandable because his heart is elsewhere.


e.  He Will Trust You

To trust someone, you have to have some degree of admiration for them. Otherwise, trust will be impossible, this is because people don’t go around trusting strangers rather, the normal thing is for people to trust those they love. So if you ever find yourself asking this question- does he actually like me? Then he does not have feelings for you. But if he trusts you, and wants you to be a part of his world, he sure likes you.


f.  He Will Introduce You To His Friends And Family

The instinct for every human is to want to celebrate or talk about something or someone we are proud of with our friends and family. When you are dating a guy, one of the early dating signs he likes you is that he will want to introduce you to his friends and even his family. But if he has no feelings for you, he will carefully avoid cases where he has to introduce you to his loved ones.


g.  He Will Always Want To Please You

Men are born hunters. They know how to get the object of their affection at any cost. It is easy to tell a guy who has feelings for you because he will be more than eager to do your bidings, whatever it takes to win your heart and remain number one there, he will do.


2.  Are We More Than Friends Signs

My cousin Nina used to be best friends with one guy she met at college called Derrick. Because of how close they were, other guys who had feelings for her used to back off thinking there was something serious going on between the two of them. She used to think the same too. She thought they were in a relationship. But Derrick saw her as just a friend.

So for a year, after graduation, guys who were interested in her came and tried to get her attention, but she turned them down thinking she was already in a relationship with Derrick. Others who didn’t dare to approach her, for fear that she already had a man since they were always together just kept their distance.

I remember telling her one day to get Derrick to define the relationship, but she paid no yield to my advice until one day he introduced someone to her as his girlfriend and he referred to her as his best friend! Hmmmmm. You can only imagine how she felt.
So ladies please, it is very important to know early enough, if to that guy you are more than a friend, so a similar fate does not befall you.

I am not saying immediately you meet a guy who is interested in being a friend, you start demanding more. What I mean is, if you notice he shows all the 7 obvious signs that he likes you for a couple of months but he has still not told you he wants more than friendship from you, then you have to ask him to define the relationship, so you don’t get hurt. Having said that, there are signs a guy who sees you as more than a friend shows they are :

a.  He introduces you as his girlfriend or a special one to his friends and family.

b.  He openly declares that he is in a relationship. This he could do through social media platforms or by any means possible. His feeling for you is no secret nor is your relationship.

c.  He shows all the 7 obvious signs, I earlier mentioned.


3.  Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

Even while you are still yet to know if he considers you more than a friend. There are subtle signs a guy can show that indicates he wants more than friendship from you. These signs he loves you without saying it are:

a.  He will always observe to buy you gifts on special occasions of your life like your birthday and any other special days.

b.  He will respect you and value the time spent with you.

c.  He will protect you.


4.  Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically

A guy who is romantically in love with you will buy you flowers, scented candles, perfumes, and other exotic gifts. Also, he will take you out to special places and openly romance you. But then you might wonder how to know if he loves you or lusts you. If he truly loves you, he will respect your choices and not try to impose his on you also he will include you in his plans for the future and would love for the both of you to talk about it together.

Each guy has his unique way of showing interest in a lady he likes, however the above are the general undeniable signs that he likes you if he is interested in a relationship with you.


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