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15 Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

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Signs he likes you but is playing it cool

It can be nerve-wracking when you get that gut feeling about a guy liking you, but you can’t confirm it. Not only does he hide his crush very well, but is also playing it cool in front of you.

Sometimes, “he acts like he doesn’t care but he does,” and other times, “he says he’s interested but doesn’t act like it.” So when a guy is showing signs he likes me, but he’s playing it cool, does he actually like me, or is he playing me? Which one is true?

No matter how hard he tries, some signs unintentionally show up when a guy likes you. In today’s article, we’re going to list 15 signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

These signs will confirm whether he is really interested in you or you’re just watching daydreams, thinking about dating him!

15 Signs he likes you but is playing it cool- How a guy treats you when he likes you

When you have been good friends with a guy, and he’s such a gentleman, nothing can stop you from falling for him. Maybe he’s too good-looking, and you imagine how great you’d look as his girlfriend whenever you think about him!

Soon, you’d start wondering if you are on your crush’s mind as much as he’s living in yours, rent-free. You may probably ask yourself, “does he like me back,” “does he have a crush on me” and even “why is he hiding his feelings for me?” 

Well, if you notice carefully, you can find the answers to these questions yourself. Because when a guy likes you, he usually leaves hints for you to catch up and learn about his crush for you.

You can observe his behavior towards you even if he doesn’t leave hints. People’s thoughts and feelings are clearly reflected in their body language, words, and actions.

So it’s essential to keenly observe him when he’s engaging with you. You’d learn more about his feelings through his behavior than from his direct words.

What does it mean when a guy plays it cool?

When a guy is playing it cool, it’s not always because he wants to look like a stud. Maybe he has a fear of confrontation and couldn’t tell you upfront that he likes you. Or perhaps he wants to ensure that you like him back before he can make a solid move!

No matter what the case, if you want to know if a guy likes you, there are many ways to do so. The best way is to observe these signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

We’re dividing these signs into two categories—subtle signs and obvious signs, so you should know which ones to observe in your situation!

Subtle signs he likes you but is playing it cool

When a guy has a new crush, he won’t directly walk up to them. Instead, he’ll hint at his affection and wait for the other person to reciprocate his feelings before making a straight move.

So if you see these signs in your guy, it’s true that he likes you and is playing it cool:

1. Whenever he sees you, he gives you a hug

Subtle signs he likes you

Hugs can be very ambiguous; they are not always friendly and sometimes might come out of romantic feelings.

When a person likes you, they’ll want to hug you frequently. No matter when they see you, they’ll want to wrap their arms around you and hold you tightly.

While you may misunderstand that he’s hugging you in a friendly way, the truth may differ. You can tell if someone has feelings for you by how they hug you. For instance, if it’s a casual, loose, or one-arm hug, you should disregard the probability of him liking you.

Because when a guy likes you, he won’t lose the opportunity to hold you tight. He’ll envelop your body entirely, and give you a real, long, and fulfilling hug. It would feel warm, safe, and loved to be in his arms. 

It’s the kind of hug that will convey how much he missed seeing you and that he was thinking only about you all the time! This is one of the subtle signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

2. He flirts with you casually

When a guy flirts with you often, it’s one of the signs he’s hiding his feelings underneath his corny pickup lines.

He knows he can’t directly tell you about his crush, so he’s doing so by flirting with you. It may not actually be flirting, but he’s very well teasing you.

In this case, teasing doesn’t mean he’s trying to piss you off by pulling your shirt or ruining your dress. It means that he’s playfully joking with you in an attempt to offer his attention while also playing cool.

This sign is tough to catch because you never know how many more girls he’s “teasing” or flirting with. The only way to move forward is by finding it out. Ask around if this particular boy has been playing with other girls.

And if you find that it’s just you he’s flirting with, it’s time to feel special.

You can reciprocate his feelings by enjoying those playful, gentle, and innocent jokes. Most likely, you may even build this dynamic duo where you’re both teasing each other, forming a strong connection. ‘

3. He holds eye contact with you

Holding eye contact with someone is a powerful gesture that says so much without using words.

Making eye contact with someone you like and holding it strong is enough to show them your true feelings. So if your crush does that with you, it’s safe to assume that he likes you back to some extent!

Eye contact is a profound sign of attraction. If he gazes into your eyes frequently, it means he wants to look at you at all times and connect directly with your soul. However, make sure you can differ when someone is making eye contact with you vs. when your eyes meet accidentally.

When it’s a romantic gaze, he’ll hold his stare just a second or somewhat longer than what feels normal. If he’s attracted to you, the gaze will simply give you a strange sensation of being liked by him.

Furthermore, if he smiles after eye contact, he’s showing you signs he likes you but is playing it cool!

What if he tries to make eye contact but looks away quickly?

If he tries to look away when you catch him staring at you, it’s because he doesn’t want to make his feelings obvious. Plus, this is one of the signs an insecure guy likes you.

4. He indirectly seeks information on you

If a man genuinely likes you, he will frequently look for a chance to speak with you. And he’ll do so by collecting information about you.

a) He may ask your friends about what clubs you visit or the hobbies you pursue so that he can get involved as well. You’ll both start crossing paths more often, which gives him more opportunities to connect with you.

b) Maybe it’s a mutual friend’s birthday. So he’ll grab this as an excuse to talk to you about what you are giving him/her on the special day. If he’s courageous, he may even ask to go together with you to find a lovely gift.

c) He’ll use this time to learn more about the kind of person you are and bond with you.

d) He also is curious about your relationship status and has been asking your friends about it. Simply, he’s seeking to learn as much as he can about you, so he knows if you’re his type before he can make a straightforward move!

This is actually a good way of closing in with someone you like. Learning about what kind of a person your crush is, helps you impress them and build a robust connection.

5. He’s trying to learn about your personality

When a guy likes you, he will try to figure you out as a person before he asks you out. He would want to know your hobbies, how you spend your free time, how you feel about love, family, and friends, and what kind of dreams you have.

He might be curious about your relationship history and dating style, and will ask several questions to understand you. He might not accept that he’s asking you all of this because he likes you, but only as general knowledge.

Are you thinking, “he likes me but he doesn’t make a move?” It may be because he’s waiting for the right time. Once he realizes you’re the perfect girl for him, he’ll ask you out and try to impress you with his charm!

Until then, he’ll try his best to get to know you more. Even if sometimes you notice signs a guy is playing it cool, you may still observe how he’s engaging a lot with you.

Sticking up a grin on his face doesn’t hide his feelings. If he shows so much interest in getting to know you, he is indirectly showing signs he is hiding his feelings for you!

6. He joins you whenever he sees you alone

Another sign he likes you is that he comes to give you company whenever he finds you sitting alone. He must take advantage of such an opportunity.

Are you wondering “does he have feelings for me?” The best time to reveal his crush is when you two are alone. Please take notice of how he behaves when there’s none other than the two of you.

Observe what he talks about, keep note of his body language, and see how he’s expressing his feelings in minimal gestures. If you get the feeling “he talks to me more when we’re alone” or “he acts different when we are alone,” something is going on in his heart!

You can’t know it until he speaks up. But if your guy cannot stand watching you lonely, sitting by yourself, he genuinely cares about you.

You can know this because no matter what, he’ll try to approach you and ask if you’re doing okay. He can sense when you’re upset and will approach you to comfort you anytime.

He will try to engage you in weird conversations to cheer you up when you’re feeling a little blue. That’s how you know he likes you!

7. He always views your Instagram posts but rarely reacts

Does he regularly view your IG stories and posts but does not react to them? He opens your snaps really quickly but rarely comments on anything. Or maybe he does react to some posts, but that is late at night and a couple of days later.

If he’s trying to grab your attention by doing this, it is one of the signs he thinks about you alot. He’s not liking or sharing your content because he wants to stand out. He wants you to wonder why only he, out of all the people, has not engaged with your posts!

When he finally does react to them, he makes sure that you notice. It’s because he doesn’t want to make his feelings too obvious, while also hinting at them swiftly.

He may even take a screenshot. If a guy keeps your picture, there’s no doubt he really likes you!

8. He compliments you uniquely

It’s so common for women to receive compliments that “you look pretty” or “you’re funny” must be really boring by now.

However, there’s this one guy who compliments you uniquely. He compliments you about your eyes, good habits, exclusive dressing style, how you do your hair, or how you’re so kind to people.

He notices the real you and compliments you for your best personality traits. This is when you know he really likes you.

He isn’t looking to impress you quickly by throwing bland, common comments; instead, he observes the kind of person you are and compliments your uniqueness! 

  • It’s so lovely you help the poor.
  • Your handwriting is excellent. I wish I could write so beautifully.
  • I love your sweet giggles.
  • You look stunning when you make a bun hairstyle.
  • I can’t take my eyes off you.
  • You have such a dark sense of humor, damn!

When a guy compliments you for your unique traits, it’s one of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool!

So these were some subtle signs he likes you but is playing it cool. You may notice these signs when a guy has just started crushing on you. In these circumstances, he’s simply trying to know you more while playing it cool.

However, if he feels his energy and effort are being reciprocated, he’ll surely make his feelings too apparent for you.

7 obvious signs he likes you but is hiding it

When a guy finally gets the hint that the person he’s crushing over likes him back, he’ll begin making his feelings obvious.

So if you’re wondering “does he know I like him,” you’ll probably get to know by his straightforward actions and attempts to impress you. If he starts showing these 7 obvious signs he likes you but is playing it cool, you can assume he knows “he’s all I think about.” 

9. He’s usually delighted when he’s with you

7 Obvious signs he likes you but is hiding it

When he meets you, he automatically gets excited, and his face turns bright red. The way he keeps smiling around you shows that your presence makes his heart very happy!

If he has a crush on you, he’ll be in a good mood around you even when something terrible happens to him. You’ll wonder “why he lights up when he sees me?” or “why he gets happy when he sees me?”

The reason is simple—he genuinely likes you, and just being around you is very comforting for him.

He’ll be happy to talk to you, walk with you, or even sit quietly with you. He’ll be glad to help you out, support you, and cheer you up. He’ll be happy to call you, text you, or just engage with you somehow.

How to know a man is serious about you?

When a guy likes you, he’ll be really joyous in everything he gets to do with you. Just being involved with you is enough. This one is an adorable sign he really likes you! 

If you get a man like this in your life, never let him go. Because he’s coming up to you with unconditional feelings, which is rare in today’s world. 

If he’s content just by your company, this guy will forever love you!

10. He tells you about almost everything going on in his life

We engage with numerous people daily—there’s the college roommate, the gossipy friends, the colleagues, and then there’s our crush.

While we talk to everyone else in limit, we can’t stop ourselves from rambling when talking to our crush. In fact, we share every single detail about our life with this person. Like what we cooked for breakfast, where we hung out with our siblings, what textbooks we read, and so on.

We unintentionally speak of everything with this person without having a single contrary thought. Similarly, if your crush shares his private matters with you, it’s because he feels connected to you.

Guys don’t talk a lot, and usually keep their feelings hidden. They don’t even share much with their family, friends, or anyone else. But, there’s one person who they talk to about literally everything—a loved one!

He speaks about himself and his life so much because he wants you to know him inside out. He wants you to be a part of his existence and his daily life. That is why he tells you day-to-day details, and his day isn’t complete until he talks to you!

So if your crush shares everything with you, no matter what it is, it’s one of the signs he likes you. He may speak about almost everything except his feelings for you. Ensure you make him feel heard so that he can also open up about his feelings.

11. He remembers minor details about you

Does your guy memorize the tiniest details about you? If yes, then he likes you a lot! He remembers your favorite color, clothing preference, first pet’s name, and even your parents’ birthdays!

Not only does he remember all these things, but he also makes efforts that are relevant to these details. Like because he remembers your favorite ice cream flavor, he orders it for you whenever you’re having a low day.

Another example can be him getting a present for your mom because it’s her birthday. Maybe he even helps you in organizing a party for her. It’s all because he wants you to feel “he listens to me.”

All such signs portray how much you matter to him and what lengths he’s willing to go to for you!

12. His hero instinct is on for you

If a man cares about you, the need to protect and support you will turn on his hero instinct.

Hero instinct, a term coined by James Bauer, is a man’s desire to strive for his loved one in order to feel needed. According to this term, all men have an innate drive to earn a woman’s love and provide for her happiness!

When a man’s hero instinct is on, he’ll always be willing to do favors for you and help you out, rarely wanting anything in return. Has this been the case with a guy you think likes you?

If yes, then there’s no questioning his love for you. In case you have the question, “does he think about me,” yes, he does. In fact, he thinks only about you.

He’s there no matter when you need him and he doesn’t complain about it. In reality, he’s actually happy to support you.

He’ll buy you things you really need. For instance, you broke your glasses and can’t see correctly. When he finds this out, he’ll waste no time ordering new glasses for you.

He’ll make efforts to see you happy, like getting roses for you or buying a coffee when you’re finishing up an assignment.

When a guy likes you, he wishes to take care of you in different simple ways. His hero instinct makes him desire to be useful and essential to you!

13. He does not mention other girls when with you

A guy who genuinely likes you would refrain from talking about other girls in front of you. As a matter of fact, he may not even talk about them in any other place.

This is one of the best ways to reveal a guy’s crush on you. Do you feel like “he talks about me to his friend?” Ask them and find out.

In simple words, if a guy isn’t interested in you, he won’t have a problem gossiping about other girls with you. But if he only talks about you, your feelings, and other concerns, the boy is in love with you. 

He wouldn’t risk giving you the wrong impression that he thinks about other girls, even if he’s playing cool.

If he says he’s not seeing anyone else, he wants you to know he’s available in the market. And because he’s telling it to you directly, he’s only available for you!

14. He acts differently with you

A man who likes you will subconsciously want to let you know of his feelings. So when you’re with him, you will feel “he acts weird around me.”

Weird, as in,

  • He pays more attention to what you’re saying in a group of people.
  • He’s full of favors for you.
  • He specifically wants to help you with everything.
  • He’s all ears when you talk.
  • Out of 100% of the time you are together, he’s looking at you 70% of it.
  • He enjoys making physical contact with you, like brushing his arm against yours or grabbing your hand to pull you away from something.
  • He responds fast when you reach out.
  • He seems oddly interested in your love life and throws around sneaky questions to learn more about your dating preferences.
  • He makes jokes about you being together.
  • He checks your response to his charm.
  • He’s known to be shy but tries to act extroverted and social around you.

If he’s simply acting differently with you than other people, he is showing signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

15. He’s vulnerable around you

If there’s one thing a guy would never do around a girl unless he has feelings for her, it’s being vulnerable and opening up!

So when a guy starts talking about him, his life, purpose, and goals, it means he likes you. He likes you enough to trust you with his private thoughts and sensitive emotions.

He’s sharing his honest feelings because he feels a deeper connection with you and desires to strengthen it. The more honest and healthy communication you guys have, the more you’ll grow closer.

He knows this and is trying to make that strong bond with you.

At this point, if you don’t like this guy, you must be honest with him. If a man is being vulnerable in front of you, he is putting his everything on line, trying to be yours. The best you can do is be honest with him.

It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. Maybe he read the wrong signs and misinterpreted certain things. But the earlier he knows the truth, the better it is for him and you.

Nonetheless, his feelings for you must be crystal clear by this point. Showing his vulnerable and sensitive side is one of the strongest signs he likes you but is playing it cool!

Frequently asked questions

I hope the signs mentioned above clear your doubt about whether a guy likes you or not. These were the most common signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Perhaps, there must still be many questions in your mind.

Let’s tackle those in the FAQ column below:

How do you know if a guy is playing you?

A guy will show signs opposite to the above ones when he’s playing you:

  • He may regularly have mood swings.
  • He only shows up when he needs you and doesn’t care about what you need.
  • You don’t have any deep conversations about life and each other.
  • He shows no interest in your life other than trying to be your boyfriend.
  • He’s available to other girls even when he tells you he likes you.
  • He doesn’t want to meet your friends.
  • He gives you time according to his schedule.
  • He doesn’t like you asking too many questions of him.
  • He plays mind games with you.

All the above signs show that he is playing you. So if you’re thinking, how do you know if a guy is playing you? Try to observe these behavior patterns in him.

How often do guys think about the girl they like?

Honestly, 100% of the time, 24/7.

If a guy genuinely likes you a lot, he will think about you nonstop. He will find a way to imagine or fantasize about you in all scenarios and remember you whatever he’s doing.

And if you show him signs you like him back, he’ll go crazy with your thoughts. He’ll literally imagine marrying you and naming your babies together!

Is he thinking about me even though we don’t talk?

Even if it’s the early stage of him crushing over you, yes, he will think about you. He will fantasize about you in the daytime, and when he goes to sleep, he’ll dream about you!

Even if you guys aren’t talking, it won’t stop his mind from creating unrealistic scenarios.

How to play it cool with a guy?

Well, you may find a lot of toxic advice on how to play cool with a guy, but I’ll be honest. When a guy shows interest in you, all you need to do is reciprocate his energy.

The amount and quality of effort he spends on you, you must give him the same effort back.

  • Don’t do less; he’ll feel like he’s not appreciated.
  • Don’t do more; he’ll feel like you’re coming too strong.
  • Just try to do as much as he does for you, and your connection will grow perfectly.

Moreover, you will keep your cool when reciprocating equal energy.

Bottom Line

Romantic feelings are the sweetest thing in the entire world. If someone has them for you, their genuine behavior will automatically reveal their crush on you!

You need to be smart enough to catch the hints. The above-mentioned signs are the most common ones and can be seen in every guy who likes you. Now that you know about them, you’ll quickly discover when a guy has feelings for you.

I hope these signs he likes you but is playing it cool helps you in your dating life!

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