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What Men Want In A Woman- 27 Things They Desire

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What men want in a womanIt is a disgusting misconception that men only crave outer beauty, hourglass figures, and curvy women. While for some, it can be true— that’s not the case for every man out there. What men want in a woman is way more complex than just physical attributes and classic beauty.

A stunning figure only appeals to immature teens, not men with the refined caliber and a headstrong personality.

There are other important things a man wants in a woman, and he prioritizes them way more than an appealing body. A real gentleman prefers a striking mind over a slim figure.

While it’s not wrong to be physically attracted initially, that’s not the end game of a successful relationship.

In recent studies done by Scientific Reports, it was proven that men are just as equally emotional as women, despite the overrated stereotype.

Of course, men want sexual pleasures from their women, but that’s valid for every human out there. We all crave physical intimacy, men and women alike. However, that’s not all!  In this article, we’ll discuss 27 things men want in a woman when he’s looking for a committed relationship.

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

“He wants to love you and to be loved back.”
“He wants to make you happy and be happy with you.”
“He wants a love that reciprocates his sincerity.

  • He desires someone who can pull him out when he is in deep water,
  • One who will be his sun in the darkest moments,
  • Someone ambitious for her dreams too,
  • And one who is fluent in voicing her emotions and thoughts.

A man puts a lot of effort into finding the right woman for his life who’s worth spending every twist and turn with. So let’s quickly jump over the theme of our article and discover what men want in a woman— 27 things they desire in their future wife.

What men want in a woman- 27 Things they desire

It’s these 27 qualities that ship the sail of a successful relationship. If you are a woman looking for how to win over your crush’s heart— polish these 27 qualities that men want in a woman.

1. A woman with a Golden Heart

Oh, he is not a gold digger! He is just a dreamer who wants to spend the rest of his life with a person full of love, sympathy, and kindness.

  • He wants a compassionate lady who cares for others and herself, too!
  • Someone who loves not just you or herself but everyone around her— the old, the bold, the weird, the animals, etc.

Man wants his significant other to stand with him no matter whatever lands in their platter of life.

  • Men want a woman who’s warm and fierce.
  • Soft but strong
  • Nurturing but unapologetic.

2. Understanding

One of the most needing qualities a man looks for in a lady is understanding!

  • Everyone wants to be understood by someone.
  • Everyone requires an empowered system to keep their emotional condition together during difficult times because life is full of trials and obstacles.

As a woman, you can prepare ways to handle unpredictable circumstances by carefully absorbing words your man wants to let go.

Men cry, too, and they secretly want to be calmed by someone who can understand their tears.

3. An Intellectually challenging woman

Sounds Greek, right?

Well, men do crave an intellectually challenging persona. But why would someone want their partner to challenge them? For one reason, men want someone who can challenge them in a way that helps them grow.

He wants a woman who can push him out of his comfort zone and show him a different point of view on prejudiced situations.

An intellectual stimulation makes the bond deeper and stronger because relationships aren’t only funded by physical intimacy.

4. Best friend

what a man wants in a woman

  • Do you know his most embarrassing childhood moments?
  • Do you enjoy teasing each other just as much as your cozy cuddles?
  • Do you enjoy being weird together? Do you embrace each other’s crazy selves?

Well, this is a sign that he’s not only your boyfriend but also your best friend.

A man tries to find a best friend in their partner. Being each other’s best friends makes the relationship less exhausting and also works as petrol that ignites the fire of passion towards each other.

5. Genuine persona(s)

Men desire a woman who doesn’t entertain the audience by being fake or bogus!

  • A man doesn’t want a woman who puts on an act to please people around her.
  • A man doesn’t want a woman who hides her flaws to be admired by the mass.

He wants a woman who can talk frankly about her flaws, genuine nature, personality, and troubles— without trying to hide them from him.

He wants a woman who practices acceptance— she doesn’t judge herself or others but rather accepts them for their genuine self.

Of course, we all have reasons for hiding the truth— we have insecurities, societal pressure, and standards to follow. You can keep the charade in front of the whole world, but don’t hold yourself back when it comes to your life partner.

Be open to your partner about your flaws and shortcomings. A man who loves you truly will accept you however you are!

6. Friendly

What do men want in a womanYes, you can be an introvert and still be friendly towards his friends and family. A man looking for a committed woman would want her to accept his friends and family just as much because they are an intrinsic part of his life.

He wouldn’t want to be in a situation where he has to choose between you and his friends/family. So, be open to being friends with his friends and family.

It’s another discussion if you completely detest them for valid reasons.

Most men are highly sociable; they always get pumped up when going out with friends to clubs and restaurants or a home party!

As for the introverted men out there— they may not enjoy parties but would still want to get together with friends and have a great time with their people and you.

Every man wants his girlfriend or wife to be friendly with his buddies rather than ignorant towards them! He wouldn’t want to decide whether to prioritize his pals or his partner.

Although he wouldn’t want to make this choice at all, if situations do occur, he would most probably choose his friends because nobody would ever want to lose his friends.

7. Loving and accepting

What man wants a woman who doesn’t love him? None!

 Men crave love and acceptance. They want someone to love them crazily and they want to be hopeless romantics.

It’s no secret that society has shaped men to be hard and emotionless like rock— they are expected to be inhumane, insensitive, and uncaring.

Since the very start, this society has put so much pressure on men that all they genuinely desire today is to be accepted and loved just the way they are.

Embracing a man fully with genuine acceptance will drive him to become your fanatic. Accepting his rough patches and holding him together is what men want in a woman whom he deems his bride for life.

8. Self-consciousness

The one thing men are most afraid of is a relationship that lacks self-awareness and independent life. Men want a woman who has her own independent life apart from their boyfriend. He wants a woman who’s self-aware of her goals and future.

A relationship that offers intimacy and individuality makes the bond you share special and uplifting. Men want a woman who isn’t constantly doubting herself over and over again. She should be self-conscious of her decisions, flaws, powers, and life choices.

Your man would love to uplift you for your goals, but constantly reassuring you about everything will tire him down. So, be confident in your existence.

9. Future-oriented

A man wants a woman who isn’t only conscious about her life but her man’s dream, too. It means you respect, support, and care about each other’s individuality.

A man doesn’t want someone whose only goal in life is getting married and having children—he wants someone who has goals beyond that. Instead of a lady without goals, he would want a woman with individual goals. This is what men want in a woman.

10. Kind Hearted

We all know how hard it is to survive in a world full of hatred, rough exterior, and judgment. Thus, what men want in a woman is a kind heart full of love, optimism, empathy, sympathy, acceptance, and softness.

He wants someone who can do things for him without an ulterior motive, greed, or similar expectations— He wants a woman who will do it anyway because of her love for him.

11. A woman who puts effort in a relationship

A lady who doesn’t put effort into their relationship is the last thing a man wants.

This will make him feel as though he must put more effort into keeping the relationship with you, which is unfair for both of you. Also, make sure that your efforts are genuine.

Your partner will understand that you care for them and want to be there for them if you make an effort. Your relationship will grow closer as a result and become more rooted than ever.

12. She is a stress buster

It’s no secret that life’s a constant struggle. We are often surrounded by stress, workload, and anxiety— that’s why we crave and wish for Sundays to come right after Tuesdays!

For the same reasons, a man wants a woman who can be his stress buster and not a booster! He wants a woman who can shrink his stress and empower him to fight his battles more willfully!

13. She’s budget-friendly and knows her finances 

What does a man want

Spending money and living an extravagant life is not a bad thing. Similarly, spoiling your partner isn’t wrong either. However, a woman should know how to manage her finances and expenditure.

The truth is, men often fear women who are too demanding— who increase the digits of their monthly bills by shopping or spending unnecessarily, or by demanding costly surprises!

Women should learn why it’s only ethical to split bills and expenditures with their boyfriends.

14. A loyal & honest partner

What man wants

Whenever you’d ask someone “what men want in a woman,” you’d often hear their short and sweet reply, “Men want a woman who’s loyal and honest.”

As mainstream as the answer may seem, it’s the truth. The point is, how can a woman affirm that she is loyal? How must a guy know if you are loyal and honest with him or not? Well, earn their trust.

  • Be consistent with your feelings
  • Show genuine respect towards your boyfriend’s feelings and the people around him.
  • Be there to support him.
  • Stand with him through thick and thin.
  • Love him without a condition.
  • Be honest about your shortcomings.
  • Accept your mistakes.
  • Be honest with your opinion.

15. Witty and funny

Yes! A man is drawn to women with a good sense of humor. We know how complicated things are around us, so we want someone who can make our scrunched faces smile a little more.

Having a partner with a decent, if not great, sense of humor makes the process of “staying together forever” much smoother. Who wants to run a marathon after spending a gruesome leg day at the gym?

Similarly, after a long day at work, a man would want to spend a relaxing and jolly time with his romantic partner to revive his mood and tired life.

So, it’s natural for men to want a woman who can make them laugh and smile despite all the worries surrounding them.

16. A healthy lifestyle and body

Hey! Nobody will judge you based on your body type! I am not encouraging anyone to become a die-hard fitness fanatic.

Rather, a healthy physique in this context suggests that the woman is passionate about exercise and is considered to be more balanced in all aspects of her life.

A healthy body is secure in its ability to overcome various difficult situations, and it also draws an idea that you care for yourself. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle also encourages mental health simultaneously.

17. A woman who doesn’t shy away from expressing her love

Despite appearing tough on the outside, men are very fond of expressive women—someone who’d appreciate, compliment, and acknowledge them. They enjoy back rubs, holding hands, kisses, and touches. One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is affection!

A woman finds love when her partner does something thoughtful for her or compliments her. Similarly, affection is the dominant factor in showing warmth and fondness to a man. Every man wants a woman that will make him feel like a king. Affection increases the youth and passion of a relationship!

18. Family-oriented woman

Men like family-oriented women.

We all know how important a family is. It gives us strength, love, support, and looks after us.

I have witnessed many aunties telling me that the behavior of a man changes after marriage— they often become rude towards their family once their wife tags along. You don’t want to be a girlfriend who’s the reason behind all the clashes in her boyfriend’s family.

Many guys fear this very moment because they love their family and wouldn’t ever want to separate themselves from their family. So, be the woman who makes relationships stronger than someone who breaks them.

Men want a woman who can respect and treat their family the way she treats her own. This is what men want in a woman, seriously! They don’t want to choose between their love and their family! They need both!

19. A calm woman

Does this come under the category of what men want in a woman? Certainly, it does! Men are fascinated by women who are calm in the chaos and know how to use their emotions!

This reflects the maturity a woman holds within and how strong her mental state is. This stimulates the man’s interest in a lady.

Time brings scorned and surprising events, which may lead to multiple fights and arguments. At times like these, a man would want a woman who’s calm in her senses and knows how to resolve the issue instead of sparking new ones.

Calmness is something that both men and women desire in their partners.

20. Aspiring woman

Not all men are the same, and not all men may want you to be aspiring. However, the right man would always choose an aspiring woman.

An educated man wants an ambition-driven woman who considers herself a whole person. He wants a woman with her own goals and ambition and someone enthusiastic about achieving them.

I don’t mean to say that you should go out, take a fat loan, and start your business(if you have the experience, you can), but you should be passionate about what you do, and you should be passionate about your dreams and successful future.

Men love women who love to follow their passion; it’s a charismatic quality.

21. She appreciates the difference

We all have been brought up with different ideologies and cultures. Some or the other way, we all feel or understand things a little differently.

While it’s not wrong, differing ideologies can make the situation chaotic or confusing. It may as well lead to multiple fights and arguments, sometimes even breakups! Most people don’t embrace the difference; they feel revolted when someone speaks differently.

It shows a prejudiced mindset, one that’s not willing to change despite the evidence. Men want a woman who understands it’s alright to have revolting differences. That’s what spices the relationship!

22. Empathy driven

Empathy is a strong factor in a healthy relationship. It is the ability that helps to understand your partner’s emotions. The absence or lack of empathy creates tensions within a relationship.

Man yearns for a woman who communicates emotions, shares responsibilities, and understands partners’ needs. Therefore, empathetic nature is important to stay with the love of your life!

23. A presentable and elegant woman

Wait! This doesn’t mean men expect and desire outer beauty in women. We all know true beauty lies within and can be seen through eyes!

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

No, you don’t need to change yourself for him either. You shouldn’t change yourself for others. You will be the most beautiful woman for the right man, even if you wake up with frizzy hair and drools all over you.

Being presentable means you know the value of dressing up for the event.

24. A reliable woman

A relationship is established on trust, and trust is financed by the attitude of being reliable.

A man wants a woman with reliability traits— someone he can trust with closed eyes. So, be reliable as an individual— don’t make promises you can’t accomplish, and make sure you accomplish the promises you make. That’s how trust is earned— be a woman of your words.

You should be someone he can count on because reliability is the backbone of trust in a relationship!

25. A good communicator

Between two people, communication works as a gateway.

In reality, communication is the cornerstone of a solid relationship, as stated by many relationship experts.

A man usually chooses a woman who is outspoken about issues that aren’t right or justifiable. Transparency in a relationship is essential. Thus a man seeks out a lady who can communicate effectively— someone who raises voices, speaks her heart and listens attentively. One who he can talk to freely about his deepest desires and fears.

26. He wants a supporter

Men want women who can support them.

We all have certain dreams, passions, and desires, and we all know that no one can be motivated 24*7. We need someone who can support and encourage us in our dreams and boost our optimism!

Therefore, what a man wants in a woman after love, understanding, kindness, and empathy is a personal superhero who motivates and supports him!

27. A woman who respects naturally

Men look for women who are respectful of them and other people around! In a relationship, respect stimulates mutual trust and comfort.

A woman who honors and respects her man’s beliefs, ideologies, dreams, choices, and boundaries is what a man desires!

Respect doesn’t mean speaking well; it means paying close attention to your partner’s needs and valuing their decisions. One can tell they don’t love their partner if they can’t respect them!


  • What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?
    Honest, determined, affectionate, and respectful nature is what men want in a woman.
  • What do men find most attractive in a woman?
    Men find it attractive when a woman is independent, charismatic, knows her value, and speaks unabashedly.
  • What is a good woman to a man?
    Caring, thoughtful, family-oriented, and focused are some of the qualities that a man seeks in a good woman!

Take away:

If you ever asked the question, what do men want in a woman? Or what qualities make a man loving a woman seemingly easy? From the above list I guess you can tell that what a man wants in a woman is not far-fetched. What guys like in a relationship are things that are totally achievable and they are qualities women should try to have.

Our choice can differ greatly. Every man will have a specific ideal type, but these 27 qualities are most definitely valid for every man out there.

All the women reading this, please know— you are messy and chaotic but beautiful nonetheless; you don’t need to change yourself for anyone! However, improving these qualities will only make you a better human and life partner.

Remember, developing these qualities is not a bad change.




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