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32 Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

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Signs he wants a serious relationship with youHave you been seeing a guy or met someone charismatic recently? Maybe he’s so charming that you’re falling harder for him every minute you spend together. But you have zero ideas about what he feels for you. Don’t worry; if you are looking for signs he wants a serious relationship with you, we’ve got you, girl!

The most satisfactory romantic relationships are those where both partners get equally excited and overwhelmed at the thought of spending time together! There’s a stronger sense of emotional attachment and security, and you feel like you’re home. However, in early cases, we don’t feel assured about the other person’s feelings.

For instance, assume you’ve been seeing this one guy for a while now. Things are going great, you’re comfortable together, but you want the relationship to reach new heights.

You want him to be entirely committed to you and, of course, pop THE RELATIONSHIP question! However, you’re not quite sure if you’re on the same page as him. Relatable? We understand. 


32 Signs He wants a Serious Relationship with you!

Apprehending someone’s intentions in a relationship can be a tough nut to crack because people are complicated, but we’re here to help you with that (Trust us on this).

For starters, you might want to consider their actions more than their words. There is always some way to tell; some signs about their behavior, actions, feelings, and comments can help you understand where you stand in your relationship. So, here are 32 such Signs he wants a serious relationship with you!

If he ticks these boxes (AKA, he checks these signs), you may have just found THE ONE!

1. The relationship is easy

This sign is a big one; pay attention, ladies.

If a man wants you, he will make it happen. So, If things are just effortlessly beautiful and smooth between you, he may be the right one. Sure, the relationship may have had some ups and downs, and you may have had your imperfect moments, but we mean to say there is a sense of ease in this relationship.

You don’t feel like you have to force him into making an effort. You don’t have to ask him to do things for you because he understands and does things out of his sincerity and love for you.

Communicating and spending time together feels effortless, where there is only positive nurturing. If your boy doesn’t make things hard and always tries to keep you at ease, he wants a serious relationship with you!


2. He values you

This sign is in some way related to the previous one. Valuing someone means respecting their time, effort, and everything about them. He cherishes insignificant moments and even remembers the little details about you, like how you like your coffee or your favorite pizza topping of all times.

He understands that you’re human and doesn’t play the blame game. He is a grown man and acts like one, making you feel loved and cared for. He doesn’t miss a chance to tell you how head-over-heels he is for you!

Valuing someone also means understanding their significance and the role they play in your life, and that is something he never fails to ignore.


3. He understands the concept of the ‘right time’

He’s excellent at comforting you in all nervous and anxious times.

He is a man who understands when you want to smile and makes you laugh; he even knows when to listen and when you need advice. He’s a great listener and knows how to read the room at all times.

He knows when what needs to be said and what needs to be done. While a person like this may be a rare find, if you happen to meet one, we’d say keep him, ladies!


4. He’s proud to have you

He constantly makes sure you know how proud he is to have a woman like you by his side. He appreciates all that you have done in life and for him too. He shows you off on social media, among friends, and everywhere you go!

He even introduces you to his friends and family. A man that lets you in on his inner circle is someone that wants you to be as involved in his life as possible. Don’t take that for granted, girl; meet his family and friends, and you’ll know him better than ever through them.

This is one of the most common signs he wants a serious relationship with you. It is also one of the clear signs he wants to wife you.


5. He’s protective of you

Protective, not controlling. Knowing the difference between these two is important.

A protective man ensures you’re safe at all times; he defends you, advices you to make healthy decisions, and goes the extra mile to get you home safe. Something as small as ensuring you’re eating well is part of him being protective.

While a protective man is someone you want to keep in your life, a controlling one (for example, someone who doesn’t want you to dress a certain way or be friends with someone) is a total no-go!

Learn to differentiate between protective and controlling; if your boy keeps trying to protect your mental and physical health in various ways, it is one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you!


6. He spoils you

Spoiling could be materialistic or emotional, depending on what you prefer. A man that spoils you is someone that wants to make sure you know how important you are to him and that he would love to keep you in his life for the long run.

So one of the signs he wants to get serious with you, that a guy who wants a serious relationship shows is that he splurges and buys you gifts or writes you little notes to let you know you’re loved. He takes you shopping when you’re upset or to a cafe when you’re feeling low.

When he goes the extra mile, it shows he wants to walk the road of life with you.


7. He’s honest 

Honesty is the foundation pillar for trust, and trust is paramount for relationships to grow and thrive!

No matter how complicated the truth may be, he never hesitates to be honest. He tells you the truth and is open about his feelings. Uncomfortable conversations may be challenging, but he understands that they’re the ones worth having.

Any relationship, not just romantic, is built on trust. If he’s having honest conversations and doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable around you, it’s one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you.


8. He’s not scared to admit when he’s wrong

Serious relationship

“It takes guts and humility to admit mistakes. Admitting we’re wrong is courage, not weakness.” — Roy T. Bennett.

When a guy wants a serious relationship with you, he doesn’t let his ego or pride get in the way of your relationship. He respects the relationship and can apologize when he is wrong. He knows when he is at fault and admits it without any hesitation, instead of being stuck up and arrogant.

He listens to you and actively works on the issues in your relationship instead of pushing them or you away. Others may even say he is stubborn, but his ways have changed around you, which is a big green flag! 


9. He knows the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict

Arguments or debates are part of the ups and downs of a relationship. He knows where to draw the line no matter how angry he may be during an argument. He knows he must not hurt your feelings because he expects the same from you.

Healthy arguments require breaks and many better ways of talking than shouting and triggering your partner’s insecurities. If he tries his best to ensure that the argument is about you and him vs. the problem, not you vs. him, he’s a keeper!

This is the best quality to look for in a man; if he genuinely puts effort into rectifying troubles and strengthening your bond, it’s a sign he wants a serious relationship with you!


10. He’s emotionally mature and can communicate

A mature man knows how to handle his feelings and emotions, and communicate his concerns comfortably.

He knows how to react when feeling a certain way. He does not hesitate to convey his feelings and be vulnerable around you.

Someone who wants to communicate and talk things out instead of ignoring problems or being petty by giving you the ‘silent treatment’ is willing to invest the time and effort required for a long-term relationship. This is one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you!


11. He prioritizes you

If you are looking for signs he sees you as girlfriend material or even wife material, this is an important sign you should not ignore.

A man who wants a serious relationship with you always goes out of his way to ensure you’re his #1 and will always be. He tells you how important you are and makes time to see you no matter how tight his schedule may be. Even if he can’t see you, he makes sure to make up for it with a thoughtful gesture or two.

He loves you and never fails to show it! He will drop in constant reminders via texts or just call you in the middle of a work day to let you know that he may be busy, but never too busy to tell you he loves you.

If he constantly proves you’re his top priority, it’s a clear sign he wants to date you and build a strong relationship!


12. He wants to know you better

A man who wants to keep you in his life will consistently try to know you better and better.

He will want to know about the things that make you happy or the ones that make you sad, about how your first day at school was, and why you like the hobbies you have.

He genuinely listens to you and pays attention to the small things. He knows you better than you might even know yourself, which may sometimes come as a surprise to you, but this sign tells you he is earnest about you.

If he keeps trying to have deep and meaningful conversations with you about your life and plans, it’s one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you!


13. You inspire each other

A long-term partner would want you to be the best version of yourself. He would support your ambitions and help you in his best ways to achieve those dreams. He is someone you look up to when you need some inspiration and confidence in your dreams.

He regularly asks for updates on your passion and career, and advises you when you feel lost. He shows more devotion towards your future plans than you and has your back when you go off the track. He inspires you to grow and progress while you do the same for him.


14. You share the same goals now

Your goals and ambitions may have been different when the both of you had just met. With time, you have seen the two of you meet in the middle, and now you share at least some common goals, if not all.

For instance, both of you hope to build your own house from scratch in the next three years and live in it together.

Long-term goals=Long term relationships!


15. He stays in contact

At all times, he stays connected to you. It may be texting between dates or just checking up on you every now and then. He actively puts in the effort to stay connected to you.

He doesn’t ghost you or “forget to text you back” and then randomly reaches out when he wants to take you out. He always makes an effort to be involved in your life, directly or indirectly, which signifies he wants a serious relationship with you.


16. He gives you space

It may have been a long time since the two of you have known each other, but he understands you’re an individual. He knows that taking time away from each other is also healthy and helps you feel independent.

He knows that you have your own goals, hobbies, and interests (ones you may like working on, on your own), and he allows you to take time away from him without making you feel guilty. He offers you the space you need to be your unique self while still being just a call away.

If he does this, it’s a big sign he wants a serious relationship with you.


17. He plans a future with you

Most people in serious relationships plan their futures with their partners. He discusses it all with you, whether it’s family planning or simply picking a college course. He makes sure you know you will be in his life for the long run by talking about the future together.


18. He is consistent

Someone that is consistent is a person that hopes to keep you in their life. When it comes to effort, a guy that is serious about you will constantly try to show you how much you mean to him.

It may be in the form of grand gestures or simple little things like bringing you flowers on every date or massaging your head when you have a headache. This guy knows that serious relationships are all about consistent effort and trust-building.

In today’s world, finding someone who puts consistent efforts into you is rare. So if you land a boyfriend like this, make sure you reciprocate his efforts and offer as much love as he does!

Consistent efforts are signs he wants a serious relationship with you!


19. He wants to be involved in your life

He’s totally serious about your relationship if he wants to meet your girl gang and family.

Someone who wants to be introduced to your family understands your social circle’s importance to you, and he wishes to know you better by meeting your people. He wants to hear your funny childhood memories and learn more about your personality from your close people.

If he is trying to be his best self around your close ones and building a strong impression in front of them, it’s a sign he wants a serious relationship with you!

20. He’s always there for you

Not to say you need saving, but sometimes we could all use a little help. When things get tough, he’s the first person that you call. He’s always responsive and comes through. He’s had your back, and whenever you need some emotional support, he’s there to help.

Someone that is with you on your bad days is someone that wants you around regardless of how ugly things may get sometimes.


21. He wants to know more about your previous relationships

While most people think it’s best to leave the past buried, sometimes talking about it will help your partner understand you better.

If he asks about your previous relationships, it could be a sign he’s trying not to repeat the mistakes of your exes to make sure you stay in his life. He wants to learn more about how to love and celebrate you!


22. He has deleted the dating apps

Almost all of us use dating apps in this day and age to find love. If he has deleted these apps from his phone, it’s a sign he’s found the one, AKA you! He sees a future with you, so he has decided not to look for his soulmate any further.


23. Talks about his past

He wants you to know everything about him. To understand him better as a person, he wants you to know even the smallest of incidents that may have had an impact on who he is. He openly talks about his past and understands how important it is for you to know certain things about him.


24. He asks for your opinion on things

This point is related to the second point in this list. He asks for your opinion and values and respects you. You have a say in everything that may affect your relationship, even the slightest bit, and he takes what you say into consideration every time.

When going for a meeting or just hanging out with friends, he asks you how he should dress. He wants to hear your opinions before anyone else!


25. He doesn’t hesitate to show affection

Single man looking for serious relationshipShowing affection (yes, we mean physical) is essential. He knows that a peck on the cheek or holding your hand in public goes a long way. He lets the world know how proud he is to have a woman like you by his side, and he’s not afraid to show you off!

If he is affectionate towards you and does not hesitate to get closer with you physically, it’s a sign he wants a serious relationship with you!

Some other apparent signs he wants a serious relationship with you:

26. He’s comfortable with being committed
27. He’s loyal
28. You’re confident in the relationship the two of you share (even on your bad days)
29. He loves you for who you are
30. He doesn’t flirt with other people
31. He tries to impress your people (i.e., your friends or family)
32. He’s not afraid to show you he cares about you


In Conclusion

The total opposite of these signs would be signs he’s using you. These will be if he neglects your needs in the relationship or is selfish and manipulative. If things feel off about the relationship, they probably are.

If you have even the slightest bit of doubt about him, trust your gut and let him go. Look for the above signs of a long-term serious relationship because that’s what you wish to have, and if you don’t find these, you must run in the opposite direction!

The last thing you want is a man that is unsure about you. A serious man will always ensure you feel secure in the relationship and even go out of his way to show you he cares. He’s protective of you and always knows how to make you feel loved. He can communicate openly and can talk about anything that might bother him.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope you’re sitting there smiling about the guy you’re seeing. That smile is a sign he’s doing things right, and if you’re still wondering if he wants a serious relationship with you, let this smile be why you believe this list!

Until next time, ladies!

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