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How To Attract A Man Of Your Dreams – 11 Things You Wish You Knew

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How to find the man of your dreams

Having a crush on a guy is something every lady can relate to because we have had strong emotions towards someone at one time or the other in our lives. The interesting thing about having these strong feelings or emotions is that it not only prompts you to want to know how to attract the man of your dreams, it somehow also prompts you to put necessary measures in place to get the man you desire.

Men are adventurous beings, so as a woman, you must have something new on your board, to give a man reasons to come close to you. You have to constantly work on yourself and get updated with the trends and happenings around you.

For instance, if your goal is to know how to attract men generally, then you probably just have to focus on knowing how to attract a man physically which entails learning beauty tips, carriage, and how to speak right.

But, if your goal is marriage, you will have to learn how to attract a man for marriage. This requires extra efforts because relationships that are geared towards a lifetime commitment are generally more demanding in the sense that you not only have to focus on attracting a man physically but also have to know how to attract a man emotionally.

Whatever the case is with you, you can be rest assured that after reading this article, you will know how to attract a high-quality man if you are single and if you want to get married, this article will guide you on how to attract a man and make him want you forever.

It takes patience to attract a man, but it takes character to keep him to yourself. You deserve the man of your dreams but will only have him if you know the things you should do. So stay with me and pay close attention to all that I will be revealing to you about getting your dream man.


How To Attract Men

The following are ways you can attract men.

1.  Have A Good Carriage

The first thing that announces your presence is your carriage. The way you walk most times expresses the mood you’re in and your personality. People (most especially men) can predict your personality through your movement. So having a good carriage is a must if you want to know how to attract a man.


2.  Wear The Right Outfit

How to attract a man physically

Your clothes, shoes, bag, and pieces of jewelry describe your personality. Always wear what fits your shape, color, personality, and the occasion you are going for, to attract the right man to yourself.


3.  Apply Make-up

The face is the first part of a person people want to see and this means the face has to be well taken care of. Always make conscious efforts to look good facially to attract the man you desire to yourself.


4.  Communicate Effectively

How to attract a man for marriage

The way you talk and how you present discussions matter a lot. As a lady, you need to know when, where, and how to communicate with people. Because the lack of discretion to communicate effectively with people can be a big turn-off for guys.

Imagine a situation where a man you are interested in finds out that you have been discussing confidential issues he discussed with you with your friends. Such a man will not want to have anything to do with you again because you betrayed his trust.


5.  Respect

According to joy Chima, respect is like a charm that pierces into the heart of man. If you must attract a man, you must show respect always because men are egoistic beings.


6.  Smell Good

As a lady, all you need to smell good is a perfume with a sweet fragrance that a man will always want to inhale as you sit close to or walk by him. A good perfume, body spray, and a roll-on will do the trick.


7.  Smile

Happiness is what spurs people to genuinely smile and the reason for this is because happiness cannot be hidden. Every guy sees a smiling lady as being more attractive than she already is.

People are usually fast to make a first impression based on one’s facial impression and they are usually right most of the time. Make conscious efforts to stay happy always despite unfavorable situations around you and reap the bountiful blessings that come with it.

For simple tips on how you can take charge of your day and stay happy no matter what, read this blog post titled 10 Ways To Find Happiness In Every Situation. It will change your mentality about happiness and help you to start seeing the good in everything.


8.  Be Healthy

People are generally attracted to healthy people. You need to take proper care of yourself to attract the man you desire.


9.  Be Conscious Of Your Countenance And Mood

Your countenance can either make a man approach you or not. Don’t allow your circumstance to affect your mood. Always keep a happy face and a bright countenance.


10.  Be Yourself

Every man adores a confident lady. Be yourself at all times and he will not only notice you but stay attracted to you always.


11.  Keep Fit

Keeping fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be skinny. It just means that you have to eat right, exercise, and maintain healthy habits at all times.


12.  Teasing

Funny as it may sound, men love women who can tease them. You can respectfully tease a man during interactions or discussions. This doesn’t only make a man like you but it also makes him go “crazy” for a lady.


How To Attract A Man Physically

Men are visual beings, therefore it is easier to attract a man physically as men are easily moved by what they see. The following are ways to attract a man physically.

1.  Have A Good Charisma

Every man loves a lady with a fantastic carriage. As a lady, carry yourself with dignity and courage. Your Charm is what makes you different from every other lady.


2.  Dress Well

To attract a man physically you need to know how to dress well. Wear what best suits you and makes you feel comfortable and you can be sure you will get his attention.


3.  Maintain A Good Facial Expression

To attract a man physically you have to learn to be a genuinely joyful person. One of the indicators of joy in a person’s life is a genuine smile. Maintain a joyful demeanor and you will in no time attract the man you desire to yourself.


4.  Value Yourself

When you treat yourself with respect everyone around you is bound to do the same thing but when you don’t you attract disrespect to yourself. So make efforts to love and treat yourself well always. If you feel you are not treating yourself well enough and need tips on how to love and treat yourself well read my blog post 10 Tips To Love Yourself And Put Yourself First. All you need to know about how to practice self-love is written there.


How To Attract A Man Emotionally

1.  Show Care Or Concern

When you show care or concern to a man, he becomes attracted to you. A man practically leans on a lady that shows him care. You can show a man care by calling, checking up on him/Visiting him, asking after him through his friends, and texting him. For amazing ideas on texts you can send to attract a man, read my blog post 70 Deep Love Messages For Him To Make Him Desire You More.


2.  Jokes

No man can stay away from what or who makes him happy. A friend of mine told me about what attracted her husband to her and the story goes thus:

I remember when my husband began to have an interest in me. Whenever we visited each other, the common thing we used to do was to tell jokes. When we were having issues back then, his brother told him- “find someone else, girls are everywhere”.

He tried going into a relationship with another lady but he felt that something was missing. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he came back begging. He said, “life is meaningless and boring without you”. I miss your jokes.


3.  Music

I haven’t seen a guy who doesn’t love music. The male folks love music. Some say it creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, turns an emotional “plug” on, and puts them in the “pool” of thought and desire. If you discover that a man you admire, loves music; you’re his already if you know his kind of music and make it yours too.


4.  Meal

As the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly”. If you have the opportunity to make the food of a man you admire, and you are a good cook, please do. Cooking for a guy you like works like magic on his emotions. He starts to feel attracted to you.


5.  Your Appearance

If you have a fantastic body build, you can use it to your advantage by putting on an outfit that suits your body shape because your appearance will make you attractive to men as they will create a mental picture of you.


6.  Be Yourself

Never pretend to attract a man, because the real you will come out sometime soon. So why not start on a good note by showing your true self to him. He will bond with you emotionally if he likes you and knows that you are keeping it real.


7.  Spend Time Together

How to attract a high quality man

There is a saying that “who you want to be with, you spend quality time with”. For you to attract a man emotionally, you’ll need to know how his mind works and how to take charge of his emotions.


8.  Maintain Eye Contact

There is power in maintaining eye contact, especially with a man. It creates an emotional connection without the both of you even saying a word.


9.  Share Interest

Show interest in the activities the man you like is interested in. This will help the both of you to spend more time together and connect at a deeper level.


10.  Be a Good Listener

You can attract a man through conversation, by listening more than you talk. Every man needs someone to talk to. Someone to tell his dirty secrets to. Make sure you can be that someone. When he is going through tough times, support him and do not make him more anxious than he already is.


How To Attract A Man For Marriage

1.  Appreciate Him Always

A man always loves it when his efforts are appreciated. Appreciation will make a man want to do more. If you appreciate a man in a relationship, he will want to marry you, because he will feel that you will appreciate every effort made to move the home forward.


2.  Support

When you support a man in his life decisions, he will want that support to never end. A Man’s greatest fear about marriage is to marry a woman who will not support him. Support his dreams and ambitions, this will drive him closer to you.


3.  Trust

No relationship can ever be solid without trust. For any man to want to marry any lady, the lady must first be able to trust and believe in him to an extent. I once heard a lady say that she’s afraid to believe in her man’s dreams. Sadly for her, he left her for another.

Every man has what he wants to accomplish in life. For you to be his lady, you have to prove that you believe in his visions, plans, and ideas about life.


4.  Commitment

Every man sees a loyal and committed lady as a “marriage material”. No man wants a woman that will cheat on him or have divided attention towards him. When you show a man that you can commit and be loyal to him, he will trust you and be committed to you.


How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams

Ever wondered where and how you can find your dream man. If you have, your days of worry are over because the following tips that I will share will guide you on how to find the man of your dreams.

1.  Know What You Want

Know what you want in a guy and go for it. Not every guy is worth having a relationship with. It will be torture to be with someone that possesses opposite values with you in life.


2.  Love Yourself

Love begins with you first of all loving yourself. The value you place on yourself will always determine the value others will place on you. To find the right guy for you, you have to learn to treat yourself right, so when this guy comes along, he will get to love and appreciate you too.


3.  Don’t Lie/Pretend

Learn to be yourself at all times. Own your personality: “The physical looks attract a guy, but the real you keep him”. Allow your dream man to see you for who you are, no pretense. Only the real you can attract the man of your dreams and keep him.


4.  Avoid Desperation

Desperate women will always scare men and desperation will open you up to being taken advantage of. If you aren’t desperate, you‘ll be able to see through a man clearly and know if he is the right one for you.


5.  Humility

No man wants to feel like he is competing with the lady he is in a relationship with. Pride raises a red flag between you and people, especially men. Be humble and the man of your dreams will be yours.


6.  Let Go Of Your Past Relationship

Holding on to past relationships is one thing that ruins your chances of getting a fresh start. When you hold on to your past life, your present is never good enough because there will be a comparison in your heart. But if you learn to leave the past with the past and move on, you will be better ready for the man of your dreams.


How To Attract A High-Quality Man

The following are ways you can attract a high-quality man.

1.  Give Yourself Some Touch Of Class

If you want to attract a high-quality man, you need to have high values and standards, know your worth and set healthy boundaries for yourself. When you do all this, it makes it easier for you to attract a high-quality man because like attracts like.


2.  Be Fulfilled With Or Without A Man

Live a life of fun, happiness, and fulfillment without having to be dependent solely on a man. Because an independent woman is always irresistible to a man of high value and class.


3.  Understand Your Femininity And Its Power

Your femininity has the power to attract any man. There are two classes of femininity they are: inward and outward femininity.

Outward  femininity talks about:

  • The way you dress
  • The way you walk
  • The way you talk
  • And the way you smell

While Inward femininity talks about:

  • Feminine energy
  • Your response
  • Your warmth
  • Your vulnerability
  • Your smile and laughter

Always carry yourself with feminine pride and dignity. A man of standard and quality will look out for these in a woman.


4.  Be Open

Men crave an open woman. I don’t mean telling him all about yourself at once but rather giving him the chance to express himself and to feel free around you.


5.  Let Your Deeds Match Your Words

A man with class says what he’ll do and does what he says. To attract such a man, you need to learn to keep to your words. Never lie to impress a guy, be real. You can’t please everybody, so don’t try to.


6.  Develop The Qualities You Desire To See In Your Dream Man

To have a quality man, you need to be a quality woman as well. Often when women finally get the quality men they desire, they struggle to fit into his world. If for Instance: You meet a man who is into politics, you need to have an idea of politics to fit into his world.


How To Attract A Man And Make Him Want You

1.  Be The Real You

Every man wants a lady who is real. Be yourself at all times, don’t pretend to try to impress him. The story below helps to further illustrate this point.

Kate met Moses at a gas station. Weeks later they ran into each other in a supermarket and exchanged contacts. Kate liked Moses and wanted a serious relationship with him. Because she knew he loved to talk a lot, she decided to start pretending to love to talk much when in the true sense she is a quiet person.

Little did she know that Moses desired a quiet lady who will compliment him and possibly make him adjust or change. Because of her pretense, she ruined her friendship with him and he went for another lady.


2.  Be Conscious Of Your Look

If you want to make a man want you, you need to look presentable so he can notice you easily.


3.  Compliment Him

Men love compliments. Make the man you desire aware of something you like or admire about him, and you will get his attention because complimenting a guy will make him feel good about himself. For the best collection of compliments, men love to hear read my blog post 50 Compliments Men Want To Hear Way More Often.


4.  Make Him Stare

Look so good that he will have no other choice than to make efforts to know you. Also, smell so good that his mind will keep being focused on you.


5.  Don’t Be Boring

Being boring is not something you are but what you do. Avoid too many routine activities and be as spontaneous as you can.


6.  Give Him Something To Think About

Oftentimes, it is normal to meet people and forget what you discussed with them or even their faces. But when you meet a guy you like and want him to desire a serious relationship with you, you have to give him something to remember you for. It can either be a highly effective conversation/interaction or a question that will get him thinking even long after the encounter.


Remember this,

Attracting the man of your dreams is not enough, how you keep and sustain the relationship with him matters. Invest in your character and you stand a chance of not only attracting that man of your dreams but also having him to yourself forever.

















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