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100 Qualities Of A Good Man To Look For In A Relationship

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Qualities of a good man

What are the qualities of a good man? Our choice in men can differ significantly. While some women may want a man with chiseled jaws and six-pack abs, others are looking for someone with more responsibility, integrity, and a successful future. Whatever your preference may be, these are the most important 100 qualities of a good man you should look for in a relationship.

Initially, connections do start with physical attraction. However, you’d need more than just a looking good man to thrive that very attraction into a successful relationship.

We want someone who understands, respects, loves, cherishes, and worships us— something beauty alone cannot serve. Perhaps, for casual flings, you can go for surface looks; however, for a long-lasting relationship, you may want to look for these qualities of a good man in a relationship.

Of course, we are not perfect— It’s harder to be a good person and even harder to sustain genuine qualities. No man, or as a matter of fact, no human, will carry all these 100 qualities, but their willingness to forever try to be better is what counts, right? Trying to be better every day is one of the most attractive qualities of a good man. 


100 qualities of a good man to look for in a relationship

Here are 100 qualities of a good man to look for in a relationship. Your love interest doesn’t have to have it all, but you must check if he is willing to change to be a better man.

1. He’s understanding

“To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy.”
—Faraaz Kazi

This is one quality of a good man that you should not ignore because without understanding, your relationship will crumble and fall into fits of arguments, disagreement, doubt, and misery. All we want as a human is to be understood and emphasized. If your man understands you and waits for your explanation before judging the situation— he’s the man for you!


2. He’s always ready to help you

This is also one of the good qualities in a man that you should look out for. If he isn’t self-centered, he looks at you and he sees your continuous effort, struggle, and workload— So he’s there to help you without a call or ulterior motive, he is the man for you.


3. A Feminist

Feminism is widely misunderstood by men and women alike. It’s not a war against men; it’s a social war for women’s rights and values in the society. A man who understands and fights for women strong-headedly is a keeper!


4. An Activist

A great man is one who doesn’t only fight for women but every social stigma that harasses men and freedom. He actively raises his voice against the wrong and doesn’t fear immoral power. If this is one of the characteristics of a man interested in you, you should consider yourself lucky because you have a man with character that is exceptionally good.


5. Rebellious

You want a man who can fight for you, for himself, and what he thinks is right. While he doesn’t have to fight for others, he shouldn’t be a coward when it comes to you, the people around him, and himself.


6. He stands up for you

Perhaps, not when you are wrong, but he’s ready to fight the world for you! He’s ready to walk with you. A man who stands with you despite the opposition (his family, friends, etc.) is a man worth your while.


7. Intelligent

Intelligence can be subjective. Some would believe intelligence comes from studying, and some would agree intelligence comes from experience and experiments.

You should look for a man that is emotionally intelligent. It’s good to have a good heart, but for a successful future ahead, you want a man with a solid and intelligent mind. In fact, this is a good sign that he is a mature man and can take care of you.


8. Vulnerable 

100 qualities of a good man

He’s not afraid of his emotions, he doesn’t hide his feelings, and for the love of god, he doesn’t cower away from crying either. You want a man who embraces his feelings and is emotionally available for himself.


9. Empathetic

This is definitely an attractive quality to look out for in a guy.

You cannot empathize with the whole world, but you can empathize with the love of your life. Empathy shows that your partner cares, understands, and loves you. His life isn’t all about himself, his pain, and his desires— it’s also about you, your life, your pain, and your happiness.

When you put yourself in your partner’s shoes, you understand them better, and when you understand them— the relationship blossoms.


10. Caring

One of the qualities of a man who loves you is that he takes care of you and your needs as a general instinct. He wants you to be happy, healthy, and lively. So, he does everything in his power to bring a smile to your face.

If your man does this for you, know he is a good guy and you should consider him the ideal man for you.


11. Self-loving

“Until and unless you love yourself, you wouldn’t be able to love others.”

If your partner isn’t enthusiastic about himself, he wouldn’t be enthusiastic about you either. Self-love is a key quality in healthy relationships because it promotes self confidence and helps to ward off negative emotions.

When you love yourself, care for yourself, respect yourself, and appreciate yourself, the world becomes a happier place. You want a happy, healthy relationship, but it cannot be done without self-love.

So, love yourself a little more and teach your boyfriend self-love as well because it’s as necessary as breathing.


12. Adventurous

“What’s life without a little risk?”

Those who live in fear would always die in cowardice, but those who take the risk might die while flying. That’s what life is about— it doesn’t need to be old and boring; it needs to be fun and lively.

When making your priority list for what to look for in a guy, it makes sense to add that you want an adventurous man, because that’s the kind of man who would never bore you.


13. Nature-lover

A nature lover is an explorer who wouldn’t confine himself or you in chains of civilization. He would explore the world with you, and that’s what you deserve in a relationship. So this is an important quality to look out for in a guy


14. He embraces you

If he’s there to hold onto you at your worst. He would be there to engulf you in his arms when nobody will.


15. Expressive

If he expresses his love/attraction for you without a care for the world, he is a kind man and you should consider him.

Without an expressive partner, the romance in your relationship would never bloom. So, date a man who constantly expresses his emotions, love, anger, care, and feelings. Expressive partners communicate better and understand better without barriers.


16. Communicative

Communication will help you cross several boundaries with your partner. Without communication, the relationship will soon create a forlorn distance between the two of you where you wouldn’t be able to understand each other or get better.


17. Talkative

Relationships are supposed to be entertaining and fun. A talkative partner will always have something interesting to talk about.


18. Flirty

Flirting is the language of romance— you tease, blush, smile, and laugh. When you flirt with your partner, there’s an innocent sensuality and romantic tension. In a way, it keeps the spark of your relationship alive.


19. Honest

Lies can break the strongest of relationships and invite doubt into the room. On the other hand, honesty will help you and your relationship grow. Truth can sometimes be harsh and break hearts, but it will also improve the relationship.

You need an honest man who will be honest about his problems and issues with you— so you both can sit and sort things out together.


20. Good listener

He listens to you because he genuinely wants to know everything about you. He wants to learn every tiny detail of your life because you fascinate him. A person who doesn’t listen to you or spend time with you is often full of himself and this is not a personality type that you need.


21. Broad perspective

He may not be an awakened person, but he’s ready to accept and agree with new perceptions and ideologies. If he doesn’t disperse your thoughts just like that; he listens to your suggestions and ideologies and broadens his spectrum without being offended, you should consider him a potential partner.


22. Unprejudiced

He doesn’t believe in judging people without knowing the history. He respects strangers and treats everyone with equality and kindness.


23. Loving

This is the most important thing to look for in a guy. If he loves you shamelessly, and his love isn’t only a compilation of words but actions too, you should consider him a good man.


24. Nurturing

There’s an unsaid commitment in his eyes and an involuntary protectiveness in his actions. His eyes constantly follow your moves, and his instincts always lead him to you.

Please know that you are not a damsel in distress just because your boyfriend wants to protect you. We want to protect people we genuinely love; that’s his care for you.


25. Emotional

He embraces his emotions, whether anger, frustration, sadness, or happiness. He doesn’t cower away from what he feels and is ready to accept it in front of you. He may not be able to express his emotions boastfully to the world, but he shows them to you.

He’s transparent and confides you with his vulnerable heart.


26. Charming

He’s charismatic in his very existence; there’s a different aura to his presence that makes him stand out in the crowd. His genuine smile melts hearts, and his nature uplifts the room. He naturally inspires people wherever he goes and owns the room.


27. Optimistic

Life is hard, relationships are complex, and existence is challenging. Still, somehow he manages to remain optimistic and persistent throughout the journey. This shows that he is all out for a happy relationship with you and will not let anything get in his way.

Of course, he will have his moments of downfall and negativity. However, he faces his problems with an unhinged calmness and positivity.


28. Passionate

There should be passion behind his actions; he must know how to enjoy life, and whatever life brings to the table with enthusiasm. It shouldn’t only be about his career choices, but everything he does! It can be cooking, painting, freelancing, or even breathing. 

Choose someone who enjoys every second of his life passionately; he embraces life! 


29. Self-forgiving

Humans often have the tendency to self-blame and damage their mental health with constant guilt. We constantly force ourselves to always be the best. When we fail, we are unapologetic towards ourselves. We punish ourselves for things that aren’t in our control.

Individuals who cannot forgive themselves will also have difficulty forgiving others. Choose a guy who forgives himself; it signifies a healthy mental state.


30. Loyal

Loyalty is one of the core values to look out for in a guy you desire a long term relationship with. You should find a guy who will always be there to support you and stand up for you. He should provide reassurance to your insecurities and shouldn’t be a man who makes you feel less worthy.


31. Doesn’t believe in the blame game

He would rather sit and try to resolve issues than blame you or others. He will understand that we all make mistakes, but he would also know there’s a better way to solve the situation than blaming others.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he wouldn’t point out your mistakes. He definitely would, but not for the sake of blaming you, but instead, for improving you.


32. Accepting

People often fall in love with the good side of a person and completely disregard or choose to ignore their flaws and errors.

You deserve a boyfriend who accepts every part of your being— the good, the bad, the flawed, the untamed, and the unknown. This quality to a great extent shows he is the perfect man for you because the right guy would accept you as a whole and wouldn’t leave you at your worst. No, he will be there with you to love and improve you.


33. Attentive

He remembers the details that are important to you. It’s not a bad thing to forget important dates sometimes. However, he remembers things that matter to you. He listens to you attentively and fondly as if your voice is the music of his life.


34. Courageous

Being scared is not a bad thing; we all have personal battles and problems to deal with. However, how your “love interest” handles that situation is what counts. He should be courageous enough to face and deal with his present and past with bravery.

Being courageous shows that he can fight and face issues strong-headedly


35. Daring

“There are no risks, only adventures.”

  • He dares to live his life with freedom.
  • He dares to fight against things he thinks are wrong.
  • He isn’t scared to speak about his opinion publicly.

Power and political influences don’t scare him as long as he’s moral in his actions. Choose a guy who doesn’t fear judgment, unrighteous power, or unapologetic law.

He should dare to speak against wrongdoers. At the same time, he should also dare to live without regrets and constant worries. You want a man who isn’t scared of taking risks; you deserve a man who’s forever ready for unpredictable adventures. His heart should be wild and thumping for adrenaline.


36. Sensual

“Being sensual is one of those qualities of a good man that makes them good and sexy at the same time.”

Without sexual intimacy, you’d never be able to connect with your partner physically and emotionally. You need physical intimacy to talk about your emotions, to open up, and to confide your flaws with your partner.

A man aware of his sexuality and drive is a man who would never fail to disappoint you in bed. He would enjoy embracing and exploring his own sexuality and that of yours.

You deserve a man constantly trying to spice things up in bed! A man keen to learn your libido is worth your time because he cares for your satisfaction and pleasure.


37. Career-oriented

You should look for a man who’s passionate about his work, future, and life. because having a man like this will make a great difference in your relationship. He should know what he’s doing with his life and how responsible he needs to be for the future. A man who constantly puts effort into bettering his present and future is a man with husband qualities.


38. Good willed

There should be purity in his actions. For him, humanity should stand first— a man who embraces the world around him without an ounce of conceit and envy is a man of high morale. For him, his success is not another’s defeat. For him, success stands with the joint growth of the world.


39. Generous

He doesn’t hold ulterior motives while helping others. For him, generosity is a part of his life, and he’s always ready to help others.


40. Romantic

Qualities of a good man to marry

This is a great trait that makes romantic relationships possible. So it is definitely one to look out for because you deserve a romantic man who loves to love you. He looks at you and smiles unknowingly. When he talks to you, he’s always loading you with compliments and praises. He puts effort into keeping you happy and making your life as lively as possible. 

His actions are always romantic; he brings you tea, randomly kisses your cheeks, dances with you without an occasion, and makes you laugh. That’s the kind of man you should look for!


41. Animal lover

Being an animal lover is the purest form of humanity. You know he’s a good man when he loves animals. It’s cute and beautiful to look at a man who cares about animals.


42. Confident

There should be poise in his stance. He doesn’t have to be good at everything but should be confident in his expertise and instinct. Choose a man who stands tall in the room because he knows his value, importance, and essence.

A confident man holds power in his eyes, his actions never stutter, and he overcomes hurdles with esteem. He doesn’t confuse his qualities with overconfidence, either!


43. Committed

  • You deserve a guy who wants to spend the rest of his life with you.
  • You deserve a man who isn’t scared of commitments.
  • You deserve a guy who accepts you publicly without fear. He should be a man looking for committed relationships.
  • You deserve a guy who sees a happy future with you and someone who passionately discusses his plans with you without fear.


44. Compassionate

He can never watch people sad around him and would do everything in his power to bring a smile to their faces. He senses pain and is ready to genuinely help them out!


45. Kind

Kindness brings positivity to one’s life. You know you have chosen the right man when he’s not only kind to you but to everyone around him— they can be strangers, old, young, children, animals, etc. Such men are not only great boyfriends but also good human beings.


46. He knows his finances

Trust me, this is one of the most essential qualities of a good man.

In today’s world, knowing how to manage finances is as necessary as breathing for all adults. As someone looking for a serious relationship, you should choose a man who knows how to manage finances and money. Such men secure a beautiful present and a successful future.


47. Patient

“Patience is a virtue” and for all good reasons. While it’s alright to behave on impulse every now and then— patience is a quality that teaches resilience and persistence.


48. Persistent

Choose a man who doesn’t give up easily. A persistent man will fight for you, his life, and his choices despite demotivation. He might fail but would resurface with persistence like Park Saeroyi (Reference from the Korean series Itaewon Class).


49. Dedicated

Whatever he does, he does it with dedication & devotion. He’s a dedicated boyfriend, friend, son, and brother.


50. Selfless

He embraces self-love, self-care and selflessness simultaneously and understands the similarity between the two. He’s not self-conceited, over-confident, or selfish, but he also knows how to love himself and stay confident.


51. Interesting

With enthusiastic people, nothing seems boring or out of nature. Fascinating men would always find something intriguing along the line to entertain you and make you laugh. Their conversation may take a random turn, but listening to their weirdly cute statements is always interesting.


52. Friendly

He’s not just your boyfriend but also someone you can share your darkest secrets with. He always finds a way to tease you, pull your leg, make fun of you (politely), and share gossip.

Every minute with him is carefree and extraordinary. He laughs away worries/tension and fills the mood with a funny aura.


53. Fun loving

What qualities should a good man have

Life is already sad and depressing; find yourself a man who likes to find humor in the worst situation. That’s the kind of man who won’t just uplift your mood but also your soul by always being jolly and optimistic.


54. Supportive

You deserve a partner who’s supportive of your dreams— one who doesn’t laugh at your prospects, and neither does he allow others to laugh at your dreams. Your dreams can be as childish as you’d like them to be, and the right guy would be there to support you throughout the journey.


55. Thoughtful

The right man would process the situation before jumping to conclusions. His mind would always look for reasoning rather than arguments. Thoughtful men have the power to sense your thoughts, worries, and mood— they would often try to help you out without being asked!


56. Engaging

He engages you in his life decisions, dreams, and family. That’s not all; he also tries to engage with your family/friends/colleagues, and doesn’t shy away from the opportunity.


57. Humorous

He should have a certain level of humor. Truth is, Without humor, life’s like a bland series of boring events. Humorous people would often laugh away their problems and make sure to cheer you up along the way.


58. Genuine

Why pretend to be someone else when you can be the most authentic and awesome version of yourself. Good men are always genuine. Choose someone who stays authentic and doesn’t bend his personality according to situations around him.


59. Problem solver

This is one of the best qualities many women desire to see in a guy, but it is also one that so many men lack. Choose an individual who likes to solve problems; he’s the man who would sit and talk things out instead of giving you the silent treatment.


60. Realist

You should go for a man who understands and accepts you. Not one who wishes you to be someone else.

More qualities of a good man to look for in a relationship

These additional qualities of a good man will help you choose the right life partner.

61. He brings you good fortune.

62. He has good physical attributes.

63. He takes responsibility for his actions and duties.

64. He’s emotionally mature and responds without unnecessary anger or frustration.

65. He has good personality traits.

66. He shares the same values with you.

67. He remains calm in moments of frustration.

68. His spiritual beliefs are the same as yours.

69. He has high moral integrity.

70. He respects you and everyone around him regardless.

71. He knows how to take care of himself.

72. He has good manners

73. He maintains a good hygiene.

74. He’s well groomed, stylish, and ahead of fashion.

75. He knows smelling good is a quality.

76. He’s not a part of the herd

77. He challenges life without fear.

78. You have no power issues with him.

79. He’s humble and modest.

80. A guy who’s a team player knows how to resolve issues.

81. He’s always ready to learn and change his mind.

82. He’s close to his soul, mind, and body.

83. He’s grateful for life.

84. Trustworthy

85. Funny

86. He prioritizes you

87. He sees, appreciates, and acknowledges you

88. He’s a giver

89. Ambitious

90. He’s direct without a fake gimmick or pretense.

91. Motivating

92. He believes in you

93. Happy

94. Independent

95. Artistic

96. Lively

97. Street smart

98. Awakened

99. He has a cool and authoritative aura.

100. He knows how to enjoy life and its phases.

Wrapping up 

Your standards in a relationship shouldn’t be driven by perfectionism, for no human is perfect. However, the above good man qualities will guide you to make the right choice because the character of a man you want to settle for are always evident in the qualities he possesses.

What women look for in a man are many. Have patience before you go ahead and reject every guy that comes your way because they lack some of these qualities of a good man. Allow your partner to grow without expecting them to be perfect instantly.

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