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16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

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Are you looking for some genuine tricks to fill your guy’s head with romantic memories of you and make him miss you? Or do you want to get your ex back while also not losing your cool? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll offer you 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you badly. If you follow these steps, he will come back running on four legs, hungry for your love!

16 Psychological Tricks that will make him miss you!

There’s nothing wrong in wanting a man to keep thinking about you 24/7. It’s a natural human desire to crave love, care, time, and attention. And if your guy isn’t offering it to you, there are some devil-ish ways to fulfill your quota of affection.

Either by playing some psychological mind games or being absent temporarily, you can easily make space in his head.

In fact, it’s said that a little absence makes the heart grow fonder. Just by being away from your partner or ex for some time (keeping our tips in mind), you can pull him back towards you! With a little psychological play, you can rule his mind and make him think about you all the time!

How to make a man miss you like crazy?

Making a man miss you is a fairly easy game, that is, if you know what cards to play. Your face, smile, lovely eyes, and those cute romantic gestures must play like a movie in his head!

So, if you’re ready to play some psychological moves and make him miss you, let’s begin! Here are 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you badly—

1. Be hard to get

I’m 100% sure you all must have heard the phrase “playing hard to get” sometime in your dating journey. Well, being hard to get isn’t the same as playing hard to get because here you’re actually tough to impress, and not just acting like it.

You want to know how to make someone miss you psychology? This is your way. Raise your standards, upgrade your dating league, and be unapproachable. The harder it is to blink in your boyfriend radar, the more guys would want to chase you!

But of course, pulling this psychological trick requires a good strategy. You can’t be “hard to get” towards a person you’ve just met, or any stranger at all. This trick applies only to people who have met you (or conversed with) at least once.

The trick works like this—

  • Step 1: You meet an attractive guy, who seems to be really great.
  • Step 2: When talking to him, you subtly express how you’re a brilliant person. Talk about your hobbies, achievements, and beliefs. Just try to come forward as a smart person!
  • Step 3: Leave, without giving too much of yourself away.
  • Step 4: Avoid quickly engaging with him again, or talking to him right away if he got your number.
  • Step 5: Lay down your groundwork by acting as per your higher self-worth and importance!

By simply being superior in front of guys, you can easily activate the chaser in their heads. This is not just fantasy, even researchers at Science Daily have found that ‘playing hard to get’ works! 

Immediately reciprocating your crush’s feelings and interest may not be the most intelligent way to attract a male. People who are easy to attract or impress are usually perceived as more desperate, which makes them less appealing and valuable.

Just like women desire to be chased, men are also hardwired to chase who they are attracted to. In fact, if you make a chase harder, it will increase a potential mate’s desire for you. This is one of the best 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you!

2. Maintain unavailability

16 Psychological tricks that will make him miss you

Does absence make a man miss you?

If you’re asking yourself “how do I make him miss me?,” well, the answer is simple—you need to allow him the time and space to daydream about you.

When you’re meeting with him daily, talking to him for hours on phone calls, and texting with him all night, where will he get the time to miss you?

Of course, it may seem like you guys are in love and simply can’t stay away from each other. But truthfully, if you’re working overtime at your boyfriend fest, he’ll slowly start taking things for granted. He’ll think she’s going nowhere and I don’t need to treat her any differently.

He’ll stop making efforts to impress or excite you, and will simply adapt to this new all-time available version of you. By landing on your feet any time he calls, you’re showing this guy he could have you however and whenever he wants!

You being over-available is the biggest mistake, and it has to change if you don’t want him to leave. Because this 24/7 available behavior will make him leave, sooner or later! So if you want to learn how to make someone miss you without talking to them, start by reducing your availability.

3. Love bombing and going MIA

5 psychological tricks to make anyone miss you

Ah, this reminds me of my last toxic relationship. Note that this is a top-tier toxic trick, and you must never use it in a healthy relationship!

However if you wanna learn how to make your hookup miss you, this is one of the best 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you like crazy! This trick will bomb blast his mind & heart, and make him desire you insignificantly.

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology?

Here is the 3-step procedure to go about this trick:

Step 1. Start by showering your desired man with unlimited love, care, and affection. Simply, treat him like a king and do everything he wants or craves from his girl. You need to actually bomb him with your love!

As a result, he’ll get addicted to your sweet love and find comfort in it. There’s also a chance he might begin taking you for granted, so you have to love bomb him for only a short while.

Step 2. The second step is more like a power cut while you are watching your favorite TV show. The screen goes black and you’re throwing fists around, wanting to do anything to turn the TV back on!

Similarly, you have to cut out your love supply all of a sudden. It’s essential to instantly stop behaving like you were, and ghost him for good. The moment he stops receiving your love, his feelings will ambush him.

This is when he’ll start appreciating you and understand nothing is permanent. He’ll know the love he was getting will not be granted for free, and that he has to put in effort for it. Ghosting him will also make him realize that he’s head over heels for you!

While this trick will 100% work in making him miss you, it may backfire on you. Maybe, you’ll end up missing him instead. But, you have to stand still on your ground and wait for the magic.

Step 3: The final step is to prepare for his return!

You must devise some ground rules for your connection and put them forward when he returns. Tell him what things you like, what actions you don’t like, and set some boundaries.

Talk about the best way to take your relationship further, where you both have your own individual lives alongside your love journey. This way you’ll be able to reform a healthy relationship out of a toxic psychological trick.

4. Don’t always initiate contact

When does a man start to miss you

Stop crawling up his neck, trying to know his whereabouts and circumstances!

I know women like to have control of all situations, but you need to give someone space to miss you. If you really want him to think about how lovely you are, allow him extra time.

Don’t contact him frequently (using “valid” reasons) or be available to him all the time. Instead, initiate only a few contacts with him so you’re keeping him on the low side. You’re not giving yourself away completely, and also maintaining good distance.

Will he miss me if I don’t text him? Yes! Remember, this distance is what will make him miss you. And it will only happen when he doesn’t hear from you regularly.

So keep in mind that you must let him contact you more than you’re contacting him. Get him to commit by pulling away!

5. Get a life

While you’re working your way through these 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you, it’s crucial to also live your own life!

Don’t get hung up so much on making him miss you that you don’t realize there are other things that matter more. Self care should always be your top-most priority here!

Until and unless you become a high-authority person, you’ll always have to rely on some tricks to make anyone miss you. On the contrary, if you’re a smart, intelligent person with a charming persona, guys would die to be close to you or impress you.

What I mean by “get a life” is that don’t make a guy the center of your life.

Go out, socialize with new people, go on dates with new guys, and just explore your own life. Who knows, maybe you’ll find better things for yourself and even forget your ex or any guy you’re pursuing.

Living a self-centered life will not only make this one guy miss you, but also attract a whole lot of male population. So this may not be a tricky psychological play, but it’ll surely put you at a higher ground.

6. Trigger his hero instinct

What makes a man miss a woman

Another great tactic on this list of 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you is—triggering his hero instinct.

The hero instinct is a natural desire of a man to protect and provide for who he loves. It’s a manly, powerful urge that drives men to keep their close ones safe and sound. This instinct motivates a man to be a hero, and you can use the same to trigger your man!

All men love being heroes for their partner. You may have seen it in various romcom shows and even fairytales.

However, triggering your guy’s hero instinct shouldn’t make you feel incapable or independent. This is not about you. It’s not that you can’t do your own things and need a man by your side.

Instead, it’s all in reverse. Hero instinct is something that men enjoy because it makes them feel wanted and needed. How to trigger your man’s hero instinct?

  • Ask for his help in difficult situations.
  • Appreciate him for his hard work with sensual gestures.
  • Encourage him to chase betterment.
  • Express how he makes you very happy. Tell him directly.
  • Let him protect you and keep you safe.
  • Let him provide for you!

All such actions will easily trigger his hero instinct, and he’ll want to do everything he can for you. This includes missing you all the time.

7. Use social media to your advantage

If you really want to make a guy miss you all day, social media is your best friend!

While maintaining unavailability and initiating lesser contacts, you don’t want your boy to drift away. Right? What if he starts chasing other girls while you’re busy being all hard to get? It’ll become hard to get him, lol!

So, the best way to make him constantly think about you is through social media. You may not be seeing him or texting him, but you’ll still rule his mind.

How do I make him miss me? Post attractive Instagram stories and posts! Don’t just click a selfie in any random, casual outfit and publish it. Instead, wear something jaw-dropping and sexy to burn his brains off.

If you’re wondering what makes a man miss a woman, the answer is thirst traps. Thirst traps are simply pictures of you on your social media that can make any man drool and fall down. So wear a hot dress, hang out with a couple friends or a male friend (even better), and post the outing on your profile.

He’ll surely watch every single picture about a thousand times! If he doesn’t miss you usually, this sexy adventure will fixate your face in his eyes for days to come!

8. Glow brighter

In casual dating, looking pretty on the outside is just as important as being pretty on the inside. So another simple trick to make him miss you is just presenting your better self to the world!

Men are greedy creatures who are excited by what they see. You need to look attractive enough for a man to approach you and be interested in learning about your personality!

So, invest in fashionable attires and start dressing to impress. Learn how to do better make-up (although you don’t need it, but anything for confidence right?) and try different hairstyles. Maybe getting a tattoo or septum piercing will offer that final touch to your look!

When a man sees you looking amazing, it shovels an intensive urge inside him to chase you. He’ll daily wonder if he could really win you, and try different ways to impress you!

9. Be a mystery woman

How to make someone miss you psychology? Be a mysterious woman!

If you want his thoughts to surround you only, you must play with his curiosity. The more curious he is to learn about you and your personality, the more time he will spend thinking about you (ultimately, making him miss you).

The best way to trigger a man’s curiosity is by sprinkling a bit of mystery. I know you might want to lay down all your cards, and build a connection with honesty. However, this is something to be done later, when you both are committed to a certain future together.

Until then, hold back your cards and reveal them slowly. To intrigue him, try not to tell him everything about you and leave things to imagination. Make him work hard to know the real you!

10. Use texting psychology tricks

Texting plays a major role in engaging with someone new, or even a person you’ve known for a long time. Do you want to know how to make him miss you over text? The answer is texting psychology tricks!

In modern dating, your texting strategy will determine if you can make a man chase you or not. Here are some texting psychology tricks you can add to your strategy:

a) Stick to single texting
Whenever talking with him over text, do not overlap your messages by sending more texts to him. If he hasn’t replied to you, don’t go around bugging him again and again to get a response.

This will make you seem desperate, and your texts invaluable. Single texting means you reply once and that’s it, until you get a response.

b) Write shorter messages
I know certain situations can trigger you to write long paragraphs and basically start debating or having arguments with your man. But if you want him to miss you, you really need to speak less.

This will make your words and conversations more valuable, and he’ll want to talk to you more often!

c) Maintain first-text frequencies
When talking to an ex or some new guy, it shouldn’t be you who texts first every time. It’s okay to begin new conversations by yourself, but not always. Let him reach you more than you reach him!

d) Give interesting replies
Think things thoroughly before giving him a reply. Your text must incite him, excite him, and leave him wondering about you. Use emojis but do not overuse them.

e) Give late replies
When talking to your crush or having flirty conversations, you might want to text back as quickly as possible. But, doing this will only decrease the tension within.

So, give late replies and make sure they are not too late. Just late enough to make him wonder where you are and what you’re doing.

There are numerous texting psychology tricks you can use to make a man chase you. If you want to learn more about them, let us know in the comments below.

11. Tell him you’re busy when he asks you out

You shouldn’t get out of bed and be ready to leave whenever he asks you out. Being overly available and reliable is directly proportional to being taken for granted.

You need to turn him down at times, and tell him you’re busy with other things. Show him that you have a life besides him, and that you enjoy personal space more than anything else.

But remember, this shouldn’t sound negative and make him feel you’re not interested. It’s important that you propose a different day for outing so he doesn’t feel rejected.

12. Leave him hungry for more

7 ways to make a man miss you

In this list of 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you, this one works like magic. In order to leave him craving for more, you must be the first person to end all your conversations.

He may not even realize it, but will start feeling it subconsciously. By ending conversations, I don’t mean you should hang up on him between conversations or abruptly leave him when you’re spending quality time together.

What I mean is you should be the first one to leave from any interaction. You can do this by politely ending your phone calls when he wants to keep talking. Leave him on read if something comes up, and catch up with him later. When hanging out, tell him you have to leave early because of work or any personal errands. Just always leave him hungry for more.

13. Forget something behind at his place

The next time you’re meeting with him, intentionally forget any belongings behind. It can be a piece of clothing, a stall, maybe a toothbrush. Just leave anything of you behind that will remind him of you.

When he finally notices it, he will begin feeling your absence on a more spiritual level. It’s because he has something of you which makes your image clearer in his head.

You can even hide it at places that aren’t too obvious, but where you know he may wander. For instance, you can leave your lipstick in the bathroom drawer or your scarf headband under his pillow.

Finding your belongings in such locations will instantly play a movie in his head, where you two are together and living an intimate time!

14. Use Snapchat to hint everything you’re doing without him

Just like Instagram can help you put up thirst traps for him, Snapchat can make him wish he was a part of your daily life.

Does absence make a man miss you? You will get the answer pretty quick when you start sending him exciting snaps of your daily life. Remember your life doesn’t have to be incredibly interesting to flaunt it. Simple snaps of hanging out with friends are enough to make him wish he was there too.

Maintain a steady flow of pictures showing you in exciting, new places doing fun things. He’ll want nothing more than being able to be with you in those pictures.

15. Spend extra time with your friends

Spending time with your buddies should be your first priority because it will make your life more meaningful and seem richer. This won’t only spike your man’s interest, but also make you a happier person.

Moreover, it has an additional benefit of making your partner jealous of your friends. He will go FOMO, seeing you laugh and have fun without him.

16. Have mind-blowing sex

Lust is one of the fundamental motivators for attraction. If you want to make him miss you like crazy, have incredible sex.

This doesn’t mean you need to go under the sheets everyday; but whenever you are, make sure it’s amazing. Remember that great sex is about mutual pleasure. Both the partners should enjoy it evenly and feel satisfied by the end of it.

If you’re giving more than you’re getting during physical intimacy, making him miss you isn’t even worth it. In order to form a meaningful, strong, and overwhelming desire, you both need to be fulfilled!

Wrapping up

How to make someone miss you? Does my boyfriend miss me when we’re apart? Why doesn’t he miss me? How long does it take a guy to miss you?

All such questions can float around your head when you like someone, and it can get difficult to have a grasp on the situation. However, these are your thoughts and they need not to be known by anyone else.

With a little psychological play, you can easily turn the tables and make him desire you more than you want him. These 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you will change your dating life.

Once you start following these tricks, guys will be chasing you all the time. They will keep coming after you without you saying a word. This is the power of psychology. I hope this article helps you hook the man you like, and develop a healthy relationship from there!

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