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11 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

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Signs the kiss meant something to him

When a guy kisses you, there can be a million reasons behind it. Maybe he did it out of lust and boredom. Perhaps he secretly likes you and has been waiting to kiss you for a long time. No matter why he kissed you, the best way of finding it out is by observing romantic signs the kiss meant something to him!

So if you wanna learn “why did he kiss me,” we’re here to help you understand your situation and come to a happy conclusion. Does a kiss mean anything to a guy? (your guy, precisely)—keep reading to know!

Why is kissing important? 

Every kiss is a beautiful story—passionate, sweet, naughty, romantic, and full of love. A sweet kiss is enough to convey a person’s feelings towards you and show how much he loves you. In fact, it’s the only thing you need to feel the chemistry between you and your lover boy! 


It’s because when you kiss someone, you share an essential part of yourself with that person. You’re letting him in your personal space, allowing him to be physically intimate with you, and giving him an opportunity to be your romantic partner.

This is why it is also crucial for you to know what a guy is thinking when he kisses you. If you can’t stop thinking about the kiss, you deserve to see if he’s feeling the same way. Is it as significant to him as it is to you? How to know if he enjoyed the kiss?

This article will help you determine the answers to all these questions. But first, let’s talk about some clear signs the kiss meant something to him!

11 signs the kiss meant something to him!

There’s no better feeling than being kissed by the guy you love!

When his lips touch yours, it may feel like you’re 100 feet above the ground, flying in the comfort of his arms. You may ask yourself—is this really happening? Does this kiss mean anything, or was it just a friendly gesture?

To make sure of the kiss’s authenticity, here are some clear signs the kiss meant something to him:

1. He took his time and enjoyed the kiss

One of the most evident signs the kiss meant something to him is that he took his time and kissed you passionately!

Any guy would finish his kiss quickly if he doesn’t like you. Ask yourself—did he stop kissing you as soon as he started? Did you feel like it ended pretty early? If the answer is no, you’re really lucky, girl.

Are you supposed to feel a spark when you kiss?

When a guy likes you, he won’t be in a rush while kissing you. He’ll gently place his lips over yours, grab your body and pull it closer, and kiss you intimately for a long time. He may hold your face and even lift you up in his arms if the passion flows too strongly.

The way your guy kissed you can tell a lot about how much it meant to him. If it was the kind of kiss you’d never forget about, chances are he won’t either. A slow kiss implies that he’s emotionally attracted to you and wants to make you comfortable with him.

2. He didn’t mention the kiss to his friends

Trust me, it means a lot to him if he hasn’t told his friends about kissing you.

You must be thinking, “does a kiss mean anything to a guy” when he’s not even telling his friends about it. The truth is—guys do talk about kisses and sex with their friends, but only when it is casual.

Unlike girls, guys do not discuss their intimate moments with their friends. They do not discuss their romantic life or elaborate on private things with their friends. This may not be true for some guys, but I can say this is true for almost 90% of them!

Generally, guys do not talk about their feelings because of the stigma that emotions are considered a weakness. They’d rather talk to you about their feelings than to other men.

On the contrary, a guy would talk about the kiss for fun if it didn’t mean anything to him.

3. He wishes to do it again

So you just kissed this guy, and he already wants to do it again?

If he keeps finding ways to be alone with you just so he can grab another magical kiss, there’s no doubt he’s fixated on you. He can’t stop himself from thinking about your lips and kissing them again.

When you catch him staring at you romantically, it’s safe to assume he’s constantly replaying the steamy moment in his head. If you give him a chance, he’ll surely pounce on you for another exchange of exotic lip locks.

4. He says it is significant for him

There’s no more prominent sign than this. If your boy tells you that the kiss meant something to him, it really does!

He may not admit it so easily or tell you right after the kiss. But if he says he can’t stop thinking about you and ‘the kiss,’ he is interested in talking about your little canoodle session.

It is not common for guys to talk about kisses and cuddles with their partners. When a guy discusses how he felt while kissing you or how he’s feeling after it, this is one of the signs the kiss meant something to him.

5. He has started being extra caring

Do you notice a shift in your guy’s behavior after the kiss?

He keeps on taking extra care of you, and your connection feels entirely different. By caring, I mean:

  • He doesn’t miss a day of wishing you good morning or good night.
  • He keeps texting or calling you to know about your whereabouts.
  • He wants to talk to you till late at night.
  • He asks about your day and listens carefully.
  • He mentions something romantic every now and then and flirts with you more often.
  • He keeps asking you to hang out again.
  • He takes care of you daily.
  • He has started making you happier than before.

All these caring acts have increased since you kissed, right? This simply means he loved the kiss and wants to get closer to you!

6. He was nervous when kissing you

If your guy was excited as well as nervous about your kiss, it means that the kiss was a big deal for him!

He isn’t the kind of guy who goes around kissing a bunch of girls or has fun having multiple partners to smooch with. He isn’t someone who would freely lean in for a kiss and act like a playboy.

If he’s stressed or anxious about kissing you, it’s because it means a lot to him; so much that he’s under pressure. He is worried about whether you’d like it or not. He is scared about making the wrong move and driving you away.

If he couldn’t control his actions or feelings when kissing you, it can be taken as one of the signs the kiss meant something to him!

7. He has become more confident. 

Ever since he has kissed you, you can notice how he’s more confident and upfront than before.

Prior to kissing you, he was shy and anxious about getting in an intimate situation with you. But now, he keeps on finding ways to be alone with you and embrace the physical touch!

It’s like the kiss has opened his eyes to a broader range of intimacy that can be enjoyed together. He wants more—something lasting. If you’ve only recently met, this confident, romantic approach may mean he wants to be in a relationship with you!

So, if your guy has been showing assertive and confident signs ever since he kissed you, he wants to win you over anyhow.

8. His heart was racing like a horse

When you were pressed up to him, could you feel how quickly his heart was beating? Was it heavy, strong, and fast?

A rapid heartbeat means that your kissing was so magical it gave his heart a rush and unleashed the hopeless romantic within him! It may feel like he just came from a long run—breathing heavily as he passionately kissed you.

Intense makeout sessions release adrenaline in the human body, which is responsible for an increase in heart rate and boosts energy. If he was all hyper, excited, and happy while kissing you, know that he liked it.

If you want to know more about his ‘after first kiss feelings,‘ you should talk directly to him. A guy may rarely speak about such things on his own. But if his girl asks how the kiss feels to him, he won’t stop talking about it!

9. He can’t stop kissing you

If he really enjoyed kissing your lips, the beast in him won’t just stop there!

He’ll want to explore your body more by kissing your plumpy cheeks and soft neck. Furthermore, he might gently peck your shoulders, arms, hands, or any body part he can access. Trust me, just your lips won’t be enough.

So if you tell your friend, “he can’t stop kissing me,” it’s a sign he loves kissing you!

  • Your neck is a very sensitive place, so if he gently kisses your neck, it’s really meaningful for him. Moreover, it’s a spot that people usually reserve for intimate closeness.


  • If he kisses your collarbone and shoulders, he’s expressing his desire to make you feel good. This is because both these spots are erogenous zones in the human body and are vulnerable to romantic touch.

A guy would only explore your body with his lips when he feels connected to you. He knows you’d like his lips caressing your body and wants to show how much he likes giving you pleasure!

10. He made you feel comfortable

What a guy is thinking when he kisses you

If you’re wondering how your kiss could be so perfect, it’s because it was pre-planned to be like that! The timing, place, and aura—everything was decided to make your kiss incredible. 

A guy who wants to offer you some sweet kissing time won’t just kiss you anywhere, anytime. He’d try to choose the best place and right timing so that you really enjoy those few minutes of french kissing.

Simply put, he doesn’t want you to feel pressured about it or do it in a hurry. This is why he will make you comfortable with him before kissing you.

11. He was silent after the kiss

If a guy starts blabbering and being over-smart after a kiss, it simply means the kiss wasn’t authentic. He just did it for fun and is now trying to play cool.

On the contrary, if he goes silent and has no idea what to say, the kiss means a lot to him. And he’s actually processing the whole situation and being all nervous and shy!

Even though his reaction might scare you, it is okay to assume that his quietness is a good sign. He’s taking his time to understand the magic that just happened between you; plus, it shows that it was overwhelming!

The quietness means that he’s serious about you, and it’s one of the signs the kiss meant something to him!

FAQ—Signs the kiss meant something to him!

Here are some frequently asked questions that may surround your mind after your first kiss with a guy!

What a guy is thinking when he kisses you?

How to know if he enjoyed the kiss

When a guy kisses you, he could be thinking about a million things.

Do I smell good? Are my teeth white and presentable? Is my breath okay? Am I a good kisser? Would she be liking my kiss?

Your kisser boy’s mind would be filled up with many thoughts, bad and good. And the way to figure out what a guy is thinking when he kisses you is by his body language.

Anyway, here are some examples of what a guy is thinking when he kisses you:

If he’s comfortable with the kiss:

  • What does she think of my kissing technique?
  • Damn! She’s an amazing kisser!
  • Where should I move my hands next?
  • Am I allowed to explore her body, or would that be offensive?
  • Where else am I allowed to kiss her? I can’t wait to find out!
  • I want to kiss her again already.
  • Is she into the kiss just like I am?
  • Does this mean we’re dating now?
  • She looks beautiful, and her lips feel amazing!
  • God! I love her so much.
  • She smells lovely!
  • I wonder when I can have sex with her.

If he’s uncomfortable with the kiss

  • I hope she doesn’t like the kiss; I am not really into her.
  • How do I get out of this situation?
  • How to turn her down without making her sad?
  • I hope this doesn’t mean I have to go out with her.
  • I don’t want her to misunderstand that I’ll date her!
  • She has bad breath.
  • Oh no!
  • I got myself in a tricky situation.

What a guy is thinking when he kisses you can vary from person to person. They’re all different and may have different intentions. It’s up to you to read his body language and understand his intentions behind the kiss!

How to know if he enjoyed the kiss?

After first kiss feelings may include wondering if he enjoyed the kiss!

Am I a good kisser? Would he want more after this kiss? Again, the only way to find out “did he enjoy it?” is by observing some physical signs. Here are some signs of pleasure in a guy’s kiss:

  • His body language tells you he’s excited
    A pleasurable kiss might make your guy shiver or gasp because he’s so worked up in the makeout. If his body is in tune with you and moving along while you’re making out, it’s a sign he likes the kiss!


  • He keeps smiling at you
    If he can’t stop smiling after kissing you, it’s because he can’t stop thinking about the kiss. A long, lovely kiss releases feel-good chemicals—oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin—making him smile like a kid.


  • He can’t stop touching you
    An intimate kiss might make a guy come out of his inhibitions and be more physically romantic towards you. If he enjoyed the kiss, he might start touching sensitive spots like your chest or hips. He may also plan to seduce you so he can take more action than just kissing!


  • He admits he enjoyed the kiss
    If your guy really loved the kiss, he’ll shower you with compliments! He’ll keep on praising your kiss, appearance, scent, taste, technique, and any other detail he admires about your sensual kiss!

How to know if he enjoyed the kiss? Observe these signs in your boy after the makeout session!

Do guys fall in love after kissing?

Don’t get your hopes too high, but it’s possible that a guy may fall in love after kissing. Maybe not right after the kiss, but the first kiss may set things in motion, where he’s in love with you in the end.

Of course, this is not true for every guy. Not all men will fall in love after just kissing. They might feel infatuated with you, and many might be sexually aroused. But whether they fall in love or not really depends on the type of makeout session you undergo!

Signs a guy has fallen in love after kissing you:

  • He tries to make you happy.
  • He wants to spend every day with you.
  • He always thinks about you and talks to you more often!
  • He’s gotten physically affectionate in public.
  • He does things for you.
  • He listens to everything you say!
  • He’s imagining a future with you.

Do guys fall in love after kissing? The answer to this is hidden in your guy’s behavior after the kiss!

Do guys like kissing?

There can be a diverse variety of men worldwide; however, there’s one thing they all have in common—the obsession with kissing!

Your question is, “do guys like kissing?” Forget about liking it; they LOVE it! Guys like kissing so much that they won’t find any problems in even kissing their friends (including guy friends).

Why do guys like kissing? Here are some reasons behind it:

  • Kissing makes him feel closer to you.
  • It creates an emotional bond and attachment.
  • It gives them something they yearn so much for—touch and affection. Guys enjoy kissing so much because it offers them a rush of excitement and emotions!
  • Kissing the person they like can sexually arouse them in seconds.
  • Getting kissed by someone they like makes them feel wanted and desired.

In conclusion, guys love kissing! If you really want to surprise a guy or make him happy, kiss him!

How to tell if a guy loves you by his kiss?

Since you’re looking for signs the kiss meant something to him, why not figure out if he loves you? The kind of way he kissed you may tell you a lot about what’s in his heart for you!

There is love—

  • If a guy kisses you before he leaves
    If he gives you a goodbye kiss before leaving, it’s a clear sign he’s passionate about you. He loves you and wants you to remember it by giving you a kiss before taking off.


  • If a guy grabs face and kisses you
    When a guy doesn’t like you and is only there for his sexual needs, he’ll get himself a quick kiss. But when feelings are involved, he’d gently hold your face and kiss your lips intimately.

       There is a clear difference in both scenarios.

  • If he’s laughing while making out 
    Most often, people don’t show genuine emotions when intimate with someone. But if your guy is laughing while making out or being goofy around you, he probably loves you.

Bottom Line

I know—a soft, simple peck on your lips can do a lot to your heart. It can be so overwhelming that you don’t sleep for days, thinking and reimagining those few seconds of pure bliss.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the same scenario for your kisser. However, these signs the kiss meant something to him will make it clear. I hope you find all of these signs true in your case and gladly begin a new romantic journey!

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