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How To Impress Your Crush- 13 Tips To Steal Their Heart

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How to impress your crush

So, your cupid eyes landed on someone recently, and you can’t stop crushing over them. Whether it’s your college, neighborhood, or workspace, your heart actually stops beating when you catch a glimpse of your new puppy love and truth is, when this happens the only question that starts popping in your head is how to impress your crush?

We get it—it is quite hard to live a sane life when you’ve got a crush on someone. That feeling of butterfly war inside the tummy, having endless romantic thoughts, building fake scenarios in your head, and your heart skipping beats; the human emotions really go wild! 

Nonetheless, this wildness is what makes us feel alive. Today, we’ll be sharing some fantastic tips to impress your crush and make them think about you all the time.

Of course, it will not be easy. But if you stay with us, by the end of this article, you will better handle your emotions and attract your crush in a span of one week. We’ll also mention some unattractive actions you must avoid when pursuing your crush; you won’t like it if they run away.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

How to impress your crush?

Having a crush on someone is undoubtedly an amazing feeling. You catch them walking in the hallway, and your legs start to tremble. You notice their lovely smile, and your lips automatically stretch wide with excitement. You hear them talk to you, and all you can think of is how to make my crush like me?

No matter how you try to win their heart, ensure you’re being your most authentic self. Because even if you succeed at making them fall for you, you want your crush to know the real you, not a fake personality.

People often try too hard to impress someone they like and end up looking fake or insincere. Feeling anxious is normal when trying to make a good impression in front of your crush. But when you do it the wrong way, it actually makes things worse.

13 ways to impress your crush!

It is challenging to be in a situation where you’re head-over-heels for someone, and they do not even notice you. This complicated position might make you feel worthless, but don’t be sad.

Here are 13 worthy ways to impress your crush easily—our tips on crushes will help you turn your love life around. These crush tips are divided into various steps, so it’s better to follow them like a guide!

Step 1: Level Up

Before you begin applying any strategies to win your crush’s heart, you’ve to decide how they perceive you as a person. After all, your first impression is your last impression!

Here are some ways to impress your crush by putting your best foot forward:

1. Be confident

Before you start hitting your crush with awkward one-liners, do an audit of yourself. Do you seem to be in the same league as your new love?

When I said “the same league,” I didn’t mean to be exceptionally good-looking or have killer features. I mean being the best version of yourself, mentally and physically.

Wearing attractive clothes and carrying a good style is surely a good start, but there’s nothing more magical than a humble attitude and self-respect.

It’s publicly noticeable when you don’t believe in yourself and makes you look incompetent when you don’t know your self-worth. If you want your crush to really notice you, you need to be someone worth-noticing. You need to be the person who stands tall and knows your place.

This is why confidence is a crucial starting point if you’re wondering how do I impress my crush.

How to practice confidence? 

Sometimes, it is difficult to find confidence in yourself when you always feel insecure and worthless. But even the worst of people have some good things in their personality. Build your confidence with practice:

  • Start by writing down a list of things that you love about yourself. These things can be personal qualities or hobbies you’re good at, like sports, drawing, painting, or any other specialties!


  • Next, note down the things you can get good at and set goals to improve yourself. There’s nothing more attractive than a person hustling for a better future; it’s the best way to build confidence!


  • Be mindful of your posture and body language. Are you someone that stands or sits with their back arched like a curvy potato?

Trust me, it might feel normal to maintain a bad posture, but it looks hideous from a third-person view. And you don’t want your crush to see you like that!

So, try to explore your own merits and chase after your qualities. You’ll notice a positive change in how people look at you when you’re developing confidence. Even your crush might notice you and pass a pretty smile!

2. Groom yourself

I know a lot of people may tell you “looks do not matter,” or that you don’t need to be good-looking to attract people. But that’s not entirely true!

In fact, people are attracted to those who are physically attractive. This doesn’t mean you must look like a movie star to impress your crush. You just need to be well groomed and carry a charismatic aura with yourself; it will make you a real head-turner.

Self-grooming will allow you to present a better version of yourself, which in turn will enhance your personality. A more confident personality will boost your self-esteem and make you more comfortable with yourself.

And when you’re comfortable with your own presence, it pushes your real personality to come out and shine! Here are some ways of personal grooming if you want to impress your crush:

  • Get a new haircut
    The way you style your hair has a significant effect on your overall look. The best way to decide on a good-looking haircut is by understanding your face shape and features.


  • Start dressing up neatly to impress your crush
    Many people still do not care about what clothes they wear, the colors they match, or even the shoes they wear under any outfit. They just open their wardrobe and wear whatever looks clean.

If you are really wondering how to make a good impression on your crush, you must start focusing on your fashion.

There is no limit to fashion and styling. You can carry numerous styles based on your personality and taste in fashion. Try to figure out what style looks best on you, and carry it confidently.

You can use an intelligent friend’s advice in this case; they’ll have a lot of stylish suggestions to improve your look!

  • Stay fit
    Along with good grooming, you must also try to stay fit. You do not need to churn out six-pack abs or build a big physique, just staying fit and healthy is enough.

This will show that you’re concerned about your appearance and make an effort to care for yourself. Your crush will definitely find this trait sexy! Grooming yourself regularly will take you from average to savage and help impress your crush.

3. Take help from friends

How to impress your crush without talking to him

When you have a crush on someone, it is normal to feel stressed, overly excited, nervous, and uncertain. You may also need someone to talk to when your heart is filled with details about your new crush.

In such times, it is soothing to talk to a close friend. You should open up about your newly-developed feelings with a friend; they might really know what you exactly need to do!

Moreover, if they know your crush, they may be able to offer you well-versed advice on your situation.

Step 2: Catch their attention 

Once you’ve figured out how to be attractive and present your best self, it is time to impress your crush. Here are some ways to impress your crush and take space in their head:

4. Grab opportunities to be around them

The optimal way to impress your crush is by being around them more frequently!

This doesn’t mean you should become a stalker and follow them everywhere they go. Just be on the lookout for opportunities where you may cross your paths and engage with each other.

Do you go to the same university? Do you live in the same neighborhood as your crush? Does she enjoy the same outdoor activities as you do? In any circumstance, you might find many chances to be on your crush’s radar.

A great start would be learning more about your crush from their social media and mutual friends. Find out what places they enjoy going to, what restaurants they visit for lunch, where they get their morning coffee, and so on.

Next, try to make space in your schedule and participate in activities they usually do. The more you’re around your crush, the more chances you’ll have to engage with one another!

5. Pass a genuine smile

Now that you’re around your crush more often, the best you can do is pass a lovely smile every time you both make eye contact.

Smiling is a universal gesture of kindness and gives off a passionate vibe. In fact, people have ranked smiling over eyes, hair, and body as the most attractive physical feature in a person. 

So whenever you see your crush, ensure to flash them with a bright smile; their reaction will surely be positive. This is a great tactic to impress your crush, and still many people aren’t using it.

  • Why smiling makes you more attractive and dateable?
    When a person sees you smiling at them, their natural response is smiling back at you, right? And when they smile for you, their body automatically releases endorphins (a feel-good hormone), making that little moment very comforting. 

If your crush smiles at you, their brain will associate you with feeling good, and your smiling face will stay in their head. This allows you to make a move and start interacting with your crush.

  • What if your crush doesn’t smile back at you?
    Don’t worry if they don’t smile back; there can be many reasons behind it. Maybe, you caught them off guard, or they had something serious going on in their head (which is why they didn’t even notice you smiling).

If you really want to learn how can I impress my crush, try not to overthink and make false assumptions.

Step 3: Getting yourself a proper chance

The moment you catch your crush’s eyes, you can begin with the third step of impressing your crush. This step requires bold decisions, so you must be ready for some fun!

6. Introduce yourself

Once you’ve entered your crush’s world, the next crucial step is confidently introducing yourself. Reaching them out and simply saying “hi” is enough to surprise them and grab their attention.

However, don’t feel self-conscious or be scared of simply greeting someone. It’s pretty rare to get a negative response to a genuine act of introduction.

It is necessary to be self-reliable when contacting someone you like. The way you present and introduce yourself offers people your first impression, and they begin forming an opinion in under 3 seconds of meeting you.

Things to remember when introducing yourself:

  • Use the person’s name if you know it. Something like, “Hey Jen, I am Jacob. It is nice to finally meet you.” If you don’t know their name, just start with your own.


  • Keep a joyous smile on your face and approach your crush confidently (remember, it just takes 3 seconds to form an opinion).


  • Break the ice and start a conversation about any mutually exciting topic. You don’t have to force conversations with your crush; it will make them dislike you immediately.

Instead, try to bring up something you both know and can freely discuss. After all, you have to showcase your real personality.

7. Break the ice

If you actually use your brain, there can be infinite ways to break the ice with your crush. Just be mindful of your surroundings and look for something general to talk about.

Here are some examples of how you can initiate interactive conversations:

If you study together:

  • “Hey, can you share your notes with me for a second? I want to double check my work.”
  • “Can I borrow a pen? I used mine up studying hard last night.”
  • “What coaching institute do you use? I am figuring out where to go for myself.”
  • “Can you help with this math problem? I heard you’re the best at Math in class.”

If you go to work together:

  • “Hey, I am going to use the printing machine. Do you need me to get anything printed for you?”
  • “Our team manager is quite chill. I think you’re the best person for our next boss.”
  • “Can you help me with this balance sheet? You seem to be pretty great at your job!”
  • “Hey, do you want to grab a quick coffee during our lunch break? I could use an intelligent company.”

If you’re neighbors:

  • “Wow, your Avengers shirt looks so cool. Are you a Marvel fan? I am too!”
  • “Hey, since we’re neighbors, can we become good friends? I would help you with your laundry ;).”
  • “Hey! What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?”
  • “If you have time, wanna join my house party this Christmas?

These examples show how easy it is to initiate a conversation with someone you like. No matter the circumstance, there will always be openings for you to grab and engage with your crush.

8. Hold the conversation

When you finally decide to interact with your crush, make sure you have done enough research and know about your crush’s personality.

You don’t want to be standing there speechless and ruin your chances of dating them. You should at least know their hobbies and passions, how they like to spend their days, whether they are introverted or extroverted, and most importantly—are they dating someone?

If you’re faking things while talking, it would feel difficult and stressful to hold a conversation. Your crush might also feel uneasy and realize you’re impersonating to be someone you are not.

Always be authentic when you’re trying to impress your crush. Here are some tips for holding any conversation:

  • Preplan a few conversation topics
    Brainstorm a few things your crush likes and note them inside your head to add to conversations. For example, if your crush is into BTS, you may ask them about their favorite BTS member and why they like him.

Focus on talking about subjects you know they like so they can engage in the chit-chat and share more about themselves. The more they talk to you about their interests, the more they will get interested in you!

  • Get their number
    Once you have a good conversation going on, find an opportunity to get their number. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to continue on a random chat for hours.

If you realize they are interested in talking to you by the end of the interaction, ask for their number confidently. Trust me, they’ll give it to you!

  • Maintain eye contact
    Intimate eye contact creates and deepens attraction.

The best way to hold a conversation is by holding eye contact. When you keep gazing into their eyes while talking, it automatically attracts them and makes them attentive to your words.

If you’re thinking, “how do I impress my crush,” you can do it easily by having meaningful conversations with them. The more you seem interesting to talk to, the more chances you have at making them fall in love with you!

9. Make your feelings apparent to your crush

How to impress your crush girl

Dying to speak about your feelings with your crush but don’t want to scare them away? I get it.

When you have a crush on someone, each day feels quite overwhelming until you actually tell them how you feel. It is like you’re carrying a heart full of a burden and cannot share it with anyone, right?

We all have been through a “crush time”; some are lucky enough to make their crush their partner, while some have to make peace with the memory of their love. And if you do not want to be in the second category, follow these steps to impress your crush:

Ask them for their time

The primary way of hinting you’re attracted to someone is by showing you’re eager to spend time with them. This doesn’t have to be a date or something direct.

Simply wanting to join them in the library or grabbing coffee together after work is enough! You just have to show that you want to be with them.

Laugh at your crush’s jokes

People like you more when they feel you find them funny or get their humor. So, another way to show your attraction is by laughing at your crush’s jokes. Just don’t overdo it; pity laughs are too obvious.

When your crush sees that you appreciate their humor, they’ll let their guard down and open up more in front of you!

Get them flowers

You can totally depend on flowers to reveal your romantic feelings in a lovely way. While flowers are considered a sign of love and care, they can also convey many optimistic emotions like happiness, joy, appreciation, and gratitude.

You don’t have to hand your crush the flowers and tell them directly, “I really like you” (don’t worry, that time will come soon). Just use a sneaky excuse that’s not too obvious, like:

  • I was passing by a florist and remembered that you like yellow roses. So, I got them for you.
  • These flowers made me think of your pretty smile.
  • Here are some roses for you; I like to appreciate people who are dear to me!

Touch them gently

Many studies show that physical touch is a way of signaling safety and trust. Sweet, gentle touches can calm down stress and trigger the release of the love hormone—oxytocin!

If you have become good friends with your crush, using gentle touches and letting them know you’re attracted to them will be perfect. This way, you’ll also not get stuck in the friend zone.

However, you need to be careful with your touch. It must not feel desperate or creepy, as it’ll push your crush away, and you might never see them again.

How to make your crush like you using gentle touch?

Start by confirming if your crush is welcoming your touches. You can do this by gently holding their arm while talking and seeing if they feel uncomfortable or not.

If they do not seem ambushed or scared of you, you can continue to soothe them with gentle touches.

  • Brush your arm against their arm when sitting close.
  • Place your hand on their shoulder when you’re greeting them from behind.
  • Let your fingers touch when you pass them a pen or a notebook.

Notice their reaction when you touch them; do they jump away from you? Or do they let your bodies linger and pass up a smile? Keenly observe your crush’s body language when you’re getting closer to them; it will help you move forward to the next steps!

10. Ask them out on a date

Once you feel a mutual attraction, the next step is to ask your crush out on a date!

Should I ask my crush out?

It might feel tough to admit your feelings to your crush. You may get all nervous and terrified thinking about their answer, but asking them out will probably be a relieving decision.

This way, you would be able to move your relationship forward, get past the icebreakers, and start learning more about their personality!

How to ask your crush out?

There is no fixed way to ask someone out on a date; it really depends on the kind of person you’re asking. Nonetheless, there are a few things you must remember when deciding to ask your crush out:

  • Be bold
    Try not to look like you’re asking for a favor when you ask your crush out on a date. People are intimidated by confidence, and they’d definitely say yes if you boldly discussed your feelings.
  • Be honest and direct
    Don’t chase around the bush or play games when asking your crush out; just tell them how you feel without being afraid of the outcome.

Try something like, “Hey baby! I want to tell you that I have developed feelings for you and I like you a lot. How about we go on a date and learn more about each other?”

  • Suggest a fun date
    Based on their liking, figure out a date idea before you walk up to them. You can decide on something fun and mutual that you’ll both enjoy—a Star Wars movie, an opera show, ice skating, a music fest, or any mutually adored activity.

If they seem interested in going out with you, excite them even more by talking about the date idea. They’ll be impressed seeing that you have it all figured out, which means you really like them!

  • Respect the “no”
    No matter what you have done for your crush in the past weeks or months, they aren’t obliged to say “yes” to you. This much should be clearly understandable.

If you’re turned down, it’s not always because you’re a bad person or there’s something about your appearance they don’t like. It can be just that they have a different taste or are not currently up for dating.

Maybe they recently went through a bad breakup and are still coping with the emotional baggage. Whatever the reason, you must accept and respect their “no” and move on.

After all, now that you know exactly how to impress your crush, you can win another crush’s heart!

Step 4: Impressing your crush

Now that you have made your place in their head, it’s time to crawl down to their heart. A date is an excellent opportunity to impress your crush and show how you’re a fantastic person to be in a romantic relationship with!

How to get your crush to like you?
If you’re figuring out how do I make my crush like me, we have all the suitable measures for you. If you follow these last ways to impress your crush, you’ll have a romantic partner by the end of this guide!

11. Be gentle and friendly

Just because your crush has agreed to go on a date with you, it doesn’t mean that they have started liking you. It’s just that they want to give you an honest chance and see if you’re compatible together.

Use this opportunity to be friendly and gentle with your crush. Treat them like your closest friend without putting pressure on them about your feelings. Simply try to offer them a good time with kindness and cute gestures!

For instance, you can compliment their hair or outfit—”I love how you style your hair.” Say this as you move your fingers through their hair or just softly pat their head. This way, you’re flirting with them while also making them feel good about themself. 

12. Get to know your crush

A crush stays a crush only when you keep liking them, even after learning the details of their personality! So, don’t be scared to ask them questions.

Asking direct questions will benefit you with a broader range of topics to discuss. Moreover, your crush would be flattered by the fact that you’re investing so much time and energy into them.

Here are a basic few questions you can rely on:

  • Do you have any siblings? What’s your family like?
  • I have a cute dog I want you to meet. Do you have any pets?
  • How do you imagine your professional life? I personally want to start a small business of my own.

These simple questions will help you learn a lot about your crush and also help you impress your crush!

13. Win your crush with gentle flirting

Now that you’ve established a strong connection with your crush, you can stop being afraid of romantic interactions!

  • Casually hugging, complementing, and gentle touching are all great forms of flirting with your crush.
  • Show enthusiasm for things that your crush likes to do.
  • Make intimate eye contact frequently and hold it with cute smiles.
  • Remember personal details about them and bring them up in future conversations. This will show your crush that you pay attention to their words and respect their opinions!

Tease them with playful comments. Always remember that you shouldn’t use their flaws or secrets when teasing them.

There can be a lot of gentle ways to flirt with your crush; you just have to figure out what your crush really likes. Keep note of flirting they approve of and flirting that makes them uncomfortable!

Bottom Line

If you follow this guide thoroughly, you’ll be able to impress your crush in less than a week! So take note of all these points and make a good strategy if you want to win their heart!

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