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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl- 25 Simple Ways

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How to start a conversation with a girlSo you’ve liked this one lovely girl for the longest time now, but you’re afraid you’ll make the first conversation awkward? Maybe you want to make a strong initial impression but don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl? Well then, we’ve got good news, you’re on the right page!

The feeling of being a little shy or even timid can make it tough to try talking to a girl you like. If she is charming, speaking to her can even be tougher; and we get that.

Let us provide you with the perfect recipe on how to start conversation with a girl you like; all you’re going to need is:

— A little courage.
— Our list of simple ways on how to start a conversation with a girl.
— A teaspoon of both wit and humor!

And Viola! You’ve got it!

So let’s dive right into our list of 25 simple ways to start a conversation with a girl:

1. Ask a question

While we all know that there are different conversations to start with a girl that you can try out, bear in mind that when starting a conversation with a girl, beginning with “hey” or “wassup” can be the lamest way to make someone interested in talking to you. Instead, a simple question like “Hey! Do you know who will be conducting the seminar this Thursday?” is enough to initiate a conversation!

Always consider the context you’re going for, and ask simple questions that provide an answer. Once you manage to engage the person, you can easily take the conversation ahead by asking follow-up questions.

If you’re lucky enough, she might herself carry the conversation forward, and who knows where it may lead?

2. Help her

Imagine this—Your workplace crush is walking around with a lot of files in her cute hands, and seems to be struggling with the weight.

What should you do in such a case? Offer to help her, of course!

Gather a little courage and ask her if she needs your help carrying those files to her desk. She may say yes or no, depending on if she’s really struggling to carry her items.

If she says yes, you must use this time to show her that you’re a good person. Since you’re helping her carry some job files, you can start a conversation about what she’s currently working on and ask if she needs any advice.

Maybe she’s operating something you know about; it’s time to show off your expertise and impress her with your skills. However, if she says no to your help, you must back off and respect her privacy.

3. Introduce yourself

Be brave, and just say it—“Hey, I am Jacob.” 

You don’t have to feel under confident or self-conscious when introducing yourself. An introduction doesn’t mean you’re into the girl romantically; it simply means you’re approaching her politely and setting the stage for further communication.

4. Talk about her

Converse about a topic of interest to hold her attention! For instance, if you see a picture of an adorable dog on her desk, ask her what the dog’s name is and if you can meet this cute boy.

It’s even better if you have a dog, too; you can invite her to a nearby park and befriend your pups. This way, you’ll have more time to learn about your crush and talk for longer times, sitting together in the park!

5. Compliment her

How to start conversation with a girl

Who doesn’t like being complimented? Women definitely love compliments, so this is a good way to break the ice and get a conversation going.

Tell her that the color she’s wearing today suits her or that her hair looks absolutely beautiful in the right partition. Other than the looks, ensure to praise her for her qualities as well!

Now, there are always the odds that she might understand you’re flirting, but if you’re confident enough, we’d say—take that risk!

6. Discuss common interests

How to start a conversation with a girl you like

This is a great way to get a conversation going. If you realize she likes something or heard about her interests from one of your friends or colleagues, use that as a conversation starter. If she’s interested in the same things as you, go ahead and shoot your shot.

7. Use a pickup line

Pickup lines may be corny, but in most cases, they actually work. Try to figure out a good pickup line based on the personality of the girl you like or choose from these 101 best pickup lines for your crush!

If she smiles or laughs at your pickup line, it’s a sign she’s interested. Body language can also go a long way in understanding her participation; so if you see her get even slightly uncomfortable, you might want to step back.

8. Ask for help

Another great way for guys to start a conversation with a girl is by asking for her help!

If you want to start a conversation with your colleague, you may ask her for advice on a project you’re currently working on. Similarly, if you want to start a conversation with someone from your class or at a party, you can ask them for directions to the bathroom, or any other place.

9. Use pop culture references

If you happen to know her favorite TV shows and musicians through social media, use the reference and go talk to her. Tell her how much you liked her favorite Netflix series or how you listen to that song (from her IG story) on repeat.

In similar contrast, it’s good to ask for recommendations when starting a conversation with a girl. Say something like, “Hey, I’m looking to start a new series; Do you know any that I could watch?” will show that you value her opinions and choice. This will surely make her want to talk to you!

10. Be straightforward 

Many women tend to prefer men that cut right to the chase. So if you’re confident about yourself, just introduce yourself and ask her out.

You can invite her to grab dinner together later at night or go for coffee after school/college or work.

11. Talk about an upcoming event

This is also one of the fun ways to start a conversation with a girl. If there’s a special date approaching for any occasion or event, use it when thinking of how to start a conversation with a girl.

For example, you could talk about how a certain band will be in town soon and if she’s heard about them. You could also inform her about a college/work event that will take place soon, like a guest lecture or a training seminar.

In any case, make sure you invite her to attend it together. This will improve your chances of spending alone time with her, letting her learn more about your charming personality.

12. Talk about whatever is going on currently

When you’re confused regarding how to start a conversation with a girl, use the weather or environment as an excuse.

If you find her at a bar, ask about her favorite drink or a drink she would recommend you to try. If you’re feeling the connection, you can even offer to buy her a drink. This is an easy way to start a conversation without making things awkward!

13. Use fun facts

This is an unexpected way to start a conversation, but one of the most enticing!

“Hot water will turn into ice faster than cold water.”
“The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.”

Use fun facts or did you know questions like these to get her interested and start talking to you! Moreover, you can pick a truth and dare question from this list!

14. Use mutual connections

If you have a mutual friend, use that as an excuse to start a conversation with her. Something as simple as “Hey, do you know where Marie is going on Vacation?” will help you break the ice easily.

Carry the conversation forward by asking follow-up questions like, “so how do you guys know each other?” or “Can I hangout with you sometime?”

15. Ask about her passions

If you see her posting something she’s passionate about on social media, use that as a conversation starter. This will ensure she knows you’re interested in knowing more about her passions and interests.

16. Pick a positive 

Use your surroundings and start the conversation on a positive note. For instance, you could say something like, “Oh, this lecture was a pretty interesting one,” or “This event was really fun, wasn’t it?”

Make sure you start the conversation on a positive note, as it can help you create a lasting impact on the person.

17. Smiling and good body language

While this might not mean starting the conversation directly, good body language can go a long way in showing you’re open to chatting. Smile and look at ease with yourself when your crush is looking at you.

It may give away a closed-off vibe if you seem uncomfortable or anxious in front of the person you like!

18. Tell her a joke

Making a funny joke is the best way to catch someone’s attention by showing off your humor. Remember, there’s a possibility you might ruin your future chances with her if you tell a bad joke.

So try not to disappoint her and come up with something that would leave her rolling on her stomach, trying to control the laughter. If she smiles, laughs, or even makes a joke back, take your hint and know that she’s interested!

19. Ask for a restaurant suggestion

Everyone loves food, and when you question someone for a suggestion, it makes their opinion feel important! Ask her if she knows any good restaurants around that serve authentic meals. If you’re feeling bold enough, ask if you could take her to dinner at that restaurant.

20. Comment on her work

If you like her recent college project or the meeting presentation she gave at work, don’t hesitate to comment on it. Say something cheerful like “That was a really good presentation,” and watch how the conversation streams. 

21. Mention something you’ve noticed about her personality or her traits

If you’ve learned anything specific about the girl you’ve been eyeing, use it to start a conversation!

Mention it casually like, “Oh, you’re a lefty? I am one too”. Next, you can take the conversation forward by discussing the struggles of being a lefty.

22. Ask about work

“Hey! Are you new here? Where did you work before this?”
“What team are you from?”

You can also ask her some yes or no questions or thought provoking questions about work when thinking how to start a conversation with a girl!

23. Share a group activity

If you’re part of two different groups doing a shared activity (like training in the workplace), it’s a great time to start a conversation. Since you already have things to talk about (the activity), ensure showcasing your best self and make her interested in your personality!

24. Ask about her hobbies

If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl, the best track is talking about things that are important to her! You can for example say- “I want to know what your hobbies are”? This will make her feel important and it will create the right atmosphere to talk about more interesting conversation topics.

If you start a conversation based on persuasive topics, you will be able to hint that you’re interested in her. You may also hold her attention and interest her in talking with you.

25. Ask an interesting hypothetical question

“Have you heard they have a new satellite on Mars? What would you do if you could go to space for a day?”

This is a fun way of interacting with someone for the first time while making them feel comfortable and important.


How to start a conversation with a girl online?

Here are five tips on how to start a conversation with a girl online:

Be Yourself

As cliche as it sounds, being your authentic self can get you pretty far with the ladies. Make sure your personality reflects on your social media handles or any other platforms you may use. Be your truest self when you reach out to the girl you want to talk to, and be confident about yourself.

Being your honest self means not putting up a charade but talking from the heart and being who you are on the inside and outside. Honesty is, indeed, the best policy when you’re trying to build a connection with someone.

Pick something on their profile

How to start a conversation with a girl online

This is what makes how to start conversation with a girl online different from other platforms. You have to talk about something she did recently; it can be her last vacation spot or a picture of delicious food she may have posted.

For instance, you could ask her about the restaurant in her IG post and if the food was good there! This also gives you an opening to ask her out on a date to that restaurant.

As for the vacation picture, you can start a conversation with something like, “Hey! I saw you’ve been to _____ lately. Would you say it’s a good vacation spot for someone looking to travel soon?”

Praise her good looks

If you see a photo of her wearing an admirable outfit, don’t hesitate to reach out and tell her how good she looks in it!

Talk about how you’ve noticed that she wears the cutest outfits and that you like her dressing sense. You could also say, “Hey! I love the new hair; it looks really good on you”. This will make her feel good also, this way, she will know you’re interested in conversing with her while starting on a positive note.

Ask her out directly

This point is applicable if she’s not a total stranger to you!

Let’s assume you’ve known her for quite some time now, but both of you have never spoken to each other. A good way to start a great conversation may be to speak about your intentions directly.

“Hey, I’d like to go out with you if you’re free sometime this week?”

Many women consider this a good way of breaking the ice and may even say yes to the date by looking at your confidence. However, if she is hesitant, you must take the hint, buddy.


A specific question is often remembered. Mention your favorite song, and ask if she has listened to it. Share your Spotify playlist with her, and request her to do the same.

A person’s music taste says a lot about their personality. You can also take a step further by asking her what her favorite song or band is.

Note that it’s easier to open up to someone who is genuinely interested in listening. Make sure that she feels heard when talking about her likings; be attentive to not just the book or movie but anything in general that she may like.


How to start a conversation with a girl over text

Here’s a list of different ways you can start a great conversation with a girl over text. It is also a list of what to text about with a girl.

a) Introduce yourself but make it charming
When texting a girl you like, make sure you add a touch of your personality and then give it a go.

b) Drop a sweet pickup line
Pickup lines may or may not work when texting a girl, depending on your use, so pick one carefully.

c) Ask her about something she likes
If you already know about her interests, use this chance to discuss them. Women always appreciate this!

d) Ask her about her favorite food
Food is the key to anyone and everyone’s heart, so go ahead and ask her about her favorite meals, recipes, and cuisines.

e) Suggest a TV show/movie
You can discuss the show or movie if she listens to your recommendation and completes it. If she doesn’t, you can ask about what genre she likes and a recommendation for yourself.

f) Ask a simple open-ended question
Based on the kind of person she seems, ask her simple questions that she can reply to. Avoid small talk as it tends to make things awkward.

g) Send her a gif and a cute text with it
Use some visual aid to let her know you want to have a conversation with her. Try something like a cute puppy or kitten gif, it may work wonders for all you know.

h) “Hey, I’ve seen you around at ____.”
If you’ve seen her in a particular class, you can say something like, “So do you like the subject?” or “Do you like the chapter we’re currently studying?”

Similarly, if you’ve seen her at a concert or event, you can initiate a conversation like, “I found you bouncing on the ground, having fun at that event/ concert! I would love to partner you for that kind of crazy fun”

i) Reply to a picture/ story or post she uploaded
This is the simplest way of starting a conversation with a girl. Use her post’s captions to come up with something interesting!

j) Use the “would you rather”
An interesting game is probably the most fun way to start a conversation. So if you know she’s the fun kind, go ahead and ask her some funny “Could you” or “would you rather” questions.

k) Ask her if she wants to hang out in person
“Hey! My friends and I are planning on going to a movie next week. Would you like to join us?”

L) Don’t simply flirt; bring up meaningful conversations too
Don’t just make it seem like you’re a shallow person because you aren’t. Talk to her about the things you’re passionate about and the things she is interested in too.



There are several fun topics to talk about once you start a conversation with a girl. The important thing is kick-starting the process. Use the aforementioned tips to simplify the process for yourself. Wish you success!

Please let us know how it went, after you try, by using the comment section below.

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