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True Love Is When He Ignores You- Is It A Fact Or Myth?

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True love is when he ignores you

True love is when he ignores you—you might have heard this popular cliche through a hopeless romantic at least once in your life. According to this statement, when a man ignores you, in actuality, he is in love with you! Surprisingly, there are numerous women who literally believe in it.

As a guy myself, I can assure you there’s a 50/50 chance of this statement being true. Because there have been times I have ignored some girls due to their lack of intelligence and maturity. And there also have been times when I have avoided that one girl I was madly in love with.

Ignoring a person doesn’t only come out of hatred or disinterest. Sometimes, a guy may ignore you just because he’s afraid to speak up, even though he has madly fallen for you!

In any case, all of it may seem super confusing when the guy you like ignores you. You may find yourself latching on to self-doubt thoughts”I expressed my feelings and he ignored me,” “I thought he liked me but now he avoids me,” “am I not good enough for him?”

These intrusive thoughts can make you go crazy, which is the worst part of being ignored. It doesn’t matter what this guy is for you; it’s humanly indecent to keep a woman on the hook where she’s constantly conflicting between self-sabotaging thoughts.

No matter when he started ignoring you, going ghost on someone is usually a way of sending them some kind of message. Today, we’ll help decipher that message for you! It may be good or bad, so be prepared.

In today’s article, we’re going to discuss and find out whether the statement “true love is when he ignores you” has some truth to it or is entirely a myth. Without wasting any time, let’s get right into it! 


True Love is when he ignores you—What does it mean when a guy ignores you?

When a man ignores you, there can be several unthinkable reasons behind it. And the only way to know these reasons is by knowing your man.

Firstly, maybe this man is your crush, or friend, or even your boyfriend. So if he ignores you, the reason may also vary from situation to situation. Let’s talk in detail about each situation where you can feel the signs he is ignoring you:

When your boyfriend ignores you

Being ignored by your lover can be a heartbreaking experience. It can leave you wondering, “Did I do anything wrong?” “Has something changed within us?” “Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?”

Well, the only way to find the answers to such questions is by communicating with him. Relationships rarely work when couples can’t freely talk to each other about what’s on their mind. When they can not speak up, they choose to keep their feelings hidden, which in turn creates distance between them.

Let’s take a look at some possible reasons why your boyfriend is ignoring you:

1. He needs personal space

Why do guys ignore you if they like you

When a man ignores you, the primary reason could be him needing personal space. He may not even realize he’s ignoring you because he’s only seeking more time for himself!

Every human being needs personal space, but not everyone needs it in the same amount. While you may be okay with being away from your boyfriend for a couple hours, it isn’t necessarily the same for him.

You must keep it in mind that your boyfriend is a separate individual who has the right to decide how much time he can spare for the relationship.

In order to understand this better, sit down and discuss with your boyfriend about boundaries in a relationship.This will help you learn how much time you both need for your private lives and prepare a better coexisting plan! 

2. He doesn’t know how to discuss problems in a relationship.

Are you constantly overthinking “why a guy ignores me,” or “the guy I’m dating is ignoring me?” The reason could be that he’s bad at bringing up issues in a relationship.

Why do guys ignore you if they like you?
There is a chance your boyfriend is struggling to bring forward the challenges he’s facing with you. Maybe he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, or he is not good at confrontation.

This doesn’t really point to your relationship’s end but to the lack of healthy communication. If your boyfriend thinks it’s better to ignore you than talk about what’s bugging him, you need to step back and figure out a way to comfort him. 

You must create an empathetic environment for his feelings to come out so that he can openly talk to you about the issues he’s facing instead of avoiding them. Tell him you love him and that it’s okay if he has problems with your partnership. However, you won’t be able to solve his problems until he talks about them!

In such cases, the lack of honest conversations is why a guy ignores you. Healthy communication is the only way to move past this and become a power couple.

3. He has challenges outside the relationship

Why would a guy ignore you when he loves you? Well, probably because he is stuck in difficult circumstances and situations in his private life.

If your boyfriend ignores you, it doesn’t always mean that he is doing it on purpose. Your boyfriend may be dealing with issues outside of your relationship, handling problems that you’re not aware of.

For instance, he may be having troubles at home that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with you. Maybe his boss is giving him a hard time, making him overwork or stay at the office till late hours. Or he’s gotten into a fight with his close friends and needs some time to cool off.

Again, your boyfriend has his individual life where he regularly goes through things you don’t have any idea about. So if you’re asking yourself why he ignores me, the reason could be that he wants to keep his love life and personal life separate.

Nonetheless, if you wish to share both joy and sorrows with him, you need to build a stronger, positive aura together. This aura must enable you to respect, accept, and understand any feelings (good or bad) shared between you.

4. The relationship seems to be fast-paced

There are all kinds of people with widely distinctive characteristics living on the same land!

That said, you may be the kind of person who’s commitment-driven and strives to keep moving the relationship forward. On the other hand, your boyfriend may be slow-paced and fears making strong actions.

If at any time you feel “I expressed my feelings for him and he didn’t respond,” it may simply be because he’s not ready yet. Sometimes when a relationship starts getting serious, one partner may start feeling anxious and worrying about how close you’re becoming.

This doesn’t mean he has stopped loving you; instead, there’s a possibility he has never come so far in a relationship. Maybe his past girlfriend cheated on him or his past relationships ended terribly.

Bad relationship endings make a person fear commitment and long-term connections on such a level that being lifelong happy starts feeling like a myth.

If he is afraid, try to be more sensitive to his vulnerabilities and fears. Constantly express how much you care about him, reassure him about your unconditional love, and allow him the time he needs.

He’ll surely overcome his fears and trust you enough to hop in the beautiful relationship journey!

5. He’s a busy guy

One of the most common reasons why would a guy ignore you is simply that he leads a really busy life!

Ask yourself: Am I dating a guy who’s more focused on his studies, career, or work? Is he really busy or avoiding me? Your answer may explain why he acts so reserved toward you.

It is not because he wants to hide from you or avoid your company. Perhaps, he’s so busy with his life that he forgets to text you back and doesn’t have time to call you daily. Furthermore, the physical time he spends with you may also be limited.

All of these actions may make you feel that he ignores me, but in reality, he’s too busy to spend all of his time with you!

6. He’s hiding things from you

Are you frequently asking yourself—why does he ignore me sometimes? Well, the reason could be that he’s constantly hiding things from you.

If your boyfriend hides things from you, he has to ignore you at times. He may decide to avoid you so that he doesn’t accidentally give himself away. In this case, ignorance acts as a barrier between you and his secrets.

Is he avoiding me because he feels guilty?
Now, you should understand that these secrets are not always problematic. If he is hiding something, it doesn’t always mean he has a secretive affair going on. Sometimes, men hide insignificant things to avoid getting stuck in avoidable arguments.

It can be something as minimal as the fact that he doesn’t like your friends or he hates going out in the daytime. Maybe he is an introvert and prefers staying home together instead of going out on dates.

Whatever the reason, your boyfriend may frequently ignore you to keep big or small things hidden. You should learn to differentiate between lies that should be revealed and secrets that are okay to be hidden.

7. He wants to end the relationship

Psychology of ignoring someone you love

Some silences portray a person being angry or hurt. Some point to the end of all!

If your boyfriend is trying to distance himself from you, it may simply mean he wants to end the relationship. He’s not up for confrontation, so he’s just pulling back slowly until the point your relationship dies by itself.

When a person doesn’t want to continue being together, they are liable to be honest and end it directly. They should have a proper conversation and give clear closure to their partner.

Unfortunately, not every relationship ends in a healthy way. In fact, it was found in a research that 51 percent of participants ghosted their partner to end their past relationship.

So if you’re worrying “why is he ignoring me,” the answer is—he wants to discontinue dating you.

How to deal with being ignored by someone you love?

In the first-five scenarios above, it is possible to reconstruct your relationship after being ignored. However, it will require unconditional efforts from both partners to form a healthier connection with honest communication. Follow these steps if you’re wondering how to deal with being ignored by someone you love:

a) Ensure it’s not a false alarm
Before you start overthinking, it is important to find out if you are really getting ignored or it is all just in your head. Maybe you’re a bit insecure because he hasn’t talked to you for some time.

Find out: Is he really busy or avoiding me? Has something bad happened to him? Is he okay? Did he get into a fight or an accident? If he hasn’t responded in the past few days, there can be a lot of common reasons behind it.

However, if it has been over a week since you last heard from him, it becomes a probability that he’s ignoring you.

b) Find out the reason
If your partner is really ignoring you, then you need to find out why. The best way to do so is by looking back on the things that might have gone wrong recently.

Maybe you said something hurtful to him that you thought wasn’t so significant. Or he’s angry over some tiny argument and wants extra attention. Whatever the reason, try to reach out to him and demand a conversation about it.

c) Avoid overreacting
When he ignores you, avoid overreacting or making any rash, impulsive decisions. If you feel like he ignores me, then he may have a genuine reason to stay away temporarily.

Wait until you can talk to him about why he was unavailable, and ask for the truth. Tell him no matter what it is, he must feel comfortable with you when talking about his feelings.

d) Listen to him attentively
When he begins to tell you his side of the story, try to listen to him attentively without interrupting.

Remember, you’re having this conversation to sort out issues in your relationship. You’re not here to hurt each others’ feelings, trying to prove a point.

e) Acknowledge their feelings
Usually, couples get the wrong idea when they are discussing something and start exchanging arguments to win some kind of fight. To better hear each other’s feelings, take turns for speaking and calmly hear when your partner is talking.

Validate whatever he is feeling so that he knows you’re open to talking. Use respectful gestures to make it clear that you accept his opinion and feelings.

By doing this, you’re building an accepting space where you both can come out with your feelings and understand each other better!

f) Share how you feel when a guy ignores you
Once you have heard why he ignored me, it’s your turn to express your feelings and tell him his actions hurt you to some degree. Try not to exaggerate how you feel just in the hopes of getting the upper hand.

Again, this is not a competition. Be real and honest about how upset you are when a man ignores you.

g) Suggest future options

If he had genuine reasons for ignoring you, he might need extra time to process his feelings. That said, you must apologize for your hurtful behavior and assure him you won’t repeat such actions.

Meanwhile, ask him to express how he feels because of you at any time. That’s the only way you can sort issues in a relationship and move forward.

True love is when he ignores you—Boyfriend Summary

The statement—true love is when he ignores you—may be correct in this scenario, but not the way you’re thinking.

What I mean is that your boyfriend ignoring you doesn’t mean he’s doing it out of love. He’s not avoiding you as an act of affection. However, it means that he may still be in love with you even though he’s ignoring you.

In such cases, you (as a couple) have a chance to reconstruct your bonding. If you don’t want to lose the person forever, this is your chance to make corrections in your relationship. The statement will only remain true if you both figure out a way together to fix your connection.

Now, this was all about your boyfriend ignoring you. What about a crush? What if this new person you’re catching feelings for starts ignoring you? Let’s talk about it in this next part of the article—true love is when he ignores you!

When your crush ignores you

Having a lovely crush is an amazing feeling!

You feel a euphoric rush every time he walks past you. You get butterflies when your eyes meet. Your face turns bright red when he talks to you.

But none of this is happening with you; instead, he ignored you the last time you interacted.

What does it mean? Why does he give me attention and then ignore me? Getting ignored by your crush may be one of the most destructive feelings in the world. Not knowing “why a guy ignored me” is even worse.

So let’s discuss what he’s thinking when he ignores you and some possible reasons behind the avoidance.

1. He is not into you

The primary reason why your crush ignores you may be that you’re not his type. It might be heartbreaking for you, but it is what it is.

To be straightforward, he has his reasons for not feeling the same about you, which are nothing personal. It has nothing to do with the kind of person you are. You are a unique human being with special personality traits, and not everyone will like you.

While this may disappoint you, it’s crucial you accept your crush’s different preferences and move on. The statement “true love is when he ignores you” is incorrect in this scenario.

2. He has a crush on someone else

In many cases where you feel like he ignored me, it may not be intentionally true. Your crush might simply like someone and chooses not to spend his energy anywhere else.

Moreover, he may believe that engaging with other girls will ruin his chances of impressing the one girl he likes. So simply, he avoids other people and keeps his focus on his crush!

As a matter of fact, your crush may even be in a relationship with someone. However, it is still early, so he’s not making it public. Many times, publicizing your relationship is a bad omen as it attracts unexpected nuisances and issues.

So there’s a chance he’s keeping his relationship private while you’re thinking of impressing him. Again, “true love is when he ignores you” is incorrect here too!

What to do next?
Let him go on good terms. There’s nothing you can do in a scenario like this because your crush is in love with someone else. He probably doesn’t want to talk to you—a natural act you’re misunderstanding as being ignored.

Leaving your crush on good terms creates a possible chance of you being together in the future. However, don’t keep waiting for him and wishing for their relationship to end. Move on and attract better romantic opportunities!

3. You did something wrong. 

Now let’s talk about the possibility that your crush likes you too, but he is still ignoring you! 

The first possibility that comes to mind is that you did something to offend him. Maybe you said something that he didn’t like, or you made an intrusive move that he didn’t approve of.

No matter what you did, there’s a chance your actions annoyed your crush, and he is ignoring you because he’s angry about it.

What to do when he ignores you in a scenario like this?

a) If you feel like you really crossed your boundaries or did something wrong, apologize to him. Don’t give up on your crush, even if he doesn’t forgive you right away. Maybe he is craving more attention from you than just a simple “sorry.”

b) If you believe there has been a misunderstanding, try talking it out with him. Discuss the situation with him, as it will clear things up and make him feel less annoyed at you.

If you’re successful at making his anger go away, maybe he will stop ignoring you and think of you as a good partner. Even more, he may accept your feelings and choose dating you!

4. He is playing hard to get

When a guy ignores you but likes you

Playing hard to get is a common strategy used in today’s dating world. As per this strategy, people try to act cool by showing that they don’t really care about you (even if they actually do).

Do guys ignore you when they like you?
Yes, they sometimes do. The reason behind this is desiring the chase!

We all love when someone is after us, trying to impress us and win our heart. It makes us feel important when a person is putting effort into grabbing our romantic attention.

This is the primary reason why people play hard to get. Because they want to see how far their lover would go for them! Playing hard to get may also be the reason why a guy ignores you.

In a case like this, you may also feel, “this guy ignores me but talks to others.” However, he may be ignoring you on purpose to make you jealous.

What to do if he ignores me on purpose? Do guys test you by ignoring?
If the reason behind him ignoring you is playing hard to get, then try not to give up on him. He’s basically testing you and notice if you are really serious about pursuing him.

Chasing him without giving up may impress him and show that you’re potentially interested. It can become the start of an interesting relationship. 

5. You don’t give him enough space

Having enough personal space isn’t just a matter of relationships; it also affects friendships, situationships, and even impressing your crush.

If you come off as super clingy to your crush, it will make him uncomfortable, and he’ll start ignoring you right away. Even if you have profound romantic feelings for him, you can’t throw them all over, as it’ll drive your crush away.

  • “He asks me to hang out then ignores me.”
  • “We used to talk everyday now he ignores me.”
  • “Why is he ignoring me?”

This may usually happen because he figured out you’re too clingy to deal with. He’ll fear your fast-paced personality and try to avoid interacting with you as often as he did before.

Should you leave him alone if he ignores you? No.
Remember how I explained that there are different kinds of people living on the same land. Just like you’re a fast-forward lover, your crush may not be the same romantic beast.

You must give him space and show him that you’re not too clingy after all. The more space you offer him, the more comfortable he’ll become with you. This may allow you time together in the future, where you can impress him with your dating skills!

6. Your crush has a crush on you as well

Another common reason why your crush may ignore you is that he has a crush on you as well!

If he has a crush on you, why is he avoiding your presence?

The answer is easy—he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Maybe he has less experience in dating, or this is the first time he is crushing on someone.

He is confused about what to do with these feelings he has for you, so he’s doing what most uncertain people would do in such a situation—ignore you.

Dating in the modern world is complicated. People are complicated, and they together make situations even more difficult to comprehend. While he’s ignoring you out of confusion, you may feel being avoided, and your feelings for this guy may slowly fade.

Maybe he’s using the ‘flirt then ignore technique’ or some other strategy to hint at his feelings. You will never know until he speaks about it.

It’s way too annoying, isn’t it? Well, the only right way to deal with such a situation is by locking a conversation with him! If you can’t make it happen face-to-face, then do it by texting. 

In this case, the statement “true love is when he ignores you” may be somewhat true!

FAQs—True love is when he ignores you

Since this is a widely used statement, there are a lot of questions that arise with it. We’ll try and answer each one of these questions the right way so you don’t have any confusion when thinking true love is when he ignores you:

Is ignoring a sign of love?

No matter who does it, ignoring someone can never be a sign of love. The truth is that it is actually a complicated behavior that makes situations difficult.

In simple words, ignoring someone is a disregard for their feelings and to your own.

How do I know if he ignores me on purpose or not?

A man’s changed behavior can tell you a lot about his feelings.

He ignores you on purpose—

  • If he has stopped calling you and receives your call very infrequently.
  • If he keeps your text on read and doesn’t respond to you.
  • If he tries not to make eye contact with you when you spot him outside or walking past you.
  • If he avoids you but talks to others
  • If his behavior has changed towards you significantly

All such actions show that he’s ignoring you for some reason. You can only accept the situation and move on, or you can confront him about the situation.

Do guys test you by ignoring you?

Well, yes, some guys do test you by ignoring you.

He’d suddenly become aloof and distant, changing his behavior drastically just to test you. This may leave you feeling confused and tempted, and your feelings will automatically chase after him—something he wanted you to do using his “flirt then ignore technique.”

If he pulls away, he won’t really give you a reason. It’d happen very suddenly, making you surprised and confused at the same time. In such a case, you must know that he intentionally put space between you.

Maybe he wants to prove a point or play mind games with you. There can simply be many reasons behind it. Try to figure out why or just wait out; he’ll probably text you again soon!

Should I force my boyfriend to talk to me when he ignores me?

No. He’s probably ignoring you because he’s hurt, angry, or needs some time away. Do not bug him too much at such a time. Instead, wait for him to come back and then discuss your situation calmly!

Will he come back if I ignore him?

Maybe he will, maybe he will not. It really depends on why he has been ignoring you. So ignoring him in return without knowing the reason behind it will probably worsen your situation!

Instead of doing the same as him, try to get him to talk with you. If he speaks up about his feelings, listen to him attentively and respect his opinion or feelings.

Wrapping up

True love is when he ignores me—this statement doesn’t work the way most women think it does. A guy may be in love with you but getting ignored by him is no sign of love. It’s a sign of him being distant and him disregarding your feelings.

It is true that he may be in love with you but he’s still ignoring you. However, doing that doesn’t show his love for you. Ignoring someone is the worst way of dealing with your loved one or any situation.

If you and your partner regularly ignore each other to convey your feelings, you’re doing it the wrong way. The right way to fix things is by discussing the conflict, issues, and problems in a relationship.

It should be done with a calm mind and teamwork. You must remember you’re not fighting to win from each other; instead, you’re fighting for each other!

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