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100 Best Small Business Ideas You Need To Start Now

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The world is fast leaning on the side of capitalism because it has discovered that herein lies the treasures it seeks. To be a successful entrepreneur in today’s world, one has to first have a good business idea.

Several small business ideas are profitable and entrepreneurs can try their hands on them. They could be small business ideas for women who have dreams of being more than just housewives or unique business ideas like small business ideas online that are usually the best small business ideas for teens, people who have a good grasp of the knowledge of the internet and people who like to carry out their business ideas from home or try their hands out on these small business ideas at home.

That being said, you should know that most small business ideas are easy to start up and are flexible. In this article, you will be exposed to a list of small business ideas that will help you get to know more about how to start up a business of your own.

100 low-cost small business ideas that are profitable

Small Business Ideas for Women

These are businesses for women that require little or no capital to start. They are:

1. Hairdressing

This is a business that enjoys high patronage because it is an essential service for women.

2. Fashion Designing

Because of the demand for new styles, the fashion world has created an opportunity for fashion designers especially women to learn, develop and introduce new fashion ideas that will enable them to make a living in the fashion world.

3. Selling Of Perishable Goods

To start selling essential foods like fruits and vegetables require low capital.

4. Baby Sitting

If you are a lover of children or a mother of children, this business will be easy for you as you are already aware of its demands. Also be sure to check out: Best Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom.

5. Home Care Service

This good-paying business requires no capital. Also, it is a highly needed service by working-class parents who are busy and have a tight work schedule.

7. Personal Shoppers

This business requires you to do the shopping for some persons that do not have the time to do their shopping due to their tight schedule. It entails your doing their shopping for them and getting paid for it.

8. Indoor Caterings

This is an affordable and low capital business for men and women who can cook.

9. Cleaning Service

This business requires clothes to be washed and dried for customers at a price.

10. House Sitter

You can oversee a house when the owner is on vacation and field trips.

11. Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructor helping client

If you love keeping fit and know some fitness tips, you can turn it into a means of income by helping people in your neighborhood who love to keep fit do so.

12. Event Planning

There is always an event of some sort to plan, this makes event planning a lucrative business. It is an essential business, as you get to plan other people’s events and get paid. It requires skill, ideas, and socializing.

13. Day Care Centre

This is a unique business idea that can begin in your own house. It requires little capital and skill. Women commonly organize it.

14. House Agent

All that is required in this case is a house owner who is ready to lease or sell his or her house and your job is to get a customer to buy or rent it.

15. Snacks making

restaurant small business

This is a business that helps those who love to make snacks, turn their passion into a moneymaking opportunity. All that is required is little capital to get the ingredients for baking these snacks and a selling point or location. You can then start making money by selling to consumers in your neighborhood.

16. Small Eat out Joint

Not everyone can afford to eat at expensive restaurants. With this business idea, the public can get good food at a low price.

17. Selling Of Used Old Items

This is a fantastic business idea that allows the public to get good quality items for a fair price.

Unique Business Ideas

These are business ideas that are not like the conventional ones. They include the following:

1. Developing Machines For Cleaning Fish

This is an idea that boosts sales in the fish market. Some fishes require thorough cleaning with machines before being showcased in the market or presented to big-time customers like eateries, restaurants, and companies. These machines will make the cleaning process easier and faster.

2. Personal Stylist

This business requires you to get customers and select their outfits for specific occasions and get paid.

3. Makeup Artist

Small business ideas for women

This is a business that demands lots of creativity which advertises itself to potential customers.

4. Ebook Writing / Publishing

If writing is a passion you have, you can write books and sell them online.

5. Event Cleaners

After a stressful and eventful day, and the celebrants or organizers are too tired to clean up immediately after or during the event. Event cleanup agents make it easier as they take over the after-party chore which enables the celebrants to relax after an event.

6. Personal Fitness Instructor

This business requires one to help clients achieve their fitness goals in the comfort of their homes.

7. Kiddies/ Nursery Art Services

If creativity is your passion and cartoon characters are your inspiration, this business is good for you. You can create top designs and cartoon characters for kiddies, playgroups, daycare, and schools.

Small Business Ideas That Are Profitable

These are business ideas that begin small and yield profit. Some of which are:

1. Making And Distribution Of Snacks

This is a business that anyone with good baking skills can go into, it’s learnable and profitable. Also, It can be achieved with a small capital and can yield good profit with time if you are consistent and always meet up with the customer’s demands.

2. Babysitting

This is a small business that requires no capital to start but pays you instead. This business requires you to help people with a tight work schedule take care of their babies.

3. Home Tutoring

Small business ideas that are profitable

This is a small business that requires you to understand the academic demands of the child you are to teach and to help fix the academic challenges the child has by explaining and inculcating fresh ideas using the child’s curriculum as a guide.

4. Cooking Services

Small business ideas at home

This does not require capital. All that is required is the ability to cook different meals well. Get customers who do not have time to cook or just can’t and make a deal to cook for them either daily, weekly, or monthly.

5. Website Designing

This is a lucrative business to operate. It has high demand from business owners who want to announce their business and make it successful.

6. Property Manager

This is someone who maintains other people’s property and gets paid. The profit for this business is good and its services are in high demand.

7. Computer Repair

If you’re an expert in the repairs of computer gadgets, you can turn it into a money-making opportunity.

Small Business Ideas From Home

These are businesses that can be done from the confines of your home. They are:

1. Gift Designing

If your passion and skill are in the arrangement of gifts for occasions then you can turn it into a business. All that is required is a few supplies such as ribbons, baskets, pins, bows, wrapping paper, and other items you need to make the gift look presentable.

2. Makeup Consultant

This is a business that requires skills and patience. It also requires training and creativity. It is a business that is needed based on occasions such as, weddings, parties, fashion runway, and others.

3. Home Lesson

This is a business that opens one up to a world of learning and research in other to make an impact. If you’re a skilled tutor with proof to show. You can teach the subjects you are good at to kids that require your services and get paid for it.

4. Home Daycare

You can turn your love for kids into a business. This is a business that enables you to take care of children in your house till their parents can come and pick them up.

5. Music Tutor

Your passion and zeal for music can be turned into a business. You can offer music classes at home and get paid.

6. Dance Tutor

If you are a skillful dancer and have access to customers, you can turn your passion into a business by setting up an in-house dance studio where you can teach people to dance. Alternatively, you can rent a place where you can conveniently offer dance lessons to people.

7. Cloth Designing

This is a lucrative business that can be done from home. If you’re a lover of fashion and love to design, you can turn it into a business. All you need to do is to create designs that will be good enough to attract customers who are willing to pay for them.

8. Massage Therapist

massage parlor small business

This is a unique business that requires training and license. This business can be set up in your home or shop. You’ll then get clients to meet with you and offer your service.

9. Hair Stylist

This is a business that you can either accept to do in your home, go over to the client’s home, or have a shop where you render such services to your clients and your styles can be publicized via social media.

10. Interior Decorator

This is a great business idea for design and style lovers. All you need do is to display some designs online and offer your business idea and creativity to interested or business persons.

11. Life Coach

This is someone who helps people to understand and work on their personal life and career. This business can be done by one on one interaction with clients or via social media.

12. Gardening

Small business ideas from home

This is a business for someone who knows how to grow plants and cultivate a garden. All you need do is get some flowers/ plants and create a mini garden in your backyard, create public awareness, and have customers who are interested in purchasing them contact you.

13. Entrepreneurship Counsellor

This is someone who advises or gives business ideas to intending business owners. If you have loads of business ideas or you’re a wise researcher on business, you can simply turn it into a means of income by selling out your business ideas.

14. Home Rebranding

This is a kind of business that requires designing a home to the taste of the occupant or to boost sales and attract buyers.

15. Diet Consultant

Getting a dietician is necessary to put a good meal plan together in other to reduce the risk of obesity.

16. Leasing Of Costumes

If you’re a fashion lover and have amazing and exciting costumes, you can use them as a means of making money.
You can create costumes and rent them out for a short period and get paid. The longer the lease period, the more the money.

List Of Small Business Ideas

These are businesses that are affordable and profitable. Some of which are:

  • Daycare from home.
  • Indoor Catering
  • Personal shopper
  • Cleaning Service
  • House sitter
  • Door-to-door laundry
  • Music instructor
  • Dance instructor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Personal stylist
  • Life coach
  • Counseling
  • Pet sitting
  • Babysitting
  • Housecleaner
  • After party cleaner
  • Party clown
  • Makeup consultant
  • Gift designer
  • Home tutor
  • Publicist
  • Researcher
  • Party planner
  • Event manager
  • Reseller
  • Florist
  • App developer
  • Photography
  • Bead Making
  • Earring making
  • Corn powder making
  • Decorator
  • Home service manicure/pedicure
  • Networking
  • Interior Decorating
  • Establishing Small Eat outs
  • Selling Of Drinks And Fries
  • Selling Of Fruit Salad
  • Making Of Ice Cream
  • Knitting
  • Logo Designing
  • T-Shirt Designing
  • Carpet/Rug Cleaning
  • Making And Selling Of Barbeque
  • Financial Budget Planner
  • Gardener
  • Messenger Service
  • House Painting/Designing
  • Religion Educationist
  • Computer repair
  • Property Manager
  • Business Pioneer
  • Online Consultant
  • App Developer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Freelance writer
  • Hair Styling and Design
  • Making of Homemade Products I.E. [Detergent, Deodorant]
  • Home Rebranding
  • Leasing of Costumes
  • Online Translator
  • Blogging
  • Web Designer

Best Small Business Ideas For Teens

1. Baby Sitting

This is a convenient business idea for teenagers to do after school or on weekends to help them raise money to assist themselves and their families.

2. Teaching Of Art

If you are a teen with the ability to draw, this will be a lucrative business idea for you. Teaching can be done for peers or kids with art as part of their school curriculum.

3. Apps Or Online Game Developer

Due to recent development in the computer world, anyone can create online games and apps. All that is required is creativity and skills. Even teenagers can create games online or develop apps. It’s a profit-making business.

4. Photography/Videography

With aid of financial assistance to acquire pieces of equipment or skill acquisition in the area of photography and videography, a teenager can make money by covering events, snapping and printing pictures, or making portraits.

5. Social Media Influencer

This business entails talking about products on social media platforms and getting paid. It requires one with many followers.

6. Baking And Selling Of Cookies

Teens who love to bake, this is a lucrative business to consider.

7. Car washer

If you are looking for a business that doesn’t require much skill, look no further. Your teens can become car washers by washing cars for relatives or neighbors and getting paid. It’s so lucrative and not time demanding.

Small Business Ideas Online

These are small profitable online businesses you can do. They Include:

1. App developer

You can create apps online and feature them on App store and you’ll be given a percentage.

2. Freelance Writer

This is a business that requires writing skills. Create a good sample piece to share with potential clients and have them exhibit your work and pay you for it.

3. Blogging

Small business ideas online

This is an online business where you write on topics of your choice depending on what your blog is about and you can make money through affiliate links, partnership with advertising companies, or by selling products.

4. Web Designing

You can create websites for individuals and companies that are interested and get paid in return.

5. Online Tutoring

You can still reach out to your client and teach different things to them online. You can still organize online training. It saves stress too.

6. Software Developers

You can create a software program to sell to business owners.

7. Online public relations

This is kind of business that involves communication with clients online and putting publications online.

8. Video Ad Inventor

You can help individuals who want their businesses to be advertised on the social media platform to do so. You can create video ads for them to appear on all the online platforms such as youtube, Instagram, and others.

For you,

There are several businesses you can do. Do not wait to be hired. Start your own business today and watch it grow to become an empire.

100 best small business ideas you need to start now

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