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40+ Challenges For Kids To Unleash Fun At Home

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Challenges for kids

Nothing accelerates and polishes your child’s cognitive skills more than a good challenge. Whether kids or adults, we all love challenges— they fuel our spirit and boost our dopamine!

So, if your kids are equally bored of the same old indoor activities and routine, these 40+ fun challenges for kids will grease their minds, gear their muscles, and entertain them into hours of laughter.

Kids are very picky; there’s no doubt about that saying! You will have to be extra funny and hilarious to pique their interest and curiosity and to make them let go of their smartphones.

There’s no better remedy to get your kids going than a challenge. I still remember how my mother used to trick me. She often said, ‘Baby, I’m telling you, you can never go up, bring my sandals, and return downstairs in 10 seconds. It’s impossible.’

I used to run for my life to reach back to her in 10 seconds with her sandals in hand. It felt like an accomplishment! So, switch the word ‘chores’ with ‘challenges’ and watch your child roll!

These 40+ kids’ challenge ideas will break into fits of laughter and hours of new lessons without boredom! Without further ado, let’s get into this!

Fun challenges for kids

Starting with the fun list of challenges because there’s no better remedy than good laughter. These tasks are simply for entertainment— your kids will be down on their knees, holding their stomachs, and rolling down on the floor, giggling.

It’s one of the most endearing parts of a parent’s life; I know the feeling!

‘Try not to laugh’ Challenge!

Fun challenges for kids

Have you ever felt the urge to laugh hysterically when told not to do so? It’s in our nature to do exactly what we are told not to do! Tell your kids this is a ‘try not to laugh’ Challenge, and their snorts will double automatically.

Plus, the faces they make while holding their laughter are pure bliss!

Gather in your living room and play a comical movie for your kids— it can be Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin, or other movies that always crack your little devils. This Challenge is best done when there’s a large group of little minions.

The rules are simple:

  • Whoever laughs gets eliminated.
  • You cannot hide your laugh behind a hand or a pillow.
  • You can make others surrender by making funny faces as well.
  • The eliminated candidates can also try and make others laugh.

Within a few minutes, your house will break into fits of laughter.

‘Jump and Pose’ Challenge

You will need a tripod and a smartphone for this Challenge. The task is simple; kids must jump and pose within three seconds of the timer to win against their competitors.

Two competitors can go against each other at a time. The tripod should be placed at least five feet away and a foot taller than your child’s height. Ensure it’s angled correctly and at a height that can easily capture your kids when they jump.

These poses can include different smiles or cartoons. For instance, you challenge them to pose like Superman, and they have to jump and pose within three seconds of the timer. If you think three is too fast, make it five.

Each round will have different poses, and whoever gets captured by the camera wins! Imagine the funny faces and memories you will be capturing! Most smartphone cameras have a timer, but remember to shout the countdown for your kids!

Keep your smartphone connected to the T.V. To preview all the captured winners on a big screen.

Dumb charades

Physical challenges for kids

You can never skip dumb charades from your kids’ parties! This kids’ game challenge is fun, memorizing, and artistic. It lets your kids explore their talent as an actor. It also teaches your kids communication based on understanding and cognitive thinking.

Dumb charades sharpens your kid’s mind to think, act, and win faster.
So, split the group of kids into two different teams. If you don’t know dumb charades, the game is pretty simple.

a) Teams will send one of their players on the stage consecutively. The opponent team will whisper a movie in their eyes.
b) Then, this player must act and make their team guess the movie without words or lipsing.
You can also keep a bowl full of folded chits with movie names scribbled inside. Each team will send a player and randomly pick a movie from the bowl.
c) There’s also a time limit within which the team has to act and guess the movie correctly. Whoever guesses more movies wins!

‘Dance and Guess the Song’ Challenge

This game is very similar to Dumb Charades but all the more hilarious! Instead of acting, your child dances for their team to guess the song.

We cannot deny how cute and beautiful it is to watch our kids giggle and wiggle their moves on the dance floor! It’s also a great way to let your kids explore their dancing talent. Plus, dancing is a great way to release stress and refill with energy!

Choose song names that your kids are familiar with, or you can also use poem jingles for younger enthusiasts.

The same Dumb Charades rules apply to this game.

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‘Whisper and catch the sentence’ Challenge.

It’s a fun challenge to teach your kids new vocabulary, the importance of active listening, and the consequences of misunderstanding.

Split kids into two teams; each team has to stand in a row with an arm’s distance in between. You whisper a word or sentence to the last kids in each row simultaneously (let your husband take the other).

The last kid has to whisper it to the person standing before them, and so on, until it reaches the first kid in the row.

There’s one rule: you can only whisper the sentence ones, and you have to be quicker than the other team to win the Challenge!

Watching the first kid unfold the sentence aloud would be hilarious. You will never be able to understand how ‘leopard meows’ becomes absolute gibberish in the end!

Fun things to do at a sleepover for 12 years olds!

Want to keep your kids entertained at a sleepover? Sleepover challenges are your answer. You will need to get more creative with your ideas because sleepovers are longer and can get boring very quickly.

Here are five funny and domestic challenges to do at a sleepover that will take your kids and their friends towards a blasting sleepover!

Makeup in the dark

Funny challenges for kids

Keep only the night lights on, and provide your night-out troop with a wide array of makeup and tools. As kids, we have all wanted to dress up like our parents. Now is the time to bring that dream to reality.

Assign each kid with a partner and a set of foundation, butterfly patches, diamonds, eyes shadows, blush, brushes, and blenders, and watch them get creative with their skills.

To make things fun, you can assign different colors to each team. Don’t forget to take other parents’ permission for this task.

Fancy dress: Beauty Pageant

“Dress like your parents, teacher, or any other fancy character and walk down the ramp.

For this Challenge, collect as many fancy accessories as possible— tiaras, pearl necklaces, hats, cowboy boots, jewelry, feathers, arm gloves, suspenders, fancy sunglasses, belts, etc.

You can find creative accessories in the flea market at a cheaper rate or rent them out from a rental store. You can also use your own accessories (inexpensive ones)

Give each child a theme according to which they must dress within the given time limit. Create a runaway with a red carpet and many lights for your kids. The ramp should look professional. Otherwise, your children may not take it seriously!

So, use a whole room to create the ramp. Organize chairs for the judges and other visitors at the end of the room. For this Challenge, you can even invite other kids’ parents! A host should announce each kid’s name, thus making it more professional!

This activity will increase your child’s stage confidence, so don’t forget to cheer on them!

“Build beautiful sleeping forts” Challenge for a sleepover.

This is a great challenge to exercise teamwork, leadership, coordination, and trust among peers. Divide kids into two groups and provide them with basic equipment for the fort— Many blankets, pillows, fairy lights (under parental guidance), carton boxes, etc.

Building a fort together teaches your kids how to work in a team and how “teamwork makes the dream work.” Once the task is done, reward them with a tea party and snacks.

“Act like your parents/teachers” Challenge.

Get your cameras on; it’s an audition challenge for your kids. Kids love to act like their parents, and they will give you one hell of a performance, that’s for sure! You will be amazed at the details your kids will portray in their acts!

This Challenge will let your kids explore their acting skills!

“Don’t get caught” Challenge.

“Don’t get caught” is an upgraded version of hide and seek that you play confined in a single room. In this Challenge, the ‘it’ (the seeker) is blindfolded to find a concealed player.

Instead of hiding, the players take a good spot in the room and keep pin-drop silence to avoid getting caught. The seeker will roam around the room to tag other people to win the game.

Here’s the catch, if you run or make a sound, the seeker will easily locate you. So, you must silently crawl away from ‘it’ to save yourself. The game gets hilarious as the intensity of the game increases.

Again, this Challenge is a great exercise to activate and sharpen your kids’ senses.

Fun Challenges to do at home to strengthen your child’s sensory organs.

These challenges add a fun difficulty to tasks. You have to perform most of these activities in the absence of your essential senses and organs.

These challenges will help your kids understand the importance of their bodies and why each part is a necessary element.

“No Thumb” Challenge

First, we have the famous “no thumbs” challenge in the row. It will look easy initially, but sooner your kids will learn how difficult these basic day-to-day tasks become when they cannot use their thumbs.

In this Challenge, you have to tape and seal your child’s thumb to their palms. Ensure it’s not too tight that it starts to hurt your child. Start with basic challenges, such as drinking water, opening and closing the door, etc.

Level up once your kids become smug about their easy task completion.

  • Write your name or a short paragraph in your diary.
  • Comb your hair
  • Put your toys in storage boxes.
  • Clean your room.
  • Pack your school bags.
  • Zip your jackets
  • Lock the room with keys.
  • Paint your toes.
  • Do Mama’s makeup. Sometimes, allowing your kids to make a clown out of you is also a source of great laughter.
  • Get dressed.

Your kids will be eager to show you how efficiently they can perform these tasks. It’s a great challenge to teach your kids how to do chores without making them a burden on your kids. It changes your kid’s perception and helps them enjoy basic daily life personal chores.

Plus, they also get to understand the importance of their body parts and why taking care of themselves is crucial to stay fit and healthy.

“Blindfold test: Where is your mumma/X.Y.Z. friend”

Blindfold your kids and ask them to find who’s their mother in the crowd of people. It’s quite a simple task. The rest of the people should stand in a group, and the seeker should touch and feel each person’s face, hands, and body to find their mother.

This Challenge activates your kids’ touch senses and heightens their efficiency. It also makes us realize just how powerful a human body can actually become!

You can also perform this task in an open garden by calling out their name when they have been blindfolded. All players should chant the blindfolded seeker’s name to distract them from the person they must catch.

For instance, if they have to find their friend, Patrick, their auditory senses will try to eliminate, mute, or ignore other distracting voices and focus on Patrick’s voice. Try to play at a safe distance to avoid tripping and falling.

“Non-dominating hand” Funny Challenges for kids

This Challenge is very similar to the ‘no thumb’ challenge. Instead of using your primary hand, your kids will have to use their non-dominating hand to write, perform tasks, and do day-to-day activities.

Depending on your child’s age, determine the time limit. If they are eight or above, 20 minutes is a great start. Here are a few things you can make them do:

  • Write their name.
  • Eat with a spoon.
  • Perform all tasks with your non-dominating hand for 20 minutes, including going to the washroom, making their bed, cleaning the room, packing bags, playing, etc.

Tape your child’s dominating hand to their torso to avoid any cheating! Kids can be very sneaky!

‘Blindfold taste test’ Challenge

This Challenge activates three crucial sensory organs: olfactory (Smell), gustatory (taste), and tactile (touch) systems. It also helps your kids acknowledge, try, and appreciate different vegetables and fruits they may not eat otherwise.

The key is to cook these non-favorite vegetables deliciously, so your kids can like and enjoy them. Be prepared to experiment with many healthy and tasty recipes for your picky eaters.

Your goal is to help kids know just how tasty all these vegetables can be, so it’s alright if you use flavors, chutneys, sauces, and cheese to make them tastier.
Prepare at least five mouthwatering recipes using healthy vegetables, including everything your child reduces to eat, including broccoli, cauliflower, brinjal, peas, carrot, etc.

Avoid boiling these vegetables and instead try dry or light roasting them. To enhance flavors, use oregano, rich spices, mayonnaise, and cheese while roasting these vegetables. I have legit seen kids eat cabbage when having dumplings. So, presentation and taste are crucial.

You can also add cut vegetables and fruits to your tasting menu. Blindfold your kid and let the fun begin. Allow them to eat and guess.

Memory Challenge

Install a white screen and projector in your living room. Let the kids take space on the couch with a notebook and pen. On the big screen, play a PowerPoint presentation of 5-10 slides, each with one word and its image— it can be anything, a dog, an airplane, a classroom, an elephant, a ship, an ocean, etc. Ask them to memorize keenly.

Once the presentation ends, play a song (at least 3-5 minutes long) to distract your child’s attention. Once the song ends, ask your child to write down all the words that were displayed in the presentation.

If your kids are old enough, you can also play a bigger presentation with 30-50 slides at high speed, allowing only one second for each slide. You can skip the song distraction for this one.

Your kids ‘ memory will improve after the first or second trial. It’s a great exercise to sharpen your child’s memory span and quick thinking. Plus, learning vocabulary is a bonus in the mission.

Other memory games:

  • Reciting mobile numbers: Sooner or later, you can help your kids learn all the emergency numbers, including yours.
  • The famous cup game and where’s the ball?
  • Spot the difference.
  • Simon says.

“Name, Place, Animal, Thing.”

I was an academic girl at my time and used to love this Challenge. It helps kids sharpen their vocabulary, memory, and fast thinking because this Challenge has a time limit.

It is usually played individually but in a group of 4-5 people. Whoever fills all four sections wins the round, and you can easily have 20-30 (or more) rounds in one sitting.

First, choose a random letter. You can use an automatic app to select the alphabet or do it manually. If you ask me, manual selection is more fun. One of the players has to recite the alphabet in their heart (not out loud) when someone yells ‘start.’

You can ask them to stop randomly anywhere in the middle. You start with the letter they had in mind when you yelled stop. This should be done after every round to choose the letter.

So, suppose the chosen letter is ‘N’ Everybody has to write a name, a place, an animal, and a thing (object) starting with N, and they have to be quick at that. Whoever finishes first wins that round.

“Find vocabulary in the literature book” Challenge.

This is very similar to “Name, place, animal, and thing” but slightly on the higher level— perfect for young teens. Again, use the same method mentioned above to select a random alphabet.

For this fun Challenge, all the kids should have a closed literature book, notebook, and pen/pencil. Once the letter has been selected, kids have to quickly open a random page in their literature book and spot five words starting with the selected letter.

They should write these words down in the notebook very quickly. Whosoever spots the five words fastest wins the round. This Challenge is also a great exercise to polish your child’s vocabulary, memory, fast thinking, and reading abilities. Plus, you also make them read their literature book, an impossible task after school and tuition if you ask me.

Art Challenge Ideas for Kids

Art is an expression that expands your kid’s imagination and creativity. So, let these art challenges open your kid’s door to a new world full of colors and creativity.

Below are eight art challenges to do with your friends

“Blindfolded Drawing” Challenges

For this Challenge, use simple drawings, such as a simple animal (cat/monkey/fish), a smiley, or a homely landscape.

Blindfold your kids and let the fun begin. It’s very difficult to make the right drawings when blindfolded; that’s what makes this Challenge extra fun because the results will be hilarious.

“Draw with your feet: Fun art Challenges”

Drawing challenges for kids

Don’t forget to give them colorful pens or watercolors and brushes for this Challenge. To appreciate their efforts, ensure that you frame their final masterpieces.

“Draw with a multicolor pen” Challenge.

The more colors, the happier your child will be! They will also be super excited to use a multicolor pen, so bring them a fancy one!

You can ask them to draw colorful drawings such as rainbows, unicorns, clouds, the sky, the river, etc. Nature elements will look more beautiful when drawn with this multicolor pen.

“Finish the drawing challenge with friends”

This Challenge is best played in a group of five or more people. The Challenge is simple yet artistic and team-building. You use a single drawing sheet within the group for this activity. Each participant has one minute to draw something according to the given theme and then pass the drawing book to the next person.

Each kid should draw something related to the theme instead of coming up with something out-of-blue (It’s alright if they do it mistakenly)

In the end, the drawing sheet would turn out to be a beautiful canvas of creative ideas. Print it and let all kids have a copy; you can frame it on the wall as well!

Face Painting

Give your kids paint colors, and they will dance with the sweet melody of happiness. Kids absolutely love using painting colors and brushes for their artwork; it makes them feel like adults and artistic.

Most parents often try to keep their younger kids away from painting colors, but you can break this cycle and let your kids live that passion wholeheartedly. However, ensure you are closely monitoring them to avoid mishaps.

The theme for this Challenge should be simple and doable— fish, butterfly, sun, spiderman, etc. Don’t step back from guiding and helping them throughout the Challenge.

If you think your kids can absolutely not handle painting colors, sketch pens are great substitutes, too.

“Color mixing” challenge

Giving your kids a strong artistic base will surely be useful as they grow up and pursue their artistic talent. Teaching them color theory is a great start toward that future. Be sure to grab a lot of oil painting colors for this Challenge.

You can find color mixing printable online or make one yourself.

  • Blue+yellow: green.
  • Yellow+red: Orange
  • Pink+Blue: Violet
  • Red+White: Pink
  • White+brown+yellow: Skin color.

“Color within the boundary” Drawing challenges for kids

For this Challenge, each kid will need a coloring book. You can have 3-5 drawing outlines on each sheet that your child has to fill without overstepping the lines.

If your kid is younger, you can choose a coloring book with one big drawing outline on a single page. Kids usually find it difficult to stay within their boundaries when coloring objects/outline drawings.

This Challenge is a great exercise to help your kids learn to color without getting the paint/color out of line.

“Draw without lifting your pen” Challenge.

Another great exercise to improve your child’s handwriting and artistic skills. This Challenge also introduces your kids to the art of line drawing.

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Fun family challenges

“Parental supervision, guidance, and involvement are highly required for these fun family challenges for the kids. Trust me, kids love it when you are equally involved in these tasks.

Below are five fun challenges to do with family:

“Bake your own Pizza Challenge.”

It’s a fun challenge to teach your kids the basics of cooking and why it’s a great life skill! When you turn a chore into a fun challenge, your kids automatically start to love it! I never cooked as a young teen, and that’s when my mother challenged me.

She said, “Honey, you could never make round tortillas like me.” The rest is history! I started to live alone and, dare say, never had to eat a tasteless instant snack.

For this specific kids Challenge, you must collect Pizza ingredients and dice them finely. Keep multiple toppings. Pack these ingredients in different white bags.

White bags will conceal the ingredients from your kids; they have to pick random ingredients and cannot be picky in that choice. If you have a group of minions, allow them to have at least five ingredients each.

Remember, you can have 3-5 different bags of the same topping. Also, kids will be baking hand-sized pizzas, so you don’t have to worry about having a lot of groceries.

Please, be their supervisor and first in command during baking. Also, please provide them with dough, sauces, cheese, and toppings. Watching your kids pin dough into a pizza base is the most endearing sight.

“Seven-second” Challenges to do with family

Just like how my mother used to make me do chores by challenging me to do them within 10 seconds, you can make kids habitual of easy chores by using the seven seconds challenge. They will become Flash (a superhero known for lightning speed) and speed up their tasks as quickly as possible.

The key is to continue appreciating them and celebrating their fast speed. To make me feel thrilled and energized, my mother always used to yell the countdown. I still don’t know if she tricked me into believing that I always finished in the 10th second or if I actually made it possible every single time.

  • Wash your hands cleanly in seven seconds.
  • Do five sit-ups in seven seconds.
  • Apply lipstick
  • Tie ponytail.
  • Braid your hair
  • Button your shirt.
  • Draw a cartoon in seven seconds.
  • Take a bite using chopsticks.
  • Go upstairs, grab your shoes, and come back.
  • Hop towards the door in second seconds.
  • Name five animal names
  • Name five friends of yours with full surnames.
  • Write two sentences about yourself.
  • Count these coins in seven seconds.
  • Make me laugh.

“One-minute” Challenge

The ‘Seven-second’ challenge is for small tasks. Use the ‘one-minute challenge’ technique to make your kids habitual of bigger chores. They will enjoy it just as much! You can switch it to a ‘two minutes’ challenge if you have even bigger tasks.

I still remember this kid’s show, the contestant (kids) had to tidy the given room within 5 minutes, or they would lose. Similarly, you can use the same technique to help your kids enjoy chores instead of disliking them.

Kids challenges

  • Organize and store your tasks in a minute.
  • You can never make these shoes shine within a minute.
  • Make a tower out of red cups in two minutes.
  • Take the bowl to the finish line in one minute.
  • Munch on the cookie within a minute, but you cannot leave crumbs behind.
  • Make your bed.
  • You can never keep the bowl in the air for two minutes. Can you? Well, I’ll count; let’s see what you got, young girl!

You don’t always have to trick them into chores; these two-minute tasks can also include fun activities for your kids. This way, they will anticipate these challenges more eagerly.

“Try not to laugh,” Mouthful challenges.

Your kids will love it because it’s messy and hilarious. So, put on some comedy classics and fill your mouth with water. Your kids are most certainly going to aim at you, be prepared!

You can also play this game without a movie by cracking jokes in pairs; whoever spills the water loses!

“Listen and nod” Challenge.

This game has ended so many sibling wars, trust me! So, this Challenge is especially good for siblings who fight a lot and cannot stay long without being at each others’ necks.

It’s pretty simple: both kids have to stand facing each other. Each sibling has 2 minutes to put forth their complaints with the other person. This Challenge can be played for 10-15 minutes back and forth between the siblings.

Naturally, your kids will break into an argument when dissing complaints at each other. However, this Challenge doesn’t allow arguments. The Challenge is to keep quiet and nod when the other is complaining and expressing their opinion.

When one doesn’t have the power to speak back, they focus on listening. Arguments end when one pays attention instead of retaliating. So, it’s a great exercise to teach your kids how to communicate via active listening.

You can also execute this Challenge with your kid and yourself. This way, you can better understand what your kids demand from you and vice versa.

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Lego Challenge Ideas.

You should never limit your child’s curiosity and interest to a single subject or a talent; you will never know the magic your child holds until you try. They deserve some carefree Lego Fun evenings!

Lego building challenge ideas might seem like a child’s game, but it requires a lot of science, engineering, and quick thinking. Here are a few fun Lego challenges for kids to help them learn and enjoy simultaneously.

Build your name using LEGO blocks.

If your child’s a beginner, start with building their name. Depending on their age, they can go for 2D name building or 3D.

This Challenge is basic but teaches your kids the basics of Lego and how to connect/disconnect pieces to make an item. It also helps your kids recognize different colors.

Build a functioning Bow and Arrow out of Lego.

Kids generally love building Legos, but it’s more fun when they engage in making movable or functional Legos. One such great Lego toy is the “Bow and Arrow.”

Here’s the link to a great tutorial on how to make a functional bow; it’s very easy and doable: Powerful Lego Pocket Bow Tutorial. To make this toy, you only need eight Lego parts, a tight rubber band, and a long axle! The tutorial is fast and very explanatory.

Once your kids have mastered the Lego build, please give them the Challenge to finish making this pocket bow in half a second.

Here’s another simplified bow tutorial, perfect for when you don’t have a lot of Lego parts: Easy Lego Gun. You need three main pieces: a long technic brick, a long and big rubber band, an axle pin connector, and a long axle again. You will need tweezers to use the rubber band properly, so guide and supervise them thoroughly.

Once they have made their bows, you will surely be a big target for them. To escape getting hit by a Lego axle, give them something better to aim at— lego minifigures or plastic cups.

Blindfolded Lego Builds

Is your kid extremely good at Lego buildings? Well, step up their game. Choose a Lego design that your kids can easily build. Now separate those parts from the rest of your Lego collection.

Let your kids observe all the parts on the table for a minute and then blindfold them. Start the timer and let them try to build the whole thing. This blindfolded Lego building sharpens your kid’s memory and brain.

“Balance the Eiffel Tower on your hand” Lego Competition for kids.

The first step of this Challenge is to build the Eiffel Tower. When you follow the instructions, it’s quite easy to build one.

Now comes the best part: your kids have to balance this long Eiffel Tower in their hands for as long as possible! Whoever balances the tower longest wins!
Remember, they must make a long tower to make the Challenge interesting!

Build a 3D two-story Lego home.

Want to take things to the next level? Start giving out complex Lego challenges to your kids that require a lot of architecture, engineering, and mechanics.

Building a home is one of them; it also lets your kids understand or acknowledge their love for architecture. There are multiple Lego challenges for your kids available on youtube. Choose the one you think is worth trying and get your kids busy!

Be an equal part of their invention, but don’t lead! Let them do their thing and only be their guide.

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Fun challenges for teens

Entertaining your teens is more difficult than your younger kids. “Little” here is an understatement. I know how difficult it is to pique your teens’ interest when they don’t want it.

Not to worry, below are a few fun challenges for your teens that will help create a better relationship between you and them.

Three fun challenges with friends

Fancy buzzer round

Yes, this Challenge is not very educational. Still, education shouldn’t be the only thing between you, your teens, and these challenges— it’s about having fun together, laughing together, and making memories.

Buzzer round is very learning in itself, even when you remove the context, but this mainstream context is necessary to attract your teen’s attention.

Hollywood is a great topic to start! Plus, it also lets you know your teen’s taste in movies and music, which also tells a lot.

You can also recommend better movies and music at the end of the round. If not Hollywood, choose a topic your teens love the most!

The key is to keep the topic full of juicy gossip and revelations.

“Don’t let the water out” Challenge.

Okay, this one is super fun and freaky. You are bound to get breathless as the game closes on. Remember, this game is played with 4-5 people. Here’s what the challenge demands:

  • Place a cup on a table.
  • Everyone has to fill the cup with some amount of water without spillings.
  • With each turn, the cup becomes fuller and fuller.
  • You must continue the Challenge until one of the players fails and spills the water.
  • When the water reaches the brim, you have to be very cautious and accurate.
  • The game may even demand only to drop a negligible amount of water so as not to lose.

The last few seconds are scary and rewarding, especially when you get past the brim without spilling.

“Tic, Tac, Toe game, but with a ball” Challenge.

This is one of the high-level kids’ challenges but very fun and nerve-wracking. On a table, draw the tic-tac-toe Hashtag (it has to be big, covering the whole table)
Now, stand at least 6 feet away from the table. Each contestant will have a ball and a mug filled with color. Both teams will have different colors to avoid confusion.

Now, each contestant will aim their balls as to where they want to mark their X/O; only it’s not that easy. This is what makes this Challenge so fun.

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Fun Physical Challenge games for kids

Physical exercise is just as crucial as mental exercise, so don’t skip them. Here are a few physical challenges for kids to try outside:

a) Paint to beat: Two players go against each other at a time. They have to tag others with a painted foam stick. Whoever takes five shots first wins!

b) American heart challenge/Kids heart challenge: Kids heart challenge is a school-based program; held to collect funds for the American heart association.

The kids who take part in this challenge spend a day with healthy and happy exercises, learn the importance of their heart’s health and how to practice how to keep themselves healthy.

There’s also a Kids heart challenge app by American heart association if you’d like to see what they have to offer.

c) Balance five balls on a flat surface to this finish line: You need plastic balls (small) and table tennis paddles for this challenge. Kids have to hold paddles in both their hands having five balls at each side. They have to balance these balls on the paddle until the finish line.


Fun challenges bring you closer to your kids than you can imagine! It builds trust and a positive personality in your kids!

So, continue entertaining them with these cool challenges to enjoy bonding with your kids forever.

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