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150 Summer Activities For Kids That Are Super Fun

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Summer activities for kids

Summer calls for endless fun and enjoyment for everyone. While the kids highly anticipate a long summer break, they may get easily bored when they have nothing to do. Here, we have 150 summer activities for kids that will ensure your little star lives the best summer!

Having your kids be at home at all times can become exhausting and tiresome in the heating season. Moreover, it also stunts your kids’ physical health and delivers a block to their curiosity.

Given your accelerating age, playing with kids or simply having fun in the outside world will positively affect all of you. Make sure your bones are ready for it since kids like to jump more than just walk.

Don’t worry; we’ve got just the list of summer activities for kids to keep them active and your family bonding this sunny season! As a diligent parent, you can use this time to bond with your kid using these fun summer activities for kids.


150 Summer Activities for Kids

Here’s a list of 150 summer activities for kids that will keep your little one on their feet and having fun throughout the sunshine season!

1. Pool day

What’s better than a pool day in the scorching heat? Nothing!

Take your kids to the neighborhood pool and let them have some fun while you get that summer tan. There are many games your kids can play in the pool, depending on how many little devils are there.

  • Pool Volleyball—Make two teams among all children, allot them a softball, and have them play volleyball in the pool. Make sure you give a chocolate box prize to the winning team!


  • Treasure Hunt—Purchase an empty chest, fill it with toys, chocolates, candies, and snacks, and hide it in the pool. Next, ask the children to find it; whoever locates the chest is the winner of the Treasure hunt.


  • More pool summer activities for kids include—dancing, racing, back floating, diving, etc.

2. Backyard bird watching

This is one of the summer activities for kids at home to try. There is more positive energy in the blankets of nature than anywhere else!

Go to your backyard and explore nature with your kids. Let them observe pretty birds in the sky—flying in groups, chirping melodies, and singing the sky jingle. Sit with your kids and talk about their life while they absorb nature’s authentic energy, doing the activity of bird watching.

3. Pick your veggies

Plan an outing day at your relative’s farm and ask your kids to pick out their favorite fruits and veggies. Hand them a basket and tell them you’ll cook whatever veggies they pick.

This way, you can also teach them about various veggies and show what meals you can cook using them.

4. Movie marathon

On the days you’re too tired to engage in physical activity, plan a movie marathon and let your kids pick the films they wish to see. You can also choose any of these movies for a fun time:

  • Ice Age
  • Boss Baby
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Lion King
  • Tangles
  • Brave
  • Inside Out
  • Wall-E

5. Build an indoor fort

Who doesn’t love building forts with blankets and pillows? We do, and we’re sure your kids love it too. It makes for one of the easiest summer activities for kids!

Join your children and build a fantastic fort where you can all hang out and have tea parties. Don’t forget to take pictures of your fort!

6. Host a cooking/baking competition

If you are wondering the ideal summer activities for teens to have fun and also learn, this is definitely one of them. Baking with your kids is a good way of bonding with them. Moreover, they get to learn the basics of cooking, which might come in handy as they get older.

So host a baking competition among all children in the neighborhood, and keep a kid-desired toy for the prize! Prepare some delicious cookies and savor them with milk and lots of love.

7. Play a game of charades

One of the most fun yet simple summer activities for kids can be an easy game of charades. Pick their favorite movies and let your kids have fun!

8. Rearrange your furniture

Have your kids plan out a chart of what they want the interior of your home to look like. Next, use their help to move the furniture around the house.

Who knows? You might even find a better arrangement than the one you were sticking with. This summer activity will give your kids a sense of authority, and they will learn to make decisions at an early age!

9. DIY decoration for your kid’s room

DIY activities are best for engaging your kids in something creative and energetic. You can go with many themes when applying decoration to your kid’s room.

Whether it’s painting the walls, changing the wallpaper, or simply cleaning the room—plan a day out and have your kids help you with it.

10. Paper planes

Flying paper planes is one of the most naughty activities that kids love. Take a day off and spend it making paper and cardboard planes with your children. Ask them to mention their names on each plane they make.

Next, take them to the roof and allow them to fly out all the planes towards your lawn. Give a small prize to the kid whose plane goes the farthest. There you go, another simple summer activity for kids.

11. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder

Building a DIY birdhouse on your lawn is an amazing summer day activity.
However, be very careful when letting your kids use heavy tools. Ask for their help in simple tasks, so they don’t feel uninvolved during this time.

This activity will not only teach them specific physical tasks but also educate them about animals and why it is essential to be kind towards all living beings.

12. Moss Terrarium

Find a spare glass jar and ask your kids to get some moss from your backyard. You can use some decorative items and other elements to create a Moss terrarium with your kids.

Growing moss indoors in large glass jars is a fancy way to create miniature forest landscapes and decorate your home.

13. Plan a picnic

Cut some juicy fresh fruits and pack delicious sandwiches. Next, take the kids to the nearest picnic spot and have a fun-filled afternoon playing games!

14. Build a herb garden

Having your kids grow up in an environment full of fresh breeze is the best you can offer them. For this summer activity, let your kids plant useful herbs in jars or spare pots lying around. This is a fun and long-term summer activity for your kids to enjoy.

15. Build something with LEGO

Get your kids some LEGOs; it is the most promising way to keep them quiet for several hours. Furthermore, LEGO is better than any other toy because it allows them to experiment, test, and build new ideas.

LEGOs have the potential to help develop your child’s motor skills and even their fingers’ strength. Let them have fun making the best out of these blocks while you engage yourself in other work or chores around the house!

16. Origami

Origami is a Japanese art of folding colorful papers into decorative shapes and figures. Spending a day with your kids practicing origami is an interesting way to spend the summer holidays. Origami is one of the best summer activities for kids!

The most useful thing about origami is that it promotes the development of spatial skills, eye-hand coordination, math reasoning, memory, sequencing skills, patience, and attentiveness.

17. Create a time capsule

Burying time capsules is always a fun summer activity for kids, as it develops a sense of excitement for the future. For this activity, ask your children to pick out their favorite stuff they want their future selves to find.

Here are some ideas for what your kids can preserve in the time capsule:

  • Favorite outfit or toy
  • Pictures
  • Hand or footprint
  • Other present-day meaningful items

Let your kids keep two things each and ask them to decide when they would want to dig them out.

18. Play Uno

One of the most simple and easy summer activities for kids is the game of Uno. This family-friendly game is entertaining for kids and helps you bond with your close ones.

19. Go for a road trip

This is one of the summer activities for toddlers to have fun while they sing melodious songs and have a lovely ride. The fresh breeze and calming road will ease many thoughts and feelings in all of you.

20. Attend a concert

This summer activity is for parents with teen kids. Find an upcoming concert nearby and attend it with energy and excitement; buy merch, eat at stalls, and click unlimited pictures.

PS, don’t forget to invite their friends. You’ll be the cool mom/dad in their hearts for decades to come!

21. Watch a local drama

Find a street performance or local drama to watch with your kids. Be generous, and tip the artists for their talent. Their beautiful smile will show the value of kindness to your kids.

22. Play a game of basketball

Play a friendly basketball game with your kids and their friends, with mom on one team and dad on the other. This makes one summer activity for kids that they will enjoy for sure.

23. Visit an aquarium

Kids love watching fish swim because they are simply fascinating to look at. Visit an aquarium to help them better understand the oceanic world and its beauty as a fun summer activity for kids.

You may find them intently gazing at the fishes and examining the aquarium’s fixtures. Use this time to teach your kids about the diverse underwater culture.

24. Family photoshoot

Take your old film camera out or pick any iphone, and have fun with your kids clicking memorable pictures. Give a theme to your shoot, like dressing up in the superman suit or going to the beach in all-white outfits.

25. Visit the playground

There is nothing more joyful for children than the playground!

Have a fun evening/afternoon at your local playground with the kids; don’t forget to take balls, hula hoops, and boomerang along.

26. Read a book

Ask your child to bring their favorite fantasy book, and read it aloud for them. Express emotions of the book’s characters, and in the end, show them the story’s morals.

27. Make some ice cream

Prepare some delicious ice creams at home to enjoy with your kids on a hot summer day. Allow them to help you, as it will encourage your kids to participate in activities they are not necessarily good at.

28. Camp in your backyard

Camping is an exciting activity for people of all ages. Bring out your tents and camp in your backyard with the kids!

29. Create an obstacle course in your backyard

Use old tires and pool noodles to create a fun obstacle course. Be mindful of your children’s safety and ensure it’s not too difficult or too easy (since that takes the fun out of it).

30. Ball Pool

Bring out an inflatable pool to your backyard, fill it with water and add plastic balls for your kids to have fun with. For an additional touch, you can also use water balloons instead of plastic balls; we’re sure your kids will love it.

31. Water Gun Fight

Summer activities for kids at home

Buy some water guns for your kids and watch them have the time of their lives in the safety of your backyard.

32. Stargazing

Put an old blanket in your backyard at night and watch the stars with your kids. A little stargazing makes for one of the best summer activities for kids.

33. Drawing with Chalk

Give your kids a white wall in your basement and a few colorful chalks, and let their imagination run free. Ask them to draw whatever comes into their creative little minds. Don’t worry; you can always erase these with a bit of water.

34. Learn to play an instrument

Teach your kids any instrument you know how to play, or buy their desired musical toy. If they show interest in learning music, you can enroll them in a summer class to learn to play their favorite instrument!

35. Play hide-and-seek

Find a well-acquainted place and play a fun game of hide-and-seek with your kids and their friends. You could also turn off the lights and play the game in the dark to add some intense touch.

36. Milk Carton Crafts

This summer activity for kids is known as Best Out of Waste. Take out old milk carton boxes and help your kids make something out of them.

It could be something as simple as pretty little craft boats. Allow their curiosity to run in circles and go wild with their imagination. Affirm your kids they can build anything using the old boxes! 

37. Paint

Spend a day painting a landscape in an open garden. Meanwhile, teach them how to find a pretty-looking scene and paint a lovely canvas.

Allot them each a sheet, some watercolors, and brushes, and make a painting sitting along on a quiet evening.

38. Dig up

This one makes for a highly engaging summer activity for kids!

Bury a few items in shoe boxes in your backyard (or where you don’t mind the kids digging up) and ask your kids to find these. Leave clues and keep giving them hints when they are on their way to find the location.

When they finally complete the challenge, praise them with cold lemonades. Positive reinforcement plays a significant role in raising children who do great in life! 

39. The Egg Drop Challenge

We’re sure you must have heard of this one. Have your kids devise inventive ways of dropping an egg from a window and ensure it doesn’t crack.

40. Make Bubbles

When you think about summer activities for kids to have fun, this should be one of them!

Use soapy water and some old wire to make bubbles and try to keep this bubbles from bursting while playing and laughing the whole time.

41. Fly kites

Purchase some lovely kites from the market and prepare snacks for fun kite-flying evening.

Ensure using the safe kind of threading for your kite, so your kids don’t hurt their fingers. You can do this sunny activity many times during the summer break, allowing your kids to develop exciting feelings toward outdoor games.

42. Tie-Dye

Have your kids tie-dye an old piece of clothing to add some pizazz to it. Then, they can show it off in the neighborhood and click cool pictures.

43. Best out of waste

Old newspapers or spare parts from machines lying around? Let your kids experiment and make something creative out of waste resources. Appreciate them with treats for innovative results.

44. Bike Rides

If you have bicycles at home, summer break is the perfect time to take them out! Let your little ones explore the neighborhood on their bikes. Make sure you give them helmets to prioritize their safety.

45. Swimming Classes

Summer activities for teens

Enroll your children in swimming classes so that they can learn how to enjoy water life from the very beginning of their lives. In the future, they’ll thank you when they wish to participate in water sports.

46. Puzzles

There is nothing better than a bunch of unsolved puzzles! This is another one of the best summer activities for families to enjoy.

47. Treasure hunt

Prepare a bag full of chocolates and hide it somewhere in your house. Use some creativity to make a treasure map that your kids follow to find the hidden chocolates. A treasure hunt is one of the best summer activities for kids.

48. Visit a water park

Water parks are even more fun in the summertime. Beat the heat with a day off at your local water park.

49. Balloon Game

There are a lot of games one can play with balloons. For instance, ask your kids to blow a balloon, punch it into the air, and ensure they keep it off the ground for as long as possible.

Rules—you can’t hold the balloon, so keep punching it in the air. All children in the house can get involved in this game.

50. Go berry picking

Summer is the best time for berry picking. You may find sweet strawberries, blueberries, and more to show your little ones where berries come from. This is one of the fun summer activities for kids that parents can enjoy with their little ones.

Summer activities list

Apart from the 50 summer activities for kids above, some other simple activities that we’re sure your little ones will enjoy are:

51. Make a DIY wooden dice

52. Hand-Painted Artwork with paints

53. Make your water blob with plastic sheeting and duct tape

54. Enroll them in a summer camp

55. Hula hooping

56. Skipping

57. Football

58. Soccer

59. Paint using vegetables

60. Make mocktails and other drinks at home

61. Water Balloon Fight

62. Wake up early and catch the sunrise

63. Make your breakfast pancakes

64. Make your facemasks

65. Visit the spa

66. Do a makeover

67. Create your backyard beach

68. Make your cheese board

69. Use kid-friendly dye and let them dye their hair

70. Have a marathon

71. Play video games

72. Make a hair mask for themselves

73. Enjoy some s’mores

74. Try a new recipe (one that they have never tasted before)

75. Ride a Ferris wheel

76. Have your fancy dress competition

77. Have your parade in the neighborhood

78. Host a dance competition with their friends

79. Act like a tourist and take pictures in every corner of their home

80. Learn to juggle

81. Ride a hot air balloon

82. Make their hammock

83. Go fishing

84. Attend a live game

85. Visit a skating rink

86. Go bowling

87. Do a random act of kindness

88. Play golf in the backyard

89. Go water skiing

90. Watch fireflies (and catch some if they can)

91. Have a bonfire in the backyard

92. Let the kids make their playlist

93. Spend a day in a cabin (with family)

94. Ride a kid roller coaster

95. Catch the sunset at the sea

96. Go for a walk barefoot in the backyard

97. Bake a fruit pie (with your help)

98. Make a sand castle

99. Skip stones in a lake

100. Take a boat ride (with adult supervision)

101. Experience the bliss of a waterfall (with parents)

102. Plan their day out by themselves

103. Build a treehouse with their parents or other adults

104. Participate in or host a food eating competition

105. Volunteer at an NGO

106. Get a summer hair cut at the salon

107. Decorate your backyard fence

108. Do some exercise

109. Build your cozy corner in the backyard

110. Find shapes in clouds

111. Learn to do cartwheels

112. Play some board games

113. Play tin can bowling

114. Play outdoor Jenga

115. Enjoy a tire swing in the backyard

116. Host a garden tea party

117. Paint rocks

118. Help the kids overcome a fear

119. Visit a farm

120. Take a tour of the nearest factory

121. Make slime

122. Make a family tree

123. Create a scrapbook

124. Make a family music video

125. Learn a magic trick

126. Visit the zoo

127. Visit a children’s museum

128. Visit a local farm 

129. Visit an amusement park

130. Create a backyard splash Pad

131. Play catch

132. Go rock climbing

133. Listen to Audiobooks

134. Find and visit a free little library

135. Take a music class and practice

Summer activities for toddlers

136. Do a jigsaw puzzle

137. Jump on a trampoline with sprinkles

138. Water ballon fight

139. Go to a local planetarium/science museum

140. Run through the sprinklers

141. Have a picnic at the park

142. Go outside and draw

143. Tour a fire station

144. Have a beach day

145. Sing karaoke songs

146. Visit the farmer’s market

147. Go Geocaching

148. Story telling

149. Shell painting

150. Rock painting


In Conclusion

Summertime is the best time to bond with your kids. At the same time, you can encourage your kids to try out different things that stimulate their growth. Afterall, not everything can be taught at school!

Use this as an opportunity to build your relationship. Family time is the most important thing for a growing child. Ensure capturing these happy moments with a camera so you can create a memorable summer album.

We hope this list helped you find some fun activities that your little ones can engage in. Which of these are you waiting to try? Go ahead and try your favorite summer activities for kids. Make this one a memorable summer for them and yourself!

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