Life Skills Kids Need To Learn Before Leaving Home

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Life is not all rosy, it has its fair share of challenges. Having the necessary skills for life, makes all the difference. As parents, we must teach our kids, to help them overcome and sometimes adapt to the many challenges life could throw their way. When I was growing up as a child, one of the rules in my house was for every child above age 12 to cook.

I was initially unhappy that my parents made learning these skills compulsory so that whenever mama was in the kitchen, I had to also be there to watch and assist. But over time, it became a routine and I started cooking and doing kitchen chores effortlessly. Life skills are abilities necessary for full participation in everyday life. They enable us to deal effectively with the demand and challenges of life.

Over a decade ago, as a young girl living with my parents, I learned my life skills. Now as a wife and mother, I find these skills even more useful as I build my family. I watch with amusement my 16 months old son’s increasing interest in domestic chores. Kids are incredibly quick in learning; able to learn anything we teach them.

As parents, we must make conscious effort to impact our kids lives positively by equipping them with the tools they need for their life journey. Below are fifteen life skills parents need to teach their kids before they become adults and leave home.


1.  How To Cook

According to research, people who regularly eat homemade meals, consume fewer calories and eat healthily. Teaching kids how to cook means preparing them for a healthy lifestyle in the future. Also, homemade meals are less expensive than prepared foods, so grownups who can cook have the ability to keep their food budgets in check and save.


2.  How To Manage Money

This is an essential life skill parents should teach their kids because it is needed in all of the life dealings. This skill teaches kids how to be disciplined and resist the urge to buy things they don’t need. It teaches them to invest in their future and handle debts. Parents can start teaching kids about money as soon as they can talk.


3.  How To Communicate With People

Communication is one thing that will feature in all the activities our kids will be involved in all through their lives. We need to equip them to effectively communicate with people and make their positions on issues clear. If your kids are shy when they are with people and find expressing themselves difficult, teach them to be confident in themselves and to express themselves freely.


4.  How To Plan Their Time

Kids need to know that time should be spent doing productive things and not wasted. As a parent, teach your kids that to manage their time, they need to prioritize their tasks and stop procrastinating. If, for instance, your kids want to watch their favorite program on television when they are supposed to be doing their house chores, teach them to learn to assign time to their activities for the day and to prioritize the activities that are important above those that are not so important.

Also, they can reduce distractions by shutting off their phone and social media when it is necessary. Most of all, they should be encouraged to follow a daily schedule that lets them make maximum use of their time.


5.  How To Be a Self-starter

Being a self-starter means you don’t need someone else to make decisions for you or take steps for you to make advancements or improvements in life. It means you want to get things done for yourself and you don’t have a laid back mentality. As parents, we should teach our kids to be self-sufficient, so they don’t grow up to be adults that can not do things for themselves.


6.  How To Stand Up For Themselves

As parents, we have to teach our children to be able to stand up for themselves. They might encounter people who want to bully or take advantage of them. They should be equipped to know how to deal appropriately with such issues and not always wait for Mummy and Daddy to come to their aide.

Also, we have to teach our kids to be confident in themselves and express themselves freely. To effectively do this, we should always encourage our kids to be confident in expressing what they think, and correct them with love when necessary. Remember not to yell at them as it makes kids withdrawn and could eventually contribute to these kids having low self-worth and inferiority complex.


7.  How To React To Failure

Life has its highs and lows. There are times when we win and others when we lose. We should teach our kids to know that if for circumstances beyond their control they fail, they are not failures. Rather they just didn’t do things right, so they should be encouraged to improve on themselves and do better in the future.


8.  How To Be Organized

Life is better when it has a sense of orderliness to it. Some kid are by nature, organized while others aren’t. It is our duty as parents to help our kids stay organized. We can do this by Making checklists for them, to see if they have been able to carry out the tasks they were assigned or we can encourage them to make to-do lists for themselves under our supervision. We can also create fun memory aids and teach them time management skills.


9.  How To Wash Their Clothes

Kids need to learn to wash their clothes, so they don’t become dependent on other people to do this for them. Encourage them to wash their clothes when they are dirty and dry them.


10.  How To Do House Chores

You can encourage your kids to do house chores by making them accountable to you. Assign chores to children, and see to it that their chores are done.


11.  How To Save Money

Teach your kids not to be wasteful. Let them know that money is earned and should not be wasted but invested. You can do this by opening bank accounts for your kids and encouraging them to save some of their money so that after some time when they have saved enough, they can buy nice things for themselves or invest in a meaningful project.


12.  How To Maintain Cars And Drive Safely

A car is a medium of transportation. We have to transport ourselves to places from time to time. So, learning to drive cars is an important life skill for everyone. We, however, should never hand over car keys to our underage kids. We should only teach driving to our kids when they attain the right age. Before teaching them, we should show them the parts in a car and teach them basic car maintenance.


13.  How To Swim

Swimming is an enjoyable and recreational sport. Encouraging our kids to learn this life skill is important because it is a good form of exercise, but more so because it could be their safety ticket if for some reason they get trapped in a water body.


14.  How To Use Public Transport

Parents whose kids are accustomed to been driven in private vehicles should encourage their kids to also try out public transport. That way, they get to meet people and learn to interact and find their way around when their parents are not there.


15.  How To Find A Job

Teach your teenage kids how to write a resume, dress for a job interview and answer interview questions confidently. Encourage them to work during their holidays if possible. This way, they get work experience that will help them later in the future.


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