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9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

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9 Texts to get him chasing you

You want to talk to your crush all day long, listen to them, know about them, and laugh at the absurdity of it all. You also somewhere want them to chase you playfully, and these 9 texts to get him chasing you will give you a kick start.

As someone who develops a crush on new boys every day, I know how badly you want to leave an impression — an impression that’s not too subtle but also mysterious. 

The initial phase of liking someone is deliciously addicting. It’s different from a real relationship— it’s not complex or ridden with a routine. Unlike a relationship, liking someone and being liked by someone is carefree, fun, goofy, and thrilling, like a new adventure you’d want to die for.

You want them to like you back and have a little chase game of your own where he wants to chase you around just as willingly. It’s childish, but we all desire it.

The beauty of a new situationship involves a lot of texting, and this article will help you be a pro in ‘how to make him want you over text?’

Here are 9 magic texts no man can resist… text that will make him want you.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • 9 texts to get him chasing you
  • 40+ texts to make him think about you
  • How to get a boy to like you over text
  • Cute texts to send him that are great conversation starters .
  • Flirty messages for him and flirty examples

9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

1. Send him a compliment and watch him come closer. “You were quite the eye candy at the party. Just stating the facts.”

Want to know how to make a boy simp over you? Surprise him with a compliment.

Men aren’t complimented enough. They are expected to flatter and impress women but are often left hanging for acknowledgment.

If you want to make a man chase you, start appreciating him for things nobody appreciates him for— his looks, personality, authenticity, small details, charms, etc. When he sees a woman who acknowledges his effort, he’ll never let you go. 

When men feel loved and appreciated, they would naturally gravitate toward you.

Best compliments for a man

a) “I never thought chatting could be fun. Well, thank you for proving otherwise. It’s so fun and lively talking to you. I almost forgot the time.”

b) “You are that rare amazon gift hamper with surprisingly high-quality goodies packed inside, and might I add, with delicious packaging on the outside as well. (if you know what I mean.) You are rare and beautiful, and you also have a great personality. In simpler words, you are pretty inside out.

c) “You are so good at existing that it seems unnatural. Are you sure you are not pretending to be this good? Because boy, I’m impressed.”

d) “You are different. I have met my fair share of men but never have I come across someone as genuine and kind as you. It’s a quality many people lack; you should be proud.”

e) “You are a charming man. I couldn’t blame all the girls staring at you. Damn, I was one of those girls. It’s not just that you are beautiful; you also have a kind heart and a killer smile. It can heal wounds.”

f) “Don’t take me wrong, but I swear I can cut myself with your sharp cheekbones.”

Cute messages for him to woo his heart.

a) “I thought they had stopped producing pretty men with striking personalities, but here you are! Tell me if I have been dating the wrong guys, or are you simply an exception?


b) “Thank you for making me feel safe out there. You are a true gentleman.

c) “I might be lying if I said I’m not attracted to you. Consider me leading you on officially.

d) “Is it heavy to carry such good looks? Very cheesy, I know, but damn, what a beauty you are.”

e) “With all due respect, nice butt, sir.”

f) “I can compliment your face all night long, I know it’s pretty, and there’s a lot to give credit for, but your personality is simply a chef’s kiss.”

g) “I absolutely admire the fact that you explore gentle masculinity so positively. You are a rare gem!”

h) “Love the way your eyes sparkle.”

i) “Do you know your eyes intensify when you look at things you are passionate about?

j) “A man who cooks is already winning hearts, but a man who cooks well? Well, they are winning a sexy night with me in the future. Might I tell you, you are a great chef; I loved your cuisine last night.

k) “Brain’s the new sexy,” they say. Looking at you, the statement sounds about right.”

L) “You exist passionately, and that inspires me to do the same.”

m) “I could listen to you for hours. Your talkative self is quite soothing.”

n) “You are not simply a man,’ you are ‘the man.’

o) “You are the ‘beauty and brains’ people talk about. I can make a Disney movie out of you.”

2. Flirty texts to make him think about you “Hints don’t seem to work on you. May I officially announce that I like you in bold? Would that be a clear green sign that I look forward to meeting you romantically?”

How to get a boy to like you over text? Easy, flirt with him!

Flirting is the language of playful romance, something we all desire. It doesn’t burden you with responsibilities. Flirting is fun and enjoyable— you playfully tease them and lead them into a fun situationship. Men appreciate women who can openly flirt and own up to their feelings. A flirtatious woman with fun on her mind is more likely to grab a man’s attention.

Here are 20 great flirty messages for him

3 texts that make him chase you

These are the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours…

a) “I don’t lead people on over text messages, but I might make an exception for you.”

b) “Apart from your butt, I cannot take my eyes off your lips. They are very welcoming, sir.”

c) “Not to sound cheap, but you owe me a coffee. You can even compensate for my good behavior with a candle night dinner if you’d like”

d) “I’m more of a candle night dinner girl than a coffee brunch girl— just letting you know where to take me for a date if that’s ever on your mind.”

e) “You make the universe look surreal.”

f) “I could talk to you for hours, but for us to do that, you gotta ask me out on a date. It’s been an eternity.”

g) “I don’t mind asking you out for dinner. I just thought you might want to do that.”

h) “Tell me you like me without telling me you like me.”

i) “Are you following my hints, or would I have to flirt with you openly? You seem like a man who doesn’t like to play around the bush.”

j) “I might steal and take you on a beautiful deserted island. Don’t put me to jail; I just have crazy date ideas. Basic date ideas don’t work for me.”

k) If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time to meet you again for the first time. Don’t get me wrong; you just looked extra ravishing that day.”

Flirty texts for him at night… texts that will make him chase you

a) “We’d make a couple Ed Sheeren talks about in his songs.”

‘I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body.’
—Shape of you by Ed Sheeran

b) “Whenever I listen to ‘kiss me’ by Ed Sheeran, I’m reminded of you.”

c) “Lately, I have been having this one single dream over and over again. You are standing at a beach, and I come by driving a scooter. I stop and come over to you. We get closer and caress each other’s faces, and then we kiss, but our noses always… always block that kiss. I wake up yearning for that. We should try kissing just to prove that our noses aren’t the problem.”

d) “Even if you were a ghost, I’d summon you. It’s weird, but that’s how I flirt. Plus, I think you’d be an adorable ghost.”

e) “Would you choose to go on an untamed adventure with me somewhere deep within the forest or spend the night in a cold isolated cabin warming each other up? Honestly, I don’t mind either of the options. Hell, we can try both of them.”

f) “We can spend the night under the night sky, warmed up in our blankets— admiring a thousand stars in the sky, gazing deep within the cosmos. That would be the kind of date I’d love to go to.”

Flirty responses to ‘I want you’

a) “Of all surprises in my life, you are probably the one I’m anticipating the most.”

b) “I don’t like playing around the bush. I think you are hot, and we’d be hotter together.”

c) “You know where to find me for a good battle of games and something more.” *insert address*

3. Show interest in his life and watch him chase you crazily. “Tell me something about yourself that you fear telling the world. The world might be judgemental, but I’m not.”

How to keep a guy interested over text? What could be better than taking an interest in his life and emotions? Men want to be seen and acknowledged.

Everyone wants to be heard, seen, and acknowledged. Not many people bother to listen and know the real you; they are often full of themselves to worry about you or your problems. Be the listener in your crush’s life for a good change, and watch him find solace in your existence.

Showing interest in his life will help you understand & unravel him as a person. The same would help him open up to you and get closer like no one has ever had.

Texts about his life are the types of texts to make him chase you.

a) “What would you choose— a night of gaming or watching cheesy romance movies all night?”

b) “I want to know the real you— not the mirage you show to the world, but your real and unabashed self.”

c) “I think there’s more to you than what meets the eye, and I want to know it all in-depth, that is, if you allow me.”

d) “Tell me your darkest desire, and we might bring it to reality.”

e) “Are you tired of all the stereotypes society imposes on men? Tell me the most bizarre thing you have heard about yourself.”

f) “How was growing up like for you— what were the struggles for you as a young adult?”

g) “Tell me something you cannot tell others, and I’ll listen to you because I want to.”

h) “What do you hide underneath that cool facade? You know I’m one of those cool girls *winks* who cannot bother with fake pretense. Be as real as you want to be. I embrace and admire authenticity.”

i) “What’s your go-to movie when you are sad?”

j) “Who’s your favorite singer/band? We can go to a concert together. By the way, you can say it’s Taylor Swift.”

k) “I was going through instagram when I came across this video— they asked women about ‘what do they know about male hormones?’ Female hormones are given a lot of credit & privilege, but nobody cares enough about male hormones.’ Honestly, I feel a little ignorant not to know that male hormones and fluctuations existed. Would you enlighten me a little?”

L) “What scares you the most as a man in this society?”

m)”What do you think is considered a male privilege but is actually not?”

n)”As a man, where have you felt the most unheard? Do you think the world’s unjust towards you as a gender as well?”

o) “What sickens you? What drives passion within you? What excites your heart? What does your soul crave? I dedicate this night to learning everything about you.”

p) “What do you dream of every single day? I’m not talking about your career or something, just what you aspire to be as a person.”

q) “What would your dream world look like if it ever came to reality?”

r) “Have you ever had a ghostly supernatural experience? Would you like to hear about my magical encounters? I warn you; the conversation will chill your bones.

s) “What are you most passionate about? Is it seeking happiness, freedom, solace, or solitude?”

t) “How would you describe yourself as a person? It doesn’t need to be a one-word answer, be as descriptive as you’d like.”

4. Weird and funny messages for him “Let’s spend the night discussing the most embarrassing events of our lifetime. You go first.”

How to turn the tables and make him chase you

Everyone has a weird personality; people just hide it well. They aren’t given the right environment to embrace and accept their unique (AKA weird) selves. Everyone wants to fit in the generic ‘normal’ to not face harsh judgment & criticism.

So, allow your crush to open up and be as weird and funny as he’d like. When conversations are fun, people continue to come back to you. When your crush is liberated in the chat, he’d naturally chase you again and again.

a) “If you were the demon of hell, what would be your thirst trap music list? Would you dance on them in hell, too?”

b) “Instead of asking me out on a romantic date, let’s decide on the weirdest date of our life. I have a feeling we both would enjoy it more than the normal candle night dinner.”

c) “Would you eat a cockroach for a billion dollars? Think carefully!”

d) “If you had to choose between one million dollars or one million loyal friends— what would you choose?”

e) “What do you prefer— a pretty face, intelligence, personality, or weirdness? Lucky for you, I got all four.”

f) “On a scale of 1-10, how weird do you think I am?”

g) “On the same scale of 1-10, how weird would you define yourself? I think you are a cute 10 on that scale of weirdness.”

h) “If you could choose one of these superpowers, what would you go for?”
—Time travel
—The power to know every truth of the universe.
—The ability to fly
—The death notebook

i) “Would you play dirty to win a game? Something tells me fair game might not be your expertise. Not that I mind you getting dirty.”

j) “Roleplaying is fun, but have you ever tried getting heavily dirty in pure (Wet) mud? Is it just me? Would you like to try it with me? You can say no, of course.”

k) “I lowkey stare at your hands more than your face. They are sexy as hell. I think this obsession over hands is getting out of hand.”

L) “Have you got any weird fetishes? We can try them out, although I might bail at any given time.”

m) “Have you ever danced like a crazy drunkard? You are missing out if you haven’t tried it at least once. It’s wildin’; we should try it together sometime.”

n) “I can drink two bottles of coke in one go. It’s useless but still a talent. What talent have you got that’s completely useless but still something you are proud of?”

o) “What’s your trick with girls when on a date? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

p) “What do you think would be the funniest way to die? For me, it would be ‘dying of laughter.’ Can you imagine the headlines? ‘A girl in her youth was found dead looking at memes. Autopsy shows she died of laughter.”

q) “Who would you choose to ban from your funeral? Do you resent someone enough not to have them around your deathbed?”

r) “Is it too early to show my true colors?”

s) “What’s one secret girls don’t know about boys?”

5. Being cheesy and deep“Day 1 of being cheesy: If you were a flower, you’d be a rose— vibrant and rich.”

People often fear being cheesy; many think it would scare their crush out of the window. However, being cheesy isn’t a repellent; it’s quite a charmer if done correctly.

The truth is, many individuals secretly enjoy receiving cheesy text messages; they are just stiff to accept the fact. Here’s how you can make a man chase you by being cheesy.

a) “I like it when I find your eyes staring at me in a room full of people. It shows emotions that words cannot portray.”

b) “Day 2 of being cheesy: In a world full of people, my eyes would always search for you.”

c) “I could have said… ‘I like you with all my heart.’ Instead, I said, ‘I love you with all my stomach’ For some reason, I thought it was more valid that way.”

d) “In a room full of art, my eyes would still gaze at you.”

e) “Of course, I don’t mind sleeping in my own bed but… oh, what would it be like to sleep in yours.”

f) “I don’t believe in modern romance; it lacks depth and is extremely boring. Text me for old-school romance— we can send letters to each other, hold hands by the beach, sleep under the starry night, and talk about the cosmos.”

g) “Could you please resist smiling? Your smile makes it harder for me to resist you.”

h) “If I had to choose a song for you, I’d choose ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran.”

i) “I tried looking away… I tried so hard not to fall, but it’s you. The more I look at you, the more I listen to your voice, the more I see your smile, the harder I fall for you.”

j) “For some bizarre reason, the spring season reminds me of you. You are soft, tender, warm, vibrant, and lively, my boy.”

k) “Is it weird that you are visiting my dreams every day… sometimes those dreams are cute, other times… you do wild things to me. I can’t say which one I like more.”

L) “It’s funny how everything makes sense when you are around me.”

m) “I hate coffee, but having coffee with you is the only way I can talk to you. I enjoy talking to you. Can we please switch to alcohol and bad decisions for the day?”

n) “You think I don’t notice how your eyes sparkle when I’m in the room? Do you think I don’t see how you are extra shy and cute while talking to you? I see it all, and let me tell you; it’s the most endearing thing to look at.”

o) “I’m terrible at expressing myself, but I must let you know that I like you. A lot.”

p) “I don’t know when I started liking you, but it’s probably something to do with your eyes…”

q) “I imagine what it would be like to dance with you on a winter’s cold night…”

r) “You are sane. I’m weird. We’d be a deadly combination.”

s) “Nobody has ever spelled my name with that sensuality and gentleness ever before. Are you sure you don’t do it intentionally?”

t) “I dare you to kiss me. I’m done waiting. You know where to find me.”

6. Funny pickup lines. “Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes, sir?”

You never know the power of pickup lines. I ended up with the love of my life by sending him hundreds of playful and cheesy pickup lines. He reciprocated with the same intensity. We used to play this ‘corniest pickup line’ game, and one thing led to another, and finally, here we are.

Sometimes, being intentionally corny is fun! It shows that you are interested, and it shows that you are being playful. Men like women who are fun and breezy.

a) “We might need to complain against Spotify for not making you the hottest single of the month.”

b) “We could go to a movie together for a date, but we cannot. Why you may ask; well, theaters have policies not to bring snacks with you.”

c) “At first, I thought this was a bar, but this is definitely a museum, and you may ask why because, boy, you are a walking piece of art.”

d) “You are definitely an artist— you draw me in, and I find no reason to resist.”

e) “Damn boy, you are so hot; you warm up the winters.”

7. Being bold and direct “Enough chit chat! Are you planning to make a move on me or should I do it for you? I cannot resist your charms, sir.”

Your crush will never know if you don’t tell him about how you feel. Honestly, it’s a bit lame to always expect a proposal from men. If you want a man to chase you, be bold and confident about your feelings. It’s not 1920s that you have to drop hints for things to spice up; you simply need to act upon your instincts.

While it may seem hard, expressing your feelings is not that tricky. You know you like your crush; you have a feeling that he likes you back… you coming out to him would impress him to no depth. So take this as a sign to ask the guy out!

a) “Yes, I don’t believe in the three-day rules. I hope you don’t either because I wouldn’t waste my time playing games with you. You’re the guy I would like to be honest with. Something about you makes me want to be honest. So, here it is; I like you. Would you like to go on a date with me to the northern lights?”

b) “What do you do after spending a great night with a great guy? I usually ask them out for a dinner unless they have other plans. Should I ask the guy out? Would he like it?”

c) “I’m not easily impressed by men. Are you sure you don’t do illicit magic to attract naive women on your web?”

d) “How about I entice you with a game of paintball… we can get dirty on the playground. This is no hint; I clearly and sensually want to get dirty with you. *winks*

e) “Would you rather prefer me stalking you until you notice me than pretend it’s a coincidence that we meet, or should I rather stare at you until you give in and fall madly in love with me?”

f) “Forget Ross and Rachel; they were toxic AF. Let’s be Morticia and Gomez from Adam’s family. Their relationship should be goals.

g) “We could be Eugene and Rapunzel creating the romance of the year. Would you like to be the Eugene of my story?”

h) “I think we are better together as a couple. We are too hot to be just friends. I sense chemistry, biology, and physics working together in our favor.”

i) “I think not asking you out would be the biggest loss of my life. Something tells me you are worth a shot.”

j) “I don’t know if I like you, but I sure would like to find the truth behind this attraction. What do you say, we go out today to unravel the depth of our infatuation?”

8. Leave him wanting more. “You know what I like the most about you?”

Innocent texts that will make him want you

When you leave a sentence in the middle, it prompts curiosity, especially if that sentence is significant to the man you are talking to. In general, everybody wants to know what the other person thinks of them. Similarly, they would like to know everything you think about them if they like you.

Your thoughts and opinion matter, and they would chase you because they want to know it all; they want to feel how you feel!

a) “You know I have never encountered a man like you. You are so different…”
(To this, they would want to know why you think they are different.)

b) “Last night, I wanted to say a lot more than a simple ‘goodbye,’ but I couldn’t bring myself to speak my heart.”

c) “I had a dream last night; you were there. It was quite a weird dream, to be honest.

d) “You are the kind of man I’m scared of falling in love with. You are dangerous. Do you know why?”

e) “It’s funny how you make me feel so many things.”

f) “Do you want to know what I think of you? I might tell you over 3-4 shots of vodka. Need a little booze in my system to speak the truth.”

g) “You remind me of a book character… I wonder if you are just as good of a lover as him.”

h) If you were an anime character, you would better suit the role of Kakashi. Ask me why; I have the perfect reasoning.”

i) “Do you know the best way to ask someone out? I have a strategy no man can resist.”

j) “There are a few date-worthy places that come to my mind. Would you like to know where I’d take you if I ever asked you out?”

9. Be sexy and saucy. “I find myself looking at your lips subconsciously. Somehow, my body simply can’t resist you.”

How to get him to chase you without a doubt? Well, be physically and emotionally involved. Physical intimacy plays a significant role in establishing new relationships.

Nothing beats being sexy, sensual, and saucy in the chat box. Initially, we are all attracted to someone because of physical attraction, and using that physical attraction to make a man chase you will always play to your benefit.

You don’t have to be overly sexual in the chat box, but being sensual is different. Sensuality isn’t about directing someone towards sex but appealing to them on a physical and emotional level.

Sexy texts for men to make him chase you

9 Magic texts no man can resist

a) “The sooner you ask me out, the sooner we can get dirty together.”

b) “You are gentle, and I love every second of your personality, but damn, I cannot wait for the day when you aren’t so gentle with me.”

Flirty responses to ‘thinking of you’

a) “What a loss; we could have kissed sooner, but I guess the wait would be worth it.”

b) “I constantly imagine us slow-dancing in the rain. Somehow imagining your hands around my waist is the only thought that conjures my mind these days.”

c) “I cannot wait for you to unravel my body and soul.”

d) “Touch my heart, mind, and soul together. Let’s spend the night engulfed in raw passion.”

e) “Let’s bring our ancestors to shame by spending the most sensual night together.”

f) “Kiss me like you wanna be loved.”
—Kiss me by Ed Sheeran

Bold things to say to your crush that will make him want you again and again

a) “Chasing you sounds like a fun adventure, and I’m all ready for the trip.”

b) “It’s a bit cliche to say this but I really believe— your lips and my lips together will cause an apocalypse and I cannot wait for that to happen.”

c) “Your lips make me want to skip all the steps and jump straight into a lustful night of passion, but your eyes always seem to stop me.”

d) “We could be kissing right now, but we chose to play around the bush. Damn, I hate this slow dating world.”

Wrapping up

9 magic texts to get him chasing you aren’t probably enough, right? Well, this was our detailed list of 40+ cute and sexy texts to send your crush and make him chase you.

Be bold and sassy girl, learn how to turn the tables and make him chase you. 

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