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100+ Baby Shower Card Messages- What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

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Baby Shower

A baby shower is a joyous occasion—a special time to celebrate the miracle of new life with the mom-to-be and her loved ones! And just like the name suggests, the expecting mama and her baby should be showered on this day with a bucket full of love, support, gifts, and baby shower card messages!

So if you’re wondering, “What to write on baby shower card?” we’re here to help you pen down some beautiful words that will make the expecting mama feel truly cherished.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Sweet messages for a baby shower card
  • Beautiful words for baby shower card
  • Baby shower card sayings
  • Baby shower quotes
  • FAQs

So let’s get started and channel all that pre-baby excitement into words for a baby shower card!

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100+ Baby Shower Card Messages

Seeing a friend, family member, or a close person about to take off on this incredible journey of parenthood is electric. We know that you want to shower the mom-to-be with love and well wishes, but a blank card can fuse your brains and you might begin to hang over what to put on a baby shower card.

This article is your secret helping hand, stocked with everything you need to write the perfect baby shower greeting message. From funny baby shower jokes that will make the mama smile to inspiring quotes about new parenthood, you are sure to find an adorable baby shower cards message.

So stop being unsure about what to write and choose from this list of 100+ heartfelt messages for baby shower card. No matter what you end up writing, the pregnant mama will surely appreciate the effort. It’s because it’s the thought that counts!

1.  Congratulations on this new, incredible journey of parenthood. Sending you all my love and happy anticipation for the arrival of your precious little one!

2.  I just can’t wait to meet the newest member of your cute family! Trust me, you’re going to be awesome parents, and the arriving baby is already so lucky to have you.

3.  Wishing you all the love and joy that parenthood brings. This exciting chapter is about to launch, and I am just so thrilled for both of you. I hope you enjoy your baby’s giggles more than you stress over who changes the diapers!

4.  Congrats on becoming a mom! May all your days be filled with sunshine, laughter, and tiny little toes. I give you my warmest wishes for a smooth delivery and a lovely baby!

5.  Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I can’t wait to see their adorable smile, and also to myself become a parent.

Baby shower card messages

6.  I hope you have a safe delivery and speedy recovery so I can see your whole family having fun together! Best wishes to your growing bloodline.

7.  A baby is on its way; it’s true! I can’t help but get so excited for you. I know you’ll soon be on a journey so new, but I will always stand in your support in the queue. Congratulations, darling!

8.  It’s almost time for your little one to make a landing on Earth; let’s celebrate and have some fun!

9.  Tiny fingers, tiny toes, a world of wonder as your baby grows. Congratulations on becoming three from two!

10.  Congrats on becoming a mom! It feels like I am waiting for your baby to arrive more than you do. It’s because I just can’t wait to spoil you little peanut with so much love and aunt kisses. Let me be the first one to know of this good news!

Baby shower card message

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11.  This baby shower message card may be small, but the love it carries inside is huge! Wishing you all the best as you welcome your little one into the world.

12.  Congratulations on mummifying, my love! Sending you a sprinkle of baby dust for this new and lovely chapter in your lives.

13.  Motherhood is a wild ride, but the most rewarding one you will ever take in life! Cheers to becoming a mom and all the adventures that are yet to come!

14.  Congrats on your baby shower! From baby bumps to baby steps, I am your unofficial nanny every step of the way. Though I know you won’t need me, as you’re going to be the most incredible parents ever!

15.  Congratulations, buddy! Get ready for your heart to explode with love and joy. This little bundle of mischief is about to change your life in the most amazing way!

What to write on baby shower card

16.  May your home be filled with the pitter-patter of tiny feet and the music of lullabies. Sending you all my love and best wishes!

17.  This baby shower is just the beginning of a wonderful journey! I am sure you will love every single second of it. Sending you tons of good vibes and happy thoughts as you prepare to welcome your little one.

18.  Thank you for inviting us to share the good vibes in your baby shower celebrations! Sweetest congratulations on your precious new baby!

19.  Congratulations on becoming soon-to-be parents! Can’t wait to meet this little miracle and shower them with rivers of love.

20.  Cheers on the baby shower, guys! I want to enjoy seeing you on late-night feedings, endless diaper changes, and a love that grows stronger every day!

What to write in a baby shower card

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Funny Baby Shower Messages

A baby shower seems all fun and joyful, as everyone is celebrating the impending arrival of a tiny human. The plates are piled high with tasty snacks, and the mom-to-be is radiating that beautiful pregnancy glow!

But let’s be real, parenthood is never all sunshine and rainbows. There are going to be days with late-night feedings, fashion choice sacrifices, and enough diaper changes to make your head spin.

That’s where these funny baby shower card messages come in! A little lighthearted humor can go a long way in showing the expecting mom that you understand the journey she’s embarking on. So get ready to add a dash of giggles to your card with a funny baby shower greeting:

21.  Congratulations on the baby shower! Just remember, sleep is for the weak… from now on!

22.  Stock up on caffeine now when you still have time, because those cute little eyes will soon become experts at keeping you up all night! Congrats on becoming a parent, and good luck on being a parent!

23.  Wishing you all the best on this incredible journey of parenthood. Don’t worry, being a parent is like riding a bike… except the bike is on fire, you’re juggling flaming chainsaws, and you’re pretty sure you forgot your helmet.

24.  Congrats on moving on from “Netflix and chill” to “Netflix and cry from exhaustion while holding the little devil in your arms.” Though, it’s all totally worth it.

25.  Hey man! I am sure you must be thinking about how tough it’s gonna be to raise a child. Don’t worry, it’s going to be super easy! (During nap time lol)

Baby shower card sayings

26.  Little hands, little feet. Welcome baby, goodbye sleep!

27.  Yay, you’re having a baby! I am glad at least one of us got laid.

28.  What could be more adorable than having a baby? Having a second one, congrats!

29.  Congrats on becoming soon-to-be parents! You better remember this baby shower as it will be one of the last showers you enjoy in peace.

30.  Attending your amazing baby shower reminded me that I need to take my birth control pill on time! Congrats to you though!

Message for baby shower

31.  Congratulations on the baby shower! Let’s grab lunch one last time before you’re busy for the next 18 years.

32.  They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But trust me, you will realize that a good night’s sleep is a much rarer gem after you have a baby. Enjoy the zzz’s while you can.

33.  Wishing you all the joy, love, and messy moments that parenthood brings! Just maybe invest in some stain remover beforehand because there’s going to be a lot of poop and pee soon!

34.  Always remember, silence is golden unless you have a toddler. It’s because in that case, it’s very, very suspicious. Congratulations on saying goodbye to the quietness in your life.

35.  A cradle full of sweet wishes for your newborn baby girl. Shits & giggles are on the way. Mostly shits though!

36.  Congratulations on becoming an expecting mother! Just say no to random strangers touching your belly.

37.  Raising kids is like a walk in the park. I mean Jurassic Park where your tiny baby is the T-Rex.

38.  Congrats on becoming soon-to-be parents! I am so PUMPED for you.

39.  Roses are red and violets are blue. At the time of diaper change, will it be pee or will it be poo? Congrats, my lovely parents-to-be!

40.  Yay, it’s your baby shower! You made a human. Let’s just think about that for a minute!

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Baby Shower Quotes for Card

Your loved one’s baby shower is bursting with balloons, cake, and anticipation for the tiniest VIP—the little one on the way! At a time like this, the sudden realization of becoming parents can hit the expecting couple and they might need some inspiration from the experienced ones.

So if you’re thinking of sharing some advice in your gift message for baby shower, here are some inspirational baby shower quotes to use:

41.  “Motherhood: All love begins and ends with it.” — Robert Browning

42.  “The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.” — O. A. Battista.

43.  “A child is born with the need to be loved. And the need to love.” — Frankl Miescher

44.  “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” — Agatha Christie.

45.  “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.” — Sue Klebold.

card messages for baby shower

46.  “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” — Milton Berle

47.  “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other wings.” — Hodding Carter.

48.  “Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your life. You get very good at picking up the pins.” — Milton Berle.

49.  “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” — Peggy O’Malley.

50.  “Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.” — Sophocles.

Baby shower quotes

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51.  “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” — Matthew Paul Turner

52.  “Hold your children close. Kiss them every day. They grow up much faster than we think.” — Karen Johnson.

53.  “Motherhood is a constant work-in-progress, but that’s also the beauty of it. There’s always room for growth, for learning, and for loving.” — Kristen Bell.

54.  “Our children teach us more about life than we ever teach them.” — William Ross Wallace.

55.  “This is the miracle that keeps the world going, generation after generation.” — Fred Rogers.

56.  “A newborn baby is a blank page waiting to be written on. What story will you write together?” — Anon

57.  “No language can express the power, beauty, and heroism of a mother’s love.” — Edwin Hubbel Chapin.

58.  “Babies are like little suns that bring warmth and light into our lives.” — Lichtenberg.

59.  “There’s nothing that is a better cure for the world than the laughter of a baby.” — Karen Joy Fowler

60.  “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” — Rabindranath Tagore.

61.  “Of all the gifts that life can give, perhaps the greatest is a child.” — Kurt Vonnegut

62.  “Let us never forget that children are living messages we send to a time we will not see.” — John F. Kennedy.

63.  “There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.” — Anon.

64.  “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone.

65.  “A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” — Eda J. LeShan.

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66.  “The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.”

67.  “It is the smile of a baby that makes life worth living.” — Debasish Mridha.

68.  “A mother’s hug is a magic potion that heals everything and makes everything feel alright.” — Claudia Weller.

69.  “Enjoy every minute. They grow up so fast!”

70.  “Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a balancing act, a rollercoaster ride, and the most joyous challenge you’ll ever face.” — Linda Wooten.

Sentimental Baby Shower Greetings

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most exciting feelings of all time, and it can get a tad bit scary as the soon-to-be-parents are going to experience some entirely new challenges with their first newborn!

That’s why, it’s so important to reassure the expecting couple in your life that they will be amazing parents and will do a great job raising their baby.

So if you’re trying to write a message for baby shower card, we’re here to help! Here are some sweet ideas for baby shower greeting card message:

71.  I am absolutely thrilled for you both as you prepare to welcome your little one into this universe! Remember all those nights you talked about becoming parents soon? It’s finally here, and I can’t wait to meet this amazing baby.

72.  Congrats on having your first newborn! These tiny footprints are about to leave a big mark on your hearts. Sending you all the love and support you need on this upcoming journey!

73.  Parenthood is a whirlwind of love, laughter, and a handful of sleepless nights. But trust me, it’s all worth it. Congrats on this cute and messy little chapter of your life!

74.  From the first adorable coos to all the big adventures ahead, I can’t wait to be a part of this precious baby’s life. Congrats on becoming parents!

75.  You have all the strength, love, and care it takes to be amazing parents. Always remember, I am just a phone call away if you need any tips or a shoulder to cry on. Congratulations on going from two to three!

Funny baby shower messages

76.  I am so happy about the incredible bundle of joy that just entered your life! This little one is a gift of pure joy and probably a few diaper explosions. I can’t wait to shower the baby with love and a few adorable onesies soon.

77.  Congrats on the baby shower! These early days are a little messy, but if you look closely, they are filled with precious memories. You can consider me on hand for some extra cuddles or a helping hand whenever you need it.

78.  Becoming parents is not only about changing diapers. It’s about shaping a little precious life. I am sure that you two will be amazing role models for your superstar. Congratulations!

79.  I am so excited to celebrate this special time with you and shower you (and the baby!) with love and some practical gifts to make your lives a little easier. Congratulations!

80.  Seeing you with your dogs already proves how you’re such wonderful parents! I can’t wait to see you raise another brilliant child under your care. Congrats on the baby shower!

Baby shower card message for girl

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81.  Your sweet family is about to get even sweeter. Now, push out that baby fast, I just can’t wait to meet the little one. Congratulations on your baby shower!

82.  I still remember how scared you were during your first childbirth. But now that you’re pros, it’ll be easier, right? Congrats on your newest addition!

83.  Congratulations on your second child! May you continue to raise wonderful children who fill your home with fun, joy, and cozy giggles. I will pray you have a smooth and healthy delivery.

84.  Congratulations on your baby shower! Here comes more trouble. I am just so excited to meet your newest little one when I visit you this Christmas!

85.  So happy to know that there will be yet another mini-version of you guys. I am not sure who he/she would look like, but I am super confident you will do just as good at raising your little bundle as the first time around.

Baby shower greetings

86.  Congrats on your first newborn! I can’t stop thinking about witnessing the wonder that will come with your little sparkling child.

87.  Sending lots of love and blessings to your little man! May he always be happy, healthy, and safe. My well wishes are with him in every moment of his life!

88.  Congrats on your new baby boy! With you as parents, he is sure to grow up into one handsome man.

89.  Your angelic daughter will now hold the key to your hearts for the rest of your life. I am thrilled to see you be the most amazing parents to your cute, little angel.

90.  Congrats on going from two to three! May your little warrior be as fierce as daddy and as sassy as her mama.

Baby shower quotes for card

Baby Shower Congrats Message

There is something magical about a baby shower card message that just can’t be described. A soon-to-be mom, prepping the house for the baby and getting ready for labor, could definitely use some well wishes, words of inspiration, or parenting advice!

So if you’re thinking of tucking in a baby shower gift message in a card, these ideas can help you out. Here are some message for baby shower ideas:

91.  Wishing you all the best with the new baby who isn’t too far away now. Always keep us in your heart whenever you need anything along the way of this lovely journey. We’re very excited for you both!

92.  To the soon-to-be parents of our town, wishing you a hassle-free pregnancy!

93.  Congratulations on having another baby! Thank you for inviting us to share your excitement about your baby’s arrival. Wishing you all the best with babyhood.

94.  Mommyhood is just around the corner! We can’t wait to meet your precious baby, whether a sweet girl or a handsome boy. Sending lots of love and blessings to you both.

95.  We wish you a magical and memorable few years of upcoming parenthood. All the best on this amazing journey! We love you and will be here to support you along the way.

96.  Plenty of well wishes and big kisses to you on this special day. Congratulations on your upcoming little one, we are so thrilled for your growing family.

97.  Tiny shoes, a tiny toy, and a baby shower filled with joy! Wishing you all the love and happiness as you welcome your little one.

98.  Congrats on the lovely baby shower! The tiniest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. Enjoy this baby love, and good luck with raising your baby.

99.  Take this baby shower card to acknowledge how lucky you are to be welcoming a cute baby into your life! Soak all the joy of this good news and appreciate your sweetest prize. Wishing you two (almost three) all the best.

100.  Congratulations on your little miracle! I hope the upcoming few years are filled with sweet coos and cozy cries of your upcoming baby.


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101.  Welcome to the world, tiny superstar! I wish you a lifetime of endless love, happiness, and joy.

102.  It’s surprising how such a tiny thing can take up so much space in our hearts. Congratulations on adding another family member to your life.

103.  Get ready for a house full of giggles and playful toys! It might get messy and tiring sometimes, but the love and laughter will always fill your home. Congratulations on this exciting time!

104.  Oh boy, I am thrilled to know you’re having a baby boy! We can’t wait to meet him. Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your baby shower celebrations.

105.  The baby boy is on the way, and nothing could be better news than this. Get ready for toy cars, bikes, bats & balls, and all sorts of surprises for him. Congratulations on your little man!

106.  A precious little man is on the way into your life! What an amazing time for your family. Congrats on the new addition.

107.  We hope your child gets his mom’s smile and dad’s humor. Sending lots of love to the little man!

108.  The little prince or princess has no idea how spoiled they are about to be! I am going to be landing at your house soon with a lot of gifts. Can’t wait for the big day! Congrats.

109.  True love is about to take on a whole new meaning as your soon-to-arrive baby is on the way! We’re so happy for you as you embark on this beautiful journey.

110.  Welcome to the world, little one! We’re overjoyed to celebrate your arrival.

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Baby Shower Card Message for Boy

Writing a baby shower card message for a boy is entirely different from a baby girl. It’s because you get to mention the raw spirit that boys bring along with them!

Here are some great ideas for baby shower card message for boy:

111.  May your upcoming days be filled with the wonder of watching your little boy grow into a man and explore the world like a champ! Congrats, buddy.

112.  Trucks, trains, and endless fun! Your life is going to become a messy, yet joyful ride. Wishing you all the best with your precious boy!

113.  Tight hugs and naughty smiles are coming your way! It’s about time we meet your little champion. Congratulations on the baby shower!

114.  Get ready for some serious cuteness overload. Sending love to the new mom and dad of a handsome boy!

115.  Sending happy wishes for your baby boy’s arrival! I hope you love having a brand new buddy for all your family adventures!

Baby Shower Card Message for Girl

The arrival of a baby girl is a moment bursting with anticipation and warm feelings. As you show up to the baby shower to celebrate the mom-to-be with love and well wishes, a heartfelt baby shower message card can truly make a difference.

Let’s pen down the sweetest baby shower card message for girl and celebrate the upcoming arrival of the precious little princess:

116.  We’re tickled pink to celebrate the sweet arrival of your precious baby girl. I hope you’re ready for a lifetime of cuddles, giggles, and pink ribbons. We are so eager to meet this little lady and shower her with love.

117.  From tiny toes to headbands and bows, your baby girl is a dream come true! We know you’ll be an amazing mom (and dad!) and can’t wait to watch this little one blossom under your love.

118.  Sending you the warmest wishes as you welcome your little princess! May your home be filled with sunshine, laughter, and the joy of raising a confident, compassionate girl.

119.  A tiny miracle with a heart full of dreams—that’s your precious daughter! We know you’ll raise her to be strong, kind, and everything she wants to be. Sending you all our love and congratulations.

120.  Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! We can’t wait to spoil her with love and maybe a few too many cute outfits!


What to write for baby shower card?

 –  Ever since I heard the news of your pregnancy, I have been picturing you as parents, and the image fills me with so much warmth. You both have such beautiful hearts and the future baby will be so lucky to have a loving family like you guys.

 –  Congrats on having a baby, guys! Embrace this lovely time and know that I am sending all my love and best wishes for a smooth delivery and a lifetime of joy with your little one.

 –  There’s magic in the air surrounding you both right now, and it’s truly beautiful to witness your baby shower. Parenthood is a wild, life-long amazing journey, and I need to see you navigate it with your unique style.

 –  Remember to cherish the little moments, the late-night cuddles, and the first wobbly steps. They grow up so fast, but the love will always remain. Sending you all my love and best wishes for this new chapter!

What to say in baby shower card?

 –  The wait is almost over, and soon you’ll be holding the most precious gift in your arms. Your baby is already so loved, and I can’t wait to meet this little miracle.

 –  The world can feel a little crazy sometimes, but knowing a new life is about to enter yours fills me with so much hope. Your baby is so blessed to have you as parents, and I can’t wait to see the incredible person they’ll become under your love and guidance.

 –  From the moment we saw you handling my baby with so much care, I knew you were destined for parenthood. You have such a nurturing spirit, and I have no doubt you’ll be amazing parents. Congratulations!

 –  Parenthood is a gift, and it’s clear from the way you talk about your baby that you cherish it already. This little one is about to take off on a beautiful adventure, and I’m so happy they’ll have you by their side every step of the way.

How to write a message for a baby shower card?

 –  As you embark on this new chapter, know that you’re not alone. There’s a whole village cheering you on and ready to offer support whenever you need it. Your baby is entering a world filled with love, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

 –  Buckle up, and get ready for some sleepless nights and overflowing hearts. This little one is about to change your world in the most beautiful way!

 –  Congratulations on creating life! It’s a miracle, and you both deserve all the happiness this little one will bring.

 –  There’s something truly special about the bond between a parent and child. It’s a love unlike any other, and I can’t wait to see yours blossom. As you prepare to welcome your little one, remember to savor every moment, from the first kicks to the first giggles.

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