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What Is A Soulmate And 28 Signs You’ve Found Yours

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Soulmate meaning

Love is sweeter, fun and deeper when you are with the right one- your soulmate. Here is the best soulmate definition there is and signs you have found yours.

 Table Of Contents

  • Soulmate meaning
  • How to find your soulmate
  • Soulmate signs
  • Twin flame vs soulmate
  • Pisces soulmate
  • Taurus soulmate
  • Virgo soulmate
  • Libra soulmate
  • Aries soulmate


Soulmate Meaning

A soulmate is defined as “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.” 

According to theosophy (a religious movement), the very first humans created by God were androgynous, i.e., they possessed both male and female human characteristics. However, in time their souls split into two separate humans, one male and one female.

This separation was believed to be the ‘Separation from God’ or the karma of the androgynous humans. As time passed and with rebirths and reincarnations, each of these halves worked towards seeking their second half. Once they have paid the price or ‘karmic debt,’ the two halves will combine and return to being one soul as initially. 


How to Find Your Soulmate?

How to find your soulmate

It may seem contradictory, but the best way to find your soulmate may be to work on yourself and not be on the constant lookout for one. But until your soulmate comes along, here’s what you can do to find them:

  • Learn to be good and better yourself

Once you’ve mastered the art of making constant progress in life, there’s nothing that can hold you back. You must learn how to be good to yourself and understand that taking steps to make yourself a better person is the way to live life.

  • Be Okay With Solitude

Self-love is the first step towards loving someone else. If you’re okay with being happy and content by yourself, you’ll know why you’re choosing to love the person you do. Is it out of love or loneliness? Ask yourself.

  • Be grateful

Learning to see the silver lining in every situation you face may be extremely helpful in looking for a soulmate. For instance, if you’ve had a bad experience with almost all your relationships in the past, think of them as milestones that you’ve crossed to reach your soulmate. Sounds pretty optimistic now, doesn’t it?

  • Broaden your social circle

Meet new people, explore new places, find new adventures; there’s no telling when you might just bump into your lucky person!

  • Don’t hesitate to broaden your perspective.

Keep an open mind about your relationships. If you have a friend that you’ve known for a long time who has coincidentally just admitted his feelings towards you, you might want to think a little before you throw it away, thinking it’s just a ‘friendship.’ 

Think about it, and after some thought, if you still feel like you’re both better off as friends, maybe you are. The point is, just think and keep your mind open before making any decisions. 


28 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate 

If you’re still waiting for your soulmate, we’re here to tell you that they’re out there; watch out. And if you’ve already found someone who you believe has all the qualities you wish your soulmate possesses, here’s how you can tell if they’re the one. It is the ultimate soulmate test.  

1. This Person Is Always On Your Mind

Soulmate signs

If throughout this article, there is one name that keeps popping up in your head, that may be a sign. If you think this person is your soulmate, you might just be right. This might sound stupid, but believe it, this works. This is not the only sign to look out for, but it sure is an important one. 


2. You’re At Peace With This One 

If there is a special person in your life that you feel calm and at peace with, it’s a sign you have found the one because, there is no sense of anxiety or feeling of restlessness around soulmates. You’re happy and can even share comfortable silences. There is absolutely nothing about your soulmate that should bother you. 


3. You’re Okay With Being Yourself 

Some people just seem to bring out the best in us. If the person (you’re thinking is your soulmate) brings out the best in you, and you’re comfortable with this person seeing all parts of you (the good and the bad), it’s a sign you just might have found your soulmate because, there is nothing you need to hide about yourself when you’re with your soulmate.

This person loves and accepts you for who you truly are; your soulmate will embrace all sides of you. 


4. You Are Best Friends 

 A best friend is someone you can share anything and everything with, without feeling any sense of guilt or shame. You trust them, and they trust you. That’s a true friendship and an even healthier soulmate relationship.


5. You Have Your Space 

When you say you need to be alone for some time, your soulmate understands. This person knows that you two may be two different people, and is secure with the fact that you might need some time alone for yourself.

Your soulmate gives you the space to be who you are; to have your likes and dislikes, and make your own decisions. 


6. They Respect You 

Treating each other with respect is a big part of any relationship- be it romantic or platonic.  Your soulmate is one who loves you, respects your boundaries and believes you know what is best for you.


7. You’re On The Same Page

When it comes to the crucial things in life like career choices and financial stability or even a topic like marriage, you’re both on the same page. While it’s normal to differ in your opinions on the smaller topics, it is vital to make sure you see eye to eye when it comes to matters that can significantly impact your life. 


8. You Both Have Your Life Goals In Sync 

The way you both see life and where you want to be in the future may define your current relationship to a certain extent. 

For instance, if you both wish to talk about the future of your relationship, it should be with mutual agreement and not something done out of sheer necessity or in the heat of the moment.

Discussing your life goals and future ambitions with your special one will help you understand if this person is your soulmate or not 


9. You Share A Bond Like No Other 

Every relationship is either a lesson or a blessing. When you’ve felt like something was missing from all your past relationships, but you feel that spark here, it’s a green flag!

If you both seem to get along better than you ever have with anyone else, you’re both comfortable around each other, and just know how to lift each other’s moods- then you just might have found your soulmate. 


10. They Make You Want To Be A Better Person 

Someone that wants to see you grow and be a better person in life is one you might just want to keep around for a lifetime.

If you have a special person in your life who celebrates your wins like his own and makes your losses bearable, also this person motivates you to stand up each time you fall- it’s a sign you have found your soulmate.


11. You Know Each Other’s Love Languages

Whatever his love language may be, you know it, and he know yours equally well.

If your love language is receiving gifts and he sends you some brownies on a bad day, just know that he is trying to tell you that he loves you.


12. You Understand Each Other’s Emotions 

Sometimes even when you don’t speak, this person realizes that they’re feeling low, or sometimes he can guess you’re happy by the tone of your voice. This is probably possible because he is your soulmate and he understands you deeply. 


13. They Notice The Details

Your soulmate notices the little things in your life, and loves you for all of them. Whether it’s just you getting a new haircut or something as simple as your new nail color. If he is noticing the details, he is SO into you.  


14. Chemistry and Intimacy

There’s always some tension and chemistry every time the two of you meet. You feel flooded by emotions when he looks at you and he feels same way when you look at him.

If the both of you just seem to get along with each other naturally and there’s so much chemistry that you make a good team, you’re both each other’s soulmates. 


15. They’re The First Person Always 

No matter how good or bad the news is, your soulmate is always the the first person you want to tell.

You want to tell him everything about you and want to know everything about him. If you’ve known him for a long time and there’s still more you want to know, just know that the person you’re looking at right now is your soulmate. 


16. You Never Get Tired Of Each Other 

When it comes to hanging out and spending time together, the two of you just cannot seem to get tired of each other. Each time the both of you hang out, it ends with you getting to know him better and still wanting to stay a bit longer. 


17. He Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself 

You may have been the most mysterious person before he came on board, but not anymore because everything about you is predictable to him. 

He knows what things you’re okay with or what you like or dislike, and he makes sure you’re okay at all times. This is one of the signs of a soulmate.


18. You Feel Loved And Appreciated 

A soulmate will automatically make you feel loved and appreciated for who you are. He understands you and appreciates everything you do for the relationship. 

If there’s no room for jealousy or insecurity in your relationship, he is probably who you need to hold on to for the rest of your life. 


19. There’s Equal Effort

There’s an equal amount of effort from both yours and his ends. 

When he puts in the effort, you can tell, and when you put in the effort, he can tell. He makes sure the relationship is a 50/50 one, so he doesn’t feel like he is entirely responsible for all of it. 


20. He Knows How To Communicate 

Communication is an essential factor in all relationships. If he has learned healthy ways to communicate and cope with his emotions, take a chance and never let him go!


21. You Feel Like The Timing Is Perfect

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to your soulmate.

Consider how you feel about him now and how you think you’re going to feel about him five years down the line. If you believe your feelings for him could never change, it’s a sign he is your soulmate. 

Also, If he comes along when your life just seems to be falling into place, or maybe your life was falling apart, and he became your knight in shining armor. This is a sign he is your soulmate. 


22. He Is Your Safe Place 

When something goes wrong, you run to him. He knows how to put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down, and you feel safe around him.  


23. Your Relationship Feels Like Home 

If you’re lucky enough to find someone who makes you feel at home with his actions, maybe it’s because he reminds you of your family or maybe because you simply feel like he is family. Either way, it’s a good sign, so keep him.


24. You Know Each Other’s Flaws And Fully Accept Them 

Your soulmate knows your flaws, but instead of making you feel like you’re not good enough, he will make you feel accepted.

He understands that no one is perfect and that just like you, he too might have flaws you might need to come to terms with too. 


25. You Can Have Healthy Arguments 

A healthy argument is one wherein the two people who are part of the argument are aware of where their opinions differ. They understand that it’s okay to argue, but it’s not okay to be disrespectful during discussions. 

One of the most extensive tests in any relationship is to mind your tongue when you’re angry. If the special one in your life doesn’t speak in hurtful ways even in the middle of an argument, understand that he does this because he is your soulmate and he cannot afford to lose you. 


26. Having His Company Makes You Forget About All Your Stress

Your soulmate makes you forget everything bad. So, if you’re having a terrible day, and just a hug from him seems to melt away all your worries in no time, this is a strong sign that you should not ignore.  


27. A Love Advisor Has Second It 

If you’ve been to someone for advice on him being your soulmate, and this person said – yes he is. Do yourself a favor and believe because they know this because of their years of experience.


28. They May Be Out Of Sight But Never Out Of Mind 

When you’re doing even the most mundane tasks, and he is on your mind 24/7, you may have just found your soulmate. 

It doesn’t matter how far you may be or how far from each other the both of you go, if you always carry him in your heart, this is a solid proof that he is your soulmate.

 Now that you know the signs that prove you have found your soulmate. You should also know that soulmates are sometimes mistaken for twin flames because the two terms are closely related. You can however differentiate them with the differences below.


Twin Flame vs. Soulmate

There are three significant differences between the two: 

  • The most significant difference between the two is that twin flames are believed to be one soul split into two halves, while soulmates are believed to be two separate souls that are in some way linked to each other. 


  • A twin flame may be a person who is your mirror reflection. They’re similar in how they think and even act. However, soulmates may have their differences but just be compatible. 


  • Twin flames are also known to share a more toxic relationship than soulmates. Soulmates are who you want to spend the rest of your life with, while twin flames might turn out to be good lessons for a lot of people.


The following are some astrological signs and their soulmates:

 Pisces Soulmate 

Pisces may find their soulmates in three zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer. 


  • Pisces and Taurus are most alike in how they love and believe in sharing long-lasting relationships. 
  • Their shared values can be very effective in the long run when sharing a soulmate relationship. 


 Taurus Soulmate

Taurus soulmate

The soulmate sign of a Taurus is a Scorpio.


  • They both share a strong bond in the forms of emotional and physical connection, communication, and trust.
  • They may show different personality traits, but they can be very compatible in the long run as partners or close friends. 


 Virgo Soulmate 

A Virgo requires a soulmate that is complex, ambitious, and devoted. The potential soulmate signs for a Virgo are Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn. Virgos need someone that is sophisticated and does not laze around all day.


 Libra Soulmate

The best potential soulmate sign for a Libra is Sagittarius. 


  • They are both adventurous and value the same things in life. 
  • They have a strong bond that can be maintained with trust and communication. 
  • They are very similar and can hence have a very harmonious long-term relationship. 


 Aries Soulmate 

A person who is an Aries can share the strongest emotional bond, precisely one of a soulmate, with a Leo. Some other soulmate signs compatible with Aries are Scorpio, Aquarius, Libra, and Sagittarius. 


  • Both signs are incredibly ambitious and are go-getters. 
  • Leos bring their A-game to the table for Aries, that is an element of fun and excitement at all times. 


In Conclusion 

Finding your soulmate may not be the easiest task to accomplish, but it will be worth it. Go ahead and search for your right one using the signs above and if you find this special person, take the chance. We’re rooting for you!

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