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1500+ Nicknames For Boyfriend That Are Flirty, Romantic & Sweet

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Nicknames for boyfriend

When you are deeply in love with someone, you try to keep on finding new ways to show your affection towards them. One of these ways is—the use of nicknames for boyfriend that are flirty, romantic and sweet.

Keeping a nickname for your boyfriend is not as insignificant as many might think. In fact, giving your partner a cute nickname is a pivotal point in any romantic relationship. This is because the nickname you choose for your boyfriend is delightful and a reflection of your strong connection with them.

Many couples find flirty nicknames cheesy or corny, and are usually embarrassed about it. But it is actually one of the simplest efforts you can make to strengthen your bond. 

Even researchers agree with me on this point! In a study, it has been found that giving your partner a nickname might actually serve a purpose in your relationship. Sweet nicknames for boyfriends set a way for playful, enjoyable, sweet, and healthy relationships! 

There is more positivity in your connection, and many arguments can be dissolved or turned in a healthy direction by simply using nicknames. Moreover, these are not only for couples; you can use nicknames to even flirt with people around you. It’s joyful, sparks a little intimacy, and makes the other person feel special. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can go around calling every individual “cutie” and not be insightful when assigning nicknames. The best flirty nicknames for boyfriend would come from either a shared beautiful experience or this list of 1500+ nicknames for boyfriends.

We’ve got some amazing nicknames for boyfriends in this mega list. Nicknames like:

  • Flirty Nicknames for boyfriend
  • Romantic Nicknames for boyfriend
  • Pet Names For lovers
  • Funny nicknames for boyfriend
  • Dirty nicknames for guys
  • Chocolate nicknames for boyfriend 
  • Sweet nicknames for boyfriends
  • Sexy nicknames for boyfriend and others

are all in this list. Go through it and choose the one for your hunny bunny!


Flirty Nicknames For Boyfriend

Are you a flirt? Do you like sweet talking with your boyfriend? If yes, these 700 flirty nicknames for boyfriend are just for you!

Go ahead and choose one:

1. Heart pleaser
— for the one that never fails to cherish your heart.

2. My boy
— it’s cute how guys like it when you call them your boy.

3. My big boy
— Add ‘big’ to it, and they’ll be happier.

4. My big muscle boy
— for our gym kings.

5. Mr. Bicep
— when they are so muscular they easily lift you up.

6. Fluffy toy
— for charismatic snugglers.

7. Brown bear
— when they are big, brown, and strong.

8. My heartbeat
— “Baby, you’re my heart beat.” Say this, and they will instantly melt inside. It’s one of the best flirty nicknames for boyfriend.

9. Cute panda
— nickname for dad-body boyfriends.

10. Chocolate muffin
— when they taste delicious.

11. Muscle man
— Guys like it when you compliment their physique.

12. My rockstar
— when he rocks your world.

13. Superstar
— for great performers.

14. Superman
— Do you like superheroes? Tell him he’s your superman.

15. Baby daddy
— When he’s your cutie, but also sexy.

16. Handsome
— compliments their looks

17. My prince charming
— call him your prince

18. Amore mio
— Italian word for ‘my love.’

19. Bad boy
— when he’s a baddy

20. Baddy

21. Romeo
— when his personality is so romantic, it makes you feel like Juliet.

22. Gorgeous
— a simple nickname for your beautiful boyfriend.

23. Beautiful
— when his looks make you fall for him again and again.

24. My Sunshine
— Does their presence light up your life? If yes, call them sunshine. It’s a great flirty nickname for boyfriend.

25. Sunshine
— because he shines so bright.

26. Cupid
— because he made you fall in love with him.

27. Hotness
— when there’s heat & warm feelings wherever they stand.

28. Captain
— when they give you leader vibes.

29. Honey
— this sounds like a nickname for husbands, and your boyfriend would love the feeling that he’s your man.

30. My love
— So simply romantic

31. Boss
— when he’s the dominant between you two.

32. My king
— This will really make him feel like a ruler.

33. Tiger
— flirty nickname for ferocious boyfriends.

34. Big wolf
— strong and extreme feelings in this nickname for boyfriends.

35. My precious
— for a boyfriend of great value.

36. Diamond
— Diamond is one of the most expensive and rare things in the world. Calling him ‘diamond’ will make him feel important and rare!

37. Wildy wild
— when every day with him is adventurous.

38. Handsome stud
— for stud boy boyfriends in college.

39. My partner in crime
— when you both go along extremely well.

40. Handsome hunk

41. My dream boy
— Was he your dream crush before you started dating? Call him this to show he’s the guy of your dreams.

42. Wonder boy
— when he admires and amazes you.

43. Heaven
— for angelic boyfriends

44. My chocolate syrup
— Calling him food-related nicknames will automatically put in an intimate vibe between you.

45. Hot shot
— nickname for hot boyfriends

46. Champ
— nickname for athletic boyfriends

47. My champion
— when he’s the only winner of your heart.

48. Iron man
— when he resembles the qualities of iron man.

49. Spicy guy
— when he regularly adds some spice & intimacy in your relationship.

50. Fireworks
— when he celebrates you every day.

51. My other half

nicknames for twin flame boyfriends 

52. My better half

— nicknames for soulmate boyfriends 

53. My soon to be
— for a boyfriend who is just made for you, and you have decided to marry him no matter what.

54. Cheesy meatball
— when you are a foodie, and want to give him foodie nicknames.

55. Big boy toy
— POV: you loved toys, but your boyfriend is the only one you play with now.

56. My hero

57. Big daddy
— guys like it when their girlfriend calls them ‘daddy.’ By adding ‘big,’ you are only gonna make it hotter.

58. Hot stuff
— when he regularly brings intimacy to the table.

59. Big booty boy
— when his booty is big just like yours.

60. Hot dude

61. Big beast
— nicknames for boyfriends who are athletic and tall.

62. My all rounder
— when he’s good at everything, and you’re proud of it.

63. Attention seeker
— when all he wants is your attention.

64. My hot charmer
— when he’s both hot and charming at the same time, which makes him irresistible.

65. Chief Daddy
— Does your boyfriend take charge of your amazing bond? Giving him ‘chief’ as a nickname means you trust your relationship in his hands.

66. Cowboy
— compliments his tough personality

67. Ecstasy king
— when he’s capable of showering you with immense happiness.

68. My throne’s emperor
— when you feel like you’re his queen.

69. Fox boy
— when he easily makes big decisions like a clever boy.

70. B-Man
— flirty nickname for big boyfriends

71. Hercules
— when your boyfriend’s body looks like a Greek god.

72. Brown bear
— when he’s fierce and strong like a bear.

73. Shining Knight
— when he walks towards you and looks like a well-built knight, call him your ‘shining knight.’

74. Shreky
— for boyfriends who love Shrek’s character.

75. Giant ape
— if he has long hair on his arms, tease him with this nickname.

76. Mr. True
— for boyfriends who are always correct in every situation.

77. Mr. Right
— for boyfriends who do everything right.

78. Mr. Naive
— when you got a dummy boyfriend.

79. Dum Dum
— when he’s a little stupid, but you like it.

80. Master
— this one may ignite a kink between you both.

81. Ultimate master
— for boyfriends who have achieved all skills in real life, and keep on gaining more!

82. Naughty man
— when his intimate actions turn you on.

83. Naughty boy
— for boyfriends who just began to show their wild side.

84. Oreo
— when you want to crunch, dip, and eat him (of course, hypothetically).

85. Pancake
— when he’s sweet in his way of talking.

86. Intimacy king
— when he can make your mind fill up with romance just by a single stare.

87. Intimate boy
— for boyfriends who are perfect at romance.

88. Popeye
— for boyfriends who are crazy and strong.

89. Stud
— flatter his ego by this flirty nickname for a boyfriend.

90. Lion
— for boyfriends with a lion personality.

91. Lover boy
— for boyfriends who are fluent at showing love and affection to you.

92. Sugar daddy
— when he spoils who regularly, and takes you out on many romantic dates.

93. Bae
— ‘before anyone else’

94. Lucky boy
— to show him he’s lucky to have you.

95. Snuggle tiger

96. Bubba

97. Cake
— flirty nickname for sweet boyfriends

98. Soccer boy
— for a boyfriend who dreams of being a successful soccer player.

99. Huggy
— when you can’t resist his soft and warm hugs.

100. BIG
— hip hop slang for heavy boyfriends.

101. Honey lips
— when kissing him feels smooth and sweet.

102. Sugar lips
— for boyfriends who are great kissers.

103. Sexy Bear

104. Fluffy cheeks
— when his cheeks are fluffy like buns.

105. Kiss partner
— when you love that you can kiss him every day.

106. American pie

107. Cuddle daddy
— when he’s the big spoon.

108. Bubbly butt
— when you love his fluffy booty.

109. Lovebug

110. Kiss Bug
— when he can’t stay sane without your kisses.

111. American Hero

112. Jjaksarang (Korean)
— meaning: secret crush

113. Commando
— flirty nickname for your military guy

114. Commander
— add it a little salute every time you call him by this flirty nickname.

115. Soldier boy
— when he’s so fit you can’t resist calling him a soldier.

116. Cucumber
— when he’s a slender looking man.

117. Kakarot
— A Dragon Ball Z (Anime series) character: the most loved one too! Guys know who he is, so your boyfriend will love this flirty nickname.

118. Goku
— Kakarot’s name on Earth.

119. Vegeta
— Gokus’s partner in crime & cause.

120. Krillin
— for your powerful short king.

121. Lord Beerus

122. Mi lord

123. The Alpha
— nickname for dominant male boyfriends.

124. Alpha Boy
— when he stands out in any crowd of boys.

125. Beasty
— when he’s calm on the outside, but hides a beast inside.

126. Dragon
— for a boyfriend who resembles a dragon personality.

126. Beast

127. Amazing man

128. Secret man
— when his cold look makes you fantasize things.

129. Secretary boy
— when he takes care of all your work and routines.

130. Personal Assistant
— when he works for you.

131. Partner
— since he’s your partner in this beautiful life journey.

132. Hulky
— for boyfriends who are huge like hulk.

133. My Husky
— for boyfriends who are as dramatic as Siberian Huskies.

134. Dawg
— hip hop slang

135. Mate
— short for ‘soulmate’

136. Homie
— slang nickname for ‘closed one’

137. Blossom
— when he makes you feel like you’re in the season of Spring.

138. Thunder
— for boyfriends who are aggressively sexy.

139. Cry baby
— call him this when he cries on small things in your lap.

140. Emotional baby
— a cute nickname for emotional boyfriends.

141. Tiny Baby
— when your boyfriend is shorter than you.

142. Spring
— when his touch feels like pink flower petals dropping on your cheek.

143. Autumn
— a very pretty season

144. Summer boy
— for boyfriends who like to be active when the sun’s out and bright.

145. Winter King
— when he keeps on trying to prove he doesn’t catch a cold.

146. Summer King
— for boyfriends who love Summer holidays a lot.

147. Chicken Nuggi
— for a fan of Chicken Nuggets

148. Nugget

149. Hell boy
150. Lucifer
— a Latin word for ‘morning star’

151. Zeus
— God of the sky

152. Poseidon
— God of the sea

153. Ares
— God of war

154. Apollo
— God of the sun, music and poetry

155. Hephaestus
— God of Fire

156. Fire Man

157. My Firefighter
— for boyfriends who have a weird obsession with fire.

158. Eros
— means ‘desire’ in Ancient Greek. You can call him this when you desire him the most.

159. Hades
— A Greek God

160. Yeobo
— means ‘honey’ in Korean

161. Jagi
— means ‘baby’ in Korean

162. Dream guy
— flirty nickname for the guy of your dreams.

163. Drop-dead hot
— for boyfriends who keep getting hotter.

164. My fun time
— when you have too much fun every time you are with him.

165. My sexy time
— when you feel sensual every time you’re near him.

166. Romance partner
— perfect nickname for your lover boy

167. Grizzly

168. Guapo

169. Indiana Jones
— for boyfriends who are adventurous and thrilling.

170. Jaguar
— when he pounces on you all the time.

171. Cheetah boy
— when he’s too fast

172. Flash
— A ‘Marvel’ comic character

173. Spider Man
— for boyfriends who love spider man movies.

174. Sweetheart
— when you love him so much.

175. My baby boo

176. Chocolatey boy
— for boyfriends who look dark and stunning.

177. Chocolate cookie
— a cute nickname for boyfriends.

178. Cute Monkey
— This nickname will make him jump like a monkey.

179. Cutie pie

180. Lil munchkin

181. My cheesecake
— when your favorite thing is cheesecake, but he wants to be your favorite thing.

182. Buttery boy
— for boyfriends who use too much butter when talking to you.

183. Sweet Sugar
— flirty nickname for sweet boyfriends.

184. Big Pumpkin
— for boyfriends who resemble pumpkins.

185. Watermelon
— when you want a nickname for your hydrating, sweet, and fresh boyfriend.

186. Watermelon Sugar
— based on a song by ‘Harry Styles’

187. Hunny

188. Hun
— short for ‘husband.’

189. Hunny bunny

190. Bunny
— when he hops a lot while walking.

191. Knee melter
— when your knees melt every time you’re in his arms.

192. Lover
— flirty nickname for boyfriends who love immensely.

193. Daisy
— cute nickname for innocent, childish, and simple boyfriends.

194. Joy
— for boyfriends who offer nothing less than joy.

195. Joey

196. Iris

197. Peaky Blinder
— when he looks dashing in a suit.

198. Mistletoe

199. Rose
— when he resembles the beauty of roses.

200. My rabbit

201. Peanut

202. Big Bee

203. My fluffy guy

204. Cookie Pookie

205. My pillow
— for boyfriends who always stay when you are feeling low.

206. My happiness

207. My joy

208. Strawberry
— when you want to name him after a delicious berry.

209. Blueberries

210. Jello

211. Juicy
— when he’s interestingly scandalous.

212. Orange Juice

213. Mango

214. Hazel eyes
— for boyfriends who have mesmerizing hazel eyes.

Pet names for lovers

215. Home
— for boyfriends who make you feel like you’re at home.

216. Blessing
— a flirty nickname for boyfriends who are nothing less than a blessing.

217. Blessed boy
— when he’s blessed with many skills.

218. My happy place

219. Ocean
— when you keep getting to know him more, and there seems no end to him.

220. Oceanic wave
— for robust boyfriends

221. Big whale

222. Sharky
— when he’s lethal (very accurate & skillful).

223. Lava boy
— for boyfriends who are hot as hell.

224. My shark

225. Seaside
— when he makes you feel like you’re at a windy sea shore.

225. Beach boy
— for boyfriends made for beaches.

226. Mr. Beach

227. Fit guy
— flirty nicknames for fit lovers.

228. Potato

229. My kid
— when he throws tantrums like you’re his mom.

230. Pikachu

231. My angel
— angel vibes

232. My lucky charm
— when you feel lucky to call him yours.

233. My fortune
— when he feels like a fortune.

234. Loved one
— when all the people around him love him.

235. Lovely guy

236. My strong pillar
— for boyfriends who got your back no matter what.

237. Support system
— when he supports you with everything.

238. Powerful man
— for powerful boyfriends

239. Mr. Robust

240. Calm boy
— use this if your boyfriend likes to be calm.

241. Lovey Dovey
— for affectionate boyfriends

242. Mentor

243. Boss
— when you work for him.

244. Sir
— call him ‘Sir’ to easily turn him on.

245. Sire

246. Teacher
— when he teaches you many things.

247. Head Master

248. Light
— for boyfriends who illuminate your life.

249. Lumberjack

250. Morning star
— when he wakes up early in the morning.

251. Evening star
— when he shines bright in your evening dates.

253. Sun
— when he’s your source of light and energy.

254. Mister cutie
— nickname for cute boyfriends

255. Mister sexy
— a flirty nickname for boyfriends who look sexy.

256. Mister ‘his surname’

257. Morning glory

258. Glorious boy
— magnificence or great beauty

259. Mustang

260. Mr. Biker
— Is your boyfriend a biker, and absolutely loves biking with his fellas? Call him ‘Mr. Biker’ to make him feel good.

261. Hot Youtuber
— for boyfriends who love using youtube.

262. Fitness Freak
— when he’s too concerned about his fitness.

263. Gym freak
— for boyfriends who skip everything, but never skip gym.

264. Jim guy
— ‘Jim’ is slang for Gym.

265. Papi
— Papi is a familiar term for “daddy” in Spanish.

266. Mr. Naughty

267. Officer

268. Perfect boy
— nickname for perfectionists

269. Star boy

270. Starfish

271. My falling star
— when he makes your wishes come true.

272. Prince
— when his dad’s rich

273. Mr. Correct
— for boyfriends who are correct at everything.

274. Mr. Officer

274. Rocket man

275. Rocky

276. Mountain climber
— when his life goal is mountaineering.

277. Mr. Everest
— when he can climb to the top of hills easily.

278. Fly guy
— for stylish boyfriends

279. Ghost rider
— when he rides his bike like the Ghost rider.

280. Ghosty

  1. Sexy Romeo 

when he’s a hopeless romantic for you.

282. Soldier

283. Spartan

284. Sexy beast
— flirty nickname for sexy boyfriends

285. Horse
— when he runs so fast he almost looks like a strong horse.

286. My puppy
— cute nickname for puppy boyfriends

287. Puppy eyes
— when he uses his puppy eyes to get things done because he’s well aware your heart melts looking at those eyes.

288. Cat boy
— for boyfriends who have cats as their pets.

289. Dog
— when there’s no major difference between your boyfriend and dog.

290. American King

291. Big Dawg

292. My closed one
— for the lover who has gotten very close to your heart.

293. Love Maker
— when he loses no chance of making love with you.

294. Kiss Expert
— when his lips move well in sync with your lips.

295. Kissy boy
— when he keeps coming close to your face to get a kiss.

296. Huggy bear
— when he pretends to be strong, but can’t take his arms off you.

297. Cuddly Monster
— for boyfriends who cuddle like a big bear.

298. Sexy Mister

299. Stallion

300. Muffin

301. Cream roll

302. Butter roll

303. My peanut butter

304. Daddy bear

305. Spicy noodler

306. Poodles

307. Bull

308. Make-out Partner
— Call him this to ignite another make-out session.

309. Sensual king
— for boyfriends who are kings at being sensual.

310. My sunrise
— when your days start with gazing at his cute sleepy face.

311. My sunset
— when your days end with feeling his pretty face on your lap.

312. My moonlight
— when your nights end in his arms with warm feelings.

313. Dusk

314. Dawn

315. Blue

316. Hazel

317. My hazelnut

318. Italy boy

319. Mr. Italian

320. French King

321. Bali

322. Tarzan

323. Foresty

324. My Cupcake

325. Choco cookies

326. Mithai

327. Rasmalai

328. Rasgulla

329. Zeus of Earth

330. Godly guy

331. Impress King

332. Butterfly

323. Squirrel

324. Pretty bird

325. Eagle

326. Premeshwar

327. Candy

328. Pretty sky

329. Space guy

330. Mr. Astronaut

331. Wolverine

332. Forest King

333. Mr. Wild

334. Wild-born

335. Crazy boy

336. Tower

337. Skyscraper

338. Tall boy

339. Mr. Tree

340. Butterscotch

341. Vanilla boy

342. Chocolatey man

343. Tooti Frooti guy

344. Godzilla

345. Chubs

346. Chubby dubby

345. Mr. Chubby cheeks

346. The mountain

347. John Cena

348. Undertaker

349. Bangy

350. Banger guy

351. The Rock

352. Eminemy

353. Brownie

354. Perfect eyes

355. Eye-contact king

356. Brown eyes

357. Bumpkin

358. Captain Forest

359. Captain Ocean

360. Captain Sky

361. Shy guy

362. Mister shy

363. Attractive boy

364. Attraction King

365. Chocolate cup

366. Brown

367. Yellow sun

368. My Golden Hour

369. Horizon

370. Rabbit Teeth

371. Crooked Teeth

372. Bunny Teeth

373. Bunny Ears

374. Hop Hop

375. Hopper

376. Clever Fox

377. Mister Clever

378. Brown Pastry

379. Bluish

380. Pink

381. Blushy

382. Cheek Blush

383. Pink Panther

384. Panther boy

385. Tanny

386. Mr. Sunkissed

387. Alpha male

388. Cadillac

389. Hawk

390. Hot shot

391. Mr. Hotness

392. Vegas

393. Mister Bullseye

394. Daddy Chief

395. Champ boy

396. Clowny

397. Comedy King

398. Mister. Comedian

399. Comedian Boy

400. Mr. Funny

401. Funny Guy

402. Fun boy

403. Mr. Hilarious

404. Joker

405. Joke Master

405. Sarcasm King

406. Sarcastic guy
407. Comedy Central

408. Mickey mouse

409. Pluto

410. Mousy

411. Rib Cracker

412. Mr. Seinfeld

413. Humor boy

414. Mister Humorous

415. Booga bear

416. Agapi Mou

417. Pyaara Ladka

418. Dream shot

419. Red carpet boy

420. Superstar

421. Mister Talent

422. My everything

423. My Goodluck

424. My Booboo

425. Baby Boo

426. Rummy

427. Richie Rich

428. Dollar Man

429. Mister Millionaire

430. Future Billionaire

431. Million Man

432. Billion Boy

433. Brilliant Boy

434. Blessed King

435. Country’s Future

436. Strange Boy

437. Dr. Strange

438. Blush Pink Lips

439. Bitsy

440. Best Boyfriend

441. Blood Link

442. Bruv

443. Goofy

444. Goofball

445. Main Chick

446. Bebé (Spanish)

447. Bombón (Spanish)

448. Papi Chulo

449. Mister Singer

450. Singing Star

451. Vocalist

452. My Precious

453. Preciousness

454. Endearment

455. Angelo

456. Cleopatra

457. Angioletto

458. Aashiq (Hindi)

459. Good Lookin’

460. Hot Bunny

461. Hottie Hottie

462. Super Stud

463. Super Boyfriend

464. Saiyaan

465. Sexy Thing

466. Drop-Dead Hilarious

467. Thriller

468. Charismatic Boy

469. Mr. Charisma

470. Charming guy

471. Mr. faithful

472. Faithful Boy

473. Tough Guy

474. Mr. Tough Body

475. Introvert Baby

476. Indoor Baby

477. Extrovert Baby

478. Social Boy

479. Mr. Influencer

480. Creative Man

481. Dramatic Baby

482. Drama Mama

483. Mr. Optimism

484. Mr. Positivity

485. Positive Guy

486. Super Duper Boy

487. Sincere guy

488. Sincerely Handsome

489. Mr. Honest

490. Truth Speaker

491. Professor

492. Prof. Sexy

493. Prof. Hotness

494. Fire Love

495. Hot Bod

496. Legend

497. Mr. Legendary

498. Titanic Guy

499. Captain Sea

500. Burrito

501. My Chicken Roll

502. Cannon

503. Johnny Cash

504. Centerpiece

505. Skilled One

506. Ace

507. Agent Love

508. Rocket man

509. Michael Jackson

510. Bomb Booty

511. Whiplash

512. Doctor Heart

513. Thor

514. Drill Sergeant

515. King

516. Scout

517. Hammer

518. Mi Cielo

518. Mi Vida

519. Amore

520. Snookums

521. Boy toy

522. Pooh Bear

523. Patootie

524. Pudding Pop

525. Power Ranger

526. Honey Bunch

527. Boo Bear

528. Mister Boo

529. Ghost Man

530. Heart Slayer

531. Slayer Man

532. Red Chili

533. Chili Flakes

534. Mayonnaise

535. My Ketchup

536. White Panda

537. Dumb Panda

538. Mr. Lazy

539. Laziness King

540. Lazy Boy

541. Spicy Sauce

542. Slam Dunker

543. Diamondy

544. Glittery

546. Cash Boy

547. My Gem

548. Twinkle Star

549. Little Star

550. Jupiter

551. Diamond Guy

552. Once-in-a-lifetime Man

553. Pretty Star

554. Stiletto

555. Doc

556. Agent Boyfriend

557. Desert Blossom

558. Bluebird

559. Tulip Boy

560. Sweet Petal

561. Rosey

562. Baby Boy

563. Lovebird

564. Naughty Beasty

565. Trouble boy

566. Master Trouble

567. Volcano

568. Baddy Daddy

569. God of Hotness

570. King Kong

571. Lion Soul

572. Smoking Hot

573. Mister Fly

574. Bullet

575. Gun Man

576. Big Spoon

578. Big Mac

579. Hurricane

580. Stormie

581. Storm King

582. My Giant Boy

583. Lover Boy

584. Mr. Sharp Brain

585. Luscious Lips

586. Ladies Man

587. Ladies Favorite

588. Mr. Popular

589. Famous Guy

590. Mister Adventurous

591. Thriller Killer

592. Thrill Soul

593. Mr. Untamed

594. Untameable Beast

595. Muscleman

596. Daredevil

597. Mr. Strong Guts

598. Dare King

599. Outlaw

600. Maestro

601. Dominant Male

602. My Heart’s lord

603. Super Fly

604. Bubblegum

605. Bubbles

606. Bubby Boy

607. Chocolate Bar

608. Dimples

609. Mr. Dimple Cheeks

610. Pookie

611. Tootsie

612. Babylicious

613. Kink Master

614. Flirt

615. Gummy Bear

616. Luv

617. Fruity Man

618. Money Muffins

619. Baby Husky

620. Boogie Woogie

621. Breezy

622. Doodle

623. Sea Sailor

624. Ocean Master

625. Master Flirt

626. My Man

627. Sailor

628. My Hun

629. Squishy Butt

630. Papa Bear

631. Schmoopy

632. My Eye’s Angel

633. Dumpling

634. Carrot

635. Snuggle Muggle

636. Wonder man

637. Papito

638. Ducky Duck

639. Major

640. Smooth Kisser

641. Item Bomb

642. Robin Hood

643. Peter Parker

644. Wonder boy

645. Beau

646. Pickle

647. Charm Master

648. Jaan (Hindi)

649. Monsieur

650. My Other Half

651. Mr. Huge

652. Dino

653. Chipmunk

654. Heart Throbber

655. Love Robber

656. Heartbreaker

657. Meatball

658. Spaghetti

659. Apple

660. Buzzy

661. Busy man

662. Winkie

663. Mi Alma (Spanish)

664. Mi Rey (Spanish)

665. Yummy Boy

666. Ice Cream

667. Mr. Ambitious

668. Ambitious Guy

669. Successor

670. Motivated Man

671. My love Motivation

672. Adorable Bear

673. Oreo Biscuit

674. Smarty

675. Smart Boy

676. Mr. Brain

677. Brilliant Brain

678. My Amusement

679. Amusing Boyfriend

680. Sigma Male

681. Different Boy

682. Mr. Unique

683. Dynamic Man

684. Rule Breaker

685. Unique Boy

686. Bright Boyfriend

687. My reflection

688. Soul Pleaser

689. Women Favorite

690. Broad-minded Guy

691. Big Money

692. Clever Man

693. Kooky

694. Cheerful Man

695. Loyal Boy

696. Mr. Loyalty

697. Doctor Gentle

698. Personal Doctor

699. Personal lover

700. Hopeless Romantic


Romantic Nicknames For Boyfriend

Romantic nicknames for boyfriend

No matter how old the relationship is, the romance should never die! These 300 romantic nicknames for boyfriend will keep the spark alive and show your boyfriend just how much you adore and admire him!

1. Poodly
— a romantic endearment nickname for an extra-cute boyfriend.

2. Poodles
— Boyfriends who are extra cheesy and cuddly babies.

3. Poodle-doodle
— For boyfriends who snuggle like poodles.

4. Oppa
— A sweet Korean word for protective boyfriend.

5. My tutti frutti
— for boyfriends who are vibrant, sweet, fruity, and pretty.

6. My life
— If you love them more than anyone in your life.

7. My oxygen
— When it’s difficult to breathe without them.

8. My light
— When they brighten your day and night.

9. My heart
— When your heart beats for them.

10. My soul
— When you are soulmates and cannot be separated.

12. My BFF
— For boyfriends who are also your best friends.

13. Partner in crime
— When they are as crazy as you are and are always ready for mischievous fun.

14. My Popeye
— When he’s strong and protective towards you.

15. Mr. Grumpy
— When he gets mad too often but is cute with an angry pout.

16. Mr. Sherlock
— For your intelligent boyfriend. This nickname is sure to boost your boyfie’s confidence.

17. Mr. I know it all
— When he has all the answers to your queries and is notoriously smart.

18. Rainbow
— When he feels like rain, meadows, and sunshine

19. My rain
— Soft like feathers yet fierce like a storm.

20. Mr. Stormi
— When he’s ready to fight the world for you.

21. Hottie
— When you cannot resist his chiseled face and muscles.

22. Faerie
— When he’s beautiful and magical.

23. Tricky wizard
— When he doesn’t let you stay angry at him for long with his cute tricks, like puppy eyes, pouts, sweet talks.

24. Wild cat
— Boyfriends who are cunning and smart.

25. Pumpkin
— When you want to squash him.

26. My Doraemon
— Boyfriends who fulfill all your wishes without ever being told of any.

27. Richie Rich
— When your boyfriend earns and spends a good fortune on himself, you, and on the future together.

28. Pooh
— for big cuties

29. My sunflower
— Boys have an earthy and delicate aura, too! For pretty and sweet boyfriends.

30. Mr. smart pants
— When he’s too smart and resolves issues without any harsh fights.

31. Boyfie
— When you are proud to have him as your boyfriend and don’t mind accepting him in the public as your boyfriend.

32. Greek God
— For boyfriends with unworldly beauty and essence.

33. Sweet talker
— When you cannot stay mad at him for longer because he’s ways with words.

34. My future husband
— Show him your commitment and sincerity with this nickname.

35. Apple of my eye
— Your favorite human being on earth

36. Mi amor
— My love but in Spanish. They say words of endearment sound more romantic when in a foreign language. So, don’t hold yourself back.

37. Amore mio
— They say Italian words are the way to the heart. Amore mio is ‘my love’ in Italian.

38. Lover boy
— When he loves and cherishes you profoundly.

39. My passion
— You both share passionate love for each other. The passion between the two of you never dies.

40. Paixao
—Paixao is a Portuguese word that roughly translates to Passion.

41. Candy eyes
— His eyes glitter and carry softness.

42. Habib albi
— It means the love of my heart in Arabic. Arabic is the language of love and passion.

43. Ya hayati
— Another beautiful Arabic endearment meaning ‘my life.’

44. My moon
— When he’s pretty and glows like the moon. He’s also your ‘one and only!’

45. My star
— His personality glitters and is a rare beauty.

46. Starry night
— His essence and aura is serene like the starry night.

47. Darling
— The one most dear to you.

48. Spicy
— He is sexy and savage.

49. Chili
— He holds a fire within himself and sparks undyingly.

50. Sweet corn
— Sweet and delicious.

51. My hubby-to-be
— Boyfriends who are committed love it when their girlfriends call them husbands.

52. Beloved
— Your one and only dearly loved.

53. Treasure
— When he’s the most beautiful treasure of your life.

54. Mai kara
— It’s another beautiful foreign nickname for your boyfriend. Mai kara means ‘my dear’ in Esperanto language.

55. Sweet pudding
— He’s sweet and gives soft kisses.

56. Mon amour
— It means ‘my love’ in French.

57. Ma cherie
— In French, ma cherie means ‘my dear’ and also roughly translates to ‘my cherry.’

58. Perle
— A German endearment word for ‘pearl.’ Men deserve romantic words, too!

59. Ke aloha
— This one’s my favorite Hawaiian word, meaning ‘beloved.’ Your husband will blush away the night listening to it.

60. Beb
— Why say babe in English, when you can say Beb in Indonesian Terms.

61. Frajolina
— It’s an Italian word of endearment meaning ‘my little strawberry.’

62. Stella
— Stella is short for Stellina meaning star. The word has Italian origin.

63. Anata
— It means ‘you’ In Japanese. Now, the word ‘you’ may sound mediocre, but it actually holds deep meaning in Japan. Japanese only use ‘you’ when they truly love someone. It’s a rarity.

64. Ae-in
— The Korean language is already as romantic as it can get. The word means ‘sweetheart’. The pronunciation is too sweet.

65. Yaebo
— Yaebo is used by married couples and means darling/honey in Korean.

66. My spark
— When he motivates you to be better.

66. Misio
— It means teddy bear in Polish language.

67. Nae sarang
— It means ‘my love’ In Korean.

68. Amigao
— When your boyfriend is also your best friend. Amigao means big friend in Portuguese.

69. Querida
— Another cute Portuguese nickname for boyfriends meaning ‘dear.’

70. Carino
— Why call your partner Darling and make it sound boring, when you can call them Carino (Spanish word for Darling)

71. Cielo
— It means sky in Spanish and is a word full of depth. It means someone who is infinite and never ending.

72. Aayat
— It means the verses of a holy book (Quran). Aayat comes from Arabic origin.

73. Rooh
— It means soul and life and has Arabic origin.

74. Hasrat
— Hasrat is a Hindi and Urdu word and it means desire.

75. Raabta
— It’s an urdu word with Arabic origin and means connection.

76. Mohabbat
— The love of your life, someone who is important.

77. My desire
— The one you crave and wish for.

78. My elixir
— My healing, magical potion.

78. Ethereal
— Someone who’s personality, beauty, and aura is heavenly and pure.

80. Serene soul
— It’s a perfect nickname for someone who brings peace in your life.

81. Little bunny
— When they are cute and make your heart bounce with their cuteness.

82. Bambie
— Someone special who looks innocent and has doe eyes.

83. Pretty

84. My bebo
— Why baby when you can call them my bebo.

85. Babylicious
— When your boyfriend is too hot and sexy to handle.

86. Babu
— Babu is a cute endearment for Baby/Babe.

87. My knight
— When your boyfriend takes care of you and always has your back.

88. Kimchi
— Kimchi is a Korean dish name but given its pronunciation, people also use it as a nickname. Kimchi is perfect for boyfriends who have a spicy personality.

89. My cookoo
— a cute and melodious bird.

90. Cocoa
— For someone who tastes and smells like chocolate and coffee.

91. Haseen
— Beautiful.

92. Ajeez
— Someone special and important to you romantically.

93. My special someone

94. Casanova
— When your boyfriend wins your heart every time with his dreamy eyes.

95. Feisty
— When he’s ready for all the adventures and sexy fights.

96. Dearie
— A cute slang for the word dear.

97. Sweet pea pea
— Like the pea, this nickname is perfect for boyfriends who are sweet and gentle.

98. Robinhood
— For boyfriends who inherit heroic charisma

99. Rockstar
— When he sings for you.

100. Mr. Bond
— It’s perfect for a boyfriend with sass and strength.

101. My Genie
— When he cares for your dreams and helps them bring them to reality.

102. Foxy
— Animalistic in bed and in nature with raw emotions.

103. Top-notch
— When he’s good at everything and gives in his 100%.

104. Baby bubble
— It’s perfect if your boyfriend is a big cuddle baby.

105. Cherry
— Sweet and tangy.

106. Chi chi
— Chi chi has multiple origins with different meanings. People use it as a nickname given its cute pronunciation. Chichi means God (In african language), pretty, bosom, etc.

107. My boo
— Boo is sweet slang for a boyfriend.

108. Gangster
— When he’s fierce and strong.

109. My dawg
— It’s another slang for ‘my man, buddy, dude, boy.’

110. Pervy
— When he rises crazy sex bars in the bedroom. (he’s flirty and sensual with you and not everybody.)

111. Naughty Morty
— It’s perfect for boyfriends who love to tease and rile you up! They are mischievous in nature.

112. Gay Bae
— Bae translates to ‘before anyone else’, baby, or boyfriend/girlfriend. Gay bae is perfect beteen gay couples.

113. Homie
— When he’s your partner in crime and always looks after you. He is your boyfriend but also your friend. You both belong to the same fam-gang.

114. My bruh
— When he’s your boyfriend but also in the same friend circle. Bruh is slang for ‘my brother/man.’

115. My everything
— Your day starts with them and ends with them.

116. My universe
— Your love for them is above everything.

117. My crazy freak
— When he’s just as crazy and freaky as you are.

118. Killer Smile
— When he kills you every time with his smile.

119. Kickass
— For Fearless boyfriend.

120. Day Maker
— He’s your happy home.

121. Mine.
— You know you both belong to each other and aren’t afraid to accept it.

122. My boyfriend
— Cut to the chase and direct! This nickname owns the label.

123. Mon prince
— my prince charming

124. My main
— When he is your priority.

125. Rider
— Sensual and driven.

126. Papi
— an affectionate endearment in Spanish for man.

127. Oreo
— Sweet and crunchy.

128. Cheero
— Cheero/cheerio is often used as a nickname because of its cute pronunciation.

129. Nugget
— Your favorite human.

130. Peachy
— When he blushes like a peach and is cute-shy.

131. My hercules
— Strong and sexy boyfie

132. Darlo
— It’s short for darling.

133. Shawty
— It’s cute slang for short/shorty— it’s even more perfect to use on your tall boyfriend.

134. Sugar
— Sweet and caring.

135. Cookie
— When your boyfriend has an intoxicating personality.

136. Mau Mau
— Perfect for boyfriends with cat-eyes.

137. Snow white
— When he’s fair and gentle. Please note; men are gentle, delicate, and soft, too. Not every nickname needs to be strong. Support feminine masculinity.

138. Snowflake
— When he’s perfect!

139. Mammi
— Unisex slang and is perfect for caring boyfriends.

140. Maggie
— For someone with curly hair and spontaneous personality.

141. Drama queen
— When he loves to be dramatic.

142. Tangy

143. Tarzan

144. Moxie
— A person of powerful character and attributes.

145. Sillage
— When he smells good.

146. Starlit
— Bestowed with the energy of stars.

147. Florence
— When he smells like a meadow and field of flowers.

150. Baby lips
— When you love your boyfriend’s soft lips and cannot stop kissing them.

Flirty nicknames for boyfriend

151. Bad Boy
— When your boyfriend is charismatic and has a tough personality.

152. My muse
— His smile brings the creativity out of you.

155. Fluffy
— When you want to squish and cuddle him all day long.

156. Modest Boy

157. Modern Guy

158. Wise Man

159. Wisey

160. Mr. Wisest

161. Luckiest Man

162. Gentle Man

163. Mr. Gentle

164. Warm Hearted

165. Mister Versatile

166. Upbeat Boy

167. Hip Hop Boy

168. Friendly Man

169. Mr. Rare Personality

170. Quick Witted Boy

171. Quickie

172. Quick Boy

173. Reliable Man

174. Confident Man

175. Confidence King

176. Loving Boy

177. Generous Man

178. Compassionate Friend

179. Frank Tank

180. Mr. Joy

181. Cheerful Man

182. Good Man

183. Goody Woody

184. Mister Discipline

185. Idol

186. Affable Man

187. Indecisive guy

188. Master Roshi

189. Turtle boy

190. Island King

191. Silly Boy

192. Silly Willy

193. Diligent boy

194. Patience King

195. Mr. Discreet

196. Dynamo

197. Mr. Amuse

198. Easy-going guy

199. Easy Peasy

200. Bravey

201. Brave Boy

202. Mr. Courageous

203. Mr. Bravery

204. Bright Moon

205. Night Moon

206. Chanda (Hindi)

207. Taara (Hindi)

208. Aboki

209. Enthusiastic Man

210. Intellectual Man

211. Polite Guy

212. Tidy Guy

213. Mr. Enthusiasm

214. Mister Intelligence

215. Popular Hunk

216. Efficiency King

217. Energy

218. Energetic Toddler

219. Toddler

220. My Baby boy

221. Empathy King

222. Mister Famous

223. Power Guy

224. Joy Boy

225. Trustworthy Guy

226. Talkative Boy

227. Mr. Speak-a-lot

228. Care Bear

229. Chatty

230. Chat Brat

231. Kooky

232. Fearless Guy

233. Mr. No-fear

234. Kind King

235. Mr. Quietness

236. Quiet Beast

237. Mr. Silence

238. Mr. Action

239. Action King

240. Effort King

241. Intuitive Guy

242. Mr. Intuition

243. Master Prediction

244. Master Daddy

245. Master Joy

246. Innovative Guy

247. Mr. Innovation

248. Rational Boy

249. Mr. Straight forward

250. Romance Master

251. Communicator

252. Witty Man

253. Resourceful guy

254. Cocky Boy

255. Chucky

256. Broad Chest

257. Clean Cut

258. CJ

259. JJ

260. BIG

261. Dash King

262. Surfer Boy

263. Skatey

264. Skateboard King

265. Wild Skater

266. Dapper

267. Wild Side

268. Gamer

269. Fast Pacer

270. Fast Runner

271. Mr. Athlete

272. Runner Boy

273. Sharpy

274. Sharp Minded

275. Dash Bash

276. My Short King

277. Shorty

278. Short Dude

279. Minion

280. My Tiny Miny

281. Tan Man

282. Studly

283. Mr. Passive Aggressive

284. Mister Aggressive

285. Angry Man

286. Gabbar

287. Jawaan

288. Humble Fumble

289. Assertive Man

290. Arrogant Boy

291. Player boy

292. Mister Player

293. Protective Boyfriend

294. Power Dragon

295. Toughy

296. Dependable

297. Self aware man

298. Action hero

299. Bread Winner

300. Jockey


Pet Names For Lovers

Pet names for lovers are no doubt the best way to show your affection for your boyfriend in an endearing way. They are adorable, cute, and make your lover feel special!

Here are 220 pet names for lovers:

1. Tin Tin
— cute pet name for lovers

2. Tony

3. Kaaya
— for a cute boyfriend with a dark personality.

4. Snow
— for boyfriends who adore snowy weather.

5. Zoey

6. Snowy
— for snow weather lovers

7. Fur Ball

8. Pogo
— cute nickname for dog lovers

9. Gogo

10. Dobby

11. Sugar Plum

12. Baby Love

13. Sweet Cupcake
— when he doesn’t stop being cute.

14. Muffin Cup
— foodie pet name for boyfriend

15. McDreamy

16. Buff Buns

17. Mr. Sweetheart
— when he never misses a chance to show affection.

18. Sugar Pot

19. Honey Shot
— when being with him feels like taking a shot of honey.

20. Tequila
— nickname for boyfriends who love Tequila.

21. Dreamy boy
— for boyfriends who dream too many majestic dreams.

22. Precious Lover
— when he loves you like the most precious thing.

23. Pure Sunshine
— when being with him feels sunny and bliss.

24. Armor Knight
— for overprotective boyfriends

25. Prince Charismatic
— when his charming charisma got you.

26. Divine Boyfriend
— nickname for divine boyfriends

27. Heartstopper
— for boyfriends who make your heart skip a beat.

28. Rose bud
— for lovers who smell like Rose.

29. Rose Petal

30. My Jewel

31. Jewelry Boy
— for a boyfriend who slays in all kinds of jewelry.

32. Jade

33. Emerald
— when he’s nothing less than a precious diamond.

34. Snowflake

35. Tiny Heart
— when he’s your heart, but also tiny in size.

36. Heartmate
— for boyfriends who are your heart’s exclusive partner.

37. Soulful Boyfriend
— cute nickname for soul-connected boyfriends.

38. Nature Lover
— when he’s a lover of nature

39. Chica

40. Red Cheeks
— for boyfriends who blush all the time.

41. Glowy Eyes
— for boyfriends who have a different glow in their eyes.

42. Shiny Eyes
— when his eyes shine every time he looks at you.

43. Cookie Kiss

44. BF Buddy
— for boyfriends who are also your best friend.

45. Feather
— cute nickname for delicate boyfriends.

Sweet nicknames for boyfriend

46. High Sky
— when your boyfriend’s limit is the high sky.

47. Sweet Smell
— sweet nickname for sweet smelling boyfriends. A soothing fragrance is one of the best qualities a man can have. So, if your boyfriend smells like roses and daisies, call him by this cute nickname.

48. Cuddly Buddy
— is he a pro at cuddling with you? Call him ‘cuddly buddy’ each time he big spoons you in bed.

49. Mr. Cozy Arms
— for boyfriends who give cozy and warm hugs.

50. Hugs Bugs
— pet name for hug experts

51. Snookums

52. Honey Badger

53. WonderLand

54. Popsicle

55. Tater Tot

56. Snack
— slang compliment used by teens to describe someone looking good at that moment.

57. Snacky
— for your snack boyfriend

58. Tasty Snack

59. Peachy boy

60. Peach Plums

61. Fluffy Peach
— when his buns have gotten fluffy from all that gymming.

62. Angel wing
— sweet nickname for your angelic boyfriend who can make you feel like flying in the pretty sky.

63. Devil
— for devil-ish boyfriends

64. Devil Daddy
— ‘Daddy’ is one nickname that can turn on any man. Add ‘devil’ to it and there will only be intimate vibes in the room.

65. Sunray
— when he’s as pretty as the sun’s first warm rays.

66. Sun beams

67. Hot Like Sun
— cute nickname to call your hot boyfriend

68. Major man
— for quality boyfriends who major in everything they do. Call your overachiever ‘major man’ to improve his confidence and flatter his ego.

69. My priority
— when he’s your ‘before anyone else.’

70. Juliet’s Romeo
— this nickname is for boyfriends who are handsome, intelligent, and sensitive. Moreover, you are giving yourself the nickname ‘Juliet’ when calling him by this pet name for lovers.

71. Viking
— for adventurer and ruler boyfriends

72. Casanova
— when he’s a big flirt as well as a ladies favorite.

73. The Ultimate Flirt
— for boyfriends who excel at flirting and their each pick up line drives you crazy.

74. Good looking guy
— a sweet nickname for boyfriends with good looks and style.

75. Studdy
— for stud boyfriends

76. Hubby
— for boyfriends who you are planning to marry. Calling them ‘hubby’ will actually make them feel like your husband!

77. Hub Hub
— for husband boyfriends

78. Mr. Husband
— when he’s proud to be your soon-to-be husband.

79. Life Partner
— for boyfriends who never leave your side and support you at every part of your life’s journey. These boyfriends are meant to be appreciated and celebrated, and the simplest way to do it is calling them your ‘life partner.’

80. Cozy Rozey
— when he gives you cozy and rozey vibes.

81. Sunflower
— for boyfriends who are beautiful like sunflowers and bloom when the sun is out!

82. Green Man
— for greenery lovers out there

83. Cat beau

84. Blush baby
— cute nickname for boyfriends who blush a lot.

85. Ladies Winner
— Do all the ladies around you love your champ and appreciate how good he is? Call him ‘Ladies Winner’ to boost his confidence!

86. Ladies Champ

87. World Champion
— when he wants to be a world champion.

88. Sexy Boxer
— Does your boyfriend like to do boxing? Call him ‘Sexy Boxer’ each time he’s pouncing in the ring like an animal!

89. Strong Baby
— for your strong, cute boyfriend
90. Boxer Boy

91. Heart Rush
— when his one sexy stare makes your heart rush a thousand times faster.

92. Rushy

93. Macho Man
— nickname for all sexy boyfriends out there

94. Herostar

95. Kratos
— a wild character from the ‘God of War’ video game almost all boys have played in childhood.

96. Atom

97. Atom Bomb
— for boyfriends possessing violent explosive power inside them.

98. Nuclear Boy

99. Famous Champion

100. Frost

101. Yum
— pet name for yummy lovers

102. Tea Cup
— when your favorite beverage is tea; you call him ‘tea cup.’

103. Coffee Cup
— for boyfriends who are as good as a cup of coffee in the morning.

104. Toffee
— for all toffee lovers out there

105. Sour Candy

106. Nuts

107. Nibbles

108. Longbottom
— when he has long legs, and you want to give him a nickname based on his slender bottom.

109. Jumper
— for boyfriends who jump even on small exciting things.

110. Parkour Boy
— when he regularly shows off his parkour skills.

111. Darist
— for boyfriends who dare to do the scariest activities.

112. Skippy

113. Caramel Guy
— when his sweet words caramelize your ears.

114. My morning coffee
— call your boyfriend by this nickname if you cannot live without your morning coffee. This shows that you need him just as much as your morning caffeine dose.

115. My Black Coffee

116. My energy source
— when you get all your positive energy from him.

117. Energetic Machine
— for boyfriends who never get tired and are up for doing anything you ask them to.

118. Muscle machine
— cute nickname for muscular boyfriends

119. Dumbbell Boy
— for boyfriends who love talking about the weight of dumbbells they are lifting in the gym.

Chocolate nicknames for boyfriend


120. Tough Bicep
— when his bicep is big and tough

121. Strong Arms

122. Cozy Hugs

123. Cuddle Muddle

124. Beanie

124. Mr. Bean

125. Bean Boy

126. Master Fun

127. Duckling

128. Mr. Long Pants

129. Skinny Baby

130. Shredded Man

131. Protein Boy

132. Sexy Star

133. Adam

134. Aayat

135. Lifeboat

136. Police Officer

137. My Heart’s Sheriff

138. Town Boy

139. Big Town Man

140. Village Guy

141. Desi Lover

142. Kalakaar

143. Desi Kalakaar

144. Yaar

145. Baker Boy

146. Dream Cream

147. Creamy

148. Butterscotch Boy

149. Berry

150. Blueberry

151. Berry Boo

152. Cherry Blossom

153. Red Cherry

154. Cherry cake

155. Gummy Bear

156. Boomer

157. Chewbacca

158. My chewing gum

159. Slayer

160. Heart Slayer

161. Marshmallow

162. Mellow Boy

163. Roadster

164. Traveler

165. Momos

166. Pepper Boy

167. Heart Ruler

168. Batman

169. City Boy

180. LA Guy

181. Hood Boy

182. Brave heart

183. Brave head

184. Harry Potter

185. Love Magician

186. Mr. Magic

187. Magic Wand

188. Mon Ange (French)

189. Bebetom (Turkish)

190. Ke Aloha (Hawaiian)

191. He-Man

192. Teddy Bear

193. Cuddle Teddy

194. Hot Shorts

195. Amorzinho (Portuguese)

196. Corazon

197. Num Numbs

198. Jellybean

199. Jellyfish

200. Mr. Current

201. Electric Boy

202. Spark

203. Mister Sparky

204. Cracker

205. Festive Boy

206. Star Wars Guy

207. Rookie

208. Noob

209. Newbie Baby

210. Goofy Doofy

211. Creamy Baby

212. Drogo

213. Throne Man

214. King of the North

215. Entrepreneur Baby

216. Selfish Lover

217. Duke

218. Bossy

219. Monsieur

220. Wolfy


Funny Nicknames For Boyfriend

If you are tired of generic nicknames like ‘baby,’ ‘bae,’ and ‘babe,’ and want to give your love partner a fun nickname, this list is your best chance. Here are 100 funny nicknames for boyfriend that he’ll love for sure:

1. Bamboo Guy
— for boyfriends who are way more taller than you.

2. Mr. Weirdo
— when he keeps on repeating his fun and weird behavior no matter what the world thinks.

3. Forest Ape
— when he loves to swing anywhere he can put his hands and hang.

4. Wildness
— for boyfriends who appreciate and embrace the wildness within them.

5. Lover Clown
— when he’s a clown, but also your lover.

6. Fantasy Boy
— for boyfriends with too many fantasies.

7. Fun Ride
— when you have lots of fun with him even when visiting the most simplistic place.

8. Joy Ride
— this nickname is for boyfriends who give you joy no matter where they take you on a date. With this guy, you don’t have worries or limits, you are just in for a joy ride!

9. Papaya
— fruity nickname for fruity lovers

10. Secret Pants

11. Kawaii
— Japanese term for ‘cute’ and ‘lovable’

12. Hawaiian Joker

13. Pandu
— for boyfriends who resemble pandas in laziness and dumbness.

14. Bon Bon

15. Maggie
— when his favorite fast food is Maggie

16. Chicken Noodle Soup

17. Bangtan Boy
— for boyfriends who are huge fans of BTS (Bangtan Boys).

18. Don Juan

19. American Don
— give him a hot vibe by calling him a don.

20. Mafia
— a sexy nickname for dangerous-looking boyfriends.

21. Nemo
— when he disappears a lot and you keep on finding him (based on the movie ‘Finding Nemo’).

22. Wookie

23. Hairy Fairy
— for angelic boyfriends who have dense hair on their body.

24. Hairy Boy
— when you can literally shake hands with hair on his arms.

25. Pineapple Express
— for boyfriends who love getting high.

26. Love Guide
— when he’s a problem solver who fixes any argument or fights with his love guidance.

27. Mr. Don
— sexy nickname to flatter his ego

28. Mister Gangster
— when he looks like a gangster, and it’s a lowkey turn-on.

29. Boogey Man
— for boyfriends who are into wrestling, and their favorite fighter is Boogeyman.

30. Wiggle
— for boyfriends who wiggle a lot when walking.

31. Jiggle

32. Stand-up comedian
— when he has too many funny stories to tell, and you are just sitting on bed and laughing out loud at each one of them.

33. Fun Hun
— ‘fun’ is for joy, and ‘hun’ is for honey.

34. Scooby Dooby
— when he resembles the dog character from the famous cartoon Scooby Dooby Doo.

35. Mr. Scooby

36. Aladdin
— when every day with him is raw, thrilling and vibrant.

37. Baby Yoda
— for boyfriends who look as cute and innocent as Baby Yoda.

38. Love Muggler
— when he mugged your heart and stole all the love for himself.

39. Mugloo
— when you are a Harry Potter fan and he doesn’t even like the idea of watching HP movies. ‘Mugloo’ is a term for non-magicians or magic-dislikers in Harry Potter.

40. Duckling
— when he keeps quacking like a duckling.

41. Nestle
— name him after your favorite chocolate brand.

42. Wrestler Boy
— when he finds no one to wrestle with, so he grabs you and throws you around in bed.

43. Carl

44. Elite Comedian
— when you spend most of your time with him laughing out loud.

45. Food Monster
— cute nickname for boyfriends who like eating everything in sight.

46. Hungry Baby
— when he pouts in front of you so you make him something to eat.

47. Hippo

48. Snickers

49. Delicious Snack
— when he looks nothing less than a delicious, tasty snack.

50. Waffle

51. Pretty Weather
— for boyfriends who remind you of all the prettiest weathers you have experienced till date.

52. Cosmos
— a meaningful nickname for cosmic boyfriends.

53. Mr. Comic
— when he loves reading comics and regularly tells you about his favorite books and characters.

54. Cartoon
— for adult boyfriends who still watch cartoons like a 6-year old.

55. Nickelodeon
— when his favorite TV channel is Nickelodeon.

56. Baby Joker
— pet name for joker boyfriends

57. Jujube

59. Heart Dealer
— for the loved one who made the deal with your heart.

60. Sweet Chili
— when he’s sweet and spicy at the same time.

61. Big Fun
— for boyfriends who never miss a chance to offer big fun.

62. Master Boyfriend
— flatter his boy ego by calling him this.

63. Maple Syrup

64. Sweet Sugar

65. Vanilla Cookie

66. Frooti

67. Mango Juice

68. Daddy Yankee

69. Home Runner
— for boyfriends who are great at playing Baseball.

70. Big Papi

71. Mr. Arnold
— for a heavily-built boyfriend who loves Arnold Schwarzenegger.

72. Wicket Out
— when he’s pursuing a career in cricket but gets a wicket out a lot.

73. Flipper
— when he does amazing flips.

74. Einstein Boy
— pet name for science lovers

75. Scientist

76. Mr. Rocky
— for boyfriends who are rock-like tough.

77. Bookworm Baby
— pet name for reader boyfriends. Call him by this nickname every time he’s reading a book!

78. Science Guy

79. History Man
— for boyfriends who have great interest in historical timelines and pristine things.

80. Elon Musk
— for innovative boyfriends who consider Elon Musk as their idol.

81. Giggle
— when he giggles a lot every time you’re around.

82. Pintos

83. Mr. Google
— when you do not Google anymore because your boy got answers to all your questions.

84. Cute Paws
— when he has cute feet.

85. Mr. Stand Up Comedy

86. Timepass Boy
— when his favorite hobby is wasting time.

87. Time Passer
— when time passes by a lot faster with him.

88. Time Waster

89. Waste Baby
— when he does nothing productive in his day but he’s still your baby at the end of the day.

90. Bagheera

91. Menthol Boy

92. Constellation Man
— when he knows about all different constellations and teaches you about the same when laying under the stars.

93. Dancer Boy
— for boyfriends who dance like they are floating in the sky.

93. Prof. Funny
— for boyfriends who have done PhD at being funny.

94. Husband Material
— pet name for boyfriends who possess all the qualities of a good husband.

95. Thirst Trap
— when he’s so sexy, it makes you thirsty.

96. Achiever Boy
— when he achieves great results in his life.

97. Sniper Master
— for boyfriends who love sniping video games.

98. Kung Fu Panda
— when he’s chubby, cute, and a warrior like Kung Fu Panda.

99. Ben 10
— pet name for childish boyfriends

100. Nobita


Dirty Nicknames For Guys

Sexy nicknames for boyfriend

Do you want to add some intimacy and sensual vibes to your relationship? If you wish to take your connection to a sensual level and increase the intimacy between you, try these 100 dirty nicknames for guys. They will come in handy if you you desire sexy nicknames for boyfriend that are super hot.

1. Daddy
— one of the most loved dirty nicknames for guys.

2. Master
— another way to ignite intimacy in your relationship is by calling your boyfriend ‘master.’

3. Professor
— when you love the new things he teaches you in bed.

4. Doctor Intimacy
— for boyfriends who are pro at intimacy.

5. Sir

5. My Teacher

6. Romance Teacher
— when you’ve learned all your romantic moves from your boyfriend.

7. Sir Secret Pants

8. Big Papi

9. Naughty Lover
— when he loves you so much that he never misses a chance to get naughty with you.

10. Big Trouble
— when his desires to be intimate with you all the time get you in big trouble.

11. Trouble Lover
— when your love for him gets you in trouble.

12. Playboy
— dirty nickname for intimate lovers

13 Ladies Favorite
— Call him this to improve his social confidence.

14. Extra Hot
— when he’s hotter than hot guys.

15. Trouble Maker
— dirty nickname for troubling lovers

16. XXX
— bold nickname for extra hot boyfriends.

17. Xtra Hot

18. Baddy Daddy
— an improved nickname version for daddy!

19. Dirty Man

20. Pleasure Trip
— when he delivers what he says during sexting.

21. Bed Devil
— for boyfriends who are hardcore lovers under the sheets and have a sex appeal that is amazing.

22. Bed Master
— one of the dirty nicknames for boyfriends who have mastered the bed skills.

23. Evil Man
— when he dirty talks about doing evil things with you.

24. Damon
— the hottest character in the famous TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

25. Vampire
— for boyfriends who always leave a hickey on your neck in make-out sessions.

26. Blood Sucker
— when he loves kissing your neck.

27. Suck Boy

28. My Wet Dream
— when you dream sexy dreams of him.

29. Sex-o-phone

30. Waist Bender
— for boyfriends with great hand moves in bed.

31. Super Stud

32. Large Pants

33. Captain Bed

34. Intimate Legend

35. Mood Maker
— when you get in a sexy mood every time he’s close to you.

36. Smut Boy

37. Kink Master
— one of the sexy nicknames for boyfriends that are wild lovers

38. Kinky Baby

39. Mr. Chocolate Body

40. Baebay

41. Mr. Cucumber

42. Mr. Pleasure Time

43. Wet Mate

44. My Wet Bet

45. Butter Roll

46. Agent Pleasure

47. Love Toy

48. Sex Warlock

49. Sr. Come-Again

50. Sausage Boy

51. Hot Dog

52. My Banana Boy

53. Bed Breaker

54. My Slave

55. Sweet Poison

56. Red room

57. My Dark Night

58. Mr. Intense Time

59. Sexy Papa

60. Body Boy

61. Mr. Bodybuilder

62. Doctor Orgasm

63. Orgasm Master

64. Mister Pleasure

65. Horny Boy

66. Wild Guy

67. Sexuality King

68. Horny bug

69. Sixty Nine

70. Bed Partner

71. Senorita

72. Mamacita

73. Pouncy Panther

74. Bed Tiger

75. Sex Zombie

76. Zombie Boy

77. My Wet Imagination

78. Daredevil

79. Bed Devil

80. Lip Smacker

81. Tickle Pickle

82. My sexy Demon

83. Crazy Kisser

84. Senor

85. Yummy Pants

86. Super Soaker

87. Daddy Choker

88. Boo thang

89. Mr. Bamboo

90. Thick Master

91. Double Spice

92. PlayDaddy

93. Bed Beast

94. Teaser

95. Mr. Tease

96. Mr. Smoochie

97. Body Wrecker

98. Smooch Partner

99. Smooching Expert

100. Drill Master


Chocolate Nicknames For Boyfriend

Do you need a unique nickname for your delicious, mouth-watering, sweet boyfriend? Here are 80 chocolate nicknames for boyfriend you can use to call your significant other:

1. Chocolate Boy

2. Kit Kat

3. Ferraro

4. Rocher

5. Snickers

6. Bounty

7. Chocolate Cupcake

8. Chocolate Lava

9. Lava Cake

10. Creamy Milk

11. Cocoa

12. Cocoa Nuts

13. Mister Chocolatey

14. Bueno Bar

15. Duplo Boy

16. M&M

17. My Hershey’s Syrup

18. Chocolatey Syrup

19. Crunch

20. Munch

21. Munchy Man

22. Twirl Boy

23. Mr. Twix

24. Crunchie

25. Toffee Crisp

26. Crispy Hazelnut

27. My Fruit & Nut

28. Picnic Choco

29. Choco Boy

30. Master Choco

31. Choco Poco

32. Oreo

33. My cookie cupcake

34. Turkish Candy

35. My Dairy Milk

36. Milky Man

37. Creamy Bounty

38. Rich Cream

39. Mars Bar

40. Caramel boy

41. Twisty Nuts

42. Choco Brownie

43. Mr. Brown Bites

44. Cadbury Boy

45. Mr. Toffee

46. Galaxy Bar

47. Almond Joy

48. Milky Way

49. Hazelnut Bar

50. Black Berry

51. My Belgian Chocolate

52. Dark Choco Boy

53. Choco Cutie

54. Creamy Bite

55. Crackle

56. Mr. Silk

57. Cadbury Man

58. Parle Marle

59. Amul Boy

60. Bubbly Boy

61. 5 Star Boy

62. Bournville Man

63. Fuse Guy

64. Chocobar

65. Bitesize Boy

66. Chocozoo

67. Wafer Man

68. Eclairs Baby

69. Mango Bite

70. Kiss me

71. Chuckles

72. Cocoa Powder

73. Melody Man

74. Poppins

75. Londonderry Baby

76. CandyBar

77. Chocolate Angel

78. Midnight Delight

79. Hottie Mcnaughty

80. Golden Nugget


Sweet Nicknames For Boyfriend

The following sweet nicknames are some of the best nicknames to call your boyfriend when you want him to feel extra good about himself.

1. Cutie pie

2. Honey bunny

3. Boy toy

4. Hot pants

5. Big guy

6. Baby boo

7. Honey pot- Good nickname to resume playback of hot romance

8. Big guy

9. Baby cakes

10. Love bug- This is an adorable nickname to call your boyfriend

11. Cutie potato

12. Doll face

13. Eye candy- This is a sweet name to call your boyfriend when you want to describe how sexy his eyes are.

14. Baby love

15. Pumpkin pie

16. Dream boat

17. Movie star

18. Boo thang

19. Mi amor

20. Honey bun

21. Pookie bear

22. Sweet pea

23. Honey bee

24. Baby doll

25. Jelly bean

26. Sunshine

27. Pooh bear


Bottom Line

Nicknames are just another way for couples to express their bond and improve their compatibility. A simple change from using his name to calling him with a flirty nickname can change a lot many things in your relationship.

Nicknames for boyfriend can—

  • improve your connection
  • strengthen your bond
  • make your loved one feel special
  • express loving emotions
  • and benefit your relationship in the long run

This mega list of over 1500+ nicknames for boyfriend is all you need to find the perfect nickname for your partner! Use one flirty nickname on your boyfriend and let us know his reaction in the comment section below.

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