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36 Mother Daughter Matching Tattoos- A Mother’s Love, Etched in Ink

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Getting tattoos that match with your boyfriend or BFF is surely a big deal. But with mother daughter matching tattoos, it’s a special case!

The connection between a mom and daughter is super strong. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re with your mom, you’re home. For moms, a daughter isn’t just a kid; she’s her best buddy, a partner in fun, and a never-ending source of love and happiness.

To honor the beauty of such a beautiful bond, getting a matching mother and daughter tattoo is a cherishable idea. . This tattoo serves as a lasting reminder of the love and affection that you both share. Even if daughters grow apart from their mothers as they age, they can still find comfort in knowing that their moms are always out there, to help them through difficult times.

In this article, we will be showcasing some meaningful and heartfelt mom and daughter tattoo ideas that you can get inked right away! Each tattoo idea will be different and significant in some way or another. Read on to find the following:

  • Mom-Daughter Tattoos For Upper Body
  • Mother And Daughter Matching Tattoos
  • Symbolic Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas
  • Small Matching Mother-Daughter Tattoos
  • Daughter Tattoo Ideas For Mom
  • Popular Minimalist Mother-Daughter Tattoo Designs
  • Mom And Daughter Matching Tattoos With Quotes

So, here we go!

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Mother Daughter Matching Tattoos

Let’s start with daughter mother tattoo ideas for the upper body! Arms, hands, wrists, and collarbones are some of the most common placements for inking your body. So, this can also be the case for mom and daughter tattoos. These placements allow a clear view for every onlooker and can also be hidden with a long sleeve.

So, if you want to flaunt your tattoo or even keep it personal, the arm is a great choice either way. Here are a few lovely mother and daughter tattoo ideas for inking your arm.

1. Wings Tattoo

Matching tattoos mother daughter

In most cases, your mom may have been your primary caregiver since birth and she is also the one who metaphorically helps you spread your wings and meet the challenges of the real world. This tattoo idea commemorates that very fact. It includes two wings, each on the inner wrist of a mother and daughter.

It symbolises the fact that a mother is the wind that helps us spread our wings and we do the same for them as they age. Having one half of a wing on you means that your mother or daughter completes a part of you that no one can ever replace!

2. Pink Carnations

Daughter mother tatoo ideas

Pink carnation is a popular flower that stands for the bond between mother and daughter.   The flower is delicate and gentle, just like a mother’s love for a daughter. The flowers are also long-lasting and represent the enduring nature of the bond between a mother and daughter.

This tattoo is perfect for the upper body and can be inked on the arms of the chest, just below the collarbones. It can also be inked along the length of your hand, from the elbow pit to the inner wrist.

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3. Fingerprint Heartbeat

Mother daughter matching tatoos

This tattoo concept beautifully captures the enduring connection between a mother and daughter. Each heart is formed from the other’s fingerprint, symbolizing the unique and irreplaceable mark each leaves on the other’s life. It’s a constant reminder of the love that flows between them, beating as one.

Whether you are a mama who wants to celebrate the presence of your little daughter in your life or a grown-up daughter who wants a matching tattoo with your mother.

The best way to get this tattoo would be to get a fingerprint of each other and get that tattooed in the shape of a heart.

4. Sun and Moon

Mom daughter tatoos

Mother and daughter matching tattoo ideas are great but what if you get a Sun and Moon tattoo that does not match but is still in the same vein?

This tattoo concept for mothers and daughters celebrates the natural, complementary roles within their bond. The mother’s sun tattoo embodies warmth, guidance, and strength, like the sun that sustains life. The daughter’s moon tattoo reflects that light, symbolizing her unique path illuminated by her mother’s love.

Sounds like a perfect tattoo idea for a mamma and her girl!

5. The Pinky Swear

The pinky swear is a universal symbol of an unbreakable promise made to a loved one. In this matching tattoo design, two pinky fingers make a pact, with a red heart, of course, representing the everlasting commitment between mother and daughter.

It’s a sweet and subtle reminder of the special pact they share, a constant promise of love and support.

Whether you get this on the arm or on the inner wrist, this is one of those cool mother and daughter tattoos that is sure to look great no matter the placement. It is a great tattoo that reflects the enduring nature of this special bond and the promise of unconditional love between the two.

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6. Dandelions

Mother and daughter matching tatoos

Are you looking for innovative ideas for mother and daughter tattoos? Dandelion tattoos are a beautiful choice for mothers and daughters. The dandelion itself represents growth, resilience, and the ability to chase dreams.

Imagine a mother’s tattoo with a full, fluffy dandelion head, symbolizing the nurturing of wishes and aspirations. The daughter’s tattoo could feature a single dandelion seed floating on the wind, signifying the journey ahead, carrying the love and lessons learned from her mother.

Or you can center the design differently, like a dandelion flower placed on the mother’s arm. The daughter will have a single petal to signify that she is a part of her mother.

Mother And Daughter Matching Tattoos

When it comes to mom and daughter tattoo designs, the size and layout are entirely up to the individuals getting inked. While some people prefer large and elaborate tattoos, others opt for smaller, more subtle designs. And if you like tattoos that hold a special meaning, it’s often the simpler designs that are the most deep.

Nothing screams “besties” more than getting matching mother-daughter tattoos. Check out these mother daughter matching tattoo ideas and get yourself inked!

7. Butterfly

Mother daughter tattoo ideas

Butterflies represent transformation and growth, making them a perfect symbol for the mother-daughter relationship. You could each get a butterfly tattoo, with one being a caterpillar and the other a fully formed butterfly, representing the journey from child to adult!

Another idea can be a butterfly’s wings, one on each of your hands. So, whenever you pull your hands close or hold them, a beautiful butterfly will form representing your connection.

8. Hands Held Together

Heard of the “Unbreakable Vow” from Harry Potter? It’s a symbol of supreme promise; one you should never break. Getting this tattooed on your hand shows strength and trust between two individuals. The tattoo has two hands holding each other in a strong, secure, but gentle embrace. A string of white then binds the hands together.

This design is straightforward, yet it carries a lot of significance. It represents the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter, a connection that is often considered one of the strongest bonds to ever exist.

To make this tattoo even more special, personalize it to your taste. Instead of white string; you can go with a color of your choice— a color that best represents the love you both share.

You could add details like bracelets or birthstone colors to represent specific dates or memories. This way, the tattoo becomes not just a symbol of the relationship between a mother and daughter but a tribute to their unique bond and shared experiences.

9. Elephant Tattoo

Mother daughter tattoo designs

Elephants are known for their strengthening and empowering family bonds and loyalty, making them ideal for representing a mother daughter relationship. Elephant tattoos are among the most popular choices when contemplating mom and daughter tattoo designs.

You could each get an elephant tattoo or a mother elephant with her calf, showcasing the mother’s nurturing and protective nature.

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10. Fingerprint heart tattoos.

Cool mother and daughter tattoos

Imagine getting your mother’s fingerprint tattooed on you in the shape of a heart— nothing could be more powerful, meaningful, and symbolic. It’s even better if you could get half the heart labeled with your fingerprint and half of your mother’s.

Black ink is the best choice to emphasize and highlight the tattoo, but you can also get it in red to bring justice to the heart shape.

Symbolic Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Symbols serve the purpose of expressing a lot beyond what can be seen. This is because each symbol carries a unique meaning that can be applied to various relationships and situations. That is why symbolic tattoos are so popular.

Here are a few meaningful mother daughter tattoos that include symbols.

11. The Infinity

Meaningful mother daughter tattoos

“To love and behold forever.’’

Although overused, no one can deny this symbol’s significance. It’s eternal, forever existing, and beyond time. Getting a matching infinity tattoo showcases the love you share for each other— how it crosses all physical boundaries and stands strong forever.

What’s even better is customizing the infinity tattoo in a way that it also shows a line figurine holding her child, just like shown in the picture below. You can further highlight this tattoo by adding your and your mother’s birth flower.

There is hardly any person who does not know or recognize this symbol. It signifies the existence of something that goes on forever. Although a sign in the field of mathematics, the infinity symbol is often meant to metaphorically depict strong relationships and bonds between people.

Does this not sound ideal for a mother-daughter tattoo idea? It does!

12. Intertwined Tree of Life

Daughter tattoo ideas for mom

The Tree of Life has multiple definitions, and each one has a beautiful meaning behind it.

  • First and foremost, it depicts the cycle of life and death. How both the events are strongly interconnected to continue existence. How manure (dead) gives nutrition for the new life to flourish.
  • Religiously, it shows the connection between earth and divinity.
  • The Tree of Life represents strength, growth, and connection through generations.
  • It also represents calm, tranquility, strength, stability, fertility, and interconnectivity.
  • It embodies “staying true to your roots” because these roots will always nourish and help you grow. In this scenario, the root is your mother, you are the tree! Her constant support may not be visible, but it’s always there holding and strengthening you.

No matter which definition you choose to go by, it’s a perfect and meaningful mother & daughter tattoo. The tattoo perfectly depicts the idea of a nurturing mother who nourishes her daughter into a strong woman, who in turn does the same for her child.

It’s even better if you add colors to this vision. Let your mother get colored roots, and you; the colorful tree.

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13. Anchor and Compass

mom and daughter tattoo designs

An anchor represents stability and grounding, while a compass signifies guidance and direction. It shows how both these symbols are interconnected instead of working as opposites. How stability is just as crucial as finding your direction in life. In that sense, your mother symbolizes stability and grounding force. In her guidance, you find your way.

This tattoo idea is quite versatile and can be tailored into many types of designs according to what each person prefers. You can both choose to get a design that combines both symbols or your mother can choose to get the anchor and you the compass.

14. Infinity with Feathers

Mother daughter tattoos ideas

We have already covered the infinity symbol but have you ever seen this iconic tattoo on someone? It depicts an infinity symbol with incorporated feathers gently flowing from it.

An infinity symbol represents everlasting love and connection, while feathers symbolize freedom, growth, and a mother’s gentle guidance. You can also incorporate colors and colorful mumma-baby birds.

15. Blooming Flowers

Mother and daughter tattoo

“Delicate but powerful.”

Flowers represent growth, beauty, and resilience. Different blooms carry specific meanings, allowing you to personalize the design further.

For this amazing tattoo idea, opt for two flowers, one in a bud stage and the other fully bloomed, symbolizing the journey you and your mom share constantly.

Choose flowers with personal significance, like your mother’s birth flower or your daughter’s favorite flower. You can also opt to create a floral haven of both birth flowers as shown in the picture.

As for this one, I sincerely urge you to get colored tattoos for a better representation.

16. The Celtic Knot

Mother and daughters tattoos

“Endless Unity.”

A modern interpretation of ancient Celtic symbols, the Celtic mother-daughter knots, is an often-opted-for tattoo option. The design includes a triquetra, which weaves around in a complex pattern and shows the enduring tie of love.

You can get this tattoo done on your arm, back, neck, or calf. It is best done in a spot that has ample space. Just like the “tree of life,” Celtic knot can have multiple meanings.

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Small Matching Mother Daughter Tattoos

Check out these adorable and small mother daughter tattoo ideas that are simple and discreet but incredibly meaningful.

17. Heartstrings

Capture the interconnectedness of your hearts with matching heartstring tattoos. This unique design features delicate strings winding from one heart to the other.

Whether depicted as simple lines or intricate patterns, this tattoo stands for the deep emotional ties that bind them together, no matter where life may lead. You can also incorporate your mother’s name along with the name and vice versa.

18. Bird Silhouettes

For a whimsical and symbolic tattoo idea, consider getting matching bird silhouette tattoos.

The design can depict birds flying side by side, perched on branches, or any other design that you prefer. You can also add a branch under the bird to signify unconditional support in the relationship. My personal favorite is the one where a girl swings on the thread held by two birds. These two birds symbolize your parents and how they teach you to fly.

19. Heartbeats

Different from heartstrings, this is a small and subtle tattoo idea perfect for any loving relationship. It captures the rhythm of your heart with matching heartbeats.

It only takes 2-3 minutes in the ultrasound to capture your mother/daughter’s heartbeat. You can then print it out and let your tattoo artist do the magic.

Place it on the wrist, forearm, or chest, and let this tattoo serve as a constant reminder of the person who birthed you and made you what you are today.

20. Footprint

This is one of the cutest mother daughter tattoo ideas on this list. Have you ever come across the trend of parents getting the footprint of their newborn on a sheet and framing it? If you are a new mother and want a tattoo to commemorate the birth of a beautiful daughter, then you too can hop on to this trend by getting a tattoo of your baby’s footprint.

It’s even better if you tattoo the date of your daughter’s birth to add more significance to their importance in your life.

It can be a small and discreet tattoo that you keep on yourself to always warm you. Daughters can also get this tattoo for their mums. All you have to do is go to an experienced tattoo artist and leave it up to them.

21. Puzzle Pieces

“Whenever I’m lost, you make me feel at home.”

Who do you run to when life seems unbearable? Who puts your heart at ease when everything falls apart? I always run to my mother, and this statement is for life. No matter how old I get, I will still run to my mother to find that peace, calm, and whole again.

To the one who completes you; to the one who tenderly fills you with vulnerability; get this puzzle tattoo to celebrate her.

22. Outline of Mother and Daughter

If you have a favorite photo of you and your mom, turn it into a tattoo. Photos are memories, engraving them to your skin shows just how much you treasure that relationship. You don’t have to worry about the design; your tattoo artist will be more than happy to curate a design from the given tattoo.

Get your tattoo artist to make an outline of the two of you and turn it into a line tattoo. A minimalistic execution will be the most meaningful for this idea.

23. The Honeybees

A really small and cute tattoo idea for moms with daughters features two tiny honeybees. Depending on where you choose to place it, the honeybees should look like they are flying towards each other. Minimalist and wonderful—wouldn’t you agree?

24. Clover Tattoo

Clovers are considered a lucky charm in many cultures and are associated with good luck and fortune, especially when they are four-leaf clovers. Thus, this is a very popular tattoo idea to have on yourself along with your mamma. You can also get this as a family.

Daughter Tattoo Ideas For Mom

“God couldn’t be everywhere so he made mothers.” I have never seen someone more beautiful and godly than a mother.

We can never repay what they do for us, but we can always celebrate and acknowledge their efforts. So, as a daughter, if you are looking for some tattoo ideas to honor your mother, here’s the complete list:

25. Mom

Yes, a simple word but it holds so much significance. Getting this tattoo on her birthday would further enhance the beauty of it all!

Choose the language and font that best suits you and your aesthetics. You may add a different address depending on what you call her. Some common ones are mother, mum, mummy, mama, etc.

26. Mother’s Handwriting

To always have a piece of your mother on you, even when you are physically away from her, get her handwriting tattooed on your hand. The words can be something that she often tells you or something that holds great meaning to both of you. You can skip to something comic and get tattooed on one of her yelling sessions.

27. Dolphins

Dolphins are majestic sea creatures and quite adorable, too. But did you know that dolphins protect their young offspring fiercely? That is why it is a great animal tattoo idea to honor your mother. Get a mother dolphin next to a baby dolphin and personalize the other details to get the best out of it.

28. Like Mother Like Daughter

Ink the words “like mother, like daughter.” It’s a lovely tattoo idea for mother and daughter, especially if they are partners in crime. The words “Like mother” should be on the daughter’s body and vice versa.

To add a personalized charm, add one crazy habit you and your mother share to the tattoo. It could be a cute combination of dumb and dumber or crossed eyes.

You can get this tattoo along your collarbone or near your Achilles tendon for the best aesthetic.

29. Best Friend

It is often said that a daughter’s true best friend is her mother. They share the same soul and only a good mother can guide a girl into a strong and independent woman who knows her worth. Thus, a best friend tattoo with the outline of a mom and her little girls is a very nice tattoo idea if you are trying to honor your mamma.

It can be very simple, or you can also go all out. The personalization is up to you!

Popular Minimalist Mother Daughter Tattoo Designs

When you want to keep it low-key, check out these minimalist ideas for a mother daughter tattoo:

30. Mountain Range

Mountains showcase strength, resilience, patience, and nature. If you see the same traits in your mother/daughter, get this tattooed on you as a tribute. You can also ask your tattoo artist to camouflage the word “Maa” in these mountain ranges.

31. A Quill and Ink

This is an unconventional idea, for sure, but it carries immense meaning. A mother is often our first teacher and the first person from whom we get wisdom. A symbolic representation of this can be perfectly represented by a quill tattoo on the daughter, while the ink of wisdom goes to the mother!

32. Mandala Mirrors

Mandalas are designs and patterns common to Hindu and Buddhist religions that depict the universe through intricate and symmetrical patterns. If you are looking for a tattoo idea for you and your mom that would look great on your back, then definitely go for this!

There are many mandala arts that you can choose from and rest assured, each of them is more beautiful than the other.

33. Eternal Compass

A rather underrated tattoo idea, the compass tattoo with one needle pointing toward the north symbolizes the mother’s guidance and the other needle pointing toward the south represents the daughter’s journey toward new beginnings.

34. Bird and Feather

If you like tattoos that are metaphorical and thought-provoking in nature, then check this out. This tattoo features a large feather gliding and smaller birds flying out of it. It signifies the idea of freedom, guidance, and protection—the mother being the guiding feather and the daughter the soaring bird.

35. Constellation Connection

Do you perhaps like astrology or the stars? If yes, then consider getting a matching constellation tattoo with your mother. You can tattoo your mother’s zodiac constellation and vice versa.

36. Face Portrait

Not everyone will agree to opt for this but you can also get a renowned tattoo artist to ink your mom’s portrait on your body. Placement for such tattoos is usually on the upper arm or the calves. Moms can also get the faces of their baby daughters tattooed if they want to.

Mom And Daughter Matching Tattoos With Quotes

Quotes are often a popular tattoo choice as they can perfectly capture our thoughts. And having our most valued thoughts imprinted on our bodies sounds like a great idea. So, check out these tattoo quotes that you can incorporate to celebrate beautiful mother daughter relationships:

1.  Together forever, never apart, Maybe in distance, but never in Heart

A perfect quote to get inked when you and your mother do not live together but miss and love each other a lot.

2.  You Make Me Brave

Mothers make us brave, and vice versa. Thus, this is a meaningful matching mother daughter tattoo idea that both of you can get together!

3.  Because of you, I am.

What a great way to thank your mother, right?

4.  Mom’s Little Girl

This is probably something that you have heard your mother say a lot. Get her to write it on a piece of paper and have her handwriting tattooed on you!

5.  You and Me Against the World

Need this quote to be explained more? The journey of life is best coursed through with the solid support that only a mother can provide.

6.  “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers.”

Be loud with your love and admiration for your mother.

7.  “I have seen love; I have seen my mother.”

Your mother’s love is the single-most standing example of what true love truly is! Boyfriends are going to come and go, but hers is for life!

8.  “Angels? Mothers? Sorry, I cannot draw the line!”

Mothers are angelic, and there’s no denying it! Better get it tattooed and make her feel special!

9.  “You are brighter than the sun, calmer than the moon.”

As a mother, show your daughter just how much she means to you!

10.  “You teach me love; you teach life.”

And while mothers are our true guides; daughters teach us, too! They teach us how to love ourselves, and there’s nothing more beautiful than the lesson of self-love. Mothers often forget themselves in the hurry of life; let this quote be a reminder of how your daughter has taught you to self-love and self-care.

Let this quote always remind you to prioritize yourself.


Q1. What tattoo symbolizes a mother and daughter?
Ans: Each tattoo tells a story; it can be personalized to tell your story. Of course, you can have direct tattoos showcasing your love for each other, but this doesn’t mean you should skip discreet tattoos. For me, discreet tattoos are even better because it’s something you and your mother understand even when the world doesn’t!

Q2. What animal symbolizes a mother and daughter?
Ans: Elephants symbolize mother-daughter relationships due to their strong familial bonds, protective nature, and nurturing behavior, reflecting the qualities of a caring mother and her daughter.

Birds are also sometimes known to represent a loving mother-daughter relationship but the truth is that in most animal species, mother animals are extremely protective of their young so you can choose whichever animal you think is cute.

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