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20 Signs a Guy is Pretending to be Straight

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Signs a guy is pretending to be straight

The dating world in modern times is as colorful and tough as a Rubik’s cube. Sometimes, you stumble upon a mystery that’s even more puzzling—when you notice signs a guy is pretending to be straight!

Maybe he doesn’t show much interest in women and is more inclined toward his male friend. Or he portrays genuine attentiveness in male celebrities, giving you a gut feeling about his sexual orientation. 

Nonetheless, what if you catch your own boyfriend staring at handsome men and frequently joking about being gay?

You can’t help but wonder, “Is he gay?”

So if you’re looking for signs a guy is pretending to be straight, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing:

  • Why do some guys pretend to be straight?
  • How to know if a guy is gay?
  • 20 gay signs in a man!
  • Bisexual signs in a man.
  • What to do with closeted gay man signs?
  • FAQs

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why do men hide their sexuality?

For many men, it’s still difficult to openly communicate their feelings. They find it easier to hide how they feel than to talk about it.

Similarly, coming out as gay or bisexual can indeed be quite an intimidating move for many guys. The fear of negative judgment and rejection can make accepting one’s true identity a real challenge.

As a result, some guys choose to hide behind a facade of being straight. This might be to dodge the hurdles of coming out of the closet or to align with what society expects of them.

And hey, sometimes, they’re still figuring things out themselves—and that’s okay.

So, why do some guys pretend to be straight? Well, here are a few common reasons:

a.  Uncertainty: Firstly, figuring out sexuality may throw guys in a maze. They might not be sure about their orientation and probably need more time to understand themselves.

b.  Fear of Discrimination: Unfortunately, discrimination and prejudice against LGBTQ individuals still exist, even from people close to them. This fear can be a significant roadblock to coming out.

c.  Family Expectations: Many guys’ families play a significant role in this too. They may come from traditional and orthodox backgrounds, where being anything other than straight is frowned upon.

d.  Social Pressure: In many cultures, being straight is seen as the “norm,” and anything else can face stigma. This societal pressure can make it tough for men attracted to other men to be open about their feelings.

e.  Safety Concerns: In some countries like Yemen, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, being openly LGBTQ+ can be very risky.

Sadly, discrimination and even violence can occur. So, some guys might pretend to be straight for their own safety and well-being.

f.  Internalized Homophobia: Lastly, guys might struggle with feelings of shame or discomfort about their sexuality. This internalized homophobia can lead them to deny their true selves and pretend to be straight as a way to cope!

Remember, everyone’s journey is different, and it’s important to offer understanding and support to those who are finding their own way.

Let’s create a more accepting world where everyone feels safe to be themselves, no matter their sexual orientation! 🏳️‍🌈💪

20 Signs a Guy is Pretending to be Straight!

How to know if a guy is straight

When you’re crushing over a guy, it’s natural to want him to be interested in you. But whenever you’re out on a date with him, you feel like something is a bit off.

There’s very little spark between you, he doesn’t seem interested, and you even get the gut feeling that your date might be into guys!

How to know if someone is gay and hiding it?

Below, we have a list of 20 signs a man is gay but hiding it. These signs of a closeted gay man will help you gain clarity about his sexual preferences, and realize if he even likes you.

So if you’re wondering, “How to tell if my boyfriend is gay?” or looking for signs he is gay and hiding it, keep reading!

Sign 1. Fake Masculine Behavior

The most common sign you will notice in a guy who’s pretending to be straight is an unwanted, extra-masculine display!

You will notice him exaggerating usual masculine traits or activities like lifting heavy stuff, talking about gym and cars, or participating in extreme sports. He does all these stereotypical things to assert his heterosexuality and appear “manly” in front of others.

The reason behind it is simple—he wishes that people consider him a tough guy and never even guess he might be gay.

Moreover, the fake masculine behavior helps him divert people’s attention from his true sexual nature and portray the personality of a “straight” male.

Sign 2. He avoids talking about his sexuality

There’s something about gay men that no matter how much they hide it, you can feel the LGBTQ+ vibe in the air! It’s like feminine hormones are bursting out of them.

However, when you try to make a conversation about their sexuality, they completely avoid it.

For instance, if discussions about LGBTQ+ issues or sexuality come up, your guy might quickly change the subject or steer the conversation in a different direction.

He might seem uncomfortable or uneasy when you question him about his orientation. The discomfort can come out as fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or even becoming noticeably tense.

In more extreme cases, he might physically withdraw from the conversation or even leave the room to avoid participating in discussions related to his sexuality.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own reasons for how they handle these conversations. So, try to approach these situations with sensitivity and respect!

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Sign 3. Gazing at Handsome Men

Signs a man is in the closet

No matter how much a guy hides signs he’s gay, there is one thing he can’t resist—beautiful men!

When an attractive guy is nearby, he might steal quick, subtle glances when he thinks no one is watching. It’s like he’s trying to satisfy his curiosity without drawing attention to himself.

These moments of admiration are often brief and discreet. He won’t openly stare or make it obvious, but if you pay close attention, you might catch these fleeting looks.

So, pay attention to his body language. He might position himself in a way that allows him to discreetly check out attractive men without being too obvious.

Sign 4. He’s very close to a male friend

What’s one of the most obvious signs he’s gay and hiding it? It’s when he’s so close to a male friend, that he would ditch you in order to spend time with him.

Do you want to know, how to tell if your boyfriend is gay? Look for these signs:

a.  He has an intense friendship with someone. It’s not just any bond that two buddies have.

He may have a male friend with whom he shares a remarkably close and deep connection. They might spend a lot of time together, confide in each other, and support one another emotionally.

b.  While supporting one another is normal, you might observe physical affection between them.

It goes beyond the usual friendship boundaries and includes frequent hugging, cuddling, or even holding hands, which is typically more common in romantic relationships.

c.  He might display protective behavior towards this particular male friend, such as getting defensive or jealous when someone else shows interest in their friend.

If you notice these clear indications, your man is definitely into his male friend. So, try to openly discuss how he really feels about his “close” buddy.

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Sign 5. Disinterest in Women

There’s a common personality trait in almost all straight men—they just can’t avoid it when a pretty woman is walking by. Even if their girlfriend is sitting right beside them, they will try their best to take a quick sneaky peek!

However, this particular man doesn’t feel even a string of interest toward hot women. Rather, you may observe a lack of enthusiasm or curiosity in pursuing romantic or sexual relationships with women.

Other than that, he may have a limited or non-existent dating history with women, especially when compared to his other friends.

So if he rarely goes on dates or avoids romantic relationships altogether, it’s one of the signs he is gay!

Sign 6. Exaggerated Interest in Women

Just like some gay men clearly have zero interest in females, others might try a different tactic to hide their sexual orientation!

Exaggerated or forced interest in women is one of the clear signs a guy is gay. For instance, he might try excessive flirting, talking too much about women, narrating fake dating stories, and displaying public affection to alter how people perceive him.

If you suspect someone is struggling with their sexuality, it’s best to approach them with empathy and offer a safe space for them to express their feelings and experiences.

Sign 7. Secretive Personal Life

Closeted man signs

Is your man keeping a lot of his personal life under wraps? It could be a sign that he’s hiding something about his true self.

He may share very little about his personal life, including his interests, hobbies, or daily experiences, with friends and close people. This clearly makes it challenging to get to know him on a deeper level.

When asked about his private life, he might deflect or avoid answering your questions about past relationships, family, or even simple inquiries like, “What did you do over the weekend?”

He might be rather secretive about how he spends his time or the company he keeps!

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Sign 8. He Uses Gay Dating Apps

How to know if your boyfriend is gay? Well, having apps like Grindr or Scruff on his phone is one of the most common signs your boyfriend is gay!

If you find out that he has profiles on gay dating apps, it’s a strong indicator that he’s exploring his attraction to men or is actively seeking connections within the LGBTQ+ community.

Even if he hasn’t opened up about his taste in men in real life, he may engage in online conversations or form bonds with other men on these dating apps.

But remember, he would definitely take measures to keep this discreet, by using an alias, hiding his face in photos, or not sharing too much personal information.

Sign 9. He watches Gay Adult Movies

Have you ever opened Safari on your boyfriend’s iPhone only to find an unclosed tab of P*rnhub? And to your surprise, it isn’t even regular p*rn, it’s gay p*rn!

When you catch him watching gay films, he’ll panic and try to defend himself by saying he clicked an ad by mistake, opened the wrong link or his friends may be pranking him.

He will say just about anything to dodge the situation somehow and change the topic. But if you’re sure you found gay p*rn on his phone, it’s one of the clear signs a man is gay.

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Sign 10. He has gay friends

Signs you're not straight male

Are you wondering, “How do I know if my boyfriend is gay?” Learn about the sexual orientation of his friends! If your guy has a group of friends who are secretly gay, it can be one of the signs my boyfriend is gay!

You may notice that he spends a significant amount of time with his gay friends, including attending queer events, gatherings, or social activities within LGBTQ+ circles.

Other than that, he might actively support LGBTQ+ causes or participate in events that promote LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, showing allyship to the community.

Maybe, he sometimes talks to you about his friends too. It could be to gauge your reaction. It’s like a little test to see how you feel about the topic. Is your response one of discomfort, curiosity, or perhaps acceptance?

If you prove to be an empathetic listener, he might open up about his true sexuality in front of you!

Sign 11. Gay Body Language

How do you know if a guy is gay? Pay close attention to his physical appearance and movements. Trust me, a man’s body language can reveal a lot about his sexual orientation!

a.  Eye Contact: He maintains prolonged eye contact with other men, especially those he finds attractive. This can be a subtle way of expressing interest or attraction.

b.  Gestures: His gestures, such as hand movements and posture, might be more fluid or expressive than what’s considered traditionally “masculine.

c.  Facial Expressions: He exhibits a warmer or more inviting smile, or his expressions may convey a certain degree of admiration.

d.  Physical Contact: His physical contact with other men might be different from what’s typical for straight male friendships. He could engage in more touching, hugging, or even playful physical contact.

e.  Proximity: He positions himself closer to men he’s attracted to, creating a sense of physical closeness. This can be an instinctive way of expressing his feelings.

So, if you’re looking for signs a guy is pretending to be straight, pay attention to his body language! You might come across many instances where his body clearly discloses his attention toward charming men.

Sign 12. He isn’t intimate with you

Intimacy is a major part of any romantic relationship! However, in your case, physical closeness and romance seem to be missing in the picture.

If you’re wondering, “How to tell if a guy is in the closet?” one clear sign can be zero intimacy in your relationship. There could be emotional distance or a sense of disconnect in your bond.

For instance, your boyfriend may not initiate or express interest in intimate moments, both emotionally and physically. This follows up with a decline in sexual activity or a lack of enthusiasm in romantic interactions.

Moreover, he may prioritize spending time with his friends or engage more in activities outside of the relationship!

As time passes, this can create a sense of resentment and regret in your heart, making your connection less meaningful.

Sign 13. Homophobia

Signs he's gay

Ever heard the saying that the most homophobic men in the world are those who secretly struggle with their own sexual feelings?

Well, it turns out, there might be some truth to it, as revealed in this research!

You see, sometimes, guys who seem really against LGBTQ+ stuff might actually be dealing with their own inner conflicts about their sexual orientation. What they see in openly gay people, it’s actually a reflection of what they’re not ready to accept in themselves.

By being homophobic, these men are trying to lead a double life. They survive every day pretending to be someone they’re not, which can be super stressful and not so great for their mental health.

So if you notice a guy being homophobic, look at his history of romantic relationships. Most probably, you might find he hasn’t ever dated a woman in his life.

Sign 14. Keeping secrets

Are you thinking, “How can I tell if my boyfriend is gay?”

It’s simple. If he keeps secrets from you on top of all these signs a man is in the closet, he’s clearly suspicious!

Keeping secrets from anyone, not just your partner, can turn a sunny day into a cloudy one. It’s like carrying around a backpack full of rocks that just keeps getting heavier over time.

For example, he may not willingly converse with you about his social interactions or experiences, leaving you feeling like there’s a part of his life he’s keeping hidden.

Moreover, when you discuss with his friends, you might encounter inconsistencies in his stories or explanations. It can be a sign that he’s not being entirely truthful and keeping secrets from you.

Sign 15. Bold Fashion Sense

One of the best things about the LGBTQ+ community is their fashion sense. No matter what people say, they dress bold and colorful every single day!

From eye-catching accessories and flashy jewelry to distinctive hats and unconventional shoes, queer people know exactly how to stand out. They wear outfits with vibrant colors and unique patterns that can’t be forgotten easily.

So, if your boyfriend has a bold and vibrant taste in fashion, it’s one of the signs a guy is gay!

In some cases, he may even add LGBTQ+ pride colors or symbols into his clothing or accessories, subtly expressing support for the community.

Sign 16. Consistent Relationship Issues

A relationship where one person is straight and another is gay is bound to have internal issues! It’s because you’re forming a connection that isn’t meant to be formed in the first place.

If you’re figuring out “How to know if my boyfriend is gay?” take a look at his dating history.

Did his relationships end because of dissatisfaction, dead intimacy, emotional distance, and incompatibility? Then, it’s one of the signs a guy is pretending to be straight.

Similarly, a persistent lack of intimacy, both emotional and physical, can be a recurring problem in your relationship with him. He may struggle to fully engage in all sorts of romantic or sexual moments with you!

Sign 17. He flirts with men

Signs a guy is gay

Are you looking for is my bf gay signs? The next one is pretty straightforward.

Recall all interactions with your boyfriend for a moment. Do you remember him flirting with you or trying to be intimate? No, right? You may believe that maybe he’s shy or a bit lithromantic! 

However, when you watch him around his male friends or other attractive men, you notice an entirely different side of your boyfriend.

Instead of just being friendly, he might shower them with compliments that feel a bit more than what you’d expect from regular chit-chat. And when it comes to physical touch, it’s not just the usual handshake or pat on the back; it’s more lingering, more intimate.

You see, these signs could be like little hints, giving you a glimpse into his hidden desires. It’s as if he’s trying to say, “Hey, I’m attracted to you, big boy” without actually saying it.

Sign 18. You have no sex life

Has your once-steamy sex life turned into something similar to an empty well? Well, it might make you wonder: “Is my man just pretending to be straight?”

Yes, one of the signs a guy is pretending to be straight is when he doesn’t have sex with you at any cost. Even when you try to turn him on by dressing dirty for him or sending him naughty texts, he doesn’t seem to budge.

I mean, what guy won’t be interested in having a little hanky-panky session in the bed? Literally, no straight guy ever.

Nonetheless, you must remember that low libido can also be a real buzzkill in the bedroom. It could be due to various reasons, like stress, not-so-healthy habits, medications, or maybe even a temporary dip in the spark of your relationship.

However, there’s a difference between less sex and zero sex. In case your boyfriend doesn’t sexually engage with you at all, it’s one of the signs he is gay.

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Sign 19. Other people have mentioned it

How to know if a guy is straight? Ask around in your social circle!

When you’re head over heels for someone, you might just miss some of the flashing neon signs a guy is pretending to be straight. However, others can spot them from a mile away!

Sometimes, word can get out, and you might hear whispers or rumors from others in your social network about his sexual orientation, even if he hasn’t openly discussed it with you.

Moreover, your friends might drop subtle hints or jokes that imply they’ve picked up on something you may not have noticed.

While their comments might not always hit the bullseye, they may come from a place of “I’ve seen things” or “I’ve heard things.”

So if several people mention that your boyfriend is in the closet, it can be one of the signs he’s pretending to be straight!

Sign 20. You have a gut feeling

Having a gut feeling is like having your own personal detective living inside you! Whenever something is wrong, you will always know it in your heart in one way or another.

Never ignore the voices you hear from within.

If your gut is sending you signals that your boyfriend might be hiding something, don’t dismiss it. Our instincts can be surprisingly sharp, even when we can’t quite put our finger on what’s going on.

So, one of the last signs a guy is pretending to be straight is knowing it in your gut. If you get that weird feeling, confront your boyfriend and come to a healthy resolution for both of you!

What to do when you notice signs a guy is pretending to be straight?

How to know if someone is gay and hiding it

In case you’ve noticed some or all of these signs a guy is pretending to be straight, your next step should be to approach the situation calmly!

Below are some steps to deal with a guy who’s in the closet:

1. Confront him respectfully

Firstly, you need to approach your boyfriend with a calm and respectful mindset. Even if you’re feeling surprised or upset, being polite when talking with your partner is a good idea.

Try not to blame or accuse them. Instead, ask questions to understand their point of view and feelings!

2. Be non-judgemental

Create a safe and non-judgmental space for open communication. Let your boyfriend know that you’re there to support and understand him, no matter what the outcome.

Try and encourage him to share his personal feelings at his own pace. This can be a crucial step in helping him feel relaxed when discussing his sexual orientation.

3. Let him carry his pace

The most important thing is to respect your boyfriend’s timing and readiness to come out!

Coming out of the closet can be an incredibly personal and emotional journey. Avoid pressuring him to reveal his sexual orientation before he’s ready.

Instead, let him take the lead and decide when he’s comfortable sharing this aspect of his identity.

4. Offer support

Mainly, offer your unwavering support throughout the process. Let him know that you’re by his side, no matter what his sexual orientation is.

Encourage him to seek support from LGBTQ+ organizations, support groups, or therapy if he feels it would be helpful.

5. Break up mutually

Instead of fighting or parting ways rudely, try to handle the situation calmly. Discuss your feelings with honesty, suggest to him to accept his sexuality, and encourage him to try being with a guy!

The best way to part ways with your partner is by mutually deciding it. This way, it is easier to move on and you part ways with zero negative feelings. With no emotional baggage, you can also go ahead and find someone who fits right with you!

6. Don’t gossip about their privacy

Lastly, avoid gossiping and revealing the details of your conversation to anybody, unless they allow you to do it.

Your partner may be going through a lot emotionally, and they’ve chosen to confide in you. Gossiping about their personal matters can be like trying to sell their secrets without permission.

It’s not only uncool but also a breach of trust!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, noticing signs a guy is pretending to be straight can leave you baffled, especially if it is your boyfriend. You may wonder, “Have I been dating a gay man?” or “Should I reveal his identity to others?”

But remember, it’s important to approach this situation with empathy and compassion. You need to know these signs are not definitive proof of someone’s sexual orientation, as people express themselves in diverse ways!

Yet, if you find yourself in a relationship where your partner might be struggling with their true identity, remember that your support and understanding can make a world of difference.

Offering an understanding and friendly space for them to share their feelings and experiences can lead to greater understanding and stronger bonds.

Love and acceptance are powerful forces that can help anyone embrace their true selves!

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